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13-12-2010, 15:42
Revenge of the Beard

Even though it had been years since the War of the Beard, Dwarfs and Elves still had bitter feelings to each other.

Sure the Elves blamed Malekith and his ‘Dark Elves’ but being there isn’t even a word for ‘civil war’ in the dwarf language the dwarfs found this very hard to believe. So when a High Elve diplomat made his way to Karak Hirn it’s lord, Olaf Dragoneater, kept his axe ready at his side when the elve was brought to his throne room.

Olaf Dragoneater was at once put off by the diplomat’s arrogant tone, however the message made it worth ignoring.

Apparently Malekith himself was leading a massive war party across the great sea in his dark arks, down around Tilea, up through the Black Gulf, and would soon be passing near Karak Hirn on his way to pillage the lower Empire. The High Elves had learned this only recently and wouldn’t be able to aid the Empire in time, so they now offered revenge on a platter to the Dwarfs. (A sly way of turning asking a favor into offering a gift, Olaf noted.)

Olaf still didn’t believe in this internal Elven war, however he wasn’t about to let the chance to cross off pages worth of grudges from the Book of Grudges pass him by either.

Unfortunately from the accounts of the diplomat the Dark Elves vastly outnumbered even the full throng of Karak Hirn and so they would need aid, and on such short notice the only other dwarfs they could call on was the newly formed Karak McMurray.

Karak McMurray was a young hold, it’s dwarf lord’s beard barely going to his feet when unbraided, but they were already known for their unusual aggressive behavior which had put the nearby greenskins on their toes and heading for the hills. This brought the likes of Thorek Ironbrow to even take interest in them. They alone would have to do as allies against Malekith.

Sending the diplomat away, gyrocopters were quickly sent to Karak McMurray while Olaf Dragoneater prepared Karak Hirn for war, and no less than 24 hours later the two Dwarf lords met on the field.

There was no time for detailed strategy, the armies of Malekith had already landed and were making their way towards the mountain passes, so Olaf Dragoneater simply swore to hold the left flank while Jarff Deeppockets, lord of the Karak McMurray, swore to hold the right flank.

Battle lines were drawn up, and war machines put in place, just in time as the thunder of the Dark Elve march began to beat towards them. Soon this thunder would be met with the thunder of dwarf cannons, but for now it was a matter of waiting the few more moments to when they would be in range.

Olaf Dragoneater took in a deep breath and smiled. It was time for revenge…

Karak Hirn:

Rune lord w/ anvil of doom, shield
Dwarf lord w/ master rune of kingship, mro gromil, great weapon
Dwarf lord w/ shield bearers, mro steel, ro resistance, ro preservation, shield
Dwarf lord w/ mro grim, rune of fury X2, rune of stone
Dwarf lord w/ ro resistance, shield

BSB Thane w/ ro stone, ro cleaving, mro flight
Dwarf thane w/ master rune of challenge, master rune of spite, rune of stone, shield
Dragon slayer
Dragon slayer

40 longbeards w/ FC, great weapons, rune of slowness
46 warriors w/ banner, musician, shields
30 quarrellers w/ banner, musician
21 thunderers w/ shields, banner, musician

20 hammerers w/ full command, shield, master rune of grungi
34 miners w/ full comand, steam drill
2 bolt throwers w/ engineers, one has rune of skewering
Grudge thrower w/ rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating, ro burning
Cannon w/ rune of forging, ro burning
Cannon w/ ro burning

Flame cannon
Organ gun
Organ gun

Total: 5000

Karak McMurray:

Dwarf Lord w/ mro smiting, ro speed X2, ro brotherhood, ro iron, oath stone
Thorek Ironbrow
Deamon slayer w/ mro swiftness, ro cleaving x2
Rune lord w/ ro stone, mro balance, rune of spellbreaking x2

BSB thane w/ mro valaya, rune of slowness, ro strollaz
Dragon slayer w/ mro blackhammer

50 longbeard rangers w/ great weapons, ro slowness, FC
40 quarrellers w/ great weapon, FC
21 dwarf warriors w/ shields, FC
10 thunderers w/ shields, FC
10 thunderers w/ shields, FC
10 thunderers w/ shields, FC

30 slayers w/ banner, musician, and including 28 giant slayers (!!!)
Cannon w/ ro burning, ro fortune
Cannon w/ mro defence, ro burning, ro forging

Organ gun
Organ gun

Total: 4992

Malekith’s Black Tide:

Crone Helleborn
Dread lord w/ crimson death, armor of darkness, talisman of preservation
L4 supreme sorceress w/ pearl of bleakness, sacrificial dagger

Malus Darkblade
Loklir Fellheart
Death hag BSB w/ ro khaine, standard of hag grief
Death hag w/ ro khaine, cauldron of blood

Assassin w/ extra hand weapon, touch of death, ro khaine
Assassin w/ extra hand weapon, touch of death, ro khaine
50 corsairs w/ sea serpent, FC
40 corsairs w/ FC
40 corsairs w/ FC
40 witch elves w/ ro khaine, banner of murder, FC
25 spearmen w/ FC
10 dark riders w/ crossbows, FC
10 dark riders w/ crossbows, FC
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
10 crossbowmen w/ shields
10 harpies
10 harpies

40 cold one knights w/ iron curse Icon, FC (!!!)
40 executioners w/ Tullaris, banner of swiftness, FC
20 black guard w/ FC
20 black guard w/ FC
10 shades
10 shades
10 shades
Cold one chariot
Cold one chariot

Repeater bolt thrower
Repeater bolt thrower
Repeater bolt thrower
Repeater bolt thrower

Total: 10013 (Adding mistake that wasn’t caught until after, and seriously not a big deal)

The game would be played on a 12X4 board with 10 pieces of random terrain and played as a simple pitched battle (alternating deployment).


With me going to a new shift I will very rarely be able to play with the Fort McMurray gaming group in the new year, so as a kind of send off we were having this one last mega battle.

The aim was for the bunker owner to use his entire dark elve force, but in the end even a 10,000 point game wasn’t enough and he opted to leave the dragons, manticores, and some other characters out to instead field a horde. He even whipped out his limited edition Malekith on foot model!

Since I had recently played against him in a large game with my lizardmen (my only army that can reach 10,000 points) we decided that instead I would use my 5000 of dwarfs and pair up with another player who, although new to dwarfs and fantasy in general, also had a 5000 point force.

Now the dwarf team had the advantage of two generals and two BSBs, however we didn’t plan for the game what-so-ever and were walking into the game not even knowing each others lists.

In a way this bugged me as I wanted to make the best stand possible and knowing that the hard hitting dark elve force (especially that horde of cold ones!) could smash through our line with ease if were didn’t work together and that simple mistakes could turn an epic game into a joke. On the flip side I had to keep in mind that the game was for fun and that I should just enjoy whatever happens, focusing more on my last chance to game with these friends.

We had the game this last weekend, it took six hours, and I can tell you that although there were mistakes made that it ended very VERY close.

This weekend I plan to post the youtube report AND the written report, so in the mean time go ahead and vote on who you think won this epic mega game

Edit: Here it is:




13-12-2010, 16:18
even with a load of special characters, how can I not vote for 40 cold one knights?! Awesome!

13-12-2010, 17:06
even with a load of special characters, how can I not vote for 40 cold one knights?! Awesome!

For a long time he only had a unit of 10 and then a bunch of boxes of the old ones left for a rainy day, but he speed-painted 30 more to make a massive horde AND made a movement tray for them!

As a tiny spoiler, what happens in the first turn alone is completely insane and rivals even when I once killed Malekith with sharp stuff... stay tuned ;)

13-12-2010, 19:49
So how big is the table going to be??

13-12-2010, 19:52
So how big is the table going to be??

12 feet x 4 feet

13-12-2010, 19:56
looking forward to the result.... I'm rooting for the dark elves myself, but something tells me they were pipped to the post in this one....

13-12-2010, 19:59
How can I note root for the dwarves? I think that when this is over every dwarf in Karak Hirn will be sporting a new elf-ear necklace.

And it seems fair. Two dwarf lists (2 anvils of doom! 2 BSBs!) but they don't have a common plan or even know what is in the full army.

However, looking this over magic will have no effect on this game. The dwarves get +6 dispel dice!

13-12-2010, 20:42
I think the stunties will take it, but I'll root for that 40 block of CoK! :D

13-12-2010, 21:02
However, looking this over magic will have no effect on this game. The dwarves get +6 dispel dice!

The DE player was really debating even bothering to take any magic at all but then in the end figured it would be a shame to not at least take some magic in a 10,000 point game and that if anything DE are the best army to be able to deal with this (having no max they can throw all the dice into one spell and hope for IF).

13-12-2010, 21:05
10K.... always a fun thing to play on. Especially on that narrow table. While it pains me to say it I think I'm going to give it the dwarves as the 4 organ guns and 4 cannons are all kinds of angry!

Can't wait to read/watch this one! Though without a pigeon bomb I worry how you'll beat those executioners!

13-12-2010, 23:01
Voted for the Dwarfs, mostly because I'm a Dwarf player.

40 Cold One Knights is certainly dazzling, and in a game this size I consider a draw to be extremely unlikely. Usually the larger the game, the more likely it is something will go catastrophically wrong for one player.

But anyway GO DWARFS!

Shas'o Kais
14-12-2010, 13:23
This is a hard call, The Dark Elves appear to have a very effective force, however, with all that artillery. I Can't say for sure. But 40 Cold One Knights can take some damage and are a high priority target. Can't say for sure on this one.

14-12-2010, 14:43
As scary as the cold one horde looks, the 40 witch elves need to be shot to out of their metal bras before the reach the dorfs or it could get very ugly.

14-12-2010, 16:32
Very interesting voting so far. Didn't think so many of you would side with the dwarfs (although it seems a good part of it is subborn voting of dwarf players ;)).

Half done the written report now :)

14-12-2010, 17:11
Yay for stubborn Dwarfs! I voted a Dwarf win of course. Although I think it was a very close win.

Bergen Beerbelly
14-12-2010, 18:23
I voted Dwarf. Those pansy elves should get whats coming to them...cannons to the face...

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
14-12-2010, 18:37
Death to the stunties, but this is because I'm a greenskin:D

14-12-2010, 18:52
it seems a good part of it is subborn voting of dwarf players ;)).

Damn straight. That, and modesty has never been known as a dwarven virtue.

14-12-2010, 19:08
The Dwarfs will kick some A$$!!! :evilgrin:

Razakel glad to see you are back :)

14-12-2010, 20:22
I am really excited. I'm voting Dark Elves. I am curious how a horde of knights would compete.

14-12-2010, 21:03
Report is written up, but I have to wait until the weekend when I can upload the pictures.

Just seeing that horde of knights is amazing :D

14-12-2010, 22:48
Wow, can't wait to see how this worked out!

Rooting for the dark elves, but dwarves should be very strong at this points size.

Lord of Nonsensical Crap
15-12-2010, 05:12
I voted for the Dwarfs, for the following reasons:

1. Malorian's playing the Dwarfs
2. I hate Dark Elves
3. I always prefer rooting for the "good" guys.
4. I hate Dark Elves.
5. It's always good to see an army with pure grit, determination and steel win out over an army loaded with tricksy magic, crazy ward saves and nasty, nasty monsters.
6. I forgot what my sixth reason was, but it had something to do with my opinion of Dark Elves....

Either way, definitely looking forward to this one, Malorian.

17-12-2010, 05:07
I cant wait for this report! Hurry hurry... Post the report!

17-12-2010, 08:19
i have fased a horde of coldones before... on there own they are not that scary but he hase 10.000 points of other things to back them up... now thats scary...

(i voted: horde of coldones wtf, because i didn't know there where more crazy people out there who would do something like that)

17-12-2010, 12:39

The board was 12X4 and we broke it into 8 blocks to we could randomize where the terrain went. Think of it like this:


In 1 there was a regular building
In 2 there was a settlement of order with three buildings, 3 walls, elven waystone, and wyrding well
In 3 there was a grail chapel
In 4 there was a wizard tower, some walls, and the one that gives you +1 to wound
In 5 there was a poisonous thicket
In 6 there was nothing
In 7 there was a poisonous thicket
In 8 there was a hill

We rolled for sides and my opponent picked the other side. The way we deployed is he deployed one, then me, then him, then my partner, and then do it all again.

He deployed from left to right: harpies, dark riders, dark riders, building, hydra, hydra, witches w/ helleborn and cauldron behind, crossbowmen about to go into one building of the settlemen, RBT in another, executioners w/ BSB and a hydra in the middle of the settlement, crossbowmen about to go into another building, corsairs w/ black guard behind w/ Malekith, RBT in the back, corsairs w/ black guard behind w/ dread lord, hydra, crossbowmen about to go into grail chapel, RBT, chariot, cold one knights w/ Malus, chariot, Lokhir corsairs, spearmen w/ sorceress about to go into the wizard tower, crossbowmen, RBT.

We deployed from left to right: *space*, quarrelers w/ stubborn lord, slayer, organ gun and bolt thrower in the forest, cannon, thunderers w/ longbeards behind w/ shield bearer lord and grudge thrower behind them, cannon w/ anvil behind, slayer w/ hammerers behind, shield warriors w/ BSB, killer lord, and plain lord, organ gun, combat quarrelers w/ my challenge thane and small shield warriors behind w/ rune lord, organ gun, bolt thrower in forest, flame cannon, *space*, cannon w/ thorek behind, three units of thunderers, organ gun and cannon on hill, *space*, slayers w/ combat dragon and deamon slayer.

His shades all scouted on the right side around the thing that give you +1 to wound (ouch) to my amazement his longbeards and lord scout right in front of the cold one knights, his dark riders vanguard up, and my opponent uses the strollaz rune to my up his combat quarrelers and the longbeards.

Thank god we won the first turn.


Pre-Game Thoughts:

As I said I knew nothing of his list going in and so when he pulled this ranger/strollaz stuff I was about to flip. The quarrelers moving up was madness, and had the DE player won first turn the longbeards along with his general would have been toast.

I should mention now that this club plays it so it allows scouting units to charge using the anvil, so his ultra-aggressive plan did have merit, but man was it ballsy….

Going into the game I talked to my opponent about using terrain to our advantage: castling up between the two forests and staying away from the death trap that was the right flank because, even though a hill is nice, having his units get +1 to wound isn’t. As you can see the plan was falling apart already as his forces were spread out.

My plan was to use the challenge thane to bog down his center line, beat the executioners with my character heavy warrior unit, and beat the witches with the longbeards with the lord I designed specifically to beat Hellebron. My hopes on the left flank is that he would dedicate too much for taking out the quarrelers, only to find out I took the never used 100 point stubborn rune. If all went well I could clear out my side and then deal with the corsairs second.

As far as my partner went… other than my flame cannon that was over there hoping to get a lucky panic on the cold one knights, he was on his own. I assumed his longbeards would hit hard but then get swarmed, the slayers would be shot to hell, and then while everything else died maybe, maybe, his combat quarrelers would hold the DE off from hitting my flank.

Obviously this means I didn’t expect the dwarf team to win, so my goal was to at least make the Karak Hirn part of it kill more than they lose.

Turn 1 Dwarfs:

Ranger longbeards and slayers rush up while my thane carefully positions himself to draw the left corsair unit off at a slant.

In the shooting phase a good number of our shooting was out of range, however we were about to wound a couple of hydras and kill 9 witches. I use my anvil to slow down the right corsairs, and he uses thorek to charge the first unit of shades with the slayers (who stand and shoot and do nothing) and also sends the longbeards into the cold one knights.

Now I know there was a debate over if this is legal or not but around here they are allowing it.

In combat the shades get wiped out and even panic another unit of shades, and in the main combat Malus moves to the back and challenges the dwarf general. First of all the dark elve player got lucky in that Malus killed the dwarf lord, and then got even more lucky when his knights (with no lance bonus) kill 14 longbeards. The longbeards strike back and kill 3, the break, and are run down…

Oh… my… god… we just lost the game… on the first turn… on our turn… there was now nothing over there to stand up against the dark elve forces and that horde of knights would just smash through our flank….

Standing there in total disbelief I didn’t know if I should blame the dice or my overly aggressive ally. Hell, I didn’t even know if I should be mad or not, and finally had to clear my head with the thought that this was just for fun.


Turn 1 Dark Elves:

Cauldron gives the witches a 5+ ward.

I use the master rune of challenge on the left corsairs, who opt to charge rather than flee (and they obviously fail). The right corsairs also try to charge my thane but fail, and the knights try to charge the combat quarrelers but fail thanks to the rune of slowness. Shades rally.

Dark riders, harpies, and two hydras surround my quarrelers on the left, witches, executioners and a hydra move towards my center, black guard are trapped behind the corsairs, and on the right the chariots, hydra, and Lokhir corsairs move up. All units waiting to go into buildings do so.

In the magic phase he gets pit of shades off with IF and destroyed the organ gun on the hill, and the supreme sorceress losses a wound.

In the shooting phase he kills some of my quarrelers, and kills some slayers, but other than that he does fairly little due to shots that fail to wound the challenge thane and my master rune of grungi.


Turn 2 Dwarfs:

His slayers charge the rallied shades.

Thanks to the steamdrill reroll, my miners come in and decide to aim at the rear of the knights. I would have loved them to help me on my side but now I need them to save the day on his.

The left slayer moves up to encourage the hydras to hit him and overrun into the quarrelers rather than aim for my warmachines in the woods, and my challenge thane moves back into the combat quarrelers.

To start off the shooting phase I shoot the flame cannon at the knights, kill a couple, but they pass panic (guess that would have been too easy). The grudgethrower takes a rank off of the executioners and other shooting kills the far right hydra, wounds one on the left, wounds a chariot, kills a good number of dark riders from one unit, and then my anvil sends my miners into the rear of the knights while his anvil makes a mess of the harpie units (the left one flees) and kills all but 3 shades from the unengaged unit.

In combat that slayers wipe out another unit of shades and aim at the RBT/crossbowmen, and my miners get their butts kicked, fail a steadfast break test, and get run down…

Really? REALLY? Is this the way this game is going to go?

We make some jokes about how the dwarves take the most losses during their own turn, but deep down I’m annoyed. This had been a rash of epically bad luck, and the only good thing to take from it is that now the knights are further back and facing the wrong way so that they’ll lose a turn, but oddly enough they pretty much have made back their points while losing almost nothing.


Turn 2 Dark Elves:

Cauldron gives the witches a 5+ ward.

The full strength dark riders hit my quarrelers in the flank, the reduced dark riders fail to charge my organ gun, one of the left hydras charge my slayer, both corsair units try to charge the combat quarrelers and the right one fails, and the harpies charge his cannon on the hill.

The other hydra on the left then moves over to aid the witch elves and executioners, the left black guard move up while the right black guard are still trapped behind the fumbling corsairs, the knights swift reform and head back, and Lokhir corsairs move up on the right.

Magic phase is shut down.

In the shooting phase I lose some thunderers, and my ally loses some slayers.

In combat my stubborn lord moves over to fight the dark riders and although I lose I hold and then reform to fight him, the hydra fighting my slayer crushes him and overruns into my organ gun in the woods (that’s the exact opposite of what I wanted to happen…) but trips and takes a wound (now down to 1), an assassin pops up from the corsairs to fight my challenge thane (although not in a challenge) but he does no wounds to me and the devastating counter attack kills the assassin and a ton of corsairs and they break and we let them go run over Malekith’s black guard, and finally on the right the harpies and cannon do nothing to each other and are still locked in combat.


17-12-2010, 12:40
Turn 3 Dwarfs:

Slayers charge the RBT, and the rune lord warriors move back, and my general shifts over to be matched up with Helleborn.

Our shooting phase starts off bad as both my flame cannon and right cannon misfire and explode *sigh*, but then we kill the center hydra and one of the chariots, kill a good number of witch elves and Malekith’s black guard, and bring the unwounded hydra down to 2 wounds. With anvils we hit the knights, Malekith’s unit, and right corsairs to slow them down more than anything else.

In combat my quarrelers beat the dark riders and let them run (they would need double 1s to rally) while I reform to face his other ones, his hydra smashes my organ gun and runs into a bolt thrower, the cannon crew wipe out the harpies, and the slayers crush the RBT and overrun into a unit of crossbowmen.


Turn 3 Dark Elves:

Cauldron gives the witches a 5+ ward.

Witch elves charge the thunders so I stand and shoot but when his executioners join in I flee, they both try and redirect into my long beards but fail, the right corsairs and knights try and charge the quarrelers but all fail thanks to the rune of slowness, and Lokhir’s corsairs charge two small units of thunderers at once.

Dark riders aim at my quarrelers while the free hydra moves over to flame their flank, Malekith’s black guard move toward my center (bad news), and his chariot moves up.

Magic phase is shut down (it really is hard to get spells off when every turn we get +9 dice and he is -1).

Shooting mainly aims at my longbeards and kills a rank, but he also kills some of my quarrelers, and a great shot from his RBT destroys the cannon on the hill.

In combat the hydra beats the organ gun and overruns into the fleeing thunderers to send them off the board, Lokhir’s corsairs make a mess of the thunders and although both units get away one will need double 1s to rally and he is now in the third unit of thunderers, and the crossbowmen are completely wiped out.


Turn 4 Dwarfs:

Now I have to say that at this time, at the half game mark, I am feeling at lot better. Our stall tactics have been working and we are now in a position to finally hit back.

The stubborn lord charges out of the unit and into the 2 wound hydra, the longbeards charge into the witch elves, the warriors try to charge the executioners but fail, and after some fast debate the slayers charge into the wizard tower.

To be honest those slayers have done a lot better than I expected and at this point I would keep it as it is and have them just stand around the rest of the game to keep their points, my aggressive opponent however wants to keep killing and try his luck against the spearmen. In the end I decide it’s his units and he can do with them what he wants, and hey, maybe he’ll get lucky and break them. (Note that at this point I thought they were a regular unit of slayers.)

Otherwise my challenge thane joins my warriors, and the remaining slayer heads back after the 1 wound hydra threatening my anvil. One unit of thunderers rally while the one needing double 1s fails and goes off the board.

Shooting is deadly as we almost wipe out the dark riders, kill the 1 wound hydra, kill the left RBT, destroy the last chariot, kill a good amount of knights, AND wipe out all of Malekith’s black guard. In a way this is pointless as he’ll just join another unit, but at least it will slow him down. I use my anvil to recharge my warriors into the executioners, and them my ally comes up with his best idea of the entire game: use Thorek on Malekith!

Striking the ancient rune he gets three targets, and with that he wipes out the last of the shades, he wipes out the last of the dark riders, and then smashes Malekith.

Now keep in mind these are magical attacks so he doesn’t get his 2+ ward, they are separate hits so we can do more than one wound per phase, and with only heavy armor to protect him he’ll be left with a 6+ save. So after causing 4 wounds and him only saving 1, his general, ruler of the Dark Elves, is dead!

Any animosity I had towards my ally’s list and tactics are now gone, and we are the ones smiling while the dark elve player is grumbling over how stupid the dwarf army book is.

In combat the good times keep rolling while my stubborn lord kills his last hydra, and my general almost kills Hellebrone (str 10 doesn’t matter when I cap you at 5) as my long beards make a mess of the witch elves, however the executioner battle is a different story. Thanks to the ASF banner he hits first and does what I was worried about: he targets my characters. Tullaris kills my BSB and other executioners kill my plain lord, while he puts a wound on my other characters in the unit. In return I kill Tullaris, his BSB, and a ton of executioners, but thanks to the cauldron both his units are stubborn and hold. Lokhir’s corsairs smash another unit of thunderers and run them down while they run into the rallied unit, and finally the slayers take a lot of losses but also kill a good amount of spearmen.

So overall a great turn, and for Karak Hirn it’s more about quickly finishing off these stubborn units before I get hit in the flank.


Turn 4 Dark Elves:

Cauldron gives the witches killing blow.

Rallied corsairs charge the flank of my warriors (oh oh), right corsairs declare a change on the combat quarrelers so we stand and shoot and then flee when the knights charge (landing on the other side of the warriors) so the knight redirect into the organ gun).

Black guard swing around.

Magic is shut down, but in the shooting phase we are again peppered. The slayers are left with very few models and he is now starting to pick off a few hammerers.

In combat the killing blow isn’t enough (plus my general is immune to it) so the witch elves are wiped out and only a stubborn Hellebron survives combat, the executioners fail to kill my characters but there is a good number of losses all around ending up with me passing a steadfast test, the knights crush the organ gun and run into the warriors, and Lokhir’s corsairs easly wipe out the thunderers and run off the board.


Turn 5 Dwarfs:

Hammerers charge the flank of the rallied corsairs and the slayers charge the tower.

Combat quarrelers rally (barely!), my stubborn lord runs after the cauldron, and my slayer hides as I’m now thinking this game could actually come down to the wire.

The shooing phase sees us destroy another RBT, take a couple wounds off the cauldron, and take a chunk out of the black guard, and my anvil sends the stubborn lord into the cauldron while his just smashes the right corsairs to slow them down.

In combat my stubborn lord finishes off the cauldron, my general kill Hellebron, and my hammers/warriors beat and break the executioners and rallied corsairs however I only catch the executioners. On the right side his warriors take a beating and the knights run into the combat quarrelers, and the slayers bring the spearmen down to 9 but there are only a few slayers left. So at least they can kill the supreme sorceress on the last turn, if they survive the shooting...


Turn 5 Dark Elves:

Black guard charge the hammers but I flee and get away, left corsairs rally, Lokhir’s corsairs come back on the board and face a cannon and Thorek, and the right corsairs just shift a little.

Magic is shut down but shooting kills a good number of my warriors and kills all the regular slayers leaving just the deamon slayer with 2 wounds and the dragon slayer with 1.

The one combat is bloody, Malus kills the BSB but a lot of knights fall to great weapons, and in the end the quarrelers with 2 ranks are barely steadfast and hold.


Turn 6 Dwarfs:

The stubborn lord charges one of the buildings, the two slayer characters charge into the building, the hammerers rally, the warriors reform to face the twice rallied corsairs, and the hammers rally and are joined by the longbeards.

Shooting kills all of the black guard but figuring the dread lord has the pendant we don’t waste a shot on him, and then the grudge thrower scatters off the twice rallied corsairs and hits my warriors killing three (doh!). My anvil sends the warriors into the left corsairs, and his anvil hits the right corsairs to slow them down.

In combat the stubborn lord takes a wound while only causing 1 and is pushed out, I beat the corsairs but fail to run them down, the knights and combat quarrelers keep grinding, and the slayers kill the supreme sorceress but the dragon slayer is killed by the spearmen. Things then get interesting as the spearmen fail their stubborn test and the deamon slayer claims the building.


Turn 6 Dark Elves:

The dreadlord and right corsairs charge the hammerers but I flee and get away, Lokhir’s corsairs charge the cannon, and the corsairs and spearmen rally.

Shooting does kill a ton of my warriors but I pass panic.

In combat Lokhir easily beats the cannon, but things get tense in the main battle. The knights killed enough quarrelers to bring them down to one rank so they need to kill at least 4 knights to bring them down to 4 models and thus stay steadfast (1 rank against 0), and amazingly they pull it off! However when it comes to the steadfast test it is failed, the BSB is already dead, so they are ran down.


The Totals:

Looking around the board there is a LOT of dead models and we tentatively call it a draw, but when I’m given the lists to make the report I can’t help but add it up to see.

Dwarfs kill 5964 points, +100 for the general, +100 for the BSB, and 6 banners for +150, giving 6114 points.

Dark elves kill 5889 points (4312 from him and 1577 from me), +100 for a general, +200 for 2 BSBs, and 7 banners for +175, giving 6164 points.

So a difference of only 50 points!!!

There was no telling how bad the injuries were to Malekith, but they were great enough that he had to be carried away from the battle field with his army falling back to protect him.

The ground was soaked with the corpses of both dwarf and dark elve and already vultures and rats were moving in for the post-battle feast.

Olaf Dragoneater knew the price had been great, but in the end they had stopped Malekith in his tracks and in doing so saved both the lower Empire and crossing off some grudges at the same time.

There were new grudges, particularly against Malus Darkblade, but those would be saved for another day. For now it was time to tend to the wounded and head back to their holds before their weakened forces were preyed on by some greenskin or skaven warband.

Blaring orc horns made this fear a reality…

Karak McMurray was decimated, and what little remained of their throng was determined to bring Lord Deeppockets back to their hold in hopes of saving his life, so the weakened forces of Karak Hirn, with no chance of making it back to their fortified city in time, would have to stand against the orcs alone.

Olaf Dragoneater now ordered beer to be given to the wounded so that they could make one last stand, and the army of Karak Hirn formed back into battle lines.

They should have been celebrating a victory, but instead they now found themselves in a fight for their lives for the second time in the same day…

Post-Game Thoughts:

With such a rough start I can’t believe that we managed to turn things around.

I’m sure the thing that saved us was the way we bogged down his center. Those two units of corsairs and the black guard behind did practically nothing the entire game, other than the corsair unit that was beaten three times, and the black guard which got shot up.

On the topic of the corsairs that got away three times, I now see this as a weakness in dwarfs in 8th, because if you can’t catch the unit you just beat then they will just reform and all you got for your effect was the 25 point banner (if they even had one). I know it’s only -1, and not nearly as bad as minotaurs have it, but it’s still an important aspect to keep in mind.

Changing gears, now that I’ve seen it in action, I am wholly against the idea of the anvil being able to allow you to charge on the first turn. In this case it worked against us but I certainly don’t think it’s fair to have a horde of longbeard rangers and a dwarf lord charge you first turn before you can even make a move. In a tournament setting this would just be broken and lead to a lot of players feeling cheated.

The slayers did a lot better than I expected them to, but then again they were worth a LOT more than I thought they were. A unit of almost only unit champs! And expensive ones at that! That unit costed over 700 points! Madness!!! If I had any idea they were worth that much I would have never allowed them to charge the wizard tower. The loss of a 700 point unit and 125 point character was not worth a 300 character and 25 point banner.

This extreme loss of points seems to counter one thing though: we cheated…

At the time none of us remembered that the anvil can’t target single models unless they are large targets, which Malekith is not. So Thorek shouldn’t have been able to target him, and even though he probably wouldn’t have done anything (since the other units around him didn’t) he wouldn’t have lost those points.

On the flip side Malus couldn’t have turned into a deamon that first turn we charged into him because it has to be used on the dark elve’s own turn, and without that he wouldn’t have killed the general. The longbeards still would have been crushed but if the dwarf lord would have killed Malus then those would be points in the bag that wouldn’t have been killing us later.

Rule mistakes aside, it turned out to be a great game with tons of insane things happening that we will remember for a long time.

A horde of 40 cold one knights? Madness!

Those knights getting charged by a horde of longbeards and a dwarf lord only to have them bounce? Madness!

And then miners in the rear that are swatted away like nothing? Madness!

Slayers that exceed all expectations and slaughter all in their path to take a wizard tower? Madness!

And as far as that ending fluff goes, the reason for it is that over the next week I will be playing a long distance game against Once Bitten where he will be controlling my 5K dwarf army and I will be taking him on with a 5K orc and goblin army

So thanks for reading and hopefully you’ll be back to read/watch the next one!

17-12-2010, 14:33
As you say it so well yourself: Madness!
Great report and don't worry about the rules mistakes for 2 reasons:
They are bound to happen in the heat of such a huge battle and they didn't seem to have a major influence.
In the larger battles, draws seem to pop up a lot. I think this is because of the huge amounts of rolls, luck seems to even out. Almost all battles of that size seem to end in a draw, or at least close to it. But to have only 50 points of difference in a 20K battle is beyond the realm of madness, into depraved insanity...
Looking forward to your next report and the Youtube version
BTW is there a reason Dr. Once isn't using his Brettonians?
greets and keep up the great work of keeping the Warseer BR section alive almost single handed. (Apart from the unequaled prose of Kurisawa and his woodies)

17-12-2010, 14:48
Dr Once is in a different country so I have the game set up at my place and send him pictures (so he can't use his own army).

In the past he has used my brets but he doesn't really like to because they aren't painted.

Since his son plays dwarfs it seemed a good fit from him to play them this time and for me to take them on with my dwarfs.

The mission is slightly set in your favour but then again I do have the advantage of not having to work from pictures, plus I won the last two games so it's time he got his revenge ;)

17-12-2010, 15:53
I went with dwarfs because Dark elves don't hold up well in a straight up fight- they tend to do better when they can get around to a flank, or can isolate and pick off units- both are a lot more difficult at 10k points-

17-12-2010, 17:35
thanks mal for taking the time to write up this fun game :)

17-12-2010, 17:40
Brilliant game, how long did it take from setup to points tally?

18-12-2010, 04:50
Yes how long did it take you to play? Some aquantinces and I may be planning a HUGE Battle for January, and finding out time constraints is my first step in organizing such a feat.

18-12-2010, 04:59
Pictures are added!!! :D

No time for the youtube report toight though.

For those wondering, the game took 6 hours.

18-12-2010, 07:14
Holy hell...

That was awesome. My heart dropped when I read your partner's tactics. I nearly spit it out when the COK ate the rangers, and I wasn't surprised when the miners were destroyed too (how could it go right?).

But then Malekith was killed (I don't care if it was cheating. Prophecy to be killed by a wizard? Try a runesmith!). And the slayers were as heroic as they should be. They went on a killing spree across the entire battlefield, and then everyone except the daemonslayer died heroically. And it ended with him victoriously standing in a tower filled with dead elves, which included a sorceress lord. How epic is that?

True dwarven stubborness grabbed a draw out of the maw of defeat, and gave defeat a good smack in the face for good measure. Good times!

18-12-2010, 09:23
Nice to see pictures of this event.
Mal, you sure like your green. We won't see a lot on the pictures of your next report: greenskins against green dwarfs on a green table :p

Awilla the Hun
18-12-2010, 11:46
Excellent! The Capitalists AND the Sadist-Elvenists are destroying each other, removing two major obstacles to World Revolution. And in such an epic battle! Well done for killing Malekith!

18-12-2010, 12:45
Good work! I thoroughly enjoyed this... And yes i voted for the stunties ^^

18-12-2010, 21:56
awesome! :D

19-12-2010, 00:19
Youtube added to first post:


Just a reminder that if you subscribe to my channel then you will get all these without reminders ;)

19-12-2010, 06:42
The youtube report is awesome- thanks mal-

Gork or Possibly Mork
19-12-2010, 12:36
I just read this and watched it on youtube and all I can say is Wholly Cow that was epic.

At the end of the day I think your were being a bit hard on your newbie ally because without him this report wouldn't have been nearly as epic.

If you ever see Beardy Mc Crazy dwarf again you can tell him I like ballsy.:D

I have to say it makes me really curious how it would have turned out if he hadn't ran out like that and got hosed and made you dedicate your miners. I actually wonder if in a way it helped to stall that unit for most of the game which allowed the center beat up on his. Sure it made a ton of points but do you think it's possible it eating those units perhaps saved the center in a way?

Probably not but I'd like to think it kind of helped in some small way.:p

As for your run away to fight another day that you got boo'd for ( <saw a thread about that one ). My view is it's slightly beardy but a smart thing to do. I wouldn't have a problem with it at all not in the slightest. It's gets a little grayer if your up and just looking to ensure a win just because you can but even then I still wouldn't be bothered by it.

20-12-2010, 03:10
Holy crapsack that was one amazing bat rep!

20-12-2010, 09:24
Hehe that was easily one of the best reports I've ever read! Great job, Mal.
After reading the first two rounds I really thought the Elves win, but you turned it quite nice...the Anvil on Malekith was a nice idea. :)
It really sounded like a awesome game with a awesome outcome. :D

20-12-2010, 10:18
Great batrep!

Looked like it was a blast. Big games are always great fun! Well done on snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat. When is your 5K game against Once Bitten coming up?
(I'll hopefully return the favour with a nice ~10K BatRep come the New year).

Golden Lion
20-12-2010, 10:22
Amazing report! Superb to see so many painted mini's on the table at once and this felt like a truly epic Warhammer battle, much closer to the background as I see it than these small skirmishes we are used to seeing (although these are fun too).

A lot of things going on, and I am impressed you guys kept your wits about you with so many elements moving around and threatening all kinds of units.

Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to put this up!

20-12-2010, 13:44
When is your 5K game against Once Bitten coming up?

We have already started ;)