View Full Version : Phoenix Guard vs. Black Orcs 1500 with pics

zork rumpscratcha
13-12-2010, 16:18

Orcs vs. High Elves

13-12-2010, 17:09
The first line of the report kinda ruins it...

Can you edit it out?

zork rumpscratcha
13-12-2010, 17:27
sure thing mal

13-12-2010, 21:06
nice rep and horrid luck.

Hordes are a bit hit and miss, simply put after deploying if there's nothing on your opponents side with a width that lets you get all those attacks, reform for steadfastness instead :)
Orc blocks should do fine in the 30+ spectrum

Boar Chariots are your friends btw

zork rumpscratcha
14-12-2010, 01:07
that's helpful seven, thanks.