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14-12-2010, 16:56

Does the Pendulum 'target' anything? Had this come up against OK. A slaughtermaster had a skull that caused spells to misfire on double 1s, 2s or 6s. Because when I cast the pendulum was pointed in his direction, he claimed a miscast. I said we don't even know if it hit the unit yet, so how can it be targeted? Or if that unit was at the maximum range (35.5") and I needed 6 6's to reach it (0.00002% chance) would it fire?

Or am I doing it wrong? Do I roll distance, then choose what direction I want to extend the line?

"Extend a straight line, 6d6" in length, directly away from the caster. Each model in the way (determined as for a bouncing cannonball)...."

It's also classified as a direct damage spell. In which, it says:
1) Direct damage spells can only be cast on enemy units.
2) Some use a template. If so, the template cannot be placed in such a way that it touches friendly units or enemy units that are in close combat - that is not to say that the template won't scatter onto friends later, depending on the spell.

So I don't know if this counts as a 'scatter'. I'm thinking the best way to resolve it is to roll distance, then pick direction. Thoughts?

14-12-2010, 18:48
The "line" you get when resolving a cannonball counts as a template (see building rules section, shooting at garrison unit). So you can't aim it such that tagging an illegal target is even possible, IE no friendlies or combats within 36".

edit: for clarity, see BRB p112, bottom of left column... "Note that you are not allowed to make a cannon shot in such a way that it has a chance of hitting a friendly unit or an enemy unit that is engaged in close combat." (emphasis mine)

14-12-2010, 21:39
So does it 'target' all possible units along its path?

Is the correct order of operations to:
1) Select a path. Targets all possible units in that path.
2) Roll distance?

15-12-2010, 02:35
It doesn't have a target. It has a direction, much like magical vortices. My question is do you treat it like a bouncing cannonball before, after, or during drawing the line? My friend drew the line first through buildings and everything, and only treated it as a bouncing cannonball by allocating one hit per rank/file in the unit(s) that were hit. It actually seemed legit but very different than the methods for the Pendulum I have heard of on Forums.

15-12-2010, 03:56
So if it has no target, the OK Skull can't cause it to misfire.

15-12-2010, 17:08
To see if a given direction is a legal choice, you must determine if there would be "models in the way" which are illegal to "place[ the template] in such a way that it touches [them]."

You determine "Each model in the way" using the process for a bouncing cannonball.

When you begin determining who's been hit by a bouncing cannonball, you already have a direction for your line (as you've chosen your target/start point), but do not yet know how far it will extend. HOWEVER it is still required that you already know you will not strike a forbidden model.

If you ever roll your artillary dice and then see that you've struck a friendly model, then your target was not a legal choice of target. If that might happen, you have to choose a different target. It is not sufficient for hitting a friendly model to be "extremely unlikely", any more than it is acceptable to roll a "statistically comparable" number of attacks for a unit in combat.

The "scatter" section on page 9 does not allow for any scatter-dice-less version of the scatter procedure, so you can't claim that extending a line is a form of scatter.
Since there's nothing in the PPendulum text that requires you to ignore inconvenient aspects of the process it instructs you to use, I'd call it extremely dodgy to try rolling your distance before nominating a direction.

If your wizard can roll 6 1's and come up short of what he wanted to hit, he can't be trusted not to overshoot either. Don't aim at your own guys.

15-12-2010, 18:20
It's a direct damage spell try reading the paragraph on pg 31 titled choosing a Target.

The spell doesn't make any exception in its description other than its range for choosing a Target.

Then under direct damage its states.

"Ang direct damage spells can only Target enemy units".

15-12-2010, 18:50
The pendulum does not "target" anything, no.


15-12-2010, 18:53
The pendulum does not "target" anything, no.


I agree with this. It just hits whatever is in it's path so if the skull that was referred to required the unit to be targeted by a spell it wouldnt work.

15-12-2010, 18:58
I agree with this. It just hits whatever is in it's path so if the skull that was referred to required the unit to be targeted by a spell it wouldnt work.

If i throw a rock in your general direction, with a random amount of force, don't get pissed if i knock you unconcious because i wasn't targeting you! :D