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10-12-2010, 16:09
Hey all. So, my Skaven collection has gotten quite massive, and is fully painted and decked out. The cursed ratmen are my first love in wargaming, and this army is my baby. I'm currently wondering where to go from here with it. The beauty of the Skaven army list is that, no matter how much you might have, there's always something new to add, or even simply more numbers. It's a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a list of what's in my collection. With this information in hand, I'm hoping for some suggestions on where I should go next. What units, characters, or even additions I should consider picking up and working on in the near future. I've got a few ideals myself at the moment, but could definitely use a little help. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

1x Island of Blood Warlord Verminkin model(typically used as a BSB, thanks mostly to his back bling)
1x Warlord mounted on Great Pox Rat(or War Litter in a pinch)
1x Warlord Spinetail model
1x Grey Seer on foot
1x Grey Seer on Screaming Bell
1x Warlord Queek Headtaker model
1x Deathmaster Snikch model
2x Warlock Engineers

204x Clanrats/Skavenslaves(most would be more likely to be Clanrats, but there's at least 40x dedicated Skavenslave models...it's all pretty interchangeable)
30x Stormvermin
3x Warpfire Throwers
3x Poisoned Wind Mortars
2x Doom-flayers

6x Rat Ogres
3x Packmasters(1x could be a Master Moulder)

2x Doomwheels
1x Hell Pit Abomination
1x Warp Lightning Cannon

So, there we have it currently...well, I think that's it, anyway. If I forgot anything, I'll edit the above list, but I'm pretty sure that's the collection as it stands. So, where do you think I should go from here?


10-12-2010, 16:45
Clan Pestilens, Jezzails, Clan Eshin, Giant Rats and uhm Poison Wind Globadiers i am missing :)
And my alltime favourite though not beeing as effective as he used to be the incarnation of the Horned Rat himself the Rat Demon :cool:

10-12-2010, 17:09
Thanks very much Riocard, I like your suggestions.

You mentioned a couple things I've been very much considering, including a Clan Pestilens contingent. I'm thinking along the lines of a large unit of Plague Monks and a Plague Priest on a Plague Furnace for starters. The damage potential of this unit is absolutely too wicked to pass up. I'm not entirely sold on Plague Censer Bearers in this edition of the game yet, but can see myself adding some as well, if only because I really, really love the imagery....and it just feels a little wrong to not include a few of them to go along with their Furnace-pushing brethren. Also, I'm a big fan of stone throwers lately, so a Plagueclaw Catapult or two might very well be in the cards.

As for Clan Eshin additions, I can see myself getting a death squad (or two) of Gutter Runners. I've seen them used to great effect, and they can make for some excellent conversions. They're one of those units that the enemy just really has to deal with or suffer the consequences. Currently the only Eshin representative in my collection is the Deathmaster himself, and I'd really like some more. Gutter Runners are just awesome, although I'm unsure exactly how I'd equip them at the moment.

Giant Rats....yes, this is something I've been thinking of a bit. I know they're quite good at what they do, and some people swear by them. I can certainly see why. I might find myself painting up a very large unit of them sometime.

Globadiers are another unit I'd desperately love to include. I think they're just great, and completely iconic in a Skaven army. Again, I've seen them used to great effect, sometimes against me, and they've always proven to be a nasty bunch to deal with. Love them, and am currently working on conversion ideas for them.

Ah the Vermin Lord. Definitely. Eventually, that is. I've got plenty of character choices at the moment, but this guy is just necessary at some point, in my mind. I've seen some simply amazing conversions done for this fellow too, one of them using the plastic Daemon Prince kit as a base for his body, and it turned out spectacularly. Again, I'm in the very beginning stages of planning conversions for this guy, and he'll happen eventually.

This whole thing reminds me that I need to start a project log for my rats as soon as possible. Of course, it'll be more of a show and tell for the first little while, seeing as everything in the list above is painted and ready to rumble.


10-12-2010, 17:19
Gutter Runners tend to have poisoned Attacks and Slings nowadays. Shooting 20 shots or so at short range at war machine is usually enough to take it out.

Poison Wind Globadiers me and my Clubmates tend to call piggies due to their masks :). I really do like them too but in my opinion they have no big use other than screening my weapon teams. They are always prime targets for spells and non BS Ranged Weapons due to low LD in my gaming group. Thus beeing dead long time before in range for their deadly poison filled globes.

10-12-2010, 19:32
Yeah that seems to be the popular armament for Gutter Runners, after having done a little research. Makes sense, it's pretty nasty. I like it. With all the great bits and kits available for us, it should be a relatively simple matter to cobble some excellent looking Gutter Runners together too, more in line with the current range, and also something a little more unique to look at, which is something I really like(as you'll see when I get my project log up and running). Looks count to me...I'm a flashy rat, I guess;)

Poisoned Wind Globadiers will make for some awesome looking conversions. I've been digging around, searching the interwebz, and making some plans...they're going to look great(I hope...). As for their effectiveness, well, I agree with your conclusion for the most part. However, against some armies they can end up being quite a threat, and again, like the Gutter Runners, are something the enemy really has to deal with or potentially suffer the consequences. A lot of the time, to fully destroy a unit or two of these guys, an opponent will have to use a relatively decent amount of their firepower/magic to get the job done...and this firepower/magic is that much less that will be ravaging your combat blocks and other vital bits of your army. In theory, anyway.

I find that with my Skaven, most of the time the enemy is overwhelmed by the sheer numbers facing him, and target selection is a difficult choice. It's not the fault of the enemy player, of course, and really doesn't have much to do with their experience or skill level...it's just the way it is. There's just too many furry little deathballs for he or she to realistically deal with through shooting and magic. Sure, after a couple of turns any Skaven army will have been well ravaged by enemy shooting and magic...but in our minds, so what? There's more where they came from, and we've still likely got well over a hundred(at least) models on the field, and now the real fun can begin. Also, we've probably used our own rather powerful shooting and magic to do the same, or worse, to the enemy. The difference is that when the dust settles and the last arrow falls from the sky, we've got the endless numbers to handle it; most enemies don't, and at this point will be at the very least moderately weakened.

Anyway, that's pretty basic Skaven tactical thought, I guess, and even the most green Chieftain knows all about it. I'm just saying that for the most part any given Skaven unit's survivability in general doesn't mean all that much to me. We have the numbers, usually, to deal with it and not worry about it too much. One of the many joys of playing the ratmen, in my humble opinion. I focus more on a unit's potential more than anything, as every now and then it will end up being one of those lucky units that survives the enemy's initial attempts to weaken the Skaven army, and then be allowed to do its' thing.

Thanks again, Riocard!