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The Thirty
26-12-2010, 01:14
Now that my vague title has lured you all in here - I have a question to ask the community.

Could Lorgar be having doubts? I mean, his "vision" of what he wanted the Imperium to be; humanity sharing his love and absolute faith in the Emperor as being a god. His seed of faith has come to fruition in the Imperium he turned his back on. His dream has become a reality.

I ask about if he could be torn because in The First Heretic, we see his reluctance, and sorrow, in having to fight his brothers out of what he views as a duty to share religion with humanity, to unite them.. but humanity has the Emperor, and we see active miracles and living saints - arguably proving his divinity.

Could he have doubts about his choices?

Is it possible that is why he's been in seclusion for so long?

A Shadow
26-12-2010, 05:45
Possible, yes. Likely, maybe.

It is stated that of the Primarchs Lorgar was the less warlike then his brothers and his doubts are certainly depicted well. The fact that First Heretic seems to point the finger at Erebus and Kor Phaeron as being the architects of the fall to chaos would suggest that he may have regrets over what he did.

Penitent Engine
26-12-2010, 06:35
That said, Chaos has an irritating habit of warping the minds of its servants - Lorgar as he is now may not bear any resemblance to his pre-Heresy self.

Maybe he feels cheated and bitter that his dream has been realised and now tries to kill him at every opportunity?

26-12-2010, 18:28
Lorgar has transcended mortality and become a Daemon Prince. There's no telling what thoughts he's having now. All of the surviving chaos primarchs (except Angron) now spend all of their time locked in reverie, waiting for the last battle.