View Full Version : kill just the mounted lord, not the dragon. no victory points?

Da Crusha
27-12-2010, 00:33
hey guys Im playing a game and I killed a lord on dragon. the dragon then flew into a corner for the rest of the game. my opponent says you can only get points for the character if the lord and the dragon were killed. is this true? where does it say it in the rulebook?

27-12-2010, 00:49
Did you kill the whole unit? If not, then you can't get full points for it :/

27-12-2010, 08:10
If either the Mount or the Character is alive, you get VP's for neither.


Da Crusha
27-12-2010, 08:22
I found it guys, it was in the FAQ.

Q: If I kill a character but not their mount, do I score victory points
for just the character, the character and their mount, or must I kill
the mount too in order to score any victory points? (p143)
A: You must kill the character and his mount to score any
victory points.

27-12-2010, 08:29

This is an often overlooked detail in 8th Ed that makes littletono sense.

In my group we probably end up cursing it every other game.

7th Ed had its faults, but there was nothing wrong at all with getting half vp's for "halved" units, or scoring individual vp's for chars and mounts (as is the issue here).

27-12-2010, 11:53
Yeah I find that I tend to play games with the 7th edition victory points house-ruled back in, so half points for a half killed unit, and separate scoring for character and mount.

But it's something you need to agree with your opponent at the start when you're determining which scenario you're going to play.

I think 7th edition VPs are a must for small games, as I played a game of Island of Blood Skaven versus Island of Blood High Elves (plus a couple extras) and managed to score zero victory points as I just couldn't wipe out any units! For the kinds of big games that 8th seems to favour the 8th edition victory points are a bit easier, but the gap can become huge, especially if someone is specifically going for points denial with their character.