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27-12-2010, 11:29

1.1 Introduction

"This is Pulp at its best..."

Hello community, after I finished my Slaanesh Marines (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=249285) a while ago I wanted to start a new project that had nothing to do with Gamesworkshop. After looking around a bit I found Infinity. The game is simply amazing. Very complex rules, even more strategic and by far the best Sci-Fi minis I have ever seen. Not to mention that is plays like a nonstop action flick.
The best of it all is that you only need about 6 to 10 minis with bucket loads of terrain to play. But after I painted all my ALEPH minis in one day :cool: and 40K on the hold (due to lack of interest of playing with the current crappy codex) I wanted to get something that has a real trash flavor (fluff wise) and uses more models than Infinity, but less than 40K or even WHF. I looked at some Zombie Games but that just wasnt it. Then I remembered that I had the Secrets of the third Reich Rulebook laying around somewhere. I always wanted to start the game but as many of you know, an estimated 144% of TT gamers play 40K or WHF or just something from GW in general and wont look at other systems(This was meant to be irony). So I put it on hold due to lack of gamers. Lucky me, I finally found people who played it and only a short drive away.

Now what faction should I play? After freshening up on the fluff and looking at the different options I was torn. I love the Weird War 2 settting and all the ridiculous things that come with it (Google IronSky if you dare ^^). So I want Mechs, Zombies or simply bad ass people on steroids. The UK Troops have the coolest Heavy Armored Infantry in the game but they lack any occult stuff. The Russians have Zombies, Mutants and *******' Werebears but they miss the bad ass part. The US lacks the occult and weird stuff but has the most AND coolest bad asses in game. Also their Mech design is just amazing.

Now I got to the Germans... They lack the bad asses... no, wait WHAT? Live Wire? A Girl that was send out by the Science Division to inspect a crashed UFO in the arctic and was transformed into some sort of living metal by aliens? Hell yeah! Sadly Live Wire is the only character I like from them but oh well, lets continue. Normal troops, the drop Troops look.. puffy but ok. Werewolfs... check, Vampires... check :evilgrin:
Mech design isn't that special but I like it. What finally sold me are the Zombies. Strap a bomb to their chest and you are set :wtf: This is just too over the top, let me at 'em!!!!
(Bare in mind, that this only reflects my opinion)

I got the faction, now I need the models and the motivation. The models are ordered from Maelstrom Games and the motivation is this thread.
It will take some time before I get them all done, but like my Slaanesh Marines they will get done


1.2. News

27.12.2010 -> Creation of my log and waiting for my order to arrive
17.01.2011 -> Order arrived and pic of the package
24.01.2011 -> A quick update and added the in-offical Project Theme Song :-D

1.3 Overview

1x Live Wire (1 Model)

1x Mech Grenadier Command (4 Models)

1x Mech Grenadier Assault Rifles (4 Models)
2x Mech Grenadier Gewehr Auto Rifles (4 Models)

1x Mech Grenadier Sniper (2 Models)

1x Jägerhund Rottweiler (1 Model)

1x Jägerhund Mondheulen (1 Model)

1x Jägerhund Dobermann (1 Model)

1x Pinger and Controller (2 Models)
1x Zombies in Helmets (4 Models)
1x Zombie Bombs (4 Models)
1x SdKfz 331/1 Hornet Panzer Mecha (1 Model)

under the brush


Enjoy :)

27-12-2010, 13:21
Looking forward to it, I think the SoTR is fantastic and the setting is great, I have a soviet force that has seen many a battle.

Good luck and I hope they arrive asap.

17-01-2011, 08:48
Finally the mailman just dropped off my order from Maelstrom Games at work today :) I couldn't resist taking a quick snapshot of the package.

It seems that the Hornet Mecha is missing a base :( I have to figure something out for that. Oh well...

Also some of the paints and the primer is missing in the package.


24-01-2011, 00:51
Hey Guys,

just wanted to let you know that the plog isn't dead yet ^^
I painted up Livewire, 4 Zombies in Helmets, 4 Zombie Bombs, Pinger and Controller and the 3 Jägerhunde. The Dipp is drying right now and I will attend to the bases tomorrow or the day after. I had to alter the colour scheme I had in mind a bit due to the fact that I forgot to order primer and some paints. Oh well, they didn't come out quite as good as I hoped they would, but I still like them. Can't wait to paint the rest once I got the missing primer.

When painting I like to run through my youtube playlists and somehow I got stuck with one of my all time fav bands. I am heavily into EBM, Darkwave & Industrial and one song seemed so fitting for this project I will post it here too ^^ Like an in-official theme for the project.

Funker Vogt - City of Darkness

oh, and I will post pictures soon too ^^

24-01-2011, 14:35
Here we go...

I have completed the bases and I noticed that I made some painting mistakes with them, but fortunately they only show in the pics. I paint VERY fast and ignore most errors that wont show on the table once the miniature is dipped but you will be able to see them in the pics. Just a heads up ^^

Today its Livewire :cool:
I need to do the IronCross on her right... boob (dont blame me for that! Westwind has it in their pics and I like the look)

Enjoy :)

24-01-2011, 15:57
Nice, I'm doing germans myself.

How is the Livewire model, I imagine it to be quite thin and one dimensional or is it ok?

Loving the red on it, are you using GW paints or something else?

I think you'll enjoy painting the doberman Jagerhund model, I loved it. :D

26-01-2011, 01:03
Hey Magath,

the Livewire Modell is fairly one-dimensional, but in a good way. It supports the sleak and deadly idea behind it very well. Its very detailed. I wouldnt mind if they made it close to the rules. But I suppose a 5" Base for such a small modell would be a bit too much ^^

30-01-2011, 13:18
Hey there Folks,

just a quick update today. The Pinger and Controller for the Zombies and Zombie Bombs :D

Oh, I watched Feast the other day, I REALY should listen to my first impression of a film. *shudders* so sick, funny, but so extremely sick. There are only a few times I regret watching a movie... and this was one of the times.

enjoy :)