View Full Version : 2500 pts feral vampire list

Ed the Dead
23-12-2010, 02:05
Finishing up my vampires and decided to go for the old strigos vampire feel and have my entire army as feral as I can get it. Here is the list idea

Vampire lord :equipment blade of bloodshed, crown of the damned ,charmed shield.
Powers: red fury, lord of the dead, forbidden lire (beast)

Wight king sword of kings nightshroud nightmare

4x25 skeletons with standard(skaven clan rats for this one)
2x10 dire wolves

29 grave guard with banner of strigos (lord here)
9 black knights with banner of barrows.

2 varghulf

Total points 2500
Total models 161
Everything is quick, feral and fun. Any comments complaints critics ?

23-12-2010, 08:34
Feral Vamps and no ghouls?

You can't take 3 of the same rare until you get to 3k.


immortal git
23-12-2010, 10:21
well, ide drop most of the spearmen for ghouls as they are much better, im not sure on 3 vargulfs i think you can have three...isnt it like one more for every thousand points
(1000 = 2 2000= 3 and so on)

23-12-2010, 11:40
The Sword of Bloodshed and the Armour of Destiny amount to 110 points, so you cannot take this combination on your lord. You cannot take three Varghulfs in games of less than 3,000 points.

Ed the Dead
23-12-2010, 16:58
Well seems I have messed up. Corrections above
The big thing with the ghouls is that I have proxied a lot of ghouls and they aren't so fun. I find myself being a skeleton guy. I also don't like the ghoul model.