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24-12-2010, 19:41
So, after picking up 2 IoB boxes for as a christmasgift to myself to bolster my skaven I've decided to use the HE aswell.
Got a friendly dual army game comming up early jan at 2k pts a player and I was thinking to use them for fluffy reasons.
The combatants will be Highelves & Brettonians VS Vampires & Darkelves.
Besides the 2 IoB contents I've got some silverhelms I picked up a few years ago for some odd reason.

The army I'm planing looks something like this so far:

Prince on Griffon:
lance, dragon armor, the golden shield, vambraces of defence. 455

Mage: lvl 2, annulian crystal 175
Mage: Silver wand, dispel scroll 135

20x Lothern seaguard, shields, FC 285
20x Swordmasters, FC, Amulet of light (in case of ghosts and such) 345

2x5 Ellyrian Reavers, champ. 224
5x Silverhelms, FC 155

total: 1774
left: 226

Thoughts: How do I flesh out to the full 2k?

I do like the Phoenix guard and Dragonprinces, a lot, some of them would be swell.
I think the spearmen and bowmen models are awefull, none of them, but perhaps I need more core.
The Griffon feels like a points sink, Perhaps i should convert a lord on a steed from a leftover silverhelm + the second griffon rider (gave the 2nd grioffon to the brett player)
Should I convert musicans for the 2 Ellyrian units from leftover ioB command?

Some shopping must be done, suggestions, on what should I spend my cash?

24-12-2010, 19:55
Well you have to get a hell of a lot more seaguard or spearmen.

24-12-2010, 20:10
You need 25% core. So, those seaguard again. Which will fill up your army completly.


autarch dsaliuvid
24-12-2010, 20:13
Unfortunatly you will have to spend those points on spear elves, archers, or more seaguard as in the current edition you half to spend at least 25% of your points on core troops. if your worryed about the gryphon take eltherion on storm wing he has a 5++ and can take life magic to heal him.

24-12-2010, 20:52
Hm, maby i should go hunt on e-bay or something the like for more seaguard then, another 2 IoB boxes might be a bit overkill. =)

Well the griffon does not bother me so much for the risk of dying as much as 455 pts I feel can be more well spent. or at least the 190 ish pts i save by getting a regular steed instead.

Yeah, I need 25% core rite.. what a bummer. I guess I have to figure somthing out, wasn't sure if it was Core or just base troops (not even I know what I mean by that) at large, but ofc it's core..

24-12-2010, 21:11
Your Lvl 2 mage can't have both Silver Wand and Dispell Scroll.

Also, consider taking out the units of Ellyrion Reavers and taking 2 Great Eagles (save points and better combat, T, and Movement). Personally I would take out the Amulet of Light (you can have Grail Knights or other magic missiles for that.

Perhaps take out 2 S.M also, and run them 6 wide. This should still give you about 100/200ish points left over for either (a BsB -though you have a LD 10 Inspiring Presence General, so it may not be needed- but probably won't have points for one). If the other player dosen't mind, you should proxy those 5 S.H as 5 D.Ps as even 5 naked D.Ps (150) are better than 5 S.H.

This still leaves you with the condrum of having 100/200ish points left, take a Tiranioc Chariot perhaps? And then somehow try to pump the S.M up to 21 so they can have ranks at 3, but will hit even harder at 7 wide.

24-12-2010, 22:10
Interesting response.

Well, I'll think about what you said there, besides the GE part, I will not get 2 great eagles before this game and drop troops I've never used.

And i will not proxy the DP, I'll get some instead ;)