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12-12-2010, 17:01
Well I am finally getting to play some 8th edition games and I am playing around with both Beastmen and Orc lists... The beastmen are no problem. I have plenty of points to fit in what I want (at 1000pts).

The Orcs however not so much. With the Orcs I wanted to have a tribal theme of a big boss/warboss and 'iz lads so each unit would have a big boss or Warboss in it instead of the normal boss but I am finding that this sort of theme does not work well in 8th edition. I only have 2 units in my 1000pts list and that is 1 Orc and 1 Night Gobbo units... yes their numbers are high but that's what they need considering I don't plan on having any warmachines... i wanted to stick in a unit of Black Orcs but nope no room.

Am I just being picky and if I made a proper army list would everything be ok? Or are you finding it hard to fit what you want into your army lists?

12-12-2010, 17:07
Name your Bosses and treat them as mini-characters instead! ;)

A Warboss is a bit pricy at 1k, so a bigboss and a shaman or something should be enough.

Then you should have enough points for a couple of orc blocks, a NG one and some Chariots/Trolls/whatever. :)


12-12-2010, 17:15
Certainly at 1K the Warboss route is a little pricey... TBH even at 2K it seems a bit of a waste. As theorox has said, put a unit champion in, name him, and use abit of background writing to get the fluff aspect across.

Bodies is the name of the game for Greenskins IMO, and you would certainly need more than 2 units at 1K IMO...

12-12-2010, 17:15
Well, that's why i stopped playing low point games a long time ago (I think it was 6th edition back then...). Everybody has a certain expectation of his army and, as your case perfectly describes, games around 1000 points often fail to reach these expectations.

You are not being picky, O&G currently have to take big mobs of NGs and Orcs to work, add in a few heroes and youre faster out of points than a giant falls over.

I worked out a list containing some things you want (according to your description) and tried to build a list, here is the outcome:

1 Lord: 241 Pts. 24.0%
1 Hero: 125 Pts. 12.5%
2 Core Units: 352 Pts. 35.1%
1 Special Unit: 280 Pts. 28.0%
0 Rare Unit

*************** 1 Lord ***************

Black Orc Warboss with Heavy Armour [General]
+ Ulad Akrit Axe, The ohter Trickster's Shard, Talisman of Preservation, Charmed Shield
- - - >241 Points

*************** 1 Hero ***************

Goblin Shaman, Night Goblin, Level 2 Upgrade
+ Opal Amulet, Dispell Scroll
+ Little Waaagh!
- - - >125 Points

*************** 2 Core Units ***************

23 Orc Boyz, Shields, Musician, Standardbearer
- - - >153 Points

34 Night Goblins, Shields, Nets, 2 x Night Goblin Fanatic, Musician, Standardbearer
- - - >199 Points

*************** 1 Special Unit ***************

18 Black Orcs, Shields, Musician, Standardbearer
+ Banner of Eternal Flame
- - - >280 Points

Total Points Orcs and Goblins : 998

Although I'm not overly happy with it...maybe downgrade the Warboss to a Big Boss and add in a Rock Lobba and/or 2 Chukkaz...

12-12-2010, 18:02
Hang on, you have an orc and a goblin hero, and then the rest is 2 units? Just how big are we talking here? Logic says to me (though logic is often a lying swine) that the units must be 100+ models! either that or the characters are massive and expensive.

I think it often is difficult to fit in everything you want to at 1000 points, which is why most people seem to play somewhere between 2000 and 3000 points (at the moment, I'm finding that even 2000 points doesn't let me have everything I want). I do enjoy playing 1000 point games (or tournaments) to hone my tactics (because at 1000 points, every single unit is crucial, no space for throw away pump wagons etc), and make sure I know exactly how to use units to their best effect. But for the sake of variety I tend to play 2000 points (though my gaming group is moving into the world of 2500 now).

Anyway, the point of that long and rambling paragraph, was that at 1000 points, it's difficult to fit in what you WANT, so it's often a good idea to focus on what you NEED (which essentially, is a couple of anvil units, and a couple of hammers).

It sounds like you've got the anvil units under control, but I think putting in a chariot or two (or something like that) wouldn't go amiss.

Having said that, this advice comes from a person who is very seriously considering returning to the "wolf rider death star" (just a big unit of heavy cav wolf riders), a night goblin big boss on a giant squig, and a warboss with the wizarding hat... so maybe my tactical advice isn't completely trust worthy

12-12-2010, 18:37
To the OP - If I am not mistaken, you need at least 3 non-hero units in your army as per the 8th edition army composition rules. If I find myself wanting less units than that, my solution has been to add a spear chukka. For a measly 35 pts it gives you the extra unit count you need.

12-12-2010, 19:45
I am currently going for only 1000 point games. I love the smaller points games because you must chose your army like in previous editions of the game not like most people in 8th edition where they end up just playing with everything they own in massive battles. Having said this my warriors of chaos list at a 1000 points exactly, contains 73 models. That leaves me with a decent model count for a small game and I managed to take a few varied options.

I also just whipped up a list for orcs and goblins and wow your really spoiled for model count. :p

Orc Big Boss -General
-Enchanted Shield
-Light Armour

Orc Big Boss -Light Armour

Night Goblin Big Boss -Great Weapon
-Light Armour

Night Goblin Shaman

25 Boyz Mob- Full Command Spears
25 Boyz Mob- Full Command Additional hand weapon
30 Night goblins- Full Command, Spears
15 Black orcs- Full Command Warbanner

all exactly 1000 points

12-12-2010, 22:48
Thanks folks what I now realise is that this is the begining of my Orcs story not where they would be once they are warboss...

So with that I have added in unit champions and will name them to become my big bosses and warbosses at later levels...

I have decided that the characters I will employ as my heros just now are a stop gap and will be beaten by my current unit champs around 1500pts...

12-12-2010, 22:58
Your big bosses at the moment could just be gathering their warband. As they become better at bossing, more lads follow them. Their current boys could even progress with them, and become big uns and then black orcs (obviously a goblin is still a goblin....there're just more of them).

12-12-2010, 23:36
Gblins can become big uns... Or Orcs (Really Big Goblins...)

Although the Gobbos are only there due to me getting a bunch of night gobbos!

R Man
13-12-2010, 00:19
Just a quick question but Christophbs:

25 Boyz Mob- Full Command Spears

May I ask why the spears? I could understand if it was a simple exchange but to take a spear costs more and doesn't make your unit any more powerful. Or has this been changed in an update or something.

And has the OP considered taking Arrer Boyz? The changes really benefited them. A unit of 3o deployed in horde can shoot 25 arrows, not to bad. Even better thanks to choppa's and high T they can take a charge from shooters or even help win a combat. At least on paper.

So has anyone tried them?

13-12-2010, 00:55
Your big bosses at the moment could just be gathering their warband. As they become better at bossing, more lads follow them. Their current boys could even progress with them, and become big uns and then black orcs (obviously a goblin is still a goblin....there're just more of them).

Regular Orcs can't become Black Orcs, they're a slightly different race. Not as different as Orcs and Goblins or Snotlings, but still different. Saying an Orc can grow up to be a Black Orc is like saying a German Shepherd growing up to be a Timber Wolf. Sure, they share an ancestry, and put them in same situations, they'd likely respond in similar manners, but they are still different enough down in their code that they would never become the other.

13-12-2010, 04:46
But your big Orc boss could use Black orc stats and be a black orc for game purposes but not in fluff...

13-12-2010, 09:22
But your big Orc boss could use Black orc stats and be a black orc for game purposes but not in fluff...

Sorry, this is what I meant (but with orcs too, not just characters). I'm not entirely up to date with my orc fluff (being a goblin player), but I'm sure it would be ok for the big uns to find some proper armour (preferably after having mashed a "stunty" stronghold) and have been "smashin' stuff" for long enough that they'd learn to do "wot da boss sez", because it tends to lead to "da winz".

Bingo the Fun Monkey
13-12-2010, 09:30
At 1000 points I don't even bother with magic. Retarded? Maybe, but that don't stop me ladz. I think the most important model in the 8th edition O/G army is the army battle standard. Slap the armor of destiny on him. Then take a black orc big boss with heavy armor, maybe a wardsave item, and leave him armed to da teef (you'll find yourself using two choppas more often than not). Spend the rest of the points on Sword n' Board boyz and maybe a doom diver for counter-artillery and counter-magic capability (albeit unconventional and grimly amusing). Units of boyz below 30 capitulate too quickly. I never really leave home without at least one mob of 40 boyz.

13-12-2010, 20:37
Play bigger games ;)

13-12-2010, 22:20
Well Done Malorian well done ;)

I will once i paint more stuff!

13-12-2010, 22:46
Malorian is right, as always. ;)

On the BSB: Until the new armybook, give him the Talisman of Preservation and the Charmed Shield. Why give him 5+/4++ for 50 points, when you can give him 4+/4++ and a good chance of ignoring a first hit (those often come lethal...I learned to love this shield) for the same 50 points?