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16-03-2006, 22:54
Here are some basic rules for taking part in this RPG:

Please check out the thread titled, "The Outcasts (Possible New Roleplaying Idea)" and if you're interested, make your character request there. We would like to keep this thread strictly for roleplaying posts.

Here are the basic roleplaying rules, which will probably be modified from time to time. Keep in mind that this RPG is dependent solely on roleplaying and interesting story writing, rather than rulebook statistics.

* Do not speak for, or take control of, another person's character. In other words, do not write a story note depicting someone else's character saying or doing anything. The owning player is the ONLY person who has any say whatsoever as to what his/her character will say or do.

* Do not damage, maim, wound or kill another person's character UNLESS the owning player (the person who controls that character) gives you permission to do so.

* While you are all playing characters who are on the run from Imperial authorities or other entities, you are still the protagonists of the story. Your characters may of course have many personal/character flaws, but you are not chaotically evil psychopaths.

* Remember what was mentioned above about this being a game of roleplaying and story writing? That being said, remember that your posts STILL must be realistic-looking, as well as adhering for the most part to the 40K mythos. A STORY POST LIKE THIS WILL BE UNACCEPTABLE: "Jonny the apprentice Rogue Trader pulled out his laspistol and fired off 5 quick shots, insta-killing the Space Marine Chapter Master and his retinue of 4 Terminators before they even had a chance to react." NO ONE will be doing things like aquiring a pet Termagant, negotiating with Necrons, befriending an Ork tribe, breaking into the Eldar's Black Library, stealing a Grey Knight's Thunderhawk, or any other silly stuff like that.

* Many people here have lives outside this Roleplaying Forum. Allow a maximum of one week for a person to make a story post, before replying. If all relevant players made thier posts well before that, then by all means go ahead and add your story reply. Just remember that we're assuming most people will only have time to make a story post once a week.

* If you will be gone more than a week, or are otherwise unable to participate in the game for awhile, PLEASE make every reasonable effort to inform the group ahead of time so that we can work around your absence and continue our roleplaying/storywriting.

* Make sure you also adhere to the Forum Guidelines, or rules of the Webmaster, when posting on this thread.

16-03-2006, 22:59
This character list will be updated regularly as people join or leave the storyline, or make other characters:

[TheSonOfAbbadon]: "The Mannequin," Rogue Trader, Captain of the Zephyr.

[Tanith Ghost]: Orion, Fallen Dark Angel Space Marine, appears as huge, tall, otherwise normal Human. Keeps Space Marine identity secret.

[Eldartank]: Orolin, orphan Human/Eldar Hybrid youngster, a truly unique abberation, psyker with limited ability to nullify psychic powers.

[Yin-Yang]: Dale Franklin Cooper, former Adeptus Arbites member with dark past.

[ikit_claw]: Hermes Iscariot, Renegade (former) Imperial Guardsman, expert in criminal activity.

[Eldartank]: Marcus Platt, ship's Engineer/Tech

[Bmaxwell]: Jonas Roland, Human/Cyborg (partial servitor), ship's Pilot.

[diddimz]: Kaelis, female Dark Eldar Mercenary. Disguised as "normal" Eldar.

[Tyranix]: Dragh'Nutz "Ironskull." Ork/Cyborg, escaped Adeptus Mechanicus experiment.

[The Necron who could]: Gerard, anti-Ministorum malcontent/rebel, Tau sympathizer, Psyker (minor levitation).

************************************************** **************************

This ship description is also subject to change, as the game progresses, and other participants make suggestions.

ZEPHYR, The Outcast's Ship:

The ship is a light Freighter called Zephyr. She is officially registered as an in-system transport, but she has several forged permits and documents for Warp travel and installation of a Warp Drive.
It is an old ship, with lots of modifications and upgrades of varying legality. It has a decent cargo hold, and enough space to house around 12 people somewhat comfortably. It is Warp capable, but the warp drive frequently breaks down, sometimes at the most inopportune times. The ship is fairly streamlined, and can fly in an atmosphere and land on a planet.

The ship is equipped with various jamming devices, and is armed with a single twin-linked Extended Range Lascannon mounted on a retractable dorsal turret.

The Zephyr carries an all-terrain land vehicle for getting around on planets, and the vehicle has a mounting bracket for the Storm Bolter which is usually stored in the ship's armory. (the vehicle is about the size and shape of a Hummer, or "Humvee")

The Zephyr carries a tiny in-system shuttle that is part of the shiop, fitted into the hull sort of like an escape pod. The shuttle can carry two people, and has no cargo space. It is a tiny shuttle, so it would be rather cramped with two people. There are some upgrades to the shuttle's standard communications and sensors.

[Non-Player Character]: Didymus, ship's Navigator. Didymus is quite old, most likely a former member of the Navis Nobilite. He was sort of "part of the package" when The Mannequin aquired the Warp Drive for the Zephyr. He has a secret past, probably wanted by authorities. He is heavily modified with cybernetic implants. He spends almost all of his time in his special room just off the bridge, hard-wired into the ship, and is quite content so long as he is regularly maintained and visited. There are a couple extra chairs in his somewhat cramped room, and most of the crew, at one time or another, has found themselves in Didymus' room, either to get away from stress, or hear some sage advice from the old Navigator. On some occasions, his Navigation ability isn't quite accurate, and he always blames this on the connections, or the faulty Warp Drive.

16-03-2006, 23:01
Remember, Dale Franklin Cooper, Hermes Iscariot, Kaelis, Orolin and Gerard will be starting the storyline booking passage on the Zephyr.

Those of you (except Orolin) will have met The Mannequin or one of the crew recently and made arrangements for your trip off-world. Your reasons for doing so are for you to work out in the storyline....

Also, I'm typing up the first story post right now. If you're reading this note and the story post isn't on the next reply, just wait around 10 - 30 minutes, and it should come up.

(added edit) ....and the first story post is officially up.


17-03-2006, 23:42
Pangor City Starport, Planet Terendris IV, near the edge of the Damocles Gulf....

The small boy slipped past the unconcerned pedestrians on the crowded city street, looking nervously over his shoulder several times as he ran. He held the hood of his ragged tunic tightly over his head, making sure it didn't slip down. There was a commotion of angry or startled voices somewhere behind him, and the boy picked uyp his pace.
"Watch it, you little snot!" someone yelped as he bumped into someone. The boy ducked down an alleyway. Behind him, he caught sight of the tall black-robed figure that had been following him off and on all day. He suddenly started running as fast as he could, and suddenly burst out of the alleyway onto a main thoroughfare. A few vehicles came to loud screeching halts as he dashed across the wide avenue. By now, his heart was pounding so hard he didn't even hear the angry yells of the drivers.
The boy ran down the sidewalk, the tall black-robed figure gaining on him. The avenue widened into parking areas and trolley stops. He noticed signs for the Pangor City Starport. He ran into the terminal, with the black-robed figure behind him. The boy ran into a public lavatory, and the black-robed figure followed him in.
The boy desperately tried to pull the venting grate off the lower wall, and the tall figure slowly approached.
"You needn't make this any harder than it has to be," said the tall figure in a deep voice. "I know what you are, and you cannot be allowed to roam free."

The boy could feel the man doing something, trying to do something to his mind, or to him. He could feel it, and so he did what he had done before - he pushed back with his mind. The man stumbled back, looking disoriented. The boy struggled, and managed to pull off the venting grate. By the time the man recovered, the boy was inside the venting tubes and out of sight.

************************************************** **

Marcus stood outside the main ramp of the Zephyr, inspecting the last two cargo crates that were to be loaded onto the ship. He activated his comm unit, "Manny, the last two crates are here. You know, I can see the profit in running these crates of spice to the Belkar System, but what's with taking on these passengers? I didn't know we were running a transport service. I really hope you know what you're doing. Who knows what kind of freaks we'll bring on board." One might think that was ironic, coming from a man who had an Ork/Cyborg as a crewmate. Marcus did a quick scan of the first crate, and then went on to the second one. He didn't notice the small ragged boy climbing into the first crate, and closing it back up. He finished his scans, and used the power-dolly to load the crates onto the Zephyr. Marcus looked outside, and could already see a couple of the passengers approaching. Then he caught sight of movement on the balcony outside the customs office. A black-robed figure standing there, eyeing up the ship. Marcus could recognize an Inquisitor when he saw one. At least, he was almost sure it was an Inquisitor. Better safe than sorry, as paranoia had saved him and his crewmates many times before. He activated his comm unit again, "Hey Manny, we need to get out of here. Now. We have an Inquisitor eyeing us up. And make sure ol' buckethead keeps away from the Warp Drive." That last comment was a reference to Dragh'Nutz, the ship's resident Ork/Cyborg.

18-03-2006, 00:07
Jonas was allready going over some pre flight checks of the system. he finally got that done. he started to screw him self into the chair. he reached back behind his head and grabed the cables aas he slowly and carefully put each plug into each different socket and cable to make sure that he didn't miss a wire.

then after attaching his arm connectors to the ship he double check everything and laughed. he must look more like a machine baby connected to the ship all most like Didymus.

well at least he could sepearte him self unlike the poor navigator. he finally clicked for what he like to call the "melding".

a cool presnce went into his mind though Zephyr never said anything he liked ot think of her as a liveing being. quickly looking threw the ship on the camrea's in the ship he saw that the cargo bay doors were shutting. he then clicked on the comm.

"Manny what the rush? I thought we weren't supposed to leave for a few more hours?"

Usally after Jonas got melded him and mearcus would troubleshoot there were allways issuse's with the ship.

The Necron who could
18-03-2006, 00:47
Gerard walked down the street. He was on his way to a ship that was willing to transport a man without wanting background info. His hellgun clanked against his armor and his snow-white cloak billowed in the breeze. He saw a kid run right past him and an inquisitor coming up behind. Gerard ducked into the crowd to avoid being seen. He continued on his way after about 5 minutes of walking he found the ship. They looked as if they were about to leave. Gerard ran up to the ship and said, “I’m just in time” he stepped onto the ship “hello? I’m here to see you about transportation of this mound of dirt,” he said. his hideout was discovered so the sooner he left the better. to bad the Imperial guardsmen who found it wasnt around anymore.

18-03-2006, 05:17
Hermes Iscariot looked at his watch. He still had about ten minutes to make it over to the ship before it left without him. It would be a pity to miss his ride, as they'd be riding off with his money in tow, but that didn't matter so much. Everyone he was running from thought he was dead, and he was in no hurry to get anywhere.

Besides, he had to have one last drink.

"One more, for the road," he said, tapping the bar counter. He had been in here so long that his distinctive Londonium accent no longer made people perk up; he had just become background noise to them. Immediately, almost, a dirty pewter mug was slid down to him, its contents sloshing around like mad inside. Easily, Hermes caught it and raised it to his lips in one go. It tasted bitter, and burned the back of the throat, and yet warmed him. Plus, alcohol made Warp travel a bit easier to stomach, in his experience. In a few moments he was done with it and slammed down his mug. Leaving some change on the table, he excused himself and stepped outside the derelict of a bar. He didn't get very far, however, before a hand tapped his shoulder.

"Don't I know you from somewhere?" a gravelly voice asked dumbly. Even from behind, to Hermes his breath reeked of alcohol. Hermes turned around, and did his best to look surprised in case it was some old business associate.

"No, I don't think you do," Hermes said with a helpless shrug. "Now, the Emperor's pardon be on me for my rudeness, but I'm sure 'e understands I've got to be on my way..." As he turned to leave, the hand grabbed his arm, this time with a strong grip. Hermes muttered a curse. He didn't want some grubby drunk touching his jacket. Too much sentimental value to be ruined.

"I think I know you," he said more forcefully, and Hermes saw in the man's stare that his eyes were unfocused. "You don't talk to me that-" He didn't get to finish what he was saying, because Hermes took the opportunity to jerk his arm out from the man's grip and in the same movement use it to uppercut him. The force of his teeth colliding so strongly put his brain out of equilibrium, knocking him over and out. The fact that he was drunk made it that much easier.

Hermes looked down at the splayed body as he cracked his knuckles. Basic Imperial Guard combat training. It came in handy. However, he couldn't just leave the man there without the finishing touch. So, leaning over the man, he quickly emptied the man's pockets of anything valuable, vowing to sell it later if he couldn't find any good use for the stuff that wasn't money. He looked at his watch again. Still seven minutes to get to the ship. But suddenly, he felt a need to hurry. Giving the prone body of the drunk one last look, he shrugged and started walking towards the docking bay.


Look at this joker, Hermes thought as he approached the ship. Someone was walking around in broad daylight wearing a hellgun and a white cloak. And yet this guy was ducking into the ship discreetly, trying not to be seen. Should have all ready realized he'd lost in that area. Hermes looked down at his own attire: the brown leather jacket that stretched down to his knees, the threadbare pants, the crusted old combat boots...he could have passed for any kind of low-class worker on a backwater planet like this without trouble at all. He made sure his hellpistols weren't visible, as he didn't want to seem threatening. His bigger guns were still disassembled in his luggage, keeping his laundry and a few other knick-knacks company.

He looked at the side of the ship. Zephyr, it read. "That's 'er," he said to no one in particular, as if saying it would confirm it that much more. Slinging one of his bags over his shoulder, he walked up as casually as he could, chewing thoughtfully on the toothpick thrust between his teeth.

"'Scuse me," he said, looking around. "'ermes Iscariot, I booked passage on this ship?"

Tanith Ghost
18-03-2006, 07:31
Orion chugged down his tenth ale in as many minutes. His opponent tried to do the same, and fell over, out cold. "Who's next? I'm up to seventeen here, and I could still drink any one of you under the table. Nobody spoke up.
"You won your bet. Here's your prize money, and the liquor comes off their tabs." The barman said, handing Orion a stack of creds. Orion stowed them in his pocket. He walked out of the pub, and toward the starport, where the ship was. On his way in, he saw an Inquisitor eyeing the ship. He fought down the urge to swear out loud. Never mind the gakking inquisition, if his former legion caught wind of him the whole crew was in hot water.
He walked aboard, willing himself not to run. "Bad news boss." He said to The captain. "The law is on our front hatch. We ought to book fast."

Yin - Yang
18-03-2006, 13:51
Cooper walked slowly along the pavement, hands deep in his raincoat, his fedora resting softly on his head, the brim casting strange shadows over his features, and granting his eyes some small protection from the sun.

A cigarette dangled lazily from his lips, the ashen smoke floating upwards to be consumed in the infinity of the blue sky.

An Enforcer patrol car sped quickly past, and instinctivly Cooper burrowed deeper inside his raincoat, turning his face from the road.

Quietly, moving through the crowds of the spaceport, Cooper made his way towards the Zephyr. One of life's natural nobodies, Cooper caused little remark as he slipped through the streaming surge of people. Which suited him perfectly.

He approached the ship, and nodded to a crewmember loading items onto the craft. Looked like they were in a hurry.

"Hey kid. Name's Cooper. I've booked passage on this ship."

The other nodded, and motioned him onboard. Cooper took one last look at the bustling spaceport, and smiled.

No sign of the cops...or any of Quinlan's thugs.

Looks like I'm one step ahead of my past...

For now

18-03-2006, 20:51
OoC/Quick note: we're not meant to have a warp drive, we're meant to be just going to the next planet over, not to the next system./OoC

The Mannequin watched as the last couple of passengers and Orion walked aboard, Almost everyone was on board, and the Mannequin only ever stood there doing nothing for atmospheric effect, and he didn't really need to affect anyone in an atmospheric way. He reached up above him and pulled down the comm's microphone.
"This is your Captain speaking, we'll be leaving for Gararus III as soon as pre-flight checks are completed. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and if you throw up, YOU'RE cleaning it up. The next person to call me Manny gets a slap, all passengers must go to their quarters leaving all luggage, weapons and armour in the cargo bay, and remember, we'll be taking off by nine at the latest. This has been your infinitely sexy captain speaking, thank you." The Mannequin pushed the microphone back into it's holder and began to walk down the stairs to the cargo bay.

18-03-2006, 21:22
“Youze better know I have som' good rezeption 'cause o' dis.” Said the huge figure that appeared next to Marcus covered in dark red robes tapping his head making a deaf metal sound. “I'll stay 'way from dat smelly drive.”

He stood near the ship entrance watching the passengers get inside. All they could see of him was the red glow the bionic lense emitted amidst the shadow that was his face under the robes. Then the ork, trying to enact his most credible servitor pace, walked toward the arms sergeant limping slightly due to his bionic leg. In the way his mechanized eye zoomed in the inquisitor watching the ship from afar. “Datz a nosy inquisitor a’ right. We could take 'im down but good.” Said with a grin concealed by his outfit to Orion, the ork part of his brain already eager to start a fight. Then the captain’s announcement was heard and the greenskin was disappointed.

“Well. If da Boss says weze gonna leave then we leave.” He grumbled.

18-03-2006, 22:59
As the Mannequin walked down the stairs he saw Dragh'nutz grumble and slump, the Mannequin knew he was dissappointed because his Orky side wanted to get into a fight with someone. Anyone who knew Dragh'nutz would come to this assumption easily, but the Mannequin knew almost exactly what someone was thinking by their body language, what they said and how they said it, he didn't spend five years studying advanced psychology for nothing. As the Mannequin approached the front of the ship, he caught sight of the inquisitor eyeing the ship and the crowd, it reminded the Mannequin of his days as an Inquisitor...

...Hartius Mannequin ran along the streets of Thayis, easily getting ahead of the squad of arbites also on the trail of a rogue psyker that had caused a small underground uprising in the city, it had only caused many criminals to be killed by the vast amount of arbites in the city, but the rogue was now getting away. Hartius turned a corner in time to see the man's cloak flapping around a corner, he grabbed his comm as he ran,
"He's heading for the spaceport!" Hartius shouted as he ran after the shadowy figure. Hartius knew this city well, and he knew that the psyker was actually heading for a dead end.

He reached it, the man turned to face the Mannequin, he was tall and thin, and well armoured, but his armour was positioned in such a way that gave him maximum maneuverability. Before Hartius could pull out his sword, the man ran at him and swung his fist at him, Hartius leant backwards and avoided the swing, then he pulled his upper body up and forward, so Hartius' head met with the rogue's. The rogue staggered back and Hartius managed to get a quick, sharp kick in at the man's chest, he fell back and Hartius leapt forward and grabbed the man's coat. He pulled the rogue to his feet and looked down into the man's eyes, they showed a tortured and neglected soul, the man had the face of a man who had the fear of the Emperor put into him after a long conversation with a rusty knife.
"Hartius, Space Marines are approaching on your position," said Hartius' comm. The Sons Of Pain Space Marines were renowned for their terrible ways of execution, being pulled apart by the limbs was one common way, if your limbs came off, they stapled them back on and tried again. Hartius knew heretics must die for mankind to overcome the tide of it's enemies, but he wouldn't wish being pulled apart on anyone. Hartius looked down into the man's eyes and the terror stuck him again, Hartius pushed the man away,
"Run," he said, and a Space Marine rounded the corner, the rogue seemed to be met with such a fear that not even the Emperor could put into him, he turned and ran at Hartius, knelt down and clawed manicly at his robes. The man gibbered with the voice of a mad man, pleading for help, begging for forgiveness, Hartius closed his eyes and tried to block it out, but he couldn't. When Hartius reopened his eyes, the man was on the floor, blood coming from a large cut on his cheek and the marine standing over him.
"You," said the marine, with a strange touch of sadness behind the wall of anger and Imperial dogma, "are sentenced to death for high treason to the Emperor," and the marine reached down to pull the man up, Hartius grabbed the marine's bolter and aimed at the man's head. The marine was bewildered, but soon saw what Hartius was doing, he was giving the man a good death. The marine seemed content with this happening, and Hartius swore he heard him sniff back a tear. Inquisitor Hartius muttered a prayer, and aimed the holy weapon at the rogue's head...

"'Oo alright, Cap'en?" the voice of the Ork brought the Mannequin out of his daydream,
"Yes Dragh, I'M alright," the Mannequin turned and half walked, half stomped back into the ship. Dragh turn to look at Marcus, sometimes the Captain said some weird things which needed more explanation, but he never gave any, sometime he wanted to talk to people, sometimes he wanted to be alone. No one in the crew knew of his past, only Didymus knew the Mannequin's secret, and that was were he was headed now, to say sorry.

"You say sorry every time you get a flashback, you know that Hartius?"
"I know Didymus, but I always am."

19-03-2006, 01:49
Jonas clicked on the comm

"you ready to take of captain? we going for the sneak away or a "colorful" escape this time?"

He started to warm up the engines. even in sneak aways it allways ended up being colorful in the end.

19-03-2006, 01:58
"We're ready to go Jonas, everyone's safely on board as is the cargo," said the Mannequin as he walked onto the bridge of the Zephyr, "let's hope the only colours we see are the black of space and the inviting grey colour of Gararus III."

19-03-2006, 02:32
Jonas simply nodded as he begun to pull the Zephyr out of the dock it was locked in and begun to turn the ship about 40 degrees and then he slowly begun to give the ship more and more power as they needed to break threw the atomsphere. so far the ship was holding together quite nicely.

"I'll put us on standerd shipping lanes for now unless some other way you want us to take?" Jonas put the ship onto the most direct course to Gararus III evadeing known obstacles such as asteriod's and other nasties that Jonas had heard and seen in this system.

it looked like it would take them only a few hours to get there due to the realtive close distantance's of the planets in this system. it was one nice thing about this system alot of movemnt of People and low fuel cost eqauled alot of money to be made.

19-03-2006, 02:36
"No, Jonas, normal shipping routes will be fine, call me on the comm if anything interesting happens," the Mannequin walked back out of the bridge to go and inspect [or rather, steal whatever they could from] the passengers' luggage.

The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 03:48
gerard hummed a tune to himself.he drew back the hood on his cloak and unstrapped his hellgun. he pulled a metal pipe out from underneath his cloak and placed them on the floor. "its a nice day out today isnt it" he said to the man coming towards him.

19-03-2006, 03:56
"Not at the moment, if you step outside you'll find yourself several thousand metres above the ground, which is never a pleasant experience," said the Mannequin to the passenger, "you're meant to be in your quarters," said the Mannequin as he surveyed the small pile of arms and belongings the passengers had brought on board sitting next to the crates the crew was transporting. The Mannequin looked at one of the crates, the lid wasn't on properly, and he swore he heard a noise come from inside. The Mannequin marched over to the crate, and pushed it over. Amongst the assorted cargo of fruit and technical equipment, a small boy fell out onto the floor. The Mannequin calmly grabbed a comm microphone from nearby and kept his eyes on the boy at all times,
"We have a stowaway," said the Mannequin clearly and slowly, then he walked over to the boy who had just managed to get to his feet, and he pushed him back down again,
"What are you doing here, child?"

The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 04:31
"leave the kid alone" gerard said. "ive seen him before, but hes seemed to have lost his inquisitor tag along" gerard patted the kid on the head "way to go, but dont make it a habbit of being chased by the inquisition. some of us dont want to end up on the chopping block "

19-03-2006, 04:32
A stowaway? this can't be good anyone that wanted on this ship and couldn;t pay for the ride was bad news. He did a quick scan outside of the ship to check and see if there was anything that might need to be taken off. the stowaway might be a secudie bomber wouldn;t be the frist time.

or some one could be trailing us. there was some staic when he scanned behind them which could be just regular interfreance or something else.

19-03-2006, 04:59
"Wait, a stowaway that's being looked for by the Inquisition?" Hermes was incredulous. Why weren't they shoving this kid out of the airlock by now? "Doesn't that make 'im a liability?" He laid down his bags, knowing consciously that he was laying down his more dangerous weapons, their ammunition, some personal effects, and all of his dirty laundry. He always kept all his cash hidden on himself, and his knife and pistols were staying with him. He would never let himself go anywhere unarmed; it was almost like going somewhere naked to him. No need to let anyone know.

He looked around, still incredulous that this kid was being accepted so quickly. "Last I checked, people like us are trying to avoid the Imperium's secret police," he said, looking to each of them. "And even if this is some other kid, not the one the Inquisition's after, 'ow safe would it possibly be for a juvie on a ship like this? I don't know about you, but I don't want an innocent death on my conscience. If they 'ad it coming, sure. But innocent..." He let it hang. He knew they wouldn't listen to him anyway; if they even remotely agreed with him they would have tossed the kid out before Hermes even had to say anything.

"Emperor's teeth," he muttered, his teeth wearing down on the toothpick he was chewing a bit further. He jammed his hands into his coat pockets, mentally taking in his first impressions of everyone. The man who was obviously the captain was hard to gauge, but he seemed like a formidable man, one who'd been places. Someone that Hermes could relate to. The white-cloaked one, on the other hand, was an idiot in Hermes' eyes. The sentimentality for the kid, the showiness and blatantness of his garb...the man was not good at being low-key, and when Hermes had booked passage on Zephyr, he had understood that things would be low-key.

Right. If we crash-land and resort to cannibalism, eat white-cape-guy first, he thought, making a mental note of it. He'd never resort to cannibalism, but it was funny to him at least.

19-03-2006, 05:16
"He was going to kill me," said the boy in a small, nervous voice. He didn't say who "he" was, but it seemed obvious to The Mannequin that "he" was that Inquisitor that was eyeing up the Zephyr right before they lifted off. He backed up until he was against the bulkhead and could go no further. There was something oddly graceful about his movement. The hood over his head slipped off, and Gerard and The Mannequin could clearly see the pointed ears, and the odd slant to his silvery-blue eyes. He quickly pulled the hood back over his head, but it was too late. The kid was thin, but it seemed he was not quite thin enough for an Eldar.....

"You might want to leave your little friend there for a bit and get to the bridge," said the voice of Didymus over the comm unit. Mannequin assumed Didymus had been watching the ship's inner monitors. Did he actually see this kid stow away? "We have some company following us," continued Didymus.

Immediately after, Marcus' voice came over the comm unit, "Manny, we really got trouble following us this time. Inquisition Cruiser just hailed us, and ordered us to stand down and be boarded. They're still out of weapons range." Marcus looked over at Dragh'Nutz, "Looks like you could end up with your fight after all, but I hope not. At least ot this way..."

"We need to jump now, I think," added Didymus over the comm.

(OOC: The ship does indeed have a Warp Drive, remember? The ship certainly cannot remain in-system, it just couldn't get away from the authorities chasing it. The Warp Drive may be somewhat unreliable, but it does work from time to time. Since Terendris IV is the fourth planet in the Terendris system, Gararis III would be the third planet in ANOTHER system, the Gararis system)


The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 05:58
gerard picked up his hellgun and said 'l'tem board' he loaded the gun and checked his hellpistol. he looked at the kid. he seemed to be frightened to the emperor. ' fething inquisitors, they are always snooping around and shooting at people'. gerard thought over his plan of attack. use the crate as cover and unload my gun on them. then i can bludgeon them with ol' rusty (name of the pipe). grabbing his pipe he put his hand on the kid and said "hide"

19-03-2006, 07:11
Dragh’Nutz was not sure if he should be happy about how the situation was going. Sure, if there was a boarding action he would be glad to greet their guests with his chainaxe and heavy flamer, but the idea of being blown to the void by some torpedo without being able to lay a single blow on an enemy was disheartening. He frowned with the little forehead that was still able to do so. Sometimes it wasn’t useful for Dragh to have a bionic brain, he started worrying in situations a normal ork would not.

“I’s thinking weze gonna need at least three tries ‘fore dat stinkin’ warp drive works. Bet ya’ ten imperial credits.” Said the ork to Marcus as he checked his weaponry.

Yin - Yang
19-03-2006, 11:24
Cooper leaned back against a crate, and opened his raincoat slightly, letting his pistols slip into view. He nodded to the guy in the white cloak readying his hellgun, who was putting on the most hideous display of arrogant sucide Cooper had ever seen.

"Hey, white-cloak. You got a deathwish, jump out that airlock and take the fight to the Inquisition. Now, don't get me wrong - I ain't a fan of the Inquisitors, and I've crossed some before, but I got problems enough without some kid planning on getting himself pointlessly killed, and dragging me into the crossfire. Put the gun away, and use that brain - we've all got one, although you are beginning to give me doubts."

19-03-2006, 13:04
Kaelis remained in her quarters, a silent meditation to try and slow her hunger, but she was starting to feel the effects of it already, looking at her hand, it had already started to lose colour, looking in the mirror she was glad to see that there was still some colour in her face though, but still that eternal need for mortal souls was driving her forward. She grabbed her robes and threw them on quickly before leaving her room. She headed straight for the Cargo hold to make sure her armour and equipment was properly cared for, as she approached she saw that Cooper had his pistol ready though partially hidden and aimed at someone just out of sight to her. Approaching noiselessly, she watched and waited to see how things would unfold, preparing herself to feed on some poor unfortunates soul if the chance arrived.

19-03-2006, 13:33
OoC/I would have thought that a planet called Gararus III would just be the third planet to be called Gararus, and remember, as far as the Imperium knows, we don't have a warp drive./OoC

The Mannequin stood there, listening to what everyone said, and coming to decisions about everything. His first decision was that the man in the white cloak and the man in the fedora were idiots, when the Inquisition says 'board' they mean 'with 50 heavily armed men'.
"People, put your guns away, they'll not be fired on my ship if I can help it," said the Mannequin as he grabbed the comm microphone again, "Jonas, Didymus, we're going to do a quick warp jump to the next system over, let's hope the warp drive doesn't die on us."

19-03-2006, 14:39
Hell. What kind of people were on this ship, anyway? He had lost any respect he might've had for the white-cloaked one's intelligence as it was. Taking on the Inquisition...with a pipe? A snotling was smarter. Emperor's teeth, where did these people come from? Was there some world out there where idiots bred and multiplied before spreading out to the stars, like some infestation worse than any Tyranid Hive Fleet?

"Warp jump?" Hermes said aloud, thankful he'd gotten some alcohol into his system beforehand. "I do 'ope this ship 'as a Navigator, as I don't want to come out the other end lookin' like a grot on a bad day." He spat out the toothpick he had been chewing; it had lost the flavor that had been put into its woodgrains.

He cast the man in the white cloak a weather eye, before turning to the captain, "The Mannequin" (a weird name, that one) and exchanging with him a glance that read: "What a ***** this guy is." He put forth his hand.

"'Ermes Iscariot," Hermes said, by way of introduction. He dropped his voice a bit. "If I could talk to you a bit later about something, that'd be really good..."

19-03-2006, 14:58
The Mannequin shook the man's hand.
"My real name isn't the Mannequin, by the way, but I may have to kill you if I tell you my real name," the ship juddered as it prepared to enter warpspace.
"Remember, if you throw up, you're cleaning it up!"

The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 16:09
gerard readied his gun still."best to be prepared" he said to The Mannequin.never know what creatures will come after you when ya' land.gerard heard a noise .the shuffling of robes is what it sounded like. hmm... he looked down the corridor to see a women there .

gerard listened to the people talking around him he walked over to The Mannequin and Hermes. "so what's we gonna do with the kid. im not gonna feel bad about him if he dies, but im sure every one here has a huge criminal record, and its not going to be a kid freindley enviorment"

gerard was definitley sensing a psyker on board this ship. but who was it gerard pulled of his cloak displ;aying his full suit of armor and his weapons.he put his cloak in a pack that he brought with him and pulled out some rot gut. "anyone thirsty" he said as he took a swig.

Yin - Yang
19-03-2006, 16:45
OOC: Erm....Cooper didn't have his pistols out, he just let them slip into view :OOC

Cooper smiled slightly as he heard the command for a warp-jump. "I'm glad to see someone aboard has some sense, unlike death-or-glory boy here."

Cooper let his raincoat slide across his body again, concealing once more his two pistols, the revolver in a shoulder holster, the autopistol on his hip. He shook his head at the offer of a drink. "No thanks kid. I do like drinks, but I'm no mood to have it end up all over the floor during this warp-jump, because I doubt their are many people who don't feel a bit quuesy during these damn things."

Cooper turned to the captain of the ship, and tipped the brim of his fedora. "Name's Dale Cooper. But please, call me Cooper"

19-03-2006, 17:36
"Ok Cooper," the Mannequin grabbed the comm mike again, "you feelin' ok, Didymus?"
"Never felt better, captain," replied Didymus,
"Sorry, Didymus,"
"It's alright, captain," the ship began to go into the warp, and for a split second Didymus roared in pain before the Mannequin managed to turn the comm off,
"I'm so sorry."

The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 17:47
"so where are our quarters sir" said gerard as he took another swig. he could tell this was going to be interesting.

Yin - Yang
19-03-2006, 18:00
Cooper rested his fedora back on his head, and slipped his hands inside the pockets of his suit. Without the fedora's shadows, the rest of the crew would finally be able to get a good look at The man.

Of average height, Cooper was one of those people that is always in the background. His hair was a dark brown, his eyes a peircing artic blue, and he was in need of a shave. His long khaki raincoat stretched to his knees, and a pair of shined black shoes glinted in the ships lights. A cigarette dangled from his lips, now nearly burnt down.

His voice was harsh and deep, and laden with cynical weariness. "Yeah, some quarters would be nice. But first, I'd rather know who I'll be sharing this trip with, unless someone wants to leave the introductions until dinner."

19-03-2006, 19:03
The Mannequin looked down at the floor and fiddled with a button on his coat, then he put his arms down by his sides and looked up.
"Well, there'll be me and the rest of the crew. Dragh is our resident servitor, he's very tall, has a mecanical arm and a limp. Jonas is the pilot, he'll either be on the bridge, which is off limits to passengers by the way, or wandering around on four mechanical legs. Didymus is our navigator, he's stuck in a room only accessible from the bridge, so you can't see him. Marcus our engineer, you'll be able to recognise him, he's more dirt and oil than man. And Orion, he's very very tall and can crush cans with his little finger. The passengers are the man in white, Cooper, Hermes, some tall thin woman who's gone to her quarters and this small lilly-livered child who hasn't introduced himself yet."

OoC/ I think that the Mannequin, being a space pirate and all, should talk a bit more like a pirate, so expect the odd 'Yarrr!' from him. /OoC

19-03-2006, 19:48
Dragh stuck his chainaxe inside his robes again and changed his heavy flamer for the bionic arm. Then grabbed ten imperial credits from within his clothing and gave them to Marcus grumbling. "I'll get 'em back next time."

They stood in silence for a moment and Dragh asked. "So what'z a servitor suppose to be doin'?" It was the first time they had passengers on board so he was forced to act like a real servitor, before it was just keeping quite and walking in a clumsy way when he got off the ship, neither of which were hard things to do.

19-03-2006, 20:27
OOC/ Necron I was under the impression Dragh was in a completley different area of the ship with Marcus. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. /OOC

Tanith Ghost
19-03-2006, 20:31
"Quarters are posted on the ship layout here." Orion said, carting an armload of guns to the armory. "Just head down the hall, you'll see em." To Dragh he muttered so only the ork would hear. "Just do what you did when we lifted that weapons shipment. Use lots of machine type words like prefabricated and Cogitator bank." He nodded to Gerrard. "I'm Orion, I'm in charge of security on this ship." He marched up to the bridge where Jonas was strapped in. "Smooth flying on the way out. Much better than having a patrol monitor gunning after us."

19-03-2006, 20:43
"Yes sir" Jonas then lowered to bulkhead and pressed the button that would throw them into the warp. a little puttering and and vertigo came but nothing else. the warp drive had broke again


When the crusier came into view he didn't hesatait. he slamed the engines into full thorrattle and headed towards the asteroid field near the edge of the system.


fighters had been deplyoed on the Zephry "I NEED GUNNERS KEEP THEM OFF MY BACK!!!"

at the moment it was a flat out race of who was faster the fighter's were faster then the Zephry but if he could get close enough to the asteriod field they might have a chance to slip away. Manniqeun may have been the captain but when it came to flying this ship he gave the orders.

"Meracus get the warp drive fixed asap!"

the ship was starting to shot at but at this range the bullets you just scracth the paint.

OoC/ time for some fun in the asteriod field? can we say empire strikes back? :) /OoC

The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 20:49
gerard walked down to his quarters and took another swig of rot gut. in 10min. he was asleep on the floor

Tanith Ghost
19-03-2006, 20:52
"One of these days I'll learn to keep my mouth shut. That damn Inquisitor probably vectored them onto us." The ship lurched under Orion's feet. "Fly like you mean it, Jonas. I'll try and scare em off with the turret guns."
Orion sprinted for the turret, nearly loosing his ballance again in a particularly vicious turn. "Allright, maybe a light show across the bow will discourage then, he muttered, manning the turret as it deployed and warmed up.

OOC// how many fighters are on us and what make?

19-03-2006, 20:57
"Orolin," said the boy, again in a small quiet voice. He looked warily at the Mannequin as he stood back up. "And I'm not lily-livered." It seemed he at least had some guts. He was also totally unfazed by thier jump into the Warp, which was quite unexpected. It seemed this kid would have been the first one the spew all over the place as soon as they jumped into the Warp, but that obviously didn't happen.

Marcus turned around, about to reply to Dragh'Nutz, when he heard an ear-splitting screech which whined down into silence. "Oh, Emperors balls!" He flipped the comm unit, "Manny, the Warp Drive's crapped out! Yeah, that means we're floating around in the warp right now." He turned to Dragh'Nutz, "To answer your question, just be quiet and follow me. I just might need your help right now." Marcus climbed down into the deck below and behind the bridge, the Ork following behind him. He pulled a cover plate off of the arcane-looking piece of machinery, pulled out a huge wrench, stuck it onto some kind of bolt, and pulled back. "Hold this," he said to Dragh'Nutz, "and don't let it move." Marcus then reached inside with some smaller tools, and began fumbling around. "Now pull back hard," he said to the Ork. The Ork gave the wrench a good yank. Nothing happened. "Damn. Let he have that," Marcus said, as he grabbed the wrench from the Ork. He looked at the machinery, as if sizing it up, and then gave it a good hard whack on the side with the wrench. The ear-splitting screech started again, and then the machine started humming.

"Okay," said Marcus into the comm unit, "The warp drive's back online, but we should drop back into realspace now. Thanks to me, the day is saved yet again."

Without a word, Didymus dropped the ship back into realspace, and released control back to Jonas. As soon as they entered realspace, the shields over the viewports opened up again, and Jonas could see that they were in a star system.

"I think we've been gone a long time," whispered Orolin, still standing against the bulkhead in the cargo area.

It took a couple minutes for Jonas and Didymus to get thier bearings, but then they had some news. They were way off course, no where near the system they were supposed to be in. The system they were in was so heavily populated, though, that they would certainly have little problem hiding. There were two habitable planets, and it looked like the asteroid belt had dozens of little colonies - probably mining habs. It was certain at least one of the planets would have a good couple hive cities. Jonas and Didymus discovered that thier little 10-minute trip through the warp had lasted about two months. At least that Inquisition Cruiser was no longer on thier tail.....

19-03-2006, 21:04
OoC/ hold on hold on we got to different things Eldartank which one has happened???/OoC

Tanith Ghost
19-03-2006, 21:05
"Well if that don't beat all...." Orion muttered. "Orion to Engine room. Marcus, when you get a chance, meet me in the galley. I've got a scheme going."
The turret pulled back in, warpsheild still up. Orion dropped out of the turret and went to the galley. Inhabited asteroids. Orion smelled mineral wealth to be conned.

The Necron who could
19-03-2006, 21:11
gerard woke up an hour after they entered real space. he took of his helmet and rubbed his chin. he took the rot gut that amazingly didnt break. and walked out of his room. he took another swig. "hello people" he said in a light tone .

Yin - Yang
19-03-2006, 21:21
Cooper smiled slightly as he watched the unfamilar stars dotting the inky dark. He rested an elbow against the window frame, and laughed bitterly to himself.

One step ahead? More than one bloody step now...sure, Quinlan has men all over the place, and if news of my whereabouts get's back to him I'll be in the sump before I can blink, and I'm positive Menzies is still on my tail as well. Damn cop just doesn't let go...

But I'll have bought myself some more time with this screw up.

I wonder how long I can stay on the run...

Hell, not long enough I guess.

19-03-2006, 22:54
OoC/I think people missed some things of what other people said, for one thing, we already went into the warp. Also, we have no guns, and if the warp drive breaks down in the warp we're pushed out of the warp and back into real space IIRC, if that's not what the background says, then the daemons will kill us within seconds.

So, let's revise:
1. We're unarmed.
2. We're in the warp with the warp drive working.
3. Our navigator is working too, so everyone is ok and we're getting away from the Inquisition.
4. We're not in an asteroid field or real space.
5. We're NOT armed.

Considering all that, only Eldartank's first paragraph actually fits in with what happened./OoC

19-03-2006, 23:09
OOC: Don't we have an OOC thread for these things?

IC: So they weren't where they were supposed to be. That didn't matter much to Hermes. He was without a home (or any pressing engagements to keep him). No, this was good, as a matter of fact. It put him outside of the zone of the galaxy where anyone would ever look for him or even recognize him. There was some merit to being second banana instead of the ringleader.

Hermes sighed and looked around the bunk one last time. It wasn't that bad of a bunk, to be honest. He liked it, anyway. But he had decided he would take a look around the innards of Zephyr. Strapping his knife and guns to himself and throwing on his old war jacket, he took a moment to dust himself off out of habit before sliding open the door and heading out into the ship itself.

"Meet me in the galley. I've got a scheme going," he overheard a voice say. The big one. Orion. The one who looked like he was the hired muscle of the ship. That was the man who'd said it. Well, the word "scheme" had all ready made Hermes, with all of his criminal past, perk up a bit. Schemes tended to mean money, and he could always use more of that.

He was very quiet in his movements; a skill he'd picked up in his soldier days. Orks were a lot easier to kill when they didn't know you were there. His heavy boots made nary a sound on the metal floor, and his jacket did not make so much as a soft swish as he walked. It seemed to him like the galley was the place to be, and he would be hanging around, just within earshot.

20-03-2006, 00:00
The Mannequin wondered what Orion meant by a 'scheme', and went to the gallery. As he was walking, he spotted Hermes going in the same direction, the Mannequin hung back and followed him at a distance, ducking down inside a room whenever the man looked back. Soon the man stopped listening to whatever Orion was talking about in the gallery. The Mannequin knew the Zephyr well, and easily went back around another way so he too could listen from a corridor at a 90 degree angle to the one Hermes was in, so that he would not be seen, but the Mannequin could still hear Orion's sceming.

20-03-2006, 00:10
OoC/Okay got real confused but i thought we had some weapons/OoC

Jonas knew that it would be a long time before they poped out of the warp so he got disconnected form his the pilot sit and crawled on the ground and hooked him self into his 4 legged unit and made his way threw the ship to see what sort of fun the others were invovled in

The Necron who could
20-03-2006, 00:40
gerard pulled a locket out from underneath his suit. inside of it was a picture of the only women who ever made him happy. she was the most beautiful tau ever to live. he took another swig " if only she hadn't stayed with me and the others" he put it back and walked down to the gallery. he passed the hermes guy on his way. " if only if only" he mumbled to himself

Tanith Ghost
20-03-2006, 01:55
Orion leaned against the wall in the galley. "Captain, come on in, you're gonna wanna hear this too." He said, to where Mannequin was standing.
"You might as well join us too if you want in." He added in Iscariot's direction.
"It'll help if you get all the details."

20-03-2006, 02:31
Hermes was surprised that they had heard him, as he'd taken great pains to be silent.

Wow, he thought. To hear me, that man's hearing must be superhuman...Well, nothing to be done about it. Since he was being let in on it, he might as well be gracious. And so, showing no signs of being taken aback, he sauntered into the galley and once the captain was inside, closed the door and locked it.

"Don't want that stupid git in the white cloak coming in," he explained to the others.

Tanith Ghost
20-03-2006, 04:15
OOC//Add in Marcus coming up to the galley to hear my new scheme. :)

Orion gave the thumbs up. "Good call. We'll decide who's in on this after we get the details set." He showed them the morning's recon, taken when they arrived in system. "We're looking at two planets, and an asteroid mining complex. I dunno about you, but I smell gold in them space rocks." He let that sink in for a second. "Remember the arms heist we did way back when?
If we can get our mits on the shipping and traffic manifest, we could make a fortune off this place."

The Necron who could
20-03-2006, 04:26
gerard walked up to the door and nocked. and said "were are the blasted toilets on this ship"

20-03-2006, 04:34
Dragh was getting really bored alone in the back of the ship after Marcus left so he decided to go see if some of the crew was busy with something, preferably something that needed brute force. The ork was passing by only to see Marcus go into the galley right before the door was shut.

Curiosity finally beat him and the ork cyborg made his way to the door. He could hear Orion's voice talking about gold and the arm heist so the greenskin just couldn't resist. He opened the door not knowing it was locked until the sound of it being broken by his bionic arm told him. The ork knowing he had just messed up was cut in half sentence saying. "You wasn't gonna leave me ou..." Then he froze seeing Hermes among them, his bionic brain quickly reacted to the situation. Making great effort not to screw his pronunciation the ork muttered hiding the characteristic ork voice and lingo making it slightly mechanical. "I... am... terribly sorry master... I shall fix the door as soon as... you... are done... dinner... will be served in an hour." He bowed and left the galley closing the now unlockable door behind him cursing under his breath. Just thinking how much they would laugh at him for that pathetic impersonation of a servitor made him all the more frustrated.

He was leaving as Gerard knocked and asked for the toilets.

"That way" He indicated signaling the end of the corridor.

20-03-2006, 04:45
"Some other floor," Hermes called out. "Go away." He turned back to the bunch gathered, dropping his voice so it couldn't be heard outside. "I like the idea," he said, thinking for a moment. "If we could secure it, I think I might be able to help you. Not just in stealing it, of course, but in getting rid of it. I 'ave a lot of connections, you see..."

He was thoughtful for another moment, taking a toothpick out of his jacket pocket and sticking it into his mouth, before starting to chew on it. It worked as a good surrogate for his old smoking habit. "On some of the more outlying worlds, on the Eastern Fringe, a little ways off of Ultramar, there're a lot of planets 'oo could use those kinds of minerals and metals. I know a few people that'd be interested. They could definitely use it. Emperor knows the blasted planets don't 'ave anything else they could use to trade." The idea was all ready taking shape in his mind. He had really fallen in with a good crowd, he felt.

Tanith Ghost
20-03-2006, 04:47
"It's ok Dragh, he's with us. We're all crooks here after all." Orion reassured him. "You're just in time for me to explain how we're gonna pull this one off."
He got on the comm. "Marcus, let's go, you're missing the best part."

20-03-2006, 12:43
OoC/We're armed now? I swear that you said that we removed all the weaponry for more cargo and living areas, and I remember almost everyone agreeing with the idea, and there was no further discussion on the topic, therefore I assumed you would keep with what we agreed on and have the Zephyr unarmed.

And I'm still very sure that if our warp drive craps out whilst we're in the warp, we're either pushed out of it, or killed by the masses of daemons we attract [we do have 2 psykers aboard]./OoC

"So, Orion, do you think we should mine some of the rocks for outselves, or let the Imperium do it for us?"

Tanith Ghost
20-03-2006, 18:12
"What, and work hard? Why go out with a pickax and donkey when we can just pick up the goods in Dodge foe less hassle?" Orion showed them the manifest. "Gold shipment. Ore shipments. Mineral shipments for a ceramite smelter. We've even got gem shipments of varying value. I think if we bluff our way right in, we can pull the same gag we did at the ammo dump."

20-03-2006, 20:06
Jonas made his way threw the ship. checking a few of the fules lines but so far everything seemed to be in perfect order.

"hey mercaus" jonas said as he entered the galley
"looks like you fixed the warp drive just in time other wise we might have been deamon play things at the moment.

20-03-2006, 20:40
"And even better," Hermes said, cottoning on to what Orion was getting at, "Is that now you have a surefire place to fence them off at. I can get you the names of people who'll pay more than it's worth because of whatever benefit they think all this stuff might bring them," he assured. This Orion guy knew how to conduct business. Hermes liked him, or at least had a good first impression.

"'Owever, there will be a few obstacles we can count on," he added, as he thought more about their situation. "Problem number one," he began, jerking his thumb to the doorway, "Is stupid gits like the one with the white cape that are on this ship. We don't want any liabilities, and we certainly don't want some idiot getting in our way...Maybe we could leave him there?" he added as a joke.

"And number two is the Adeptus Arbites. We can bet that with all those 'igh-value substances there that this place will be well-guarded and the second something's amiss they'll try and stop all ships from leaving the system. What's this gag you all pulled at an ammo dump?"

20-03-2006, 20:54
"Oh, the 'Great Arms Heist', we bluffed our way to the dock as defence monitors, Orion posed as a dock worker to learn where the weapons were, Dragh got into the dock as a servitor, with Jonas as his tech-adept. Orion faked an accident, Dragh screwed with the locks so they wouldn't work, and Jonas sent help to the wrong hangar so Marcus and I managed to get in posing as inspectors, we took at least one hundred guns that day, most of them las, auto and shotguns, but there were a couple of melta guns which did alot to pay towards our new engine. The same kind of thing would be possible, but this is a top-notch mining facility, they'll have more and better guards than that dock, we'll need a bigger plan. I've got a couple of ideas, but I'll let you have a stab at the finer points, aye?"

20-03-2006, 20:59
"I got a idea"

"If we kill the engine and send out a distress singal when they come out here I'll stay behind. that way you guys can be in the falcatie and i can pull you guys out of there when you need it?"

Jonas walked around and grabbed some food

"it's just a thought" as he begun to take a bit out of some real bread for once

20-03-2006, 21:47
Jonas made his way through the ship. checking a few of the fuel lines but so far everything seemed to be in perfect order.

"Hey Marcus," Jonas said as he entered the galley, "looks like you fixed the warp drive just in time other wise we might have been deamon play things at the moment.

"Yeah, I'm good like that," said Marcus, grinning. He listened to Jonas' idea, and then asked, "so how the hell are we supposed to get in the facility? And how are you supposed to slip away and come to extract us, when they're answering your distress call?"

Orolin finally got up enough courage to finally leave the cargo bay, despite the intimidating presence of the 'Mannequin' guy. He really had to take a leak, and he was starting to get hungry. He found a small room with a urinal, and did his business. That taken care of, he simply wandered the short distance until the smells of oils, machinery and bulkhead began to make way for the smells of food. He followed the smells to the door with the busted catch. It hadn't quite registered that he heard voices on the other side of the door, and he pushed the door open. He froze at the sight of 'Mannequin' looking at him. It was obvious 'Mannequin' knew he was there even before he opened the door. A moment later, everyone else was looking at him, too.

"So, Manny, you holding this kid for ransom or something?" said Marcus, sounding amused.

************************************************** ******

((OOC: I figured that when the warp drive stopped, they would have some time before they attracted the attention of daemons. One of the reasons Marcus and Didymus insisted on leaving the warp immediately was to avoid daemonic attention, as well as to get the warp drive a bit more than just jury-rigged.

As for the ship being armed, does the majority prefer that the ship not be armed? If so, then I will certainly go along with that.))

20-03-2006, 23:29
"I would wait till the ship was well out of range of there scanners I figure I set the Zephry at a course that would have use hit the edge of there sensors for about a day or so and then be out of range again and if you could stay on some good behaviour and act like nice little boys and girls the'yy proply let this motely crue on board."

Jonas took anohter large bite out of the bread.

The Necron who could
21-03-2006, 00:27
gerard went to the bathroom as soon as he was about open the door he sensed the other psyker. he hid around the corner . the door opend. it was the kid 'so hes the psyker' he thought to himself.gerard waited till the kid was out of sight then went inside the bathroom. when he left the bathroom he went back to his quarters and checked to see how much ammo he had.he put his hellpistol in a holster and strapped some ammo to his side he grabbed his pipe and fastened it to his back. "things are really getting interesting" he said to himself

21-03-2006, 16:01
OoC/Didn't we once say that the ship had a small shuttle? That would work great for this, the shuttle could be left at the edge of the sensor range, send out a distress call, and the main ship can act as a defence monitor with Dragh driving it, then we get aboard, find a small stash of minerals, take them and link up with the shuttle outside the sensor range.

I'll make this post ASSUMING we do have a shuttle, if we decide we don't, disregard this post./OoC

"Ok, it sounds like he have a plan, let's work out our roles. First off, the kid stays on the ship at all times, Dragh will act as a servitor, again, Jonas will take the shuttle to the edge of their sensor range and send out a distress call claiming he was attacked by a chaos ship, the mining facility should send out some recon ships and send word to the nearest fleet that there may be a chaos ship nearby. It'll cause such a panic no one will check out our ship when we dock with the facility, take on some valuble minerals claiming we're taking them to the nearest planet. Marcus can act as Dragh's tech adept, they can fake an accident. I'll pretend to be an Inquisitor and demand they close up the area where the accident took place, and everywhere nearby, no one ever asks questions about the Inquisition. We'll hide on the ship and everyone else will be taken out of the area. Then we'll start loading up with valuble minerals and head out of sensor range, we'll meet up with Jonas and then go sell our wares on the second nearest planet. Any objections, maties?"

Tanith Ghost
21-03-2006, 18:07
"Just one thing to bring up-Herems knows of a buyer. We ought to put our hands on the gem shipments too if we can." Orion said. "Past that, this sounds like my kind of plan."

Yin - Yang
21-03-2006, 19:17
Cooper smiled slightly as he overheard the conversation.

Once I would've put these guys away for planning that kinda stuff..

Well, no longer I guess.

He leaned round the doorframe, and nodded to them. "I couldn't help hearing the mention of Arbites in there. If you want, you could get an old ex-cop on the run from his old comrades to help you out......"

I broke the law all those years ago....

Why not again?

21-03-2006, 19:25
"Of course you couldn't help hearing us talking about Arbites, you were eavesdropping on us. You may move silently but you're hardly hard to see you know," said the Mannequin as he turned to look at Hermes, "So who's this ex-cop you speak of?"

Tanith Ghost
21-03-2006, 20:20
"Unless I miss my guess, he means himself. Well, lawdog, have a seat." Orion indicated an empty chair. "We were hammering out the who what how and when to getting rich and breaking the law. Intrested in picking up some extra creds and getting few rocks to wow the women with?" Orion outlined the plan for Cooper. "So now we'll think up a way to work you into this plan. If you still have your arbite gear, you'll be playing cop again to help with our subterfuge."

21-03-2006, 20:54
"Ex-Arbite?" Hermes repeated, perplexed as the Mannequin rounded on him. "I never said anything about an ex-Arbite, and the only ones I know are ones I might've forced into retirement in my line of duty. No, I think the bloke was referring to 'imself." He gnawed a bit more at the toothpick end, noticing that the flavor was starting to leave. A pity, but he had plenty where that came from.

"Now, in addition to a cut of this venture's profit," Hermes said, speaking to the Mannequin, "I want to negotiate with you about getting a job on this ship. The main reason I got on this one is because I thought of all the captains you'd be most likely to 'ire me. I'm sure you could use another 'ired gun when the big chap 'ere," he nodded to Orion, "Is feeling a bit tired...or if you need to go somewhere where there's a low ceiling," he added.

"As for the buyer...the one I've got in mind is out on the Eastern Fringe, somewhat close to Ultramar. A bit of a lawless sector. The Guard and Ultramarines are too scared of Tyranids and Tau nowadays to bother enforcing much. We'll be able to sell there, no problem. As long as I do the talking, that is," he added. "And I promise we'll get its worth and more..."

Tanith Ghost
21-03-2006, 20:58
"Herems, any idea what this buyer wants specificly? We're lookin at a goldm in, and a dozen other minerals, plus ten kinds of gems. We can maximine our profits by taking on more of the minerals the interested party is after."
He turned to Coop. "We pull this off right, we're all gonna be filthy rich."

21-03-2006, 21:53
"Well, 'e's always 'ad a thing for silver," Hermes began. "That's just for 'im, though. That stuff we should sell to 'im at a slightly reduced price. Puts us in 'is good books, if we give 'im what 'e wants most for a lesser price. The rest of the stuff? Well, 'e can always use carbon. For building," he added, by way of explanation. "'E's a rich man, and 'as a lot of construction firms in 'is pocket."

"Chances are 'e'll take anything we offer to sell 'im. Price negotiation will be trickier, but since 'e likes keeping long-term customers, chances are we'll be able to get ourselves a favorable deal." The thought of all that money almost made Hermes' mouth water, though he knew it was just the splinter of wood stuck between his teeth.

Yin - Yang
21-03-2006, 22:20
Cooper pulled out a seat, and sat down. He rested an elbow on the back of the chair, and took a sharp drag on his cigarette. He rested the Fedora on the back of his head, and smiled at the group.

"Yeah, I'm an ex-cop. Emphasis on the "ex-" part there, I left a long, long time ago. I still got a few bits of my uniform dotted about in my luggage though - most importantly, I still have the badge, and an old official Arbite overcoat. I'll be able to pass for my old Investigative Department self no problem."

It'll be good to be in uniform again....

Tanith Ghost
21-03-2006, 22:38
Orion gave the thumbs up. "That'll work wonders for our scheme. See if you can close down the arrival hangar for processed cargo when we get in. The gen sorting bay too if you can wing it." He turned to the Captain. "You and Marcus do the dock worker thing. Jonas can pass off as a tech preist, and Dragh a servitor. Once things 'go wrong' so to speak, Coop does his thing, and I rush in, posing as a fireman. I report a bogus fire, and Hermes vouches for it over a diferent channel by citizen report. With this confusion in place,
we take this place for every cred we can. Sound good?"

The Necron who could
21-03-2006, 23:31
gerard walked down to the gallery and entered the gallery. he saw every one in there. "hello" gerard said as he sat down on the floor. "sooo........ what system are we in right now?" gerard asked. "because im in troble with some planets, and it wouldnt be good for me to be seen".

yeah there was something about the system that felt familiar.

22-03-2006, 00:27
((OOC: The Zephyr does carry a tiny shuttle as well as the land vehicle - I just edited the ship description and added the shuttle. Check out the second note of this thread, which has the character list and the basic description of the Zephyr. There is also a brief description of the shuttle.

Also, let me know if the majority of you decide the Zephyr should actually be UNarmed, as I now have her listed being armed with a twin-linked lascannon. I'll edit that, too, if you decide the ship should be unarmed, or if you all want a different weapon.

I'll be back on in a couple days to post my story replies, and I'll delete this note then.))


The Necron who could
22-03-2006, 00:54
(OoC) well i think it should be armed(OoC)

22-03-2006, 03:32
While Gerard was in the gallery, the rest of the planning was going down in the galley.

"Sounds good," Hermes affirmed. "It's a bit bold, but I think between the lot of us we've got the brass and balls to swing it. Now, I've successfully managed to get bounties on my 'ead rescinded on me for a very special reason, which I think plays in our favor." He thought for a moment, wondering if he should tell them why. Well, no point in not telling them.

"Y'see, I'm s'posed to be dead." He grinned. Obviously, he was not, which worked wonders now, since he was in a system far from his home turf and there were no outstanding warrants or bounties on his head. That meant that he could walk around freely instead of having to duck into an alleyway everytime he saw the flash of Arbite armor. The paranoid side of him took over for a moment, and he walked over to the door, and when he saw that it was unlockable after Dragh's entrance, dragged a chair over and propped it up underneath the handle. He really didn't want any interruptions.

25-03-2006, 22:51
"I've designed a little toy that can disable or disrupt most security systems, as well as pick locks," said Marcus. "Retinal scan and security card locks," he added. He looked at the hungry kid standing there, by the door. "I guess we better feed him," said Marcus. Ignoring the containers full of various foodstuffs, he opened a wall panel and pulled out one of the emergency ration packets, those nearly tasteless wafers that nobody ever touched. Grinning, he tossed the packet to Orolin. The boy caught the packet, took a seat on the edge of the table, and tore open the packet. "Hey," said Marcus, looking a bit surprised as the boy took a bite out of the wafer, "I was only..." the boy continued happily eating the wafer, "kidding...." Well, so much for Marcus trying to tease the kid. He seemed happy with that emergency ration packet. "Right, then," said Marcus, shrugging, "I'm going to go get my security disruptor device. Be right back."

Marcus moved the chair out from under the door and opened it to go outside, and shook his head as the white-caped guy, Gerard, stepped inside the Galley and sat on the floor. He didn't bother to listen as Gerard started to say something about being wanted. He headed off toward the engineering section.

Orolin stopped munching on his wafer and stared at Gerard, as if noticing him for the first time. "That one's an inquisitor!" the boy exclaimed, pointing right at Gerard. "He is! I get the same feeling from him that I got from those two other inquisitors who tried chasing me before!" Orolin's only encounters with psykers were with Inquisitors, so he naturally assumed that ANY psyker would be an Inquisitor.....

************************************************** *********

((OOC: I assume Necron's last note about Gerard entering the "Gallery" was merely a typo, and that he actually meant GALLEY...))


Tanith Ghost
25-03-2006, 23:29
"Cool it kid. He's no more an inqusitor than I am." Orion said calmly. "He's in bed with those blue aliens fron the easter fringe, but he's no inquisitor."
He looked at the rations the kid had been given. "Another thing, kid. Eat some real food." He dug out some grox jerky from his own stores and handed it to the boy. "See, a lot of Inquisitors are psykers. But not all psykers are inquisitors."

26-03-2006, 04:37
Orolin took the jerky that Orion offered him, and glanced at Gerard again, as if not totally convinced. He took a bite from the jerky, and then took another bite from the ration wafer, obviously not sure which he liked better. Certainly an odd kid. He pulled his hood down from his head, apparently realizing that no one here was going to be bothered by his pointed ears and odd silvery-blue eyes. He continued eating, alternating between the jerky and the ration wafer.

It was obvious this kid was a psyker, having picked out Gerard so easily. That begged the question - exactly what were Gerard's and Orolin's particular abilities? And would those abilities pose a threat to the ship in any way?

Tanith Ghost
26-03-2006, 05:09
"Beleive you me, I know what it's like to be hunted." Orion said to the kid, handing him a glass of water and pouring a mug of beer for himself, then passing the bottle across to Hermes. "So, Boss, Hermes, Jonas? Are all involved in agreement? Once we get into the station we can get this plan on the roll."

26-03-2006, 13:48
"Im in this plan beats me sitting around doing nothing."

Jonas looked at the kid he felt bad for him but he would pull threw it. Jonas was once that kid well minus the psyker and minus the inquistor on his tail and well minus the ragtag group of outcast.

mabye the only thing he had in common with the kid was that he was human. well not anymore so he had nothing in common.

Jonas something really hateing the compurter part of him it allways sorted things out so logcial. only thing that was good for was Piloting so it wasn;t that bad.

thinking so much was giveing him a head ache

The Necron who could
26-03-2006, 15:35
"kid...you do know that those wafers will kill you if you continuously eat them like that” Gerard shook his head. "and yes youre right i am a psyker, but im not an inquisitor"

28-03-2006, 20:58
Orion gave the thumbs up. "That'll work wonders for our scheme. See if you can close down the arrival hangar for processed cargo when we get in. The gen sorting bay too if you can wing it." He turned to the Captain. "You and Marcus do the dock worker thing. Jonas can pass off as a tech preist, and Dragh a servitor. Once things 'go wrong' so to speak, Coop does his thing, and I rush in, posing as a fireman. I report a bogus fire, and Hermes vouches for it over a diferent channel by citizen report. With this confusion in place,
we take this place for every cred we can. Sound good?"

OoC/What about the plan I suggested earlier?/OoC

"Ok, it sounds like he have a plan, let's work out our roles. First off, the kid stays on the ship at all times, Dragh will act as a servitor, again, Jonas will take the shuttle to the edge of their sensor range and send out a distress call claiming he was attacked by a chaos ship, the mining facility should send out some recon ships and send word to the nearest fleet that there may be a chaos ship nearby. It'll cause such a panic no one will check out our ship when we dock with the facility, take on some valuble minerals claiming we're taking them to the nearest planet. Marcus can act as Dragh's tech adept, they can fake an accident. I'll pretend to be an Inquisitor and demand they close up the area where the accident took place, and everywhere nearby, no one ever asks questions about the Inquisition. We'll hide on the ship and everyone else will be taken out of the area. Then we'll start loading up with valuble minerals and head out of sensor range, we'll meet up with Jonas and then go sell our wares on the second nearest planet. Any objections, maties?"

The Mannequin looked at Gerard and then the kid,
"What are your powers? They may come in useful..."

The Necron who could
29-03-2006, 00:18
"i can move stuff big and small but............it requires little time to do with big objects and i have to restfor a long while afterwards"gerard said.he looked at the kid "hmm....this kids got strange ears dont he.........you an eldar kid"

29-03-2006, 11:36
"Don't be stupid, the Imperium would have purg..." the Mannequin shuddered, he almost said it, "murdered any Xenos they find within their borders and all outside their borders."

The Necron who could
29-03-2006, 16:05
"yeah,yeah,yeah,but most races arent known for their blue eyes and pointy ears"gerard said

29-03-2006, 18:18
"The majority of humans have blue eyes, and the pointy ears could merely be a random mutation," said the Mannequin, secretly hoping Gerard had a random mutation and grew a larger brain.

The Necron who could
29-03-2006, 18:52
" yeah but most mutations hve another side effect not just powers but like abnormalties like tails and scales,hey that ryhmed!,but thats beside the point another question is what do you need 2 psykers. 1 of moderate strength and a suprisin'ly powerful one will set off a psykers sensors almost instantly" gerard said as he stood up and flexed his legs and arms to bring back the blood flow. " unless you want your own 'inquisitor' to show up and ask to inspect a certain cargo or two hmm"

29-03-2006, 19:02
The Mannequin stared at Gerard, he hated the butchery of mankind by chaotic minions of evil gods and by the fascist brutal warriors of the Emperor, but the butchery of Low Gothic was one thing he'd though he'd never see,
"Not all Inquisitors are psykers, and you can, no you SHOULD both stay on the ship at all times, we don't want this to go wrong, and you two are the most likely to mess up," The Mannequin wandered over to a wall andran his fingers across a level with the words 'jettison garbage' beside it, "Besides we do not neccessarily need two psykers, one can easily be disposed of."

The Necron who could
29-03-2006, 21:27
"hear that kid you can be disposed of easily it was nice knowin' ya' "

29-03-2006, 22:02
"Who zedd weze wasn't disposing of you?" Asked Dragh to Gerard out of a sudden from within his robes, once again forgetting he should remain quiet in such situations.

The ork had been leaning on the wall in complete silence hearing the talking that was going on, growing increasingly bored. After all, planning wasn't his favourite subject, he preferred to act. Meanwhile the greenskin had grown curious of the little kid.

Finally Dragh shrugged and went back to his silence.

30-03-2006, 03:47
Marcus chuckled as he entered the room. "Damn ork took the words right out of my mouth," he quipped, glancing at Gerard. Apparently he had returned just in time to hear that last exchange. He tossed a small device to Mannequin, the security disruptor he had just retrieved.

The Mannequin was able to get a good look at Marcus' contraption - a standard hand-computer, with a few wires hanging out. One of the wires was fused to a security card, and another was attached to what looked like a mechanical eyeball (obviously for getting past a retinal scanner). A couple more of the wires were jacks of various sizes.

Orolin looked nervous for a moment, when the comments were made about tossing a psyker out with the garbage, but the boy settled down when it seemed he wasn't the one who would be tossed out. He popped the past of the ration wafer and jerky into his mouth, and then washed it down with some water. He hopped off the table, with that alien-like gracefulness, and then looked up at The Mannequin, as if suddenly remembering. "I.... I can stop powers that are used against me. And also powers that sort of target me. I don't think I can stop any power, though. Only those that are used against me." He looked at the garbage disposal unit, and then back at Mannequin, "You're not going to toss me out, are you?" He spoke with such clarity, it wouldn't be surprising if he could also speak High Gothic.

Tanith Ghost
30-03-2006, 03:57
"That means you, tau lover." Orion said flatly. "The boy is under our protection. As he who reigns from Terra is my witness, no harm will befall an innocent life while I'm around. You though, are not innocent, nor undero ur protection. See that you are duly respectful to all here." That said, Orion turned to the Mannequin. "So are we ready to go then? I can almost taste the
money we're gonna make."

30-03-2006, 11:33
"Yes, Orion, we all know of your money-eating fetish, but this is neither the time nor the place for that," the Mannequin turned to Orolin and Gerard, "You're going to either stay on the ship, or with the ship at all times, NEITHER of you should be seen by any Imperial. Now does everyone know their roles?"

30-03-2006, 14:49
"I'm piloting the shuttle in correct? and darhgs gonna stay here with Zephry?"

Jonas moved across the galley ready to start the misson

30-03-2006, 15:48
"Aye, Jonas, Dragh wouldn't be able to fly the shuttle as fast nor as deftly as you, and they're going to need a screaming, horrified message about being attacked, and I just don't see Dragh screaming. Besides, we won't need a good pilot to dock us with the mining station, just an adequate one," the Mannequin was thinking all the time he was talking, he was trying to remember the language he used from his time as an Inquisitor, he remembered using the words 'purging', 'be cleansed' and 'vile abhorrence', he wandered if he could still pass himself off as an Inquisitor, he still had his Rosarius, although it was broken beyond even Marcus' technical skill, bit it would still look the same. He remembered when he was presented with it, oh so long ago...

...It was a good day in Thayis, the Sons Of Pain 2nd company had recently returned from an attack on local Ork forces, and everyone was in good spirits, even the Space Marines! Hartius was to be presented with a Rosarius as a mark of him becoming a full Inquisitor, not a mere acolyte. He dressed in his best black overcoat with the dark red trim, his medals showing the range of his expertise glinted on his chest, soon another would join them, and it would protect him in his new role as Inquisitor.

He was kneeling at the feet of Inquisitor Lord Jaagus, who was belowing a prayer to the skies, he stopped and pulled Hatrius to his feet and presented him with his Rosarius. Hartius thanked him and got blessed in return, and, as was the norm on these such occasions, everyone sang the planet's national anthem. Hartius belted out the words with pride and loyalty,
"May the Xenos fa-all,
May they fa-all to death,
May the Xenos FAA-ALL,
Their blood on their heads.
May the Xenos di-ie,
May they fall at our fee-eet,
May the Xenos DII-IE,
With righteous flames shall they mee-eet..."

Tanith Ghost
30-03-2006, 17:30
"You can eat your share if you want." Orion quipped. "I'm spending mine on a restock to my personal ale stores and buying the buisiness of an entire strip club for a night." Orion helped himself to a seat in the galley. "Any reason I'm staying home this time?

The Necron who could
30-03-2006, 18:14
"well....there shouldnt be a reason unless the ship spontaniously combusts or the engine craps out when were flying but other than those two things no , nothing" gerard smiled at the kid who was looking at the garbage disposal " kid, they wont shoot you out off the ship in the garrbage................but i wouldnt put it past them to try an' fit me in it"gerard looked at the others "umm judjin' by the size of the diposal i wouldnt fit also that wasnt a invitation to prove me wrong"

30-03-2006, 20:48
"Well, maybe not with your arms and legs still attached... Marcus fetch the chainsaw!"

The Necron who could
30-03-2006, 21:10
gerard pulled out his hell pistol and examined it" try it and last weeks garbage wont be the only thing floating into space" he twirled his gun in his finger and pointed it at the manniquen.

Tanith Ghost
30-03-2006, 21:10
"I'd shut up while you're ahead if I were you, Tau boy." Orion quipped casualy,
taking out a beer stein and pouring a bottle. "He just might do it."

30-03-2006, 22:09
"hi hate to break up your chain, but is it possible to join in at this late time?"

31-03-2006, 00:41
Jonas went to his locker in his room and grabed the robes he had for his tech priest imatation.

"will this do?"

he hated wearing the robes of the people that had did this to him but he really didn;t have a chocie in the matter.

Tanith Ghost
31-03-2006, 06:52
"Not bad. It worked before, no reason it won't work again." Orion said, giving Jonas the thumbs up. "Hook line and sinker if you talk like they do. Just act nuts and it'll fly."

31-03-2006, 11:13
"Try spilling some oil and fake blood on it, and splatter some on your face, try to look REALLY crazy and REALLY scared. Oh, and Marcus, can you rig the shuttle's comm system so it acts like it's broken? So it goes all fuzzy and there's lots of static? That would really add to the effect!"

OoC/wischhusen, I think you can join as long as we can think of a way of getting you on the ship soon, perhaps you stowaway when we dock with the mining facility? Or maybe you could hide in the area that I evacuate, see that we're actually criminals and then we have to kidnap you so you don't set off the alarm and then it turns out you want to join us, or something like that.

But really we should talk about this in the OoC/recruitment thread./OoC

31-03-2006, 11:16
ok, ill go to the recuruiment thread

31-03-2006, 13:39
"hold on" he turned aorund and grabed some of the different sauces that were there and threw them all over his body. most of them could be used as oil in a engine.

Jonas then quickly turned around and started to do a tech presit frightened

"oh god machine god save me i can't press the button for in fear of harming the machine spirt!! i can't fix something with out so much smoke that i can see"

Jonas stopped and smiled

"thats decent"

31-03-2006, 16:06
ill be bold and make a pot

o'neill had slipped aboard the ship after fleeing the infamous larkin in the rubble of the outer fringes of the city , for the past few hour he had watched and observed everything while sthelity moving about the vents , he could tell the one called the mannquein was their leader , and watched as they planned in the galley , he decided to make his move now , without a sound he dropped out the vent landing almost like a feather , his long las rasied and pointed at the mannequins head, he was a tall haggad figure but the dirt seemed to suit him. in his gruff but fair voice he said

31-03-2006, 18:46
OoC/Dirt? The coat's meant to be brown!/OoC

The Mannequin dropped and grabbed his plasma pistol from under his coat, rolled backwards and twisted around so he could point the plasma pistol at point-blank range at the intruder's head and quickly push his gun away from his crew. It had been a while since he did such a shrap sudden and complicated move, and he was sure that he couldn't have done that move without bruising himself,
"Hi!" said the Mannequin.

31-03-2006, 20:42
oc: i meant dirt from living outside and genrealing living rough also how quikcly should you reply , is it just as soon as you can or do you need to wait? ill post my reply now anyway so i can catch up quikcly with you guys and your rpg so far ooc
"you move fast, for an old man, hello my name is mark o'neill , taith 1st and only marksman squad , as the rest of you im a mercanry also a man running , "

before questions can be asked

" im not going to go into detail, but neddlees to say im afriad i ran onboard your ship , i can pay though ........ via my services"

lowering my gun , i stare around the room and smile :D

Tanith Ghost
31-03-2006, 22:03
ooc//Good greif man, do you type with a catcher's mitt? Would it kill you to try to type like you're posting in an RPG instead of a chat rom?:eyebrows:


"Where'd this punk come from?" Orion asked lazily, sipping a beer. "Put the weapon away. We're all friends here." He said to the new arrival. "Start with
how your name and why you stowed aboard."

31-03-2006, 22:06
ooc, srry ill keep that in mind ooc

The Necron who could
31-03-2006, 23:27
gerard lowered his gun and returned the smile "hello there " gerard pointed his gun at the new arrival "welcome aboard this merry little ship " gerard put his gun away just were he could draw it quickly just incase things got a bit messy.

01-04-2006, 11:56
The Mannequin stood up in front of the man, his plasma pistol still in his hand,
"I'm not old, I'm vintage. So you're a man running too, huh? Well, I suppose I have no choice other than to let you come with us. No doubt you've heard what we're planning, so as long as you help us I won't try and fit you into the garbage disposal, Mark the Marksman." The Mannequin holstered his pistol, but he still kept his hand ready to grab it, "You'll have to hide aboard the ship, and come out when we're ready to start loading on minerals and gems. Well," the Mannequin looked around, he saw no reason to stand around staring at this new arrival, the Mannequin's years of psychology training told him that the man was telling the truth, "What are we standin' around here for? Jonas! Go get us into position, Dragh, ready the shuttle, everyone else, go practice your acting!"

01-04-2006, 19:59
mark nodded , then said

"if i am to wait aboard , do i just pick any room i want for sleeping quarters"

01-04-2006, 21:22
"As long as it's not occupied or full of spare parts and cargo," said the Mannequin as he pushed the door out of the way.

Tanith Ghost
02-04-2006, 09:01
"As long as he keeps hit mits off my store of wool blankets when the heating craps out he can stay." Orion said. "You shouldv'e seen the mess it caused last time we lost internal heat in deep space." He said to the new arrival.
"The five of us huddled on the soon to be ice box with only one set of thermals to go around."

02-04-2006, 18:50
mark stared , a stare only a sniper can give , and ghosted out of the room , he knew where he was going , tanith sense of direction is amazing , the room he reached was small yet comforting, he sat down , a tear spalshed onto the metalic floor and he gribbed the sniper rifle tight

running always running , the heat of a las round flew past his face.
pausing , aiming the scope focused on his freind as the man run forwards, mark fired, he watched his freind stumble and fall , a perfect hole formed in his head , mark ran

mark wiped his eyes , and stroked the kill marks on his gun , 5 straghit lines showing 5 dead freinds , for no reason he knew , mark lent over and slept

Yin - Yang
05-04-2006, 21:28
OOC: Right, sorry I've been so inactuve recently.

Exams are looming, and all my time disappears down a sinkhole of revision...

I'll get a post up soon :D


The Necron who could
06-04-2006, 01:02
OoC:know whats ya mean ive been studyin for my exams,crt,and ive been workin on this big final project that will put my math grade in the toilet if i dont do well OoC:

Tanith Ghost
06-04-2006, 06:31
Orion shrugged. What an emo. "Anyone want a belt before we put this plan into action?" He asked, reaching into the beer cooler.

07-04-2006, 18:06
placing his longlas on the bed he stood up and wandered around the ship

i suppose i should meet my new allies he thought to himself

Tanith Ghost
09-04-2006, 07:31
"Yo." Orion greeted the sniper as he walked in. "Name's Orion, I'm the muscle on this ship and keeper of the weapons locker." He offered the man a mug of ale. "Grab a chair, take a load off." He said disarmingly. "So what has you on the run?"

09-04-2006, 11:20
"hi names mark " he glugs down the ale , and feels its warmth burn gently inside him , "im........not sure , i kidna forgot 2 days of my life and the next thing i know my former allies are trying to knife me in my sleep , so i ran , and ran , i had to *takes a breath* kill my freinds ,i mean what the feth , so thats my story , whats yours?"

Tanith Ghost
09-04-2006, 18:22
"I once got myself on the wrong side of a major argument between leaders. Being right is no guarentee you'll win. The other guy took it badly to say the least. Blew down the house so to speak. And it wan't enough they beat us. Now they want to make all of us on the loosing side admit we were wrong.
I'm dead sick of that whole war, so I headed for the hills. Been on the run ever since."

09-04-2006, 20:13
Jonas was ready to get the misson going.

"Just take this new guy with us and lets get going. Im bored waiting around here for you guys"

Jonas tapped one of his bionic legs onto the ground and crossed his arms he hated the BS that was involved sometimes.

10-04-2006, 04:13
"Hmm," there was nothing about the man's body language to suggest the man was a very deceiving person, there was nothing wrong with taking him with them, "Ok," said the Mannequin, "he's coming with us, he can hide on the ship until we need him to help us carry gems and jewels onto the ship," the Mannequin rubbed his hands in the anticipation of gleaming plunder, "all right me hearties? Let's go!"

Tanith Ghost
10-04-2006, 05:40
"Now you're talking my language. Let's make some money." Orion agreed.
"We've got two cargo bays set up to take on loot. Plus whatever space in our own quarters we put to use. And don't forget boss-We need to pick up a trophy of some sort for our esteemed navigator." Orion added the last line as he recalled his last conversation with the navigator. The ship's navigator
was an indispensable source of wisdom and sage advice. Orion respected him greatly, both for his skill and wisdom.

10-04-2006, 15:45
"A trophy, aye? Hmm..." the Mannequin was thinking, what could they have as a trophy? The Mannequin couldn't think of anything, "Can't it be a metapghorical trophy? Of triumph over oppression?..."

Tanith Ghost
10-04-2006, 20:21
"Works for me. Probably for him too. You know he digs that philisophical stuff."
Orion agreed. "Jonas, we docked yet?" he said on the comm. The sooner they docked, the sooner the plan could be enacted, and the sooner they'd be rich.

Orion made his way to the navigation chamber. Since that strange sniper had asked, Orion wished to talk of the past to someone. The navigator was the only man besides the captain who knew he was really a space marine.
And not just any marine, but a fallen Dark Angel. Hunted by his brothers until caught and made to repent. He entered quietly, and waited for the navigator to greet him.

Yin - Yang
11-04-2006, 12:21
Cooper sifted through the contents of his trunk, tossing clothes and other oddments across his room until he found what he was looking for.

The overcoat was long and knee length, black with a silver trim, and emblazoned with symbols of the Aquilla. Cooper snarled slightly, and rested his raincoat on the bed, before slipping the old, musty Arbite coat on.

He smiled slightly, and buttoned it up to disguise the lack of armour underneath (something that would give him away as an imposter quite easily). He hid the revolver under his coat (the revolver not being standard issue for the Enforcers,) and holstered the autopistol in a black holster at his hip.

He searched through the overcoat's pockets until he found what he was looking for.

My badge...

Detective Dale Cooper - Investigative Department. Badge Number 78234.

He slipped his fedora on, and smiled.

Back behind the badge, for one last time...

Time to betray it even more...

11-04-2006, 18:00
The Mannequin looked about, Jonas was getting them into position before flying off in the shuttle, and everyone else was either getting ready or waiting. The Mannequin remembered, he was to play an Inquisitor, he'll need his Rosarius. He always kept it inside his coat, for no better reason that it had saved his life umpteen times, and maybe one day, he'll need it again.

The Mannequin took the badge out from inside his coat, it was slightly rusty and scratched around the sides, but it was still instantly recognisable as a Rosarius. He pinned it onto his lepel, right on the spot where it used to sit, all those years ago...

...It was a day unfit for a battle. By that I don't mean it was too foggy or rainy to fight, fog and rain are great ways to add to the dramatic effect of a fight. It was unfit for a battle because it was sunny and warm. The trees were waving softly in the warm breeze, the grass was green and the only noises were of birdsong, the soft whisper of leaves, and gunfire.

Inquisitor Hartius Mannequin stood, or rather, he crouched, in the middle of the melee. Orks had managed to land a small Rok nearby, and they had begun making buildings and fortifications. The Orks in the area was almost unique in the way they fought, they fought with tactics. Perhaps there was some higher Ork Warlord controlling them, commanding them to be tactful, perhaps it was natural selection and only the tactful ones, the ones that had hidden, had survived. Hartius didn't know, he didn't want to know, he wanted the Orks to die.

Space Marines were too busy at the moment, some big to-do on Kraag, the next planet out, Hartius hadn't bothered to investigate what it was, and he had a feeling that the Space Marines wouldn't tell him. He could kill them if they didn't, but the Sons of Pain chapter would control the media, spin it, say Hartius betrayed the Imperium and killed the Space Marines for no reason.

The Sons of Pain had special tortures, special executions, and special people to deal with traitors.

The Space Marines were away, so this was an Imperial Guard affair. There were at least two platoons of Guardsmen, a good thirty or more well-armed storm troopers along with a pair of chimeras and a Hellhound.

Hartius knew the Hellhound would be pivotal, the Orks, in their stupidity, had made all their buildings out of wood.

Inquisitor Mannequin turned on his comm,
"Hellhound Firebringer, commence attack. All infantry, attack as planned. May the Emperor bless you."

Through his binoculars, Hartius could see exactly how the fight was going, the platoons were attacking one side of the walled Ork village with grenades and anti-infantry fire, whilst the Hellhound, supported by some Stormtroopers, set fire to the rest of the village.

Hartius watched as the flames began spreading from hut to hut, they should soon engulf the entire town.

But they didn't.

The flames stopped, and they were slowly retreating, growing smaller until gone. Hartius looked on in anger, what had happened?! Then he saw them, grots, with buckets. The Orks had been tactful enough to know that fire was their greatest weakness, and they had built their village near a stream, they had a constant supply of water to put out fires, and grot slaves had been trained to do so.

Hartius ran from the make-shift trench he was in and took cover behind some nearby trees so he could get to the Hellhound. As he ran towards it, he saw an Ork rokkit zoom through the air, and detonate the vehicle. The tank flew up into the air as its fuel ignited, it fell back down, squashing many brave storm troopers, but it had also detonated a sizable area of the wall. Hartius continued running and reached the retreating storm troopers, the men stopped when they saw Hartius. The Inquisitor drew his sword and pointed it at the town,
"Onward to victory!" he shouted, but he knew they were going onward towards defeat.

11-04-2006, 22:10
oh so im going now , what a intressting developemnt , mark wandered back to his billets and grabbed his long las checking the safety was off and the clip was in , aiming down the scope to make sure it wasnt muddied or covered in something , he smiled his baby was in perfect condtion , he slung it over his back and walked out. hopefully larkins lackys had lost his trail , if not things might get ugly in a accurate way

on his way , he saw the mannequin looking like he was miles away

" you ok............. *upon seeing the roasiurs* sir inqustror " marks mouth forming into a smile.

12-04-2006, 05:35
The Mannequin shivered, "Please don't call me that, I may have to break you," he looked at Mark's gun, "and put the safety on that lasrifle of yours, you're not shooting nuthin' yet."

12-04-2006, 05:52
"Okay laides hope you all brought your clean pair of panties for this one"

Jonas turned back towards the rest of the crew that was crammed into this little shuttle

"might want to hide some of those weapons were supposed to be "surviors" form some ship remember that. ready to go captain at your signal"

12-04-2006, 16:18
OoC/It's just you on the shuttle, the rest of us are on the ship headed towards the mining facility while you are distracting their defence ships and making them believe that there's some chaos warriors in the area./OoC

12-04-2006, 19:07
ooc oh okay , lol ooc

13-04-2006, 00:32
OoC/wischhusen, I wasn't talking to you./OoC

The Necron who could
05-05-2006, 23:31
OoC/is this still going or what./OoC

07-05-2006, 13:48
OoC/Yeah, I guess, but no one's posting...

Jonas is meant to fly off in his shuttle and distract the facility's defense ships and cause a mild panic about a chaos ship in the area, then we fly in and the Mannequin evacuates some of the facility so we can load up on ges and ores, then we fly off, pick up Jonas and go straight to the nearest planet.

So, after you, Bmaxwell./OoC