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Pawn of Decay
11-12-2010, 16:00
Hey all.

My friends keep trying to drag me into Fantasy, and whilst I enjoy the few games I play I haven't been able to come up with a list I feel completley comfortable using yet. I have play tested this list once and came out with a Minor Victory against my mates Tournament High elves... But the small model count and limited Manouverability of my army makes it fairly hard work and takes a lot of concentration.

Just asking for advise and input into the list. Would this sort of list remain viable? Is it possible to keep this list for a Tournament environment.

Chaos Lord - 410pts
- Mark of Nurgle
- Palaquin
- Chaos Rune Sword
- Armour of Damnation
- Diabolic Splendor

Sorceror of Chaos - 165pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Level 2
- Spell Familiar
- Conjoined Homunculous

Warriors of Chaos (24) - 493pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Halberds and Shields
- Full Command
- Banner of Rage
(Lord joins this unit: 6x4)

Warriors of Chaos (27) - 502pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Handweapon and Shields
- Full Command
- Blasterd Standard
(Sorceror joins this unit: 6x4)

Hell Cannon - 205pts

Hell Cannon - 205pts

2,000pts exactly.

immortal git
11-12-2010, 18:45
i think you need some hounds in there. ide drop a few warriors from the HW sheild unit to get these points.

Pawn of Decay
12-12-2010, 00:03
Hmmm.... what would the Hounds purpose be??

12-12-2010, 02:11
I think you definately need some more units, probably drop one of the hellcannons and a couple warriors or shields from the halberd ones. That lord is also almost 1/4 your points. How much would it suck to catch a cannonball with his face turn 1?

I wouldn't say hounds, but maybe some marauder horseman with throwing spears. something to give you tactical options other than my one block covers the other while some hellcannons spew death from afar

12-12-2010, 13:16
Thsi army is just really one dimensional. Youve only looked at 2 choices in the book. With some armies, its ok. But with the boring, one-dimesional nature of chaos warrior models, it would just be dull to play with.

Hounds or marauder horsmen do similar things. They stall, annoy, and 'get up in the grill' of that nasty combat unit and prevent them from charging there target without going through the hounds/horsmen.

I would normally suggest hounds from a competative veiw, but i have recently experianced units of 10 horsmen with shields, MOT, Throwing axes to be a real pain. especially with the 10 throwing axes on turn one into my lines with vangaurd. And when i cathcthem (if at all with flee), those 5+ armour and 5++ parry are a real pain.

Also, a tzeentch lord on foot would fit the them, and be cheaper to boot. Especially with WFBR Talismain of Preservation and MOT.

So, heres what i'd do;

Lord w. Sword of Swift Slaying (ASF), Talismain of Preservation, Enchanted Sheild = 295
Sorcerer (as you have) + disc = 205
Sorcerer, MOT, lv.2, third eye of tzeentch, Infernal puppet, disc = 230
23 Chaos warriors w. shields, MOT, comamnd, basletd standard = 473
2 x 10 Marauder horsmen, MOT, Shields, Throwing axes = 190x2 = 380
2 x Hellcannon = 410


More magic, Cooler lord, Fast units, big warriors. And, all tzeentch to boot :p


12-12-2010, 18:58
I would normally suggest hounds from a competative veiw, but i have recently experianced units of 10 horsmen with shields, MOT, Throwing axes to be a real pain. especially with the 10 throwing axes on turn one into my lines with vangaurd. And when i cathcthem (if at all with flee), those 5+ armour and 5++ parry are a real pain.

You cannot parry when mounted...

@OP: Take away some warriors and add 2-3 units of hounds to get some fast units into the mix. The Chaos Lord also seems very expensive for what he does in your list. Perhaps you could use an exalted hero instead and use the remaining points for some more diversity.

12-12-2010, 19:06
Can't find the referance. What page is it?

12-12-2010, 19:28
You still have 730 points in characters in thesherrif's list above. Thats 36.5% of your points. You'd probably be better of with more blocks of infantry and fewer points in characters. You can still make a pretty fighty exalted champ. The Chaos Runesword gives you stats closer to that of a Chaos Lord, but for only 50 points more. Add a shield and a mark and go in for the kills.

In my WoC 2k list, I only have two hero level characters. An exalted hero of Tzeentch with a book that makes him a level 1 wizard (book of secrets), and a level two sorcerer of tzeentch. Add up all the points and they only come out to 335points. There's a link below with my thread for list building.

Try coming up with a fluffy background for your force. It will make it more fun to play with your army, and may help you choose some units.


12-12-2010, 20:01
Can't find the referance. What page is it?

Page 88 under "Parry Save"

12-12-2010, 20:14
skipped over the last sentence, thanks.

But, 6+ is still pretty good.

Pawn of Decay
12-12-2010, 20:49
Hmmm lots to think about. Diabolic Splender on my Chaos Lord was just a point filler. But the Lord has performed brilliantly for me so far...

Perhaps not.

I like the idea of comming up with the background etc. to keep me inspired with the Fantasy army. From personal experience I don't think I need much more than the (in effect) level 3 Sorceror in the way of Magic. Can someone please outline the use of the Chaos Warhounds? I can understand they are quicker than the blocks of warriors. But they are soft targets that don't hit very hard. I can understand most clever enemies ignoring them...

Are the size of the Chaos Warrior units too big then? Would perhaps 3 units of Chaos Warriors backed up by something more hitty, such as a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth work better than the support of the 2 Hell Cannons??

Hmmm... lots to think about then.... I enjoyed how the Blocks of Warriors worked... so I don't really want to change the core of the army too much... But I can see that people think changes are needed...

12-12-2010, 23:16
Some issues with your numbers

Sorcerer should be 175, not 165

Unit of 27 should be 522, not 502

you're 30 points over

That being said, drop one warrior from the halberds (17pts), and 7 from the HWS
(112pts). This will keep all of your blocks 6x4 and your characters won't displace anyone to a partial 5th rank. (palanquin is the same base as 4 warriors?) Palanquin character makes up for

That would drop 129 from your 2030 giving you 99 extra points to play with.

So, 99 points + 205 (cannon) = 304 points to get you some lighter units to help control the board and guard your flanks or a good start on some more warriors were you to downsize your lord. Drop 130 points from your lord choice and you could own 24 more HWS MoT Warriors.

You could also use the 304 points for MoT Chosen HWS or Halberd, and if you do, throw the lord in there to save points on 4 less chosen and save on the 4 cheaper warriors.

Pawn of Decay
13-12-2010, 07:50
Hmmm.... had a lot of thought over night and talked to a few friends who play Fantasy a lot more than I do.... Have made a few radical changes to the list, but tried to keep the basics of the army similiar.

So here is version 2.

Sorceror Lord - 350pts
- Level 4
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Spell Familiar
- Talisman of Preservation

Exalted Hero - 210pts
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Shield
- Necrotic Phylactory
- Bronze Armour of Zhrak
- Book of Secrets (Death Signature Spell)

Chaos Warriors (17) - 374pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Halberds
- Shields
- Full Command
- Banner of Rage

Chaos Warriors (17) - 362pts
- Mark of Tzeentch
- Hand Weapons
- Shields
- Full Command
- Blasted Standard

Marauders (40) - 230pts
- Mark of Khorne
- Flails

Chaos Warhounds (5) - 30pts

Chaos Warhounds (5) - 30pts

Hell Cannon - 205pts

Hell Cannon - 205pts

This to me seems more competitive... But all advise will be more than welcome. Has been a great help so far. I am wanting to play test the army on Thursday, so need to get a list finalised.

13-12-2010, 11:55
On the subject of Chaos Hounds, look here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=283523).

Pawn of Decay
13-12-2010, 16:54
Thanks. That was certainly interesting to read. Was a big help. What about draft 2 of the list?? Is it any better? etc. Any comments or criticism??

13-12-2010, 17:52
Well, yes it looks alot better. A very steroetypical WOC list.

Pawn of Decay
13-12-2010, 17:54
Hmmm.... will have to look into it more then I think... The list seemed fairly decent too me, but I would like something which is a bit different to the average Warriors List.

Will perhaps think more. I did like the idea of the Nurgle Lord from the first list, perhaps dropping Diabolic Splendor... but people seemed to think that he wasn't very good. The idea of the Marauder Hoard is pretty cool. But are the Flails a better option than the Great Weapons?? Hellcannons seem to be peoples first choice atm but perhaps something like the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth on the Flank work? Bulking out the Warriors more.

13-12-2010, 18:06
If you take lore of death on your lord and do doom and darkness then hit those units with hell cannons. If you put a doom totem in there then they are panicing with a Ld test at -5 or -6. and you will have purple sun to deal with immune to psych armies which are usually low initiative.

just my 2c.

13-12-2010, 19:40
What armies do you play in your local club/store/get-to-gether. Average I3 or lower i suggest flails. Elves, however, suggest GW.

Pawn of Decay
13-12-2010, 21:56
It's a bit of a mix around here. We have a few Skaven players. Couple of Warriors of Chaos. Some Daemons, 4 or 5 High Elves, 3 Dark Elves, and a few Brettonian armies. Oh and two Ogres.

So Great Weapons perhaps??

immortal git
13-12-2010, 22:27
wheres your local? you have loads of players!