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15-12-2010, 04:26
Another idea... What do y'all think?


Saurus Oldblood
- Carnosaur, armour of destiny, luckstone, gold sigil sword, shield [431]


Saurus Scar-Veteran
- BSB, light armour, trickster's helm [165]

Skink Priest
- Level 2 wizard, diadem of power [125]


Saurus Warriors (29)
- Champion, musician, standard bearer [349]

Skink Skirmishers (10)
- Javelin and shields [80]

Skink Skirmishers (10)
- Javelin and shields [80]


Stegadon [235]

Stegadon [235]


Salamander Hunting Pack (2) [150]

Salamander Hunting Pack (2) [150]


15-12-2010, 21:55
Carnosaur seems fine.

The bsb is not well protected, heavy armour and the 5+ ward armour might be good, as would taking a magic banner, though I can't remember if you can have both. Eternal flame banner might be nice.

You have decent magic def but it is still risky, the enemy can still get spells off against you, If you can fit in 2 lv1 mages 1 could have the dispel scroll while another takes either the cube or the diadam.

Your army could otherwise lose models easily to pits or vortexs.

The core is fairly decent, not much you can do there.

I am not sure about the 2 units of salamanders, they are very good of course, but not sure if they fit your army.

Your army is essentially 2 stegs and a carnosaur that attack fast and a unit of saurus that hit a turn later, then 4 salamanders.

The main things that scare this army are going to be cannons/stone throwers that can 1 shot the stegs.

The counter unit here would be chamo skinks
The second scare are pit of shades/purple sun and other such spells. Scroll would be the counter.

I think it is quite hard to build a list around the carnosaur, the core won't fit too well, well the saurus imo.

You are spending so many points on characters due to not having a slann it is essentially costing you 2 stegs or so.

A slann bsb, with a scroll and say the banner of dicipline would cost a total of 340 points and would fill sooooo many rolls. dispelling with +4 and the scroll, cogitation to negate enemy 6s. Incredible magic def.

Lore of life would allow you to heal your stegs, then you would just need to hope the enemy doesn't get too many 5+ to wound rolls.

All of this would negate the ability to take the carnosaur of course which is a shame.

Still as it is your spending 650 points on the scar vet, priest and oldblood with carno.

An slann with a ancient steg would do similar damage, have ld10 for the army, give casting ability, better magic def.

You wouldn't lose all that much hitting power and would gain a lot of defence.
I think the dino army works better with the life slann.