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15-12-2010, 13:44
I'm playing in a paint and play campaign (we boost the points of our games every 6 weeks by 500 points - currently at 1500) at my local game store and I'm getting fairly frustrated with my Orcs. I realize that a new book is out in March and it may help, but I'm losing quite a bit and not sure if it's my list or generalship. I've tried a lot of different combos. Here is my latest attempt at 1500 points:

Lvl 4 Orc Shaman (220) - talisman of preservation (45), dispel scroll = 290

Night goblin Warboss (55) - sneaky skewer (10), LA/Shield (6) = 71

Heroes (144):
Black Orc Big Boss (85) - BSB (25), Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At (30), Heavy Armor (4) = 144

38 Orcs with Hw/Shield and full command = 258

44 Night Goblins with spears/shields, musician, standard, nets and 2 fanatics = 273

18 Orc Big 'Uns with additional choppa, full command, war banner = 253

2 Rock Lobbers = 140
2 Spear Chukkas = 70

I'm looking for suggestions. Here is an inventory of what I have:
20 Forest Goblin Spider riders
40 night goblins with spears, shields
20 night goblins - unassembled
20 night goblins with bows
3 fanatics
4 trolls
19 Orcs with additional choppa and full command
42 unassembled orcs
2 spear chukkas
1 boar chariot
Black Orc character
4 NG characters (flexible between shamans and bosses)

I just ordered:
20 night goblins
2 orc shamans
2 rock lobbers

15-12-2010, 15:56
You've got a solid core there, I'd add some supporting units with high strength killing power - chariots, trolls - which are also fun to use. Then I'd bulk up the big 'uns and consider a second line unit, probably night goblins looking at what you own.

15-12-2010, 16:06
So you think the list as written for 1500 is solid and wouldn't change it? I've not tried the exact list before. Previously my only magic was a lvl 1 NG shaman with a dispel scroll because I don't like relying on magic since it's so finicky, but I was tired of getting romped and wanted to shake it up.

15-12-2010, 21:03
i think the biguns will get targeted, and they die just as quick as normal orcs, leaving you with only 2 units, which will be easily flanked.

i'd drop the big un upgrade, and take 2 units of 30 orcs, probably drop the night goblin warboss as well, then take some trolls and chariot for support units.

as for expanding (based on what you've got already), you can then upgrade one unit of orcs to biguns, get another unit of night gobs (with bows), and flavour to suit with spider riders/characters.

as for new purchases i'd get hold of a doom diver (or 2) and some black orcs (instead of biguns).

15-12-2010, 23:03
Well i use 1 unite of 25orcs: HW / Shield. Then one with 30 same gear FC on both. Then 2 unite of NG nets / FC, HW / Shields. Then one unite of 30 NG with bows, FC.
Thats about all my core units.

Then i Have 3 Spear chukkas, 1 Doom diver, 1 Boar chariot ( Will change the chariot for a rock lobba). I really suck to do somthing good with the chariot=P.

Then i have 3 Chars.

16-12-2010, 01:08
If you want to be a little more competitive you could

-Exchange the big'uns for a larger unit of normal'uns. More bodies will get you further than the extra hittyness of the big'uns.
-The NG warboss will probably be better off with a simple great weapon, or if you think you'd be better off with one turn of pure killing get an extra hand weapon and the potion of strength for 5 S7 attacks.
-The NG unit shouldn't have spears. You pay twice for them, first in points and second by losing your parry save. Hand weapons would be better.
-The level 4 is using up 1/5 of your points. By replacing him with a level 3 NG shaman with minimal stuff you get an extra hundred points to play with.

Modifying your list a bit I'd get something like this:

Lvl 3 NG shaman with staff of sneaky stealin' - 200
Goblin Warboss (60) - GW (6), LA/Shield (6) = 67

Heroes (144):
Black Orc Big Boss (85) - BSB (25), Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At (30), Heavy Armor (4) = 144

38 Orcs with Hw/Shield and full command = 258
44 Night Goblins with HW&S, musician, standard, nets and 2 fanatics = 229
30 Orcs with additional choppa, full command = 240
20 NG bowmen with mus& std 72

2 Rock Lobbers = 140
2 Spear Chukkas = 70
1 Boar chariot = 80

The numbers probably are a little off but you can see what I'm going for. The boar chariot will help your infantry break nastier units or destroy a flanking unit, and the bowmen will allow you to garrison the tower in that scenario or provide you with an expendable unit to annoy the enemy with. The warboss now being a goblin gives you ld 8 to replace the level 4 with.

16-12-2010, 19:02
Well, I think what I'm hearing is that my initial ideas weren't crazy. I should add we are playing order versus destruction. So I typically play against Empire, Lizardmen, High Elves, Wood Elves and Ogre Kingdoms. Here is the list I was running before I came up with the one at the beginning of the post:

Black Orc Warboss (145) - Armor of Destiny (5), The other trickster's shard (15) and shield (3) = 213

Black Orc Big Boss (85) - BSB (25), Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At (30), Heavy Armor (4) = 144

NG Shaman (50) - Dispel Scroll (25)

NG Big Boss (30) - Sneaky Skewerer (10), LA/Shield (4)

NG Big Boss (30 - Great Weapon (4), Army of Protectyness (25), Tricksy Trinket (25)

29 Orcs with HW/Shield and Full Command (204)

29 Orcs with HW/Shield and Full Command (204)

30 NG with Hw/shield and musician/standard, nets and 1 fanatic (162)

29 NG with Hw/shield and musician/standard, nets and 1 fanatic (159)

2 Rock Lobbers = 140
2 Spear Chukkas = 70

I've not had much problems with the High Elves or Ogre Kingdoms. Empire, Wood Elves and Lizardmen are beating me soundly and consistently. I feel like the problems are that we play on 4'x6' tables and with d6+4 pieces of terrain it's really hard to maneuver and flank anyone. So I was trying to cut down my number of units. Also, everyone fields a LVL 4 wizard except for the Empire player who fields 2 warrior priests and an arch lector. So I was trying to boost my magic. I also seem to lack killing power.

16-12-2010, 19:30
It looks to me like you're getting there.

I would suggest dropping the sneaky skewerer big boss, and getting some more troops (just swell up the orc units a bit).

Then I would take one of the goblin units down to 20, and give them bows (if you have them), then take the goblins you've just removed, and add them to the other unit.

Other than that, I'd say that's my kind of list.

The only other suggestion I might make is swap a rock lobba for a boar chariot, but that's really just a fit to your taste thing

17-12-2010, 03:54

is this confirmed or a rumour?????

17-12-2010, 04:30

As for the list, I like the look of it so far. Only thing that concerns me is the lack of a heavy hitting unit... like Trolls.

Drop a unit of orcs for a unit of 3 Trolls. Use the extra points to beef up the night goblins and see how many extra points you have and grab the staff of sneaky stealin' instead of the dispell scroll on the lvl 2... can't tell you how many magic phases I've shut down with that gobbo staff :).

17-12-2010, 09:17
I'd jump that up to a unit of 4 trolls, they work well in two ranks, and having them 2 across limits the amount of attacks the enemy gets back

17-12-2010, 09:26
I'd use only the Greatshaman+BSB with Armour of Destiny. I dunno about the trickster's shard, a Dispellscroll or nothing would be better i think. All the other heroes are fairly redundant.

For line units, 3 units of 30 is enough i think. You can save tons of points here.

Are the chukkas working? If not, drop them for another Lobba or more troops/hitty stuff.

Then for the points get a unit of 4 trolls, 2x2. And the Boarchariot. Any remaining points can be spent on whatever you want. :)

That's what i would do.


17-12-2010, 16:06
Thanks all! Lots of good advice! What do folks think about this one? I took two goblin big bosses so each NG unit would have decent leadership even if the general isn't in range and because the Wood Elf player in our group plays an all tree army (dryads, treekin, treemen) and I want each unit to have something to negate their ward save. Also, those heroes are there to throttle the Empire player's arch lector on a war altar with Von Hortsman's speculum. I like the spear chukkas because they are cheap and put dents in Dragons, Stegadons, Treemen, etc.

Orc Shaman (180) + Dispel Scroll (25) = 205

Black Orc Big boss (85) + BSB (25) + Heavy Armor (4) + Warboss Umm's Best Boss 'At (30) + Iron Curse Icon (5) = 149

Goblin Big Boss (35) + Sword of Might (10) + LA/Sh (4) = 49
Goblin Big Boss (35) + Sneaky Skewer (10) + LA/Sh (4) = 49

Night Goblin Shaman (50) + Staff of Sneaky Stealin (50) = 100

34 Night Goblins w/ HW/SH (102) + Nets (35) + Mus/Stnd (12) + Fanatic (25) = 174
34 Night Goblins w/ HW/SH (102) + Nets (35) + Mus/Stnd (12) + Fanatic (25) = 174
33 Orcs w/ HW/Sh (198) + Full Command (30) = 228

2 Spear Chukkas (70)
2 Rock Lobbers (140)

4 Trolls (160)