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12-12-2010, 22:16
Greetings all,

Thought I'd share with you the 3k list I intend to take to a 32-player competitive (but not cheesy) tournament that I'm attending. Explanation follows the list:


It's designed around the concept of a formidable, and durable centre line of two large hordes of WS5, S6 Dwarfs (Longbeards and Hammerers). This line is held in place by the General who joins the Hammerers and Challenges away, as well as the BSB and the MRoGrungni (which grants them a 5+ Ward Save against incoming missiles, protecting their advance). Strollaz Rune puts these guys even more in the face of my enemy. These units are incredibly hard-hitting and hard to shift, and in terms of points denial, win outright. In Blood & Glory, the enemy will have to outright destroy all four blocks to win.

Alongside these two hordes, we have two smaller, 20-man support units. The Quarrellers are dual purposes, holding down a flank and peppering an enemy before swinging with S5. The Rangers add a little extra-special variety to the list - and a nasty surprise where needed. Also, if I roll Watchtower, these boys are going in - S5 Throwing Axes standing and shooting at any range is amazing. And with a defeated enemy being pushed back and disengaged, ny opponent wishing to charge gets repeated face fulls of throwing axe.

The artillery is plain and simple - Organ Guns protect the flanks of the battleline, whilst the Cannon and Grudge Throwers are lean, mean killing machines.

C&C welcome & appreciated!


13-12-2010, 04:49
Hm. I haven't played a single game of dwarfs in 8th, so take my opinion with however much salt you feel it needs. Here goes.

I'd recommend splitting the quarrelers into two units, and leaving the command at home. If you're going to use them strictly as flankers (the only role I'd say they're really qualified in) then having two units instead of one will enhance their effectiveness. And also, being able to shoot at two distinct targets instead of only one is good news as well.

Finally, I'd consider Preservation over Challenge on your lord. Challenge is golden at times, but there's so much out there that's ItP these days. Being able to re-roll that one lousy triple 1 on your armor save roll is always useful, no matter what.

I also thing two units of 40 is excessive. I would keep the longbeards big and split the hammerers in to two 20-packs. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1) Uberspells that make whole units go poof increase exponentially in effectiveness just by you putting this kind of thing on the table, and 2) if one of your units gets tar pitted by something (unkillable stubborn solo dreadlord, arch lector on war altar, rerollable-10 skink chief on steg, etc etc) you're at a crucial disadvantage.

Let me also encourage you to take at least one non-flaming war machine. At 3000 points, a high elf dragon with a 2+ ward against all that is a real possibility, whereas if you see something with regen, all you need to do is make sure and fire the other ones first and then your target will have lost the rule for the rest of the phase.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes... I'd love a reason to bust the bearded guys out of their box.

14-12-2010, 04:15
Pretty standard dwarf formula isn't it? High strength stone throwers and great weapons for everyone. Works well vs most armies.

Defender of Ulthuan
14-12-2010, 16:08
I like it. A good deal, too. The only thing I don't agree with is the Quarrellers; they just don't pack the same punch the rest of the army does.

My suggestion is to drop the Quarreller unit for 2x10xThunderers: nekked as the day they were born. Personally I think their increased firepower far outweighs the Quarreller's close combat ability as well as their shooting. Only thing that sucks about the two units of Thunderers is that they're scary enough to make people target them. But hey, it's your call.

PS - What's that lord about? Runic Weapons and all you can come up with is 4 ASL S6 attacks? I know you're better than that just looking at the rest of the list. Come on now.

14-12-2010, 21:13
Hehe, thanks for comment guys, updated list coming shortly....


15-12-2010, 13:06
Ok chaps, here's the revised list - a bit of a drastic change from the first - but I think it can pack a whallop!

LORD: Runelord (General) - AoD, Balance, 2 x Spellbreaking, Preservation, Stone - 435

HERO: Thane - GW, Gromril, Challenge - 120

HERO: Thane - BSB, Strollaz, Guarding - 175

CORE: 40 Warriors - Full Command, GW - 425

CORE: 20 Longbeard Rangers - Full Command, GW, Throwing Axes - 325

SPECIAL: 20 Hammerers - Full Command, GW, Grungni - 320

SPECIAL: 20 Hammerers - Full Command, GW - 270

SPECIAL: 20 Miners - Full Command, GW, Steam Drill - 270

SPECIAL: Cannon - Forging, Burning - 130

SPECIAL: Grudge Thrower - Accuracy, Penetrating, Penetrating - 155

SPECIAL: Grudge Thrower - Accuracy, Penetrating, Burning - 135

RARE: Organ Gun

RARE: Organ Gun

TOTAL: 3000 on the nose.


15-12-2010, 22:03
I like this iteration a lot better. Good mix of shooting, seriously scary in close combat magic defense rock solid. Go whack somebody across the kneecaps!

23-12-2010, 21:57
Just thought I'd update you on how the list is performing.

Played a game today against a very decent Tomb King player - 3000pts Battleline.

The Dwarfs smashed face, basically tabling the Tomb Kings by the top of Turn Three.

The men of the match go to the Miners, who appeared on cue Turn Two, and promptly wiped out the horde of Skeleton Archers that housed the High Liche Priest.

I lost an Organ Gun...


24-12-2010, 00:45
Congratulations on your victory, I love the setup and I hope you do well :D