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12-12-2010, 21:44
Hello all, I'm relatively new around here. I've been painting for a few years now and am starting to play again. I guess I'll plop my painting log down here and begin work.

I just finished painting a winged vampire lord for a Secret Santa event going on at Capre Noctum. Fun stuff, here he is:



If you feel compelled to vote for it on CMON, you can do so here:

I finally got done finishing up a friend's army (I paint commissions at times) and am excited to get my very own force going: Warriors of Chaos. I'm looking at doing a very dark/black armor scheme. We'll see how it goes.

All the best,


13-12-2010, 17:47
looking good there

am curious about those warriors

13-12-2010, 18:52
Great work, looks awesome. The red is ace.

13-12-2010, 20:43
That's the creepiest wing I've ever seen on this mini...in a good way ^^

giant stegadon
13-12-2010, 21:11
Great wing, and nice non-red armor for that guy.

13-12-2010, 22:38
Wow. You are so far the only person I've ever seen able to make that ugly, daft looking model look good.
Thats an amazing piece of work!

Hadriel Caine
13-12-2010, 23:08
Awesome job on that model. Pretty much all I have to say :)

14-12-2010, 04:06
Thanks for the compliments guys! That vampire was only the latest of an entire Vampire Counts binge I've been on for roughly a year.

Before I painted Wingy up there, I had just finished a commissioned army for a buddy of mine. Here it is:

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/CorpseCart001.jpg

Corpse Cart:
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/CorpseCart002.jpg

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/WightandNecro001-1.jpg

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/Countess004.jpg

Part two coming...

14-12-2010, 04:07
And here's part two:

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/Mannfred001.jpg

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/VampireCounts004-1.jpg

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/VampireCounts008-1.jpg

http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/VampireCounts003.jpg

and finally, the BSB:
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/OSLTutorial11.jpg

Overall army shot:
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/RJ Army/RJArmy003.jpg

The army was a blast to paint and I learned a lot of new things in the process.

Any C&C would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great one! If you'd like to vote for the army on CMON, it'd be greatly appreciated. To do so, here's the link: http://www.coolminiornot.com/265189

Thanks a ton!


14-12-2010, 18:16
This is a very nice army. Do you have another army you are going to paint next?

15-12-2010, 06:06
Thanks! Next up is my very own WOC army. I'm pretty pumped for it as I've now gotten all the minis for it!

Currently I'm working on a table I got as an Xmas present. It had the terrain built into it so I had to do some modifications as I wanted to be able to move the terrain around a bit.

Here's the before:

Here's two nights ago:

And now here's what I have tonight:

I've done a bit more on the landscape. I'm having trouble making the features of the terrain pop, but I'll be picking up some stains at the local store tomorrow which should help.

C&C is greatly appreciated!

All the best,


15-12-2010, 18:02
Wow! This is really nice stuff. Love the minis, and the table is just great.

18-03-2011, 07:19

Hey all,

Working for the Dept. of Rev. certainly has kept me busy this tax season, but I've made progress with my new airbrush. Here's what I've been working on...

I'm taking the time to basecoat all the units in my army the same way. First I basecoat the models with black primer. From there I take my airbrush and spray from a 45 degree angle Model Air Flat Tan by Vallejo. Secondly, I take Model Air Skin Tone by Vallejo and spray even lighter, creating more shadows and depth between the different ridges. Lastly, I take Model Air Sand and do some very light touches with the airbrush. And from there, it's all washes and inks since the toning and contrasts have been done.

Here's one of my "chariots" after the airbrush work:

Here's a musician after two washes and an ink. The skin is just about done:

And after only 15 minutes, here's what the standard bearer looks like:

He needs a bit more work and then he's done. This method is incredibly fast and will make painting my army a breeze!


05-06-2011, 09:01
Finely, back up and running with a computer that works. I've been working on my marauder unit and decided to make a fun little unit filler. Enjoy:


As always, C&C is appreciated.


Morglum Necksnapper
05-06-2011, 15:41
Some great stuff going on here. I love the table, ogre and undead.

05-06-2011, 20:29
Real cool and action packed.

06-06-2011, 04:09
Hey Jake, Great log you got here. I really like the skin tone of your ogre, care to share the recipe?

Great work on the terrain too. I gotta agree, fixed terrain is a drag.

14-07-2011, 06:21
Thanks! I'll get the recipe to you here shortly.

Well, it's certainly been a while, but here's what I'm working on for the Vampirecounts.net forum contest:


Moving along slowly but surely. I had a lot of fun with the base.


14-07-2011, 11:39
thats actually kind of scary.

14-07-2011, 14:46
thats actually kind of scary.

Haha, thanks ;)

14-07-2011, 15:10
Im looking forward to seeing it all together with your latest piece. But can i ask for perhaps a lighter background maybe something graded? As with the scene being so dark the background is stealing away the detail that I do wish so want to see! :D

14-07-2011, 23:11
Im looking forward to seeing it all together with your latest piece. But can i ask for perhaps a lighter background maybe something graded? As with the scene being so dark the background is stealing away the detail that I do wish so want to see! :D

Haha, will do. I have to have a final image ready here shortly for the judging so I'll get a better background so my blending and such can be a little more prominent.

Thanks for the heads up though!


15-07-2011, 21:30
Well I finished up my entry for the contest, enjoy!


All the best,


19-07-2011, 12:50
This is really good work dude! Impressed.
Good luck on the contest!

Morglum Necksnapper
19-07-2011, 12:57
Cool paintjob and conversion!

19-07-2011, 19:35
Lovely necromancer, nice smooth painting style. I wish you all the best in your competition.

29-08-2011, 04:44
Alright, hereís the deal.
Over the past couple of weeks I havenít wanted to really paint/post much on here due to getting ripped off by a trader for an entire Dark Elf army. Needless to say, he didnít get away with my money but he sure as well attempted. To compound that, my bits for my WoC army wonít be here in time for the army painting challenge as well as the tournaments I wanted to be in.
It seems I am fighting an uphill battle in this hobby constantly so Iíve been in an off mood with working on anything.
However, I got one hell of a deal when it came to vampire counts ($150 for an entire army, everything you see below, but with a ton of extra zombies and skeletons!). I now have a list that I am running for the tournament that I can go to, in November. So I am now learning a completely new army and painting all of it by November 5th. Here goes nothingÖ
Here is the army list:
The list needs to be 2,200 points and meet the following requirements:

- Special, named, or unique characters (including any army lists that require special characters) are not allowed.

- A maximum of 3 identical core choices may be taken (regardless of equipment and other upgrades).
- Units cannot be more than 40 models nor 450 points (including all command, upgrades, magic items/banners). This restriction applies during the creation of the roster - unit size/cost may be increased during the game (for example - by joining characters to the unit). This restriction does not apply to characters.

- Vampire Counts: Cairn Wraiths and the Varghulf are each 0-1 choices. Maximum 5 model Cairn Wraith unit. Army may have a maximum of two units (total) of: Cairn Wraiths, the Black Coach or Spirit Hosts. Army may include a maximum of two of the following: Helm of Commandment, Master of the Black Arts, Drakenhoff Banner.

2200 Pts - Vampire Counts Roster

Vampire Lord, 450 pts (General; Vampire; Level 3 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Undead)
- Casting Lore of Metal or Heavens (Not sure yet)
- Will go in Graveguard
Blood Drinker
The Flayed Hauberk
Helm of Commandment
Forbidden Lore
Infinite Hatred
Lord of the Dead
Invocation of Nehek

Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer)
-Will go in Graveguard
The Drakenhof Banner

Grave Guard -28
Full Command
The Banner of the Barrows

- Goes with Skeletons
Dispel Scroll
Invocation of Nehek
Raise Dead
Vanhel's Danse Macabre

Skeleton Warriors -39
Full Command
Banner of Hellfire
Skeleton Champion

40 Zombie Horde

25 Zombie Horde

Cairn Wraith - 5
1 Tomb Banshee
With that being said, Iím really buckling down now to complete this army. Here is the progress I made this weekend:
http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/Skeletons2-1.jpg http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w108/redarmy27/Skeletons3.jpg

Iím thinking I need to accent the purples a bit more for the colors of the army, but itís getting there.

Any C&C is appreciated.


29-08-2011, 05:07
That whole dark elf army ordeal really sucks man, I'm glad you weren't swindled. On the other hand those unit fillers are so atmospheric and cool, it's an idea I never would have thought of but I'm very glad you did! The painting all around is to a fantastic standard and the snow effects you've added are flawless, well done!

29-08-2011, 05:38
Awesome stuff! The unit fillers are great. Very Tim Burton.

19-09-2011, 22:09
Love the necromancer, he looks very menacing!!

20-09-2011, 07:40
Lovin' this blog - great work on the unitfillers, very characterful. Keep up the good work and keep posting!

16-01-2012, 05:51
Been a while since I've posted. I've now moved onto Warmachine as the local meta for Warhammer is one that is a bit clicky. Anyways, I have a large Khador army I'm working on, so here's my first bite into it.

To start things off, I decided to do a bit of converting. I picked up a Khador Gun Carriage, and while I like the model and the idea behind it, I'm not too hot on the horses as you can see below.

I personally have a fascination with tanks, which is one reason why I migrated from Warhammer to Warmachine. I love them. Considering that Khador replicates Russia in many aspects, I began to look around at different tanks that could utilize the boxy appearance of the gun carriage chassis. And I found the lovely Russian KV "big turret" tank!

With that as my inspiration, I quickly picked up a 1/48th scale model of the beast and went to work. Here is the current fruit of my labor:

I still have to paint the gunner who will be shooting out of the open hatch, but I think I'm moving along just fine. I can't wait to paint some 'jacks.

All the best,


16-01-2012, 07:30
Awesome fillers red! Did you end up finishing that army or what? I would love to see some shots of it! And the warmachine work is looking ace too, I dont really stray from Warhammer since I hardly even play warhammer battles, but as far as these models go - they look top notch! :D

The Lost Hobbit
16-01-2012, 09:00
Nice work on the necromancer and the unit fillers.

19-01-2012, 02:01
Thanks for the feedback. I never got the chance to finish the VC army.

Did some more work unifying the colors of both the bottom and top. I think it looks a little bit better now. C&C is always appreciated.



23-01-2012, 02:02
Here's a quick side job I'm working on.....

I've decided to build and paint a 1:72 scale PZ III tank for the World of Tanks game!


I just started on it today and after a short build, she's all primed up and base-coated.

And for scale, here's how big she is compared to my other tank. That's how small this PZ III is...

All the best,


23-01-2012, 14:07
I really like the vampire counts stuff, you going to be working on any more?