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16-03-2006, 13:29
This is my first Real posting for a while, I posted a few times on old portent and have been lurking for a while.

Right then, I'm hoping this thread is finally going to motivate me in to doing something with my Dark Angels other than collecting dust on bare plastic and metal.

I came back to the hobby a couple of years ago from a long break and decided that I would revive my Dark Angels. I probably managed to paint around 10 marines, a box of the terrible old plastic Terminators a Dread and Razorback.

These are now heading towards either the brake fluid or the bits box, my painting has improved in both quality and speed since I did these and they are just not up to, well, any kind of standard :-)

This now means I have a whopping 5 Completed Marines, including a scratch built company champion I did a year or so ago. Yes there are only 4 in the picture, that's because I have transferred up and vanished one of them as a test and he is drying. I will post better pics of these guys when the squads are complete.


I am going with a very dark green and white chest eagles, I like the way the colours contrast with each other. Robes will be bone as normal but when I get round to buying some of the new terminators ( and I will be buying a lot of these) they will be white. In sorry but I just don't like the bone look.

The plan is 1 hour RAF marines and more dedicated time put into the characters and other centre pieces. In long past the everything has to be perfect stage in my life and am more concerned with actually getting something complete to the extent where, heaven forbid, I night get a game in somewhere.

I have to paint:

90ish marines including the sergeants, heavy and special weapons.
14 Assault marines
13 Scouts
10 characters of various types
3 dreads
2 Land Raiders
1 Rhino
1 Predator
2 Razorbacks
1 Whirlwind
And a few other models including a couple of bikes.

As you can see from the pics below I have various models in WIP states from almost done, to undercoated, built and in bits still. I like to paint my marines without backpacks or bolters so all of these are separate along with any bare heads.


16-03-2006, 13:32

16-03-2006, 13:32

I have recently ( read over a month ago ) moved and haven't yet got my painting space setup fully so updates will be slow to start with but will hopefully start speeding up.

Thanks for your time and any comments/support


*edit* Added Moved into sentance above, thanks Mr Hammer :)

Anvils Hammer
16-03-2006, 13:35
wow, thats a lot of minis, good luck, and keep us posted, putting pictures up is a great motivator and good for improving your painting as well.

and welcome to the forum properly, lurking doesnt count :)

edit.. you have recently done what? I think you missed a work out, Im gessing the word is "moved" as in house.

16-03-2006, 14:30
Nice work. The sheer amount of stuff you have there is pretty daunting :p

Out of interest, where did you get all those ammo boxes? Are they expended surplus or replicas, and how much do they cost?

16-03-2006, 18:16
Nice work. The sheer amount of stuff you have there is pretty daunting :p

Out of interest, where did you get all those ammo boxes? Are they expended surplus or replicas, and how much do they cost?

Yup there is quite a lot there, and this is just project 1.. ive got a Guard army too :(

The ammo boxes were promotional gifts given away with Medal of Honor: Rising sun, I happened to work at a Games store a the time and managed to get a box of 24.

16-03-2006, 19:34
Small Update, the test Marine didnt come out very well, Transfers were good but the varnish I used was plasti-kote matt clear sealer and it sucks big style. Dullcoat for me from now on.

The test marine will be following some of his brothers into the break fluid, which means i need to stop by halfords and pick some up. Items to be stripped are below:


16-03-2006, 22:52
Always good too see brother Angel, and that is alot of mini's! I can't even shut my old ammo box, it's too old and awkward. Now then, get posting some more ;)

Edit: Love the champions shield.

Warboss Garfang
16-03-2006, 23:57
Woah, that's a ton of minis. The 4 new minis look great, I hope to see the rest looking just as good.

New Cult King
17-03-2006, 00:54
Hey wow, very nice greens, and crisp, clean whites. Love the ones you have done so far :D

17-03-2006, 01:20
Neat minis you've got there er... Neat! :D

Seriously though, they look great. I like the highlighting on the robes especially.
If you get them all painted to that same standard, you'll be the proud owner of one of the best looking Dark Angels armies I have ever seen. :)

You have a very daunting task before you!
If you ever feel like you can't take it anymore, just think of this: WWLEJD?* (and don't forget to keep us updated ;))

*'What Would Lion El' Jonson Do?'

24-03-2006, 22:47
Right, little update. I have not yet setup my painting stuff, (*tsk*) but I have converted a prototype biker.

I must say I really hate the current bike and was gutted when the new one turned out to be only a new rider.

As you can see, I've made significant changes to the front end to amke it looke more biker like, but I was to lazy to do much with the back, just neatened it up a bit.

Please ignore the shoulder pad under the back of the bike, it still needs basing as well as some cleaning up.




24-03-2006, 23:47
I wouldnt have even noticed the pad had you not mentioned it...
O well it is good to see more DA!! Those new 4 look great! But man I have never seen that many minis before. Keep going you can do it!!
EDIT: one thing you should do is where the front wheel meets the part that holds it on(very technical i know) smooth out that GS cube or shape it alittle it looks too static.


Red Skullz
25-03-2006, 07:00
Heh, I can understand why you call it a paintathon. Some people would have joined the "grey legions" club with so much stuff do to.

Anyhoo, the 3 minis you`ve painted there looked really good. I think you achieved some really good depth for the green armour, but what really caught me was the bike. You`re so right, the standard bikes looks like sh%te...that said your bike rocks!