View Full Version : Sell me on eldar... or dark eldar

20-12-2010, 05:21
After adepticon, my group will be starting an apocalypse campaign that may already have too many imperial players, so I am considering going with some pointy-ears.

So.. eldar or dark eldar? Pro and cons? Opinions and prejudices are all welcome...

20-12-2010, 05:31
Great models for both races. You will never be bored collecting or painting either range. I'm more of a straight Eldar fan myself, since I prefer the clean-alien look over some of the more fantastical DE models. But the new Raiders and Jetbikes for DE are just awesome.

I prefer the unit balance of Eldar over DE as well, stylistically. I feel like it has more opportunities for subtlety.

20-12-2010, 05:42
dark eldar are the biggest glass cannon in 40k (they hit like a ton of bricks but shatter when struck back). with some skill you can run circles around your enemy and pick his army apart. i find them a lot of fun to play. although, in an apoc game, one baneblade shot at a group of DE raiders/ravagers will likely result in about a third of them blowing up. so keep your stuff spaced out when playing in apoc.

Ive never played with craftworld eldar so i dont have a whole lot to say about them. the only thing i know is that they have an old codex. and its days of being competative are dwindling

20-12-2010, 07:05
Apoc? Eldar. They got at least super heavy rules ;)

20-12-2010, 08:53
Dark eldar is nasty at apoc. With voidraven - razorwing - ravager squads. Bad thing first 2 does not have a model yet.

20-12-2010, 12:01
I like the look, and to a point the fluff, of the Eldar, and the new DE are suitably awesome in both regards.

In general, craftwolrd eldar are a low-model army, so between that and ebay you can get set up a decent point score army without busting your budget. Rule-wise, I think they are quite playable, but you would need to know a few rules well to play them to their best. As a side benefit, you can also look down at marine players and their new, shiny, 5E-adjusted codex ;) . Just make sure they aren't playing Black Templars or, God help you, Dark Angels.

Dark Eldar... I think it's a hit and miss. If you like their aesthetics, they can be awesome. As people already said, they are a real glass cannon - few armies can put as much hurt for their points, but they can crumble quickly when hit back.

For apocalypse, I think the crafties have better support and some suitably over-the-top options. I always wanted to see what a sunstorm squadron or a host of shadow-walkers can do in a shooting phase, and the super-heavies also have a rather nice sleek look.