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13-12-2010, 14:30
Level 3 Supreme Sorceress (Lore of Dark Magic) - 250
- Sacrificial Dagger

Level 1 Sorceress (Lore of Shadow) - 150
- Guiding Eye
- Darkstar Cloak

North Tower Guard:
- Dark Elf Warriors x20 - 120
- Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen x10 w/Musician - 105

Scouts of Ghrond:
- Dark Riders x5 w/Repeater Crossbows - 110
- Dark Riders x5 w/Repeater Crossbows - 110

Harpies x5 - 55

Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100


Wanted to do a Ghrond themed list, so no special infantry units or Knights. Heavy on Magic, and two units of Dark Riders, for the Scouts of Ghrond.

Basic strategy with the list is to put the Shadow Sorceress with the RBT to get the volley shot rerollable, and to cast the Signature Spell to reduce the movement of any CC threats, or BS of any shooting threats.

Supreme Sorceress in the Warriors to sacrifice and blast the enemy with everything she has. Would consider taking Metal on her if going against an army with high armour saves.

Use the Harpies to either hunt any Warmachine threats, or just slow something down. Dark Riders to get close and shoot, march blocking (albiet not as good in 8th ed.), possible Warmachine hunting, and doing whatever is needed to slow down the enemy, even if I need to charge in and sacrifice the riders.

Pretty simple list. I've played with variations of this list and it's done pretty well.. But remember, the theme is more important to me than it being super powerful.

Let me know what you guys think. Any C&C welcome and appreciated. =)

Edit: Bahhh, I've failed and forget to select the army, so it's stuck on default of Beasts of Chaos. Any way to change that after having posted?

14-12-2010, 02:22
There are a couple things I feel could be better, particularly with your characters.

Supreme Sorceress: Wow this lady is expensive, especially in a 1000pt game. I'm not a huge fan of the Sacrificial Dagger in low point games since you need every warm body you can get on the table.

Sorceress: Guiding Eye is a 1-time use item. Spending it on a 6-shot RBT or even a single 10-man unit of Crossbows is not exactly ideal.

I think the list could be made better and stick very closely to the Ghrond fluff.

For instance, War Hydras are found throughout the ranges of the Iron Mountains and Ghrond is built upon the Eastern edges of those peaks. I'm quite sure Ghrond has its fair share of the beasts. I'd incorporate more Crossbowmen than Spearmen since the cities along the northern border favor the Crossbow for thinning the ranks of lightly-armored Chaos Marauders wandering in from the wastes. Lastly, I feel a Druchii Sorceress would not consider sharing her relatively small, prestigious army with another from her coven.

Coincidentally, I feel you would get more use out of more bodies in your army than the cost of your two characters, I think you'd do better with more Crossbows, and Hydras are awesome. :D

What do you think of this list?

Sorceress - Shadow, Lv.2, Tome of Furion - 150
20x Spearmen - Full Command, Shields - 155
14x Crossbowmen - Musician - 145
15x Crossbowmen - Musician - 155
5x Dark Riders - Crossbows - 110
5x Harpies - 55
5x Harpies - 55
War Hydra - 175
Total: 1000

Alternatively, you can drop a unit of Harpies to make both Crossbow units 16 and put Guiding Eye or Ruby Ring of Ruin on your Sorceress.

14-12-2010, 05:55
Despite the cost of the Supreme Sorceress, and the risk of the Sacrificial Dagger, I do enjoy playing with that heavy of a magic list, even at this point level. I guess what you said about having more than one Sorceress.. but I like the general idea of pretty much relying almost completely on magic to destroy the opposing army. It seems a force lead by a Sorceress wouldn't take too much care about combat, and try to do everything herself.

One thing.. I completely overlooked that Guiding Eye is a one use only item. Here I was thinking I could reroll any failed hits with my RBT every turn of shooting. Heh, I guess that was too good to be true.

A hydra would be able to make perfect sense, but unfortunately 1, I don't have the model for it.. but 2, I feel like having beast masters come with a giant beast like that wouldn't be something a Sorceress would do, going along the same lines as her trying to destroy the enemy on her own, without the help of any sort of elite troops, just a scrap pile of warriors to slay herself, and a units shooting them while she casts her magic at them.

I also like taking two units of Dark Riders, but spare points would be best put into more Xbow men.

If I took a list with only 1 Sorc, I would drop the lord, give the level 1 the level 2 upgrade, probably take Tome of Furion + Pendant of Khaeleth. With only one Sorceress, I would probably take Dark Magic?

I would probably use the extra points to add a unit of Xbowmen, bump the amount in each unit, and give the spearmen some command/shields and stuff like you had down. Still would probably keep the RBT and extra unit of Dark Riders though.

Thanks for all your advice!

14-12-2010, 06:04
Personally i agree that the supreme sorc might be a bit much. If i was you i would take a lvl 2 like u said and give her shadow magic, and then buff up your other units.

For our armies with alot of shooting its very nice having the shadow spell that can reduce toughness so all those hits will actualy caseu wounds. Also if you do face a hard hitting unit being able to either mindrazer your infantry or to debuff the enemy makes up for your low strength all around.

I would think about taking another sorc lvl 2(dark magic because its killy) or a bsb as well as options.