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18-12-2010, 15:10
I'm not sure if this is the best area to post this as it's more to do with trading, but none of the trading sub-topics seemed appropriate for this either so I've decided to put it here, feel free to move it if there is a better area for it.

Basically I've decided I'm going to get rid of a large amount of my 40k, mainly Necrons and Eldar and I don't have too much experience with selling warhammer so I was wandering if I could ask anyone with experience (intending on using ebay most likely), would it be better for me to sell the models as lots of smaller auctions, or go for bulk? Effectivly which would give a higher amount of money.

For example, I have a 1500pt Necro army I wish to get rid of, would it be better to auction the full 1500pt together or spilt it down into the individuals squads and have separate auctions for each?

18-12-2010, 15:19
Really depends on the type and quality of the paint-job.

If they are fairly modular (say, a well-painted unit of Dire Avengars in a standard/regular paint-scheme), you're likely better off selling them a such.

If you have a more unusual paint scheme, or a fairly unique "army-look", your "customers" will likely want the whole thing rather than bits and pieces.

18-12-2010, 15:28
I'll try and get some pictures up as soon as I can, but I'd say for the 1500pt Necrons, I'd say they're between table-top quality and ''pro-painted'' and they were used in tournament play a good 3 or so years ago. The Eldar is mainly unpainted, it's the makings of a mech style list, 3 falcons, eldrad, some avengers, banshees and dragons, with a couple of un-opened boxes also, so I'd guess the un-opened models are probably worth selling on their own.

18-12-2010, 16:02
Typically selling smaller lots is better for making a little more money, though it's also more of a hastle if you're just trying to get your money and you aren't familiar with ebay. Don't bother with "buy it now" or reserve prices because these tend to drive people away.

18-12-2010, 16:08
I'd also say that larger lots (i.e., a fully painted army that fits together well) sometimes have more luck on hobby-specific sites (here, Dakka, Bartertown) but smaller lots definitely do better on eBay.

18-12-2010, 16:17
Ok i've been trading minis on ebay for years... some tips.

1. Sell *units* of figures most folk want a usuable unit of minis they can put straight into their armies without getting extra bits. Obviously sell rare or very old models seperatley.

2. This is critical this one.. make sure your auction ends around 4 - 6pm on a Saturday or Sunday night.. this is when most people have spare time to browse ebay and look to buy stuff in the last few minutes. If your auction ends at 2pm on a tuesday when they are at work they wont be able to or wont be bothered to log in to put in a bid in the last hour or so.

3. Start with very low initial ammounts like 50p or 99p... not only does this make your listing fee cheaper but *usually* it ends up going for a higher price. If things start of low and folk make a bid they tend to get hooked and will engage in a 'bidding war' as they really want to win. I've sold stuff before for more than it was worth as two people decided they 'had to have it'

4. Avoid trying to sell stuff as a bulk army as you can put a lineon the end of each auction listing saying you have other items that compliment 'unit x' for sale and that is folk win multiple items from you you can reduce the postage.

5. Put on sensible postage costs. I tend to charge the actual weight charge for the item plus 1 or 2 for the packaging. Its easy to shoot yourslef in the foot and forget you've got to buy bubble wrap and jiffy bags -postage *isnt* just the actual charge from Royal Mail for delivery.

6. It's usually not worth butting a 'buy it now' on but for the extra 15p it costs i sometimes put one on to give buyers an idea of what i percieve the value of the item to be... rarely someone will actually just snap it up. I tend to do this is i've got a *lot* of the same item too. Equally if you do have 10 dreadnoughts, list one each week, dont flood the market (two or three would be ok but you know what i'm getting at).

7. Good photos are essential, you simply wont sell it if the photos cant show you whether or not its damaged or has missing pieces.

8. Dont stress about paint jobs. Unless you're *very very* good no one will spend more beacuse its painted. Most folk will simply strip metal models or repaint plastics as they tend to want them to match their exisiting army and the odds of you having the same painting style are slim.

9. Remember ebay/paypal will shaft you three times for anything you sell. They will charge you a listing fee (about 12p minimum) and then they will take 4% of any money you recieve is you get it by paypal... lastly they will charge you a percentage of your final value it sold for. (thats why some crafty folk used to sell a coat for 99p Buy it now but with 50 postage on it as they cant charge you for postage :) )

Anyway thats a few pointers that do me well. Hope that helps.