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29-12-2010, 02:40
So here's part of my story/fluff revolving around my guard veterans, the delta squad, heavily armed and armored, gene-modified soldiers that are the elite squad of my army, and the exploits they have undergone. this is only the first bit, more will come later


The sounds of the shelling all around them had become something of a lullaby, artillery fired by the traitor filth was near constant. Delta squad had holed up inside the ruins of a manufactorum and were making ready to persecute their mission. They had been assigned a high priority target of assaulting a fuel depot that would cut supplies to the enemy armor and could very well be a breaking point in this war. Staff Sergeant Markos checked his magazine on his bolter and grunted. Low... but just enough to finish the mission if we conserve and pick our shots...

"Anyaa, Santago, what's your call?" He asked them with his deep voice, taking a draw from his large cigar and letting the smoke drift languidly around his head before blowing out.

Santago turned to Markos and gave a small smile. "Well the way I reckon it, its about a ninety-five percent chance of us meeting the Emperor while trying to pull this off. I'm a pessimist though..." He said, chuckling.

"We can do it, it'll be rough, but we can pull it off" Anyaa said, crossing the distance from where she had been watching the area to stand near to Markos.

Everyone knew that Markos and Anyaa were lovers, and noone ever made a comment about it, they were "too professional" to risk the Sergeant punching one of them in the face. Markos grunted in agreement with Anyaa and Santago and then turned to the rest of his men. "You apes got ten minutes before we saddle up and roll out. Drink or smoke it if you got it but keep your ***** sharp, this is one of those bigtime runs, high priority."

Markos shifted his heavy carapace armor to sit more comfortably and looked at his squad. They could do this, it was gonna be one bloody hell of a scrap, but they had this in their hands. This is what Delta squad did, the missions even the Glory Boys were scared of.