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immortal git
10-12-2010, 18:05
This is like totally just thoughts floating around in my head. so im thinking semi competative.

Sorcerer Lord
Level 4
Mark of Slaanesh
Enchanted Sheild
Spell Familiar
Sword of Swift Slaying
Steed of Slaanesh

Exalted Hero
Mark of Slaanesh
Reroll armour saves
Helm of Many Eyes
Daemonic Mount

18 Chaos Warriors
Mark of Slaanesh

30 Chaos Marauders
Great Weapons
Mark of Slaanesh

9 Marauder Horsemen
Mark of Slaanesh
Light Armour
(Sorcerer Lord in here)

8 Chaos Knights
Banner of Eternal Flame
Mark of Slaanesh
(BSB in here)

6 Chaos ogres
Chaos Armour
Great Weapons
Mark of Slaanesh

2002, all C and C appreciated.

10-12-2010, 20:01
Interesting. I've tried a similar list myself (but only in a couple of games since 8th came out).

Couple of points:

1) To me 30 marauders isn't enough. They only have to take 1 casualty and your unit is already losing attacks. That is assuming you're going for a horde formation - which seems like the ideal choice for GW armed marauders to me. Personally I'd go for a minimum of 40.

2) Can't remember what base size a daemonic mount uses these days, I'm assuming it's 50mm x 50mm given that you have 8 knights? Personally I would have put him on a barded steed to make the most of your armour save re-roll item. You can always try and shave off 40 pts from somewhere to get that extra knight* - maybe the command models from the ogres?

* = on the other hand is that 2nd rank really worth it? Dropping 2 knights still gives you a unit 6 wide (7 with the BSB) and frees up the points for those extra marauders.

immortal git
10-12-2010, 20:48
isnt the daemonic mount barded? in any case i have the model and its awesome, the marauders have been a 5x6 block in previous games ive played and have worked nicely. yeah i would remove the command from the ogres but i worry about blood and glory...

11-12-2010, 09:11
The Daemonic Mount has no barding.

The Banner of Eternal Flame does not work on knights with ensorcelled weapons, it has no effect on magic weapons.

11-12-2010, 09:18
No, the daemon steed aint barded. ersonally, i woudl run him on his own more often, his super fast movment.

Also, those ogres are about 350pts by my counting. By dropping them, you could get anouther warrior unit and an extra rank if marauders.


11-12-2010, 09:29
I know it isn't Slaanesh-y, but maybe consider (if you haven't already) giving your Sorcerer Lord Third Eye of Tzeentch. The reason being WoC Slaanesh lore isn't that good against ItP armies (such as DoC or VCs) so having the ability to ensure your Lord isn't virtually useless for 25 points seems like a bargain to me.

Though as I said, it's not Slaaneshy so would understand why you may not wish to use it.

Evil Hypnotist
11-12-2010, 09:54
First of all nice to see a list with some Ogres in! Trolls seem to be the monster unit of choice these days but Ogres are nice and Chaos-y and look awesome if you have the Ogre Kingdoms models.

A question though, what is the "re-roll armour saves" you have as part of the Hero?

Also, I wouldn't bother having your Lord in with the Horsemen, he can't benefit from the Look Out Sir as the bases are different sizes and they are hampering his larger movement. The guy can move 20" on the march, get him behind a piece of scenery in the first turn and then round the back of the enemy in the 2nd, and cut them to pieces from then on out. Either that or stick the Hero on the Steed as BSB and have him hover just behind the infantry to flank charge or chuck something like Death's Head or Stream of Corruption, although, again, this isn't very Slaanesh.

immortal git
11-12-2010, 10:44
right, im not sure what to do with the sorcerer...i think he does get a LoS cos hes on the same base size on a steed. ill drop the bsbs daemonic mount and slap him on a barded steed. so now i have 26 points to play with. which could buy me a third eye of slaanesh ;)
The ogres are staying in for a few games til i have checked them, see how they do. so i kinda need points for another knight now, what do you reccommend dropping?

also that reroll armour save is an item in the book i just dont have one to hand and have no idea what its called

11-12-2010, 10:47
the re rol armor save thing is a talisman called the dawn stone form the main rule book

and with the base size thing: steeds of slaanesh are thos things that demonetts ride in the demon army.
the boob worm is actualy a slaanesh looking demonic mount (yes, i to think thats not right... but those are the rules)