View Full Version : voidravens or ravagers?

13-12-2010, 07:01
Hey lads, so with christmas right around the corner its time to buy the last few units for my new DE army (1500pts) and all that remains are my heavy support units. And I can't seem to make up my mind between 2 voidraven bombers or 3 ravagers. Originally I had planned on going with the voidravens but as my anti tank capabilities are limited to two heat lances on reavers, a dark lance on a raider, and a dark lance in my single warrior unit I don't know if I have enough anti tank capability. Advice would be much appreciated.


13-12-2010, 10:02
Did you consider razorwings? Their anti tank isn't much worse than a ravager and they pack a massive punch against infantry making them multi purpose.