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22-12-2010, 17:02
Ok so i've been messing around with my bretonnia lists again and hit upon a mix that i like.


Bret Lord
-Grail Vow
-Virtue of the joust
-The Heartwood Lance
-armor of Agilulf


Paladin, BSB
-Virtue of Duty
Damsel, lvl 2
-The Verdant Heart
Damsel, lvl 2
-Dispel scroll


9x Knights Errant
-Errantry Banner
9x Knights of the Realm
8x Knights of the Relm
-Banner of Chalons


3x Pegasus Knights


8x Grail Knights


ok I know its probably a bit too magic heavy, but i really like both lores and I plan on using them both as much as I can. I put the Warbanner and the BSB in units of KotR because I figure they'll be my workhorses and will need the extra combat res. I purposefully didnt put a banner on the BSB so I could give him the Wyrmlance. This way he adds even more combat potential in CC in the form of a S6 charge and a once-a-game breath weapon attack. The Bret Lord will run with the GK and hopefully not get shot to ***** before they get into CC where I'm confident that they will dominate with 17 S6 attacks. The Trebuchet is my only representative in the Shooting phase and I plan on using it to soften up hordes and Monsters before I move something stabby in to finish the Job. The PK will run around hunting warmachines and making a pain of themselves by getting into some flank and rear arcs. The KE will be an excellent support or sacrafice unit. Such is the fate of the young and foolish, eh?
Alright feedback is welcome and thanks for reading guys (and gals, of course).

Oh, and this is MEANT to be an all knight force, so dont push the peasantry. I'll leave them to their turnips, thank you very much.

A Shadow
22-12-2010, 22:22
I like it. The only slight thing is your Grail Knights with Lord are almost 600 points. If something happens to them the rest of the force will struggle.

24-12-2010, 00:14
It looks fine but be sure to remember that the Wyrmlance does not allow it's breath weapon to be used in melee. It's a case of army book superseeding big red book. Consider swiping it out for something else, perhaps a defensive item to keep that BSB alive.