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17-03-2006, 06:33
hi, i have just started playing with dwarfs and dont seem to be doing so well, especially againced fast armies like wood elves and dark elves, this is my army list:
1 Dwarf Lord @ 295 Pts
General; Oath Stone; Stonebeards: 'Dwarf Warriors'
1 Runic Weapon @ [65] Pts
Master Rune of Swiftness; Rune of Cleaving (x2)
1 Runic Armor @ [50] Pts
Master Rune of Gromril; Rune of Resistance
1 Runic Talisman @ [5] Pts
Rune of the Furnace

1 Runesmith @ 145
1 Runic Talisman @ [75] Pts
Rune of Spellbreaking (x3)

1 Runesmith @ 145 Pts
1 Runic Weapon @ [75] Pts
Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer

20 Dwarf Warriors @ 205 Pts
full command ; Hand Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield

20 Longbeards @ 355 Pts
Upgrade to Longbeards; full command; Hand Weapon;
Great Weapon; Heavy Armor; Shield
1 Runic Standard @ [50] Pts
Rune of Slowness (x1)

11 Quarrellers @ 169 Pts
full command; Shield

13 Thunderers @ 221 Pts
full command

1 Cannon @ 110 Pts
1 Engineer @ [20] Pts
Hand Weapon; Brace of Pistols; Light Armor

1 Bolt Thrower @ 95 Pts
Flakkson's Rune of Seeking (x2)

1 Organ Gun @ 120 Pts

1 Flame Cannon @ 140 Pts

the army works well until i get into combat, i've tried a dragon slayer and it didn't seen to work well, does any one have any suggestions on how to improve this list, i really need some help.

17-03-2006, 07:26
This army doesn't pack the punch in shooting to take down enemy approaching, no does it have the troops to sufficiently protect the gunline.

More cheap Warriors, ditch the artillery troops.

17-03-2006, 14:27
Yeah.. if you are going to have that many cannons and things you need atleast one more block of troops to absorb enemys. I usually try to have atleast 3 blocks of hth fighters.

17-03-2006, 14:33
Just addin git up roughly you seem to be short of points too...unless the second lot of artillery is as well as the first lot, not 'or'

Personally, I'd drop some artillery, and invest in more Warriors. Also reduce the size of the Longbeards unit, and reduce the amount spent in runes... I'm personally not a fan of too many runes, especially on a slow moving lord..

18-03-2006, 10:27
No Ironbreakers?
I've played O&G, Empire, Chaos Beasts against an army with a single block of iron breakers with a Thane with Oathstone. Even when surrounded by 3 enemy units the Ironbreakers held for at last 5 rounds of combat!

18-03-2006, 12:11
Drop some runes. especially the master rune of skalf blackhammer. Give the smith a cheaper maigc weapon and the other one too. You have 6 dispell dice wich is more than most armies.Lose the full command on the gunners ans xbows. Just some music. Lose the runes of seeking, maybe get a second boltthrower.
And more fighters/ironbreakers or slayers.

18-03-2006, 16:34
Most has been said already,
1) ditch runes of seeking
2) ditch master rune of skalf blackhammer
3) ditch some of your shooting thingies, personally I'd lose the quarrelers and thunderers..you have enough war machines as it is
4) take more warriors
5) ironbreakers can be usefull too
6) slight suggestion: ditch one runemsmith and give the oter the MR of balance and rune of spelbreaking...almost same effect, less points
7) unless the opponents take a lot of cav, I don't know if the oathstone would be that usefull
8) i don't think rune of the furnace would be that usefull (even if it's so cheap)
9) if I take warmachines, I always make sure I have a grudge thrower. Once you know how to aim...it's wonderfull :D

just suggestions though

21-03-2006, 14:19
The pistols on little engineers arent worth it... just bumps the machines cost and
rarely does something .