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24-12-2010, 09:33
I build a mono-Tzeentch army of Warriors of Chaos and I consider should I have any hero on disc? Sorcerer or Exalted? Maybe BSB?
I want to read your opinion and experience of using such heroes.

24-12-2010, 10:07
It depends on the rest of you army and what role you want the disc-mounted character to perform.

I for one have a REALLY weakspot for discs (I'm playing Dark Elves, but using a disc a Dark Pegas, just beacuse the disc is SO much cooler). So I definitely think you should have one!

I don't play WoC myself, but a friend of mine does however and allmost allways uses a disc with great success. Mostly, it's a level 4 caster with 3+ ward save and an armour save of 1+ or 2+, depending on gear.
I't allmost impossible to disspatch of and wreaks havoc! Though, there's a lot of points in that character, so should he be killed due to a lucky cannon shot or something, it'll be quite troublesome to recover from that loss.

Another thing he does is putting an exalted Hero on the disc for hunting support units, fast cav, war machines, chariots and pretty much everything else he can take care of in one round of CC. Not as expensive (though still costly enough) as the level 4 caster, but then, it doesn't do the same job.

All in all, i'm not sure if it's really worth the points (or the risk) with putting a character on a disc.
I think other options are better for the most part.

But then... those discs are so damn cool...

24-12-2010, 11:21
My chaos army had at least one disc riding hero standard, preferably two. You can create two disc riding heroes with a 3+ ward. (one using the eye of tzeentch, one using uhm the armour that gives you a 4+ ward against mundane attacks)

Give them a ward, stick em on a disc, give them a flail and you got a hero that can easily take out warmachines. (it used to be awesome against small units like fast cav as well but you don't see them a lot anymore)

I also always give one of them the battle standard. Hold him back a little and charge him into important combats. The four attacks from the exalted combined with the standard was enough to swing any tottering combats my way. Make sure you give him the soporofic musk. When charging or combo charging with a unit, the musk makes fleeing the charge a very unattractive option for your opponent.

24-12-2010, 18:35
+1 on snottle's post. Also, take a look at a charmed shield on one of them.

If you take a lord-level character (a substantial points investment, I admit) you can do something like axe of khorne, golden eye of tzeentch, enchanted shield, asf helmet. he'll re-roll most of his misses, has killing blow, 4+ ward against the cannons that are the bane of most flying characters, and 1+ armor. Flying this guy into an already-ongoing combat will generate some ridiculous combat res, and he'll stand up against most characters of any sort (although be careful against monstrous infantry such as ogre tyrants, as your KB won't work).

24-12-2010, 21:02
I run my Lvl4 on a Disc as follows: Spell Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Blood of Tzeentch, Bloodcurdling Roar.

2+ Armour Save, 3+ Ward Save (2+ against Magic), gets to re-roll a dice that could cause a miscast, nice shooting attack, etc.

As for an Exalted? I try to keep him cheap as possible, as his main role for me is War Machine hunting. Usually a Halberd, Enchanted Shield and Talisman of Protection.