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Lord Anathir
16-03-2006, 14:32
Roquet and I played a fun game the other day (in real life) using two armies that were relatively balanced to each other. Instead of posting the whole thing in one go, Im going to lay it down one turn at a time for comments on each turn. But theres no story or any of the other goodies so its kind of a semi interactive battle rep.

2000 Pts

Roquet (winner of conflict Toronto) 's Wood Elves:
Highborn, Wild Rider Kindred, Steed, Spear of Killing Blow, Annoyance of Netlings, Armor

of Regeneration
Noble, Alter Kindred, Helm of the Hunt, Hail of Doom Arrow
Lvl 2 Spellsinger, Scroll x2
Lvl 2 Spellsinger, Calaingor's Staff, Scroll
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
5 Wardancers
5 Wardancers
7 Wild Riders Full Command
3 Treekin
Great Eagle

Anathir's High Elves:
Lvl 4 Archmage, Ring of Fury, Silverwand, 3 Scrolls
Lvl 2 Mage, Seer, Jewel of Dusk
Commander, Steed, Barding, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield, Helm of Fortune, Sword of Might
Commander, Heavy Armor, Shield, Lance, Reaver Bow, Great Eagle
20 Spears, Standard Bearer, Champ, Warbanner
5 Silverhelms, champ, musicien
5 Silverhelms, champ, musicien
2 Chariots
5 Dragon Princes wStandard Bearer, Banner of Sorcery
1 Great Eagle

Deployment: (4x4 Table)


enjoy... the next turn will come in 1-2 days, depending on the activity.

Lord Anathir
17-03-2006, 02:55
is this in the wrong forum or something?

17-03-2006, 02:59
Well, seeing as all that's happened so far is deployment, it's hard to comment on anything, you know?

17-03-2006, 05:58
i agree, id like to see some progression. All i can comment on now is that the middle of the board is nice and clear, While ppl where i play like it loaded with terrain. i think i prefer it your way :)

17-03-2006, 06:53
I prefer more woods imo :)

17-03-2006, 07:04
is this in the wrong forum or something?
I'll move it to the Fantasy General subforum. It fits in there a lot better and it'll get more attention there too.

Would be shame if noone would notice this thread...cause it seems to have a lot of potential. :)

17-03-2006, 08:42
WOOOO-HOOOOO - go the ... erm ... elves?

Hmm - I'm guessing the High Elves DON'T want the first turn seeing as there's a dearth of targets and the Wood Elves are going to have to get up close and personal to decide the matter. Then again I would guess the wood elf strategy will probably involve moving the trees forward with their advance. Certainly someone is going to have to risk a bolthrower volley.

17-03-2006, 10:51
It will be interesting for me to see how this goes. My own high elves concentrated on masses of infantry and fewer fast units. Plus i would have specialised with the characters. A 3rd mage instead of a commander would give that army a real powerful kick in the magic phase.

I think the battle diagram is great, I cant wait to see how that turns out.

17-03-2006, 10:58
Liking this - 1st turn please? :D

Love the diagram - really useful...Which of the 2 forests in the WE deployment zones is the WE freebie?

17-03-2006, 11:49
would not have placed SH on the flanks
it draws too much attention to themselves and decreases the chance of funnelling the WE into the central kill zone

17-03-2006, 12:59
A Wood Elf army with total of four models with ranged attacks. :eyebrows:

17-03-2006, 13:50
Its an interesting Wood Elf army- elusive and yet very hard hitting.

I'm not sure how useful the Eagle will be for the High Elves.

Lord Anathir
17-03-2006, 17:54
Turn 1:
High Elves got first turn. (for the record, for magic, the archmage took fire, and got all except wall of fire. the seer lvl 2 took both heavens thunderbolts. I cant remember what the wood elves got, but the only thing he ever cast was treesinging anyways.) The whole high elf army moved up, the mages ran through the woods, very far away from the alter kindred noble, but close enough to cast magic. I figured his alter kindred would have a ward save instead of the hail of doom arrow. Although ive read the wood elf book and memorized almost all the magic items i really screwed up my first turn good. In the magic phase, both thunderbolts were dispelled, but a fireball got through on the treeman which caused one wound (which doubled due to flammable)(also note that although the mages cant see the treeman in the diagram, they could in real life...its rather difficult to perfectly draw the battle field out.) The rbt took 2 dryads out from the third dryad group. Reaver Bow did ziltch.


The Wood elves also reshuffled their line. His first group of dryads advanced over the wood toward my helms. His eagle was placed to redirect my left helms as i had guessed, to stop them from charging the drayds. The treeman, first wardancer group and alter kindred jumped into the woods infront of them. The treekin, other dryads, mages and wardancers jumped into the other. The wild riders moved towards the centre of the line. In the magic phase, carlo proceeded to cast treesinging multiple times, too many for me to dispel. In the shooting phase, the hail of doom arrow was unveiled, and no surprise it evaporated my archmage. I deserved it. It was a foolish thing to put the mages there for the sake of an extra magic phase.


there it is ....enjoy

Lord Anathir
17-03-2006, 17:55
note we played with balanced 'tourney lists'. meant for all comers and not tailored for anyone.

17-03-2006, 18:57
I like both lists, my list is WE is pretty similiar except I use a waywatcher noble instead of an alter and some waywatchers, the archmage by himself againist WE is a problem though just because of how fast our lists are, even if the alter didn't have HoD he proably wouldn't have lasted another turn.

Lord Anathir
17-03-2006, 19:38
maybe, maybe not. i already burned 2 scrolls...and we know my lvl 2 had both thunderbolts (which i obvoiusly took for lone mages, alter kindreds, etc).

on a side note....i dont think it would be wise to question my opponents army selection. he did win conflict toronto with 5 massacres (with a very balanced undead army). He loves to play with fast aggressive armies... even his vc were pretty fast. and i dont think i have to describe his khorne.

18-03-2006, 22:35
Everyone plays with different styles of armys. So it isnt a very good plan to "question" someone elses selections. Though in some cases it is blatantly obvious what wont work. Just because your friend won a tournament doesn't really mean that much as most grand tournament and conlfict armys in the uk will show. But whatever, im not trying to start a big thing, im just saying hiding behind winning a tournament doesn't always mean the person knows what their doing. It all comes down to what army's your drawn against, what the dice are like etc. Yes some tactics do play into it but yea.. [/rant]

19-03-2006, 00:28
Is it just me or does it feel like those two armies play with different point settings? ;)

Lord Anathir
19-03-2006, 00:50
thanx xavier. ...i know what you mean. But id like to mention it wasnt fluke. He won with 5 massacres. So maybe he was lucky 5 times. conflicts in canada are equivalent to gts i think. but point taken.

Lord Anathir
19-03-2006, 00:51
****I forgot one thing in turn one. The treemen used his strangleroot attack to kill the eagle from the commander and put a wound on the rider****

The High Elf egle charged the woodie one. And the dragon princes charged the third group of dryads. I was expecting the dp to break the dryads and overrun nto the treekin or wardancers behind. Anyways, the silverhelms on the right side advanced, while the unit on the left shuffled backwards. The spears alligned towards the centre. My uber magic phase
did nothing. the rbt layed it into the wildriders of course...at close range. they dropped 3. (but if they were magical rbt i would have killed 5 :D). The reaver bow nailed a wardancer. In combat, eagle on eagle violence saw the high elf one break and run down the woodie one. And the dp and commander, in their grand charge killed a grand total of 2 drayads. They held.


Wood Elf Turn 2: The 1st dryad charged the eagle, which held. The alter kindred noble charged my silverhelm unit. Treekin charged the helms, which fled. For some reason, last turn i thought the treekin were completely in the forest, there was a part behind the terrain which i didnt see was outside of the forest. my fault. The treemen and wildriders moved into a new forest near the bolt throwers. The first group of wardancers moved towards my reaver bow. In shooting, the treeman tried the strangleroot thingy on my bolt thrower but only killed one crew. In combat, the dryads ate my eagle. The alter kindred killed two knights and broke em, but didnt run them down. My dragon princes and commander both whiffed, but my horsies came through and took out two dryads. They broke the drayds, but didnt run em down. Finally some good news.


19-03-2006, 17:34
On a side note, the lord is illegal. 105 pts of magic item allowance.

19-03-2006, 20:41
On a side note, the lord is illegal. 105 pts of magic item allowance.

Yeah, that gave me a laugh. That great all-conquering WE list has an illegal lord :D

Tanith Ghost
19-03-2006, 22:08
The way I see it, those wild riders are in position to ruin somone's day with a charge.

20-03-2006, 09:45
Not looking good for the high elves ... I told you not to take the first turn!! Nobody listens to me - probably with good reason seeing as I'm usually wrong ...

Lord Anathir
20-03-2006, 20:48
my bad...i screwed up..... I wrote the wood elf list wrong... tonight ill call him and ask for exactly what was on it. i wrote that combo down from memory and obviously didnt get it right.

20-03-2006, 20:54
my bad...i screwed up..... I wrote the wood elf list wrong... tonight ill call him and ask for exactly what was on it. i wrote that combo down from memory and obviously didnt get it right.

That make sence. Isnīt easy to remember other races equip.

Lord Anathir
21-03-2006, 02:17
Highborn: Wild Rider Kindred, Speak w/ killing blow, Annoyance of Netlings
Wild Riders: Musician, Standard, Warbanner

there it is. i hope thats right and he didnt cheat me.

Lord Anathir
22-03-2006, 23:37
High Elf Turn 3: The dragon princes charged the dryads, ran them down, and redirected into the first dryad group. The spears charged the drayds in the forest. both Silver helm units rallied. In magic, the lvl 2 lit up the alter kindred noble like a christmas tree, nailing him with a thunderbolt. I moved the chariots back to counter the threat from the wildriders. I emptied the bolt throwers into the treeman but failed to wound on the first and failing to hit with the second one. The reaver bow commander shot two wardancers. In combat, the dragon princes smoked on the charge, breaking the drayds, which ran off the board. The spears broke the dryads as well, but failed to catch them.


Wood Elf Turn 3: The treekin charged the silverhelms, failed charge. The wild riders charged the RBT, i fled, he redirected into the second one, i fled as well, he moved his full 18 inches, landing right in front of my chariots. The wardancers charged my reaverbow commander. The treeman moved towards my mage. His dryads rallied. Treeman misfired on his strangleroot attack. His other unit of wardancers moved towards my chariots. In combat, his wardancers failed to wound my commander, and i failed to wound in return. And of course, he broke and ran off the board due to being outnumbered.


22-03-2006, 23:55
In combat, his wardancers failed to wound my commander, and i failed to wound in return. And of course, he broke and ran off the board due to being outnumbered

I can't read this any other way or watching the picture in any other way than that your commander broke away from combat due to him being outnumbered.

If this is the case, how can a commander with great eagle be outnumbered when he have US4?

I am not trying to find mistakes in your report. I am enjoying an otherwise superb battle report. I just can't get my mind around that one.:angel:

Tanith Ghost
23-03-2006, 05:42
At this point the wild riders might be in trouble. Those chariots will mess em up good if their charge goes well. If they(the chariots) fumble this though, the war dancers in the woods could make life unpleasant for them.

Lord Anathir
24-03-2006, 22:40
on the first turn the treeman killed the eagle from under the rider...i forgot it in turn one, but put it on top of turn two in cap letters and bold. sry about.

and yes....the wild riders are in trouble :D