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29-12-2010, 18:52
Every time I start a new army I feel like I'm cheating on my older ones, and I keep saying to myself "it's not a relationship, it's just a one night paint", but it's rarely that simple, is it? This is exactly what happened when I decided to paint a pre-heresy Alpha Legion marine, after falling in love with their fluff...

To finish this without too much talk, here's what this log will be about:
- As it says on the tin, heresy era Alpha Legion. But I see them as equally well representing Alpha Legion in the 40th millenium.
- It will be slow. I'm doing one model at a time.
- Hopefully I'll at some time in the far future have an army playable as SM, CSM, SW or the Renegades list from the Vraks books.
- With every finished squad, I'll do a traditionally huge fluff entry in the style of my Savage Orcs log.

First finished marine (which some of you might already have seen in my AdMech blog) of as of yet unnamed, recon-themed squad :

Brother Kalaan Ceth

"By way of deception, thou shalt do war."






Next up will be WIP squad apothecary and sergeant. C&C very welcome!


Mega Nutz
29-12-2010, 19:02
Nice looking job, very neat OSL especially on the front view!

29-12-2010, 19:57
Very nice marine! the OSL is good, really cool backpack, and I like pose.

I see you didnt paint up the purity seal in noticable colors. Is that for him being stealthy or have you considered filing those off?

Other than that I look forward to the next one!

29-12-2010, 21:16
Looking really good man! You should already start toying with the hydra insignia and perhaps scales. In The First Heretic the Alpha Legion already started wearing hydra symbols.

30-12-2010, 11:10
Stunning! What a characterful model, the backpack kitbash is superb!

Keep it up, consider me subscribed!


30-12-2010, 12:44
Drill out the bolter, you might also want to fill up the gap between the middle and lower part of the backpack. :)

30-12-2010, 14:12
Very nice work, particularly on the armor freehand, the skin tones, the battle damage, the overall feel and mood of the piece!

31-12-2010, 10:28
Mega Nutz - Thanks, I'll keep green OSL as a unifying element across the army, so it's good to hear it's working!

Hushrong - Now that's a though! In truth I've just forgot painting it, as well as the skull on his belt, but I'll remedy that soon enough!

Malika - Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely drill out all the barrels as soon as I get hold of a drill! As for the hydra emblem and scales, I'll keep those to a minimum - at least the scales. Partly because I fell in love with the Alpha Legion as pictured in Legion, i.e pre-Istvaan, and partly because I imagine "my" company to simply have followed an entirely non-aligned path during the heresy, working for Horus but not with him, if you know what I mean. Post-heresy they are doing much the same.

Memnon - Thanks mate!

Tinfoil - Thanks! Great compliments, as "the overall feel and mood" is very much what I'm most concerned about! I hope you'll like the freehand on the apothecary that's up next, I'm getting more and more into this whole astartes heraldry thing...

At the moment I'm at a friend's (some of you might know him, he's more known as Tejbz) place to celebrate new year's eve, so I can't take pictures of my latest progress until tomorrow at the earliest. I'm working at the apothecary now, and have perhaps finished him to 50%, I'm REALLY happy with how he's coming along! If you liked this one, the apothecary will be even better hopefully.


02-01-2011, 17:27
WIP of Brother Nkon and obligatory pet pic:





02-01-2011, 20:41
I like Brother Nkon, especially the weathering and the freehand work!

03-01-2011, 14:34
Yes the new addition is looking good, perhaps a bit furry?

On a serious note, the apothecary is shaping up nicely, as Hushrong here say, the weathering and freehand look ace! Keep up the good work mate. :)

05-01-2011, 06:09
Nice miniatures! It is easy to impress me because I am painting an Alpha-Legion-Renegade army too at the moment .. :) The OSL on Brother Kalaan did you very well, but the gold legionsymbol does not please me completely. Maybe Blacklining the next time?

I am looking forward to your next finished miniature!

Greetz Morbidus

05-01-2011, 10:55
Thanks for the comments everyone, and welcome to warseer Morbidus! Nice to hear from a fellow Alpharius ;) I am not entirely happy with that symbol myself either, so might very well go back and retouch it a bit.

I made a few orders on some bits sites just now, including the following:
- 1x Blood Angels Death Company Body C
- 2x 2nd Ed Chaos Space Marine Backpack C
- 3x Forgeworld Ferrox Bolter
- 2x Forgeworld Mk V Armour Studded Shoulder Pad
- 5x Space Marine Torso D
- 1x Space Marine Head With Gas Mask
- 2x Space Marine Torso C
- 1x Forgeworld Heresy Era Flamer
- 1x Forgeworld Heresy Era Missile Launcher
- 2x Black Templar Maximus Helmet

All in all and combined with the bits I already have, this should allow me to bring the tactical squad to at least eight strong. Really looking forward to opening those small packages and fiddling around a bit.

Talking of the tactical squad, Brother Nkon and Sergeant Chira are now finished apart from basing. Pics will be up as soon as I got both camera and models in the same place at the same time, which seems to not be happening a lot lately!


05-01-2011, 12:44
Always good to see more Alpha Legion out there :)

I see you've gone for a bluer colour rather than the (old-school) more purple heresey-era colour scheme. Any particular reason for this?

Your freehand is very nice, especially on the Apothecary - I know from experience how hard those 'A' symbols are to paint!

Kudos on planning a flexible force for use with several codecies aswell - hard to pull off, but very AL indeed :)

Hydra Dominatus

05-01-2011, 18:20
I bring you...

Brother Nkon

"...and thou shalt visit violence upon them, so that weaker Men shall not."





WarpWhisperer - I think the colour is more of a blue purple (or at least a purpley blue!) than straight blue, I like to think of it as a colour that fits both pre- and post-heresy fluff well enough. It's a far cry from the purple of the Emperor's Children, but it's also almost as far from the blue of the Ultramarines. I blame the photos a bit as well, they keep messing with my colours! :)


06-01-2011, 07:14
Always good to see more Alpha Legion, especially of this caliber! Keen to see the force develop :D

06-01-2011, 09:50
Subbed. I love alpha legion and you're doing a sterling job so far. Any plans for the bases?

06-01-2011, 10:06
And another great log by you! I love the way you've approached the XXVII Legion, very characterful and gritty. Great job on the OSL as well! Consider me subscribed.

Monsterzonk :skull:

06-01-2011, 19:17
Splendid work chap! I can see that you have your fighting trousers on.

The new marine is looking freaking awesome, and even better up close, I am holding him in my hands right now. :) Very nice!

Kathie von Vhoorl
07-01-2011, 01:32
I'm liking the colors quite a bit. Your weathering and freehand skills are very inspiring. I will be watching this as it progresses.

07-01-2011, 12:07
hey beat the beat love the attention youve given each model and that apple flesh green you've brought in as a secondary colour really compliements the dark blues. so are these guys and your ad mech for a campaign?

07-01-2011, 21:24
Good evening everyone!

Noserenda - Thanks!

Alith Anar - Yeah, I'll do them in the same style as the first marine, but not all will be resin bases.

Monsterzonk - Thanks! Good to have you onboard!

Boo - Haha definitely fighting trousers!

Kathie von Vhoori - Glad to hear you like the colour, I'm really happy with it too.

clansman - Not at the moment, no! They might be a small part of the fluff in the AdMech log though, or is it really them? You never know with the Alpha Legion...

Here's the latest addition to the army by the way, Brother-Captain Xol:


I'm making a fourth tactical marine as well, which is probably up next for painting. Got some bits from my friend Boo here which made the future of this project in general, and the tactical squad in particular, look much brighter!


07-01-2011, 22:26
Nice use of the emperor's champ :)

07-01-2011, 22:38
Like warpwhisperer, I also like the use of the Emperor's Champion. It has a cool and confident pose, and with your conversions and paint job, it will make for a nice Alpha Legionnaire.

08-01-2011, 05:10
Good use of a mini, which I never thought about for the Legion. Are you going to place a bannerpole on the backpack?

Keep going! :)

Gtz Morbidus

09-01-2011, 18:53
Thanks guys! Really looking forward to painting him! He's not going to have a banner though, as I want him to blend in really well with the ordinary marines from a distance to confuse the enemy (both in fluff and in actual gaming). But up-close there'll be LOTS of detail, believe me!

But for now:

Brother-Sergeant Chiro

"Sure I am this day that I am master of mine fate, that no task shalt be beyond me..."





And before anybody points it out, YES I forgot to paint the purity seals on this one as well... And the thingies going into his head. This is the last time, I promise... :angel:


09-01-2011, 19:57
very good. loving the directional lighting and freehand legion symbols

09-01-2011, 21:42
Thanks mate!

This project is really progressing at an unusually (for me) quick pace! Tonight I've been painting with Boo, who's doing some really nice Angels Vermillion which I hope he'll make a log for soon, and I managed to finish another marine:

Brother Cazhu

...for victory shalt not be denied to those who fear no sacrifice.




10-01-2011, 08:22
Your latest two are looking good and you are really churning these guys out!

10-01-2011, 10:42
Is there any fluff behind the Sgt's left shoulder pad? Or am I jumping the gun a little here?

10-01-2011, 20:15
That conversion using the Emperor's Champion looks sweet, buddy! You've perfected a really nonchalant looking pose for him.

The Legionairres are looking very characterful - I too like that Sergeant's shoulder pad ;) I think that once the basing is complete these guys are going to make for a brilliant group shot.

Is there anyone who DOESN'T love the Legion?

P.S. Loving your productivity - MOAR!!!

EDIT: MY THOUSANDTH POST!!! And well deserving of this fine log :D

11-01-2011, 10:46
Thanks guys, and extra thanks to mr. Ragsta for spending his 1000th post in this log! There is no particular fluff behind the Sergeant's shoulder pad, other than that I wanted a ornate design and found a Sons of Horus shoulder pad on one of the HH books' cover artwork that looked the part. Deliberately not going for any unified rank-related heraldry, as that's more Ultramarine (bad) than Alpha Legion (good).

P.S I'm enjoying it too, so you'll have your fill soon enough I hope ;)


11-01-2011, 10:55
They look splendid, much better than my poor ol' red marines. :) Too bad that you've got such a small force, I was pining for a battle when you visited.

Keep on going mate, I thoroughly enjoy your log.

12-01-2011, 22:32
Haha not entirely true mate! Your new ones look absolutely ace. The old ones are... What, two-three years old aren't they? Let's not talk about my stuff from back then, eh? :D

Anyways, here's the latest marine with a head very kindly supplied by Jihad Ragsta, bringing the first squad to combat squad status (after which I just might reward myself with painting the brother-captain):



13-01-2011, 09:03
The flamer Marine looks really cool! I like that backpack a lot! How did you make it? I'm pretty sure it's not stock. Can we get a back shot of this one?

EDIT: And in addition to Jihad_Ragsta's 1000th post, you now have my 2000th! ;)

Monsterzonk :skull:

14-01-2011, 21:49
Haha hell yeah! If this had been a Thousand Sons log, it would have been even more appropriate! I'll get pics of his backpack the next time I make a photo update, but it's just a older edition CSM backpack with shortened "extensions".

Anyway, wasn't much in the mood for painting today as my mind is screwed by our exam which is due sunday. So I made a 1000 pts list instead, your opinion is welcomed!

Brother-Captain Xol 175 pts
(Pedro Kantor)

Sternguard Squad 190 pts
7 Marines, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Launcher
(These are the ones I'm working on at the moment)

Sternguard Squad 125 pts
5 Marines
(these I might do up as a flashy command squad but only armed with bolters + a chainsword, to make the enemy prioritise them in their shooting instead of something more important like my Captain + his squad)

Scout Squad 106 pts
6 Scouts, Camo Cloaks, Sniper Rifles
(For these I'll use the FW Tallarn Snipers with some GS, in fluff they are Scouts in disguise)

Scout Squad 75 pts
5 Scouts
(I'm thinking of having these as ordinary Scouts but with head swaps for Pig Iron rebreather heads, and then painted up as Imperial Fists or some other Loyalist chapter/legion)

Omega Level Operative 120 pts
Callidus equivalent
(Some Ninja-like character, think Grammaticus from the Legion book)

Gamma Level Operatives 70 pts
5 Storm Trooper equivalents, Meltagun
(More "standard" operatives, might use FW Elysian vets for these)

Land Speeder Squadron 140 pts
2 Land Speeders, Heavy Bolters, Multi-Meltas

= 1001 pts



17-01-2011, 09:00
Handed in our home exam yesterday, and celebrated by (amongst other things) painting the last marine needed for the combat squad.

Brother Ortega

Thus in oblivion and the scorn of those you seek to save; there shall lie your reward.




The blue/purple turned out a little bit too blueish on the photos! I haven't painted the purity seal on this one either, as I'll do them all in one batch. And then it's basing and group photo time!


17-01-2011, 19:28
That pose is quite something, I can't put my finger on what it is that makes it so characterful... Looks like he's advancing in the teeth of enemy fire. Also looks like one of the old Rogue Trader colour pictures of Marines in battle ;) (I'm old)

Congratulations on the exam, I'm confident that the results will be good! Did you put any thought into my suggestion of making your own studded pads by the way? This one looks cool but you need MOAR!!!

18-01-2011, 02:58
The list sounds interesting and I look forward to seeing the operatives.

From the latest marine, I really like the pose and I really like the way the mk6 shoulder guard is painted. That green is VERY nice!

18-01-2011, 22:05
Woop woop! :) The new additions look really cool. I like the painted beaky, top notch work as always mate.

The list is rather special I say. Interesting choice of stuff. Will be fun to see this come together.


18-01-2011, 22:09
Glad that you like the latest marine! I fiddled around a bit reposing his legs (just a little though), so that might be what makes it dynamic. They are a bit further apart than usual. As of mk6 shoulder pads, I haven't really considered making my own yet, as I won't need many more in a while as I'm doing quite a lot of mk3 and mk4 now, and then I'll be getting the FW mk5 I think. But before making more Astartes, there'll be some other stuff for variety after I'm done with the Captain.

The Captain?

Yes, the Captain (very WIP)..:


Sorry for the bad pic, it's night over here. Oh, and yes, I know I shouldn't be doing the Captain ATM. I should be studying. And even if I was too lazy for that, I should be basing the combat squad and painting purity seals. Oh well... :D


19-01-2011, 17:06
I'm putting way too much time into this model...



19-01-2011, 23:14
Exquisite work on the captain's robes. Your freehand-fu is impressive!

21-01-2011, 09:55
Thanks mate! I find the freehands possible on Astartes are what really keeps me motivated for this project, so it's good to hear they look the part!

And finally:


There stood Chiro, Nkon and Ortega, silently cleaning their boltguns in preparation for the coming action. Their dark armour, an eclectic mix of mark 3 and mark 6 armour typical of units just upgrading to the most recent armour patterns sent from Mars, reflected the lights from the stark white lights high above in the hangar. Ceth and Cazhu, the ever-useful twins, were crouching on the floor making last minute adjustments to the dummy drops preceding their own. Some casual remarks about the efficiency of the planet's military in relation to the crew canteen chef's soup made Xol believe that they were mostly done, though. With a silent cough, he brought the twins to some semblance of order.

"Brothers, we are making planetfall soon. You all know what is expected of you, and you all know the special circumstances we are operating under from now on. Any changes to the plan I ought to be aware of?"

Cazhu, carefully making last-minute adjustments to the ornate power fist of Xol's armour that he was now wearing, nodded. "Yeah, you can have your silk glove back..." he said with a smile. Xol tried to hold back a smile of his own, but definitely failed and broke out into laughter. Cazhu and Ceth always had difficulties adjusting to his armour, as their arms were slightly longer than his. "Shut it, Cazhu! I expect my armour to be in a condition fit for the Emperor himself to..."

The mood darkened. They were indeed in a time where joking about the Emperor felt like a thing of the past. "Brothers, you all know the importance of this mission. We do this for the Emperor, and we can only hope that he is not particularly observant of the nature of our enemy. Embark."

So, finally done with the combat squad! Turned out rather nicely, I think, and goes together pretty much as I visualised. The armour could've been a little bit more purple, and I need to include some more white in the rest of the squad to offset the Apothecary's white areas. Next up is the brother-captain, and then I'll order some FW Tallarns as soon as I can to start on the Scout squad.

C&C welcome as always!


21-01-2011, 18:07
Very nice squad shot :)

22-01-2011, 09:45
That squad already looks really cool. Like I said, I love the dirty, gritty feel you've achieved. And the fluff was also a good read. Keep it up!

Monsterzonk :skull:

22-01-2011, 15:04
Thanks guys! As I'm done with the minimum amount of marines for one squad, and soon done with the captain as well, I figured I'd get myself started on the second Troop choice; the Scout squad:


The plan is to possibly change the sniper rifles to either boltguns or bolt pistols + ccws, and rebase the missile launcher team on separate bases. And then green stuff the turban thingies so they cover all of the face except for the eyes. Aaaaand maybe something more as well. We'll see what happens when I get my hands on the models!


22-01-2011, 15:30
Ooooh... Excellent idea there... How about modelling the bases as if they had just thrown down smoke grenades, to cover their movement - really really thick smoke, but just coming out of the grenade, not covering everything yet?

23-01-2011, 11:04
Good idea DapperAnarchist, but I don't know if it fits how I intended them as they'll be very static (like most things in this army - I aim for "calm & cool" rather than "ACTIONNNN!"), and I would know even less how to model it!

Anyway, less words, more pics.







Brother-Captain Xol
Saviour of Ukselus, Strategor Prima, Son-Heir of Alpharius, Council-Lord of the 27th

As with every other Alpha Legionnaire, little is known of Brother-Captain Xol outside of the Legion - and of what is known most, if not all; are lies. Within the Legion though, information is more freely shared and more often true. Xol was at the time of the Heresy one of the foremost warriors in the legion, having been granted command over the 27th Company. At Ukselus, he led the 27th Compant alongside an Imperial Fists contingent in one of the most conventional actions of the Legion, where he gained the grudging respect of the stubborn Fists and the honourary title of "Saviour of Ukselus" bestowed upon him by none other than Rogal Dorn in a private audience. Therefore, he is one of the few Alpha Legionnaires known by name outside of the Legion itself. It is presumed, however, that the actual marine present at the audience was not Xol, and thus while his name is known, his identity is still secret as is to be expected of the higher echelons of command within any Alpha Legion company.

Xol's armour, one of the few all-Mark III suits in the Legion, is at a distance hard to distinguish from those of his brothers, but upon closer inspection his armour shows decoration to a degree unusual for the Alpha Legion. This is fully intentional, however, as it is common practice for a brother of lower rank to use Xol's armour and assume the role of commander in any given battle - a mission often received with both honour and some worry, as at close quarters Xol's armour marks out the bearer as of some importance and invariably makes him the target of enemy leaders or champions. Often, those selected for the honour go on to join the command council of the 27th, or are later assigned to its Terminator squad.

Overall really happy with how he turned out. The camera did want to make a mess out of the bolter purity seal though, it looks far less yellow and is actually highlighted IRL, something that doesn't show very well here... Xol's eyes are also much darker on the pics than in IRL, where they look the same (i.e more orange/yellow) as his fellas in the tactical squad.


23-01-2011, 13:17
Nice fluff, mate, very interesting.

I don't think the pictures have done the Captain justice if I'm totally honest - they've washed out some of your cool freehand for sure. The red seals and eyes could do with one more highlight I think (unless the pic has killed those too).

I love the buried Ultramarine symbol!! Death to the corrupt sons of Gulliman!! The metal work and freehand stuff is very good here.

24-01-2011, 22:05
Hey, thanks mate! Yeah, I'm having a hard time getting good pics of these as it's just too dark here 24/7, and the models are pretty dark themselves. Ah well.

The latest addition to Company XXVII:



Hadriel Caine
26-01-2011, 00:18
This thread (amongst others) is the thing that has suggested that if I were to do a Chaos force of my own it would be an Alpha Legion one.

26-01-2011, 18:34
Great looking first squad and captain! :)

I also love the little fluff pieces that you make for each one when they are finished.

The techmarine is looking good, the pose is really awesome, chilling with the axe :D

01-02-2011, 19:35
Hadriel Caine - Great praise indeed! Thanks, be sure to start a log here if you do!

Boo - Thanks mate! Yeah, I'm happy with him, though the pose took a lot of tinkering.

Anyway, here's a little vitamin injection into the log in the form of something that's NOT power armoured: Scouts! Alpha Legion style, of course.


The hand holding the bolter is really not as big as it looks in the pic, I think it's the darker colour of plastic playing visual tricks.

C&C welcome! Thinking of adding the typical Scout shoulder pads.


01-02-2011, 21:03
Sorry for the double post! Went back and added the shoulder pads, and I really think they made the models come together. More importantly, once I start bringing in operatives and whatnot in the force, these will be easily distinguished as Scouts and nothing else.



02-02-2011, 12:24
ah, they definately look better with the shoulder pads :)

03-02-2011, 14:48
They look very good with the shoulderpads! :) It will certainly look perfect with the rest of the marines.

Those models are awesome

03-02-2011, 15:00
Wow, the scouts look very impressive. Very distinct, and much more dynamic (in a "calm and cool" way, of course!) than stock GW scouts do. Looking forward to seeing them painted.

03-02-2011, 15:57
I have to agree as well that the scouts look ace. So far the Tallarn really fit the bill.

What is the metal head that you have used might I ask?

04-02-2011, 08:52
Thanks guys! The metal head is an old Pig Iron Rebel head I got lying around since my Volkhov 4th IG log.

Anyway, I'm in a hurry to class, so here goes:

Brother-Sergeant Sfee

"Adapt or perish."





C&C welcome as always!


04-02-2011, 12:53
Love your alpha legion, the conversions are really cool and the grittiness really suits the theme. The tallarn scouts is a nice touch, the only thing I miss is some dried grass or such on the bases as that would complete the look IMO.


06-02-2011, 12:41
looking awesome, its a smart idea to use the tallarns as scouts :) keep up the good work

06-02-2011, 18:29
Thanks guys! I will in fact add some dry grass, look at the squad shot of the combat squad to see how it will look! I won't do that until the whole squad is finished though.

Today I give you, except for exceptionally bad photo quality:

Reverse True-Scaling!!!1!!11!!one!!11


...and some signs of progress. I've got two scouts WIP, and made another tactical marine (with bionic leg! Woop!). But mainly I just wanted to show how "truescale" ordinary marines become when compared to FW humans instead of GWs two-story-high Cadians.

However, as Scouts are still Astartes, I now need to find some even smaller models to use as ordinary humans in the army... But fear not. I have some quite lordy ideas... ;)


07-02-2011, 14:07
The scouts look cool, that was a fun idea going for Tallarn. I wasn't a fan of the shoulder pads when you first mentioned them BUT they look cool, so well done. I like the sarge qwielding that beast of a bolter!

Have you seen Apologists Alpha Legionaries? You seem to be on the same wave length re. your interpretation of the Chapter's style. I like the robed look on these scouts - as per my PM I wonder if some robed and cowled Marines might work...

06-03-2011, 20:40
Hey dude these are really nice!! :) have you read the book Legion? if not a great book.

Also cheers for the comment on our thread and noticing the lack of replies lol, anyway keep up with these as they're really going somewhere

"I am Alpharius" :D

09-03-2011, 02:19
Im loving this log, really need to read the chaos section on warseer more! Good work especially with the Tallarns, I had thought about using them but rejectied the idea as converting thin resin is scary and expensive :eek: but you have pulled it off superbly sir!

11-03-2011, 19:29
Hey, cool to see this pop up again! It's not entirely unmotivated though, as I hope to get back to these in a few weeks (yeah, exam period + snowboard trip does that to your planning...).

Jihad_Ragsta - Thanks! Yeah, I've seen them and I'm a fan of the style but they seem weirdly proportioned and a bit rushed compared to his (wonderful) UM stuff. They've certainly been a stylistic inspiration though! Honestly not too excited about robed AL, if anything they should have A) camouflage painted on their armour, B) ghillie suits or C) both of the above! Robes, however done, feels too monkish for the practical AL. Cloaks could work. (Oh, and those bits I'm sending... SOON mate, soon! hahaha sorry for uber-delay!)

BBTramp - Thanks! Yep, Legion is basically what tipped me over the edge. Read it twice, might read it a third time I feel. Awesome, awesome depiction of the AL.

Noserenda - Thanks! Your AL were definitely on the "sources of inspiration"-list for these, so thanks for that as well!

All in all... This log is definitely not dead, just awaiting the SHINY SYNDROME (tm) of the new O&G to wear off, and a massive lightening of my study/work load could help as well..


24-03-2011, 13:46
Nobody expects the Alpha Legion!

Brother-Scouts Cek and Faem

"A simple truth is the most complex deception"



C&C welcome! They didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, and the photos make them even worse, but for being the first AL I paint in a few weeks (months?) I'm actually quite satisfied.


24-03-2011, 14:43
They look really awesome

24-03-2011, 19:30
Quick! Bring out the extra awesome scouts and... oh... they are already here. Cool.
Nice stuff dude, as always!

Hey oh!

11-04-2011, 20:16
Thanks guys! And sorry for the long downtime, but this is NOT due to inactivity on my part but rather caused by my camera being out of batteries and the charger being 1000 kms away! It's on its way here now, so soon there'll be proof of progress...

So, what's incoming? I've finished the last Scout (making 4) and also their accompanying Operative (for a game legal scout squad of 5) which I'm REALLY happy with. And this also makes for the minimum required force org chart being complete! The reward I'd promised myself was to get either a Dreadnought or a Land Speeder, and yesterday I got this from Ebay:


Appropriate, huh? Not really decided on if I should A) remove brass etch and repaint it in AL colours or B) keep brass etch and repaint it in AL colours but with white Ultramarines symbols.

And I also decided to include these models (from a Mechanicus project that never went far) in my budding army:






Oh, and I also finished a sixth marine. Pics as soon as I get the battery charger!


12-04-2011, 15:54
Double post then. Finally got my camera battery charger back:

Brother Veech

"By our victory shall the enemy first know us"


Remodeled the Tech Priest shown before to be "just" a ordinary marine. Turned out much better, I think.






During most or all campaigns, the 27th Company, like all other companies of the Alpha Legion, makes extensive use of operatives - these range from freshly recruited members of the local population, to inserted agents purposely trained for varying amounts of time by the Legion. Often, they prepare the ground for the Astartes of the Alpha Legion, creating safe houses, setting up sensory null zones, and so on. As the plans of the Legion unfold, Operatives increasingly often take part actively in the fighting along the Astartes forces, providing detailed knowledge of the battlezone and the various factions involved.

So, finally an Operative! I'm really happy with how this guy turned out, different enough from the Scouts to stand out but similar enough to adhere to the visual theme. Game wise, he's just an ordinary Scout, which is probably a bit too good really (S4 and T4 in particular) but as a generalised squad, it fits.

C&C welcome as always! By the way, should I switch back to white background for photos?


12-04-2011, 17:18
A lot of goodness in here!

The scouts look great. I never cared for them because of how the current ones look but the Tallarn really fit the bill. As for the Dread, are you going to make it look like an UM but in fact it is AL?

I remember seeing a chosen squad of AL where they look like UM (I really like the Ultra symbols and how they were snakes/hydra heads in that shape). It would be pretty cool. Other wise I would say go all out and make it AL with all the appropriate heraldry.

The AM look good as well!

12-04-2011, 22:03
Is that a diamond pattern camo cloak? That is a lovely idea, and one I must use at some point...

13-04-2011, 00:05
Operative figure is great! Head wrap looks good, a nice touch.

13-04-2011, 09:00
Thanks guys! I'm pretty decided now on removing all the Ultramarine symbols from the dread, as I want this force to be usable as pure pre heresy as well as heresy and 40k. And yes, it's a diamond pattern cloak, damn the pictures for removing so much detail. After this post I'll go back to white background on photos, methinks.

Anyway, Scout squad:





Brother-sergeant Sfee watched out over the canyon as his squad carried out the setting up of the dummy ambush. The last static from the voxlink died down, and he reflected upon the latest news. As expected, the technologically advanced defence force of this planet would not be tricked by the faked transmissions of even the Alpha Legion's most proficient data manipulators. The nigh impenetrable fortification complex named Gamma 47 by the Legion was still closed down, and a frontal assault would be suicide.

Below him in the vast gulf of the canyon, expensive, not to mention heavy, polyplast replicas of yellow-armoured Astartes where being placed out all over the cliff sides, behind bushes and rocks, along with powerful audioemitters and electromagnetic sensory scramblers. The ancient sandstone road lazily winding its way from southeast to north had already been prepared with explosives of various sizes, even though Sfee regretted having to molest such a beautiful piece of work. Maybe it had even been built by settlers who remembered their Terran origin, before the warp storms had come? It didn't matter, Sfee thought, we are Alpha Legion, and victory is our only consideration.

An hour later everything was in place. They had been here for a whole night and day now, which on this planet was far longer than the standard Terran cycle. On the horizon, the first hints of tell tale dust clouds were rising, and Sfee ordered the squad to take up their positions. Soon, the wary defenders of the impenetrable bastion that the Legion called Outpost 37 would receive what would be authenticated as an actual distress call, and finally unlock their thick blast doors...

Sorry for bad pictures, as I said before I really need to change back to white background. Satisfied with this squad, they were pretty quick to paint and tie in nicely to the rest of the force IMO. Additionally they truescale the ordinary marines all by themselves, as I showed earlier in this log. If only GW could proportion their guardsmen like this!


13-04-2011, 09:03
really like idea of conversion of yours scouts,
nice work


Hadriel Caine
13-04-2011, 13:08
The FW Tallarns look great. I'd forgotten your admech stuff too. v nice. I like the FW rocket launcher on the tallarn. Nice and big.

14-04-2011, 22:23
Thanks guys!

Made some changes to Captain Utoniel Xol (repainted right shoulder pad, new boltgun, power fist -> power weapon), hope you like his latest incarnation:




After reading IA: Badab War, I had to have a counts-as Lias Issadon leading my Alpha Legion. Too fitting to pass up! As it turns out I'm way more satisfied with Xol after the changes as well, so it's all good. Oh, and white background definitely worked better than black now that the sun has started showing itself from time to time here in Sweden.

Also painted up the flamer marine shown earlier except for weathering and base, pictures tomorrow of the finished version hopefully!


15-04-2011, 11:18
A big improvement over the previous model I think! :D

16-04-2011, 08:15
Great looking force there. Alpha Legion armies are great to see. So many different interipations of the same sorce material and they all work. Thats the genius of a Alpha Legion army.

I think you painting has improved a hell of alot since you did your mechanicus models. I remember the FW TP because I liked the white robes and the lion head shoulder pad guy.

Please keep the fluff going on the pic posts, it really helps make the army stand out.

16-04-2011, 08:21
That's a great army, especially the operatives. How did you get the faded white on the apothecary's shoulder pad?

16-04-2011, 09:33
Wow! great work on your scouts! They turned out really good IMO. Stop being so modest ;) The re-work you've done on your captain is rather good, although I really liked how he looked with the powerfist. :)

anyway keep it up bro! :D

17-04-2011, 14:47
Thanks everybody! As for the white on the shoulder pads, I first paint up a smooth white and then do several layers of badab black, each time wiping away the wash on the surfaces that would naturally catch light, in this case the top of the shoulder pads.

Here's the flamer marine finally finished, and he got a head swap as well as the earlier heads from (some random company I can't remember) looked a bit tall and weird next to the GW ones, even though they looked great by themselves. Ah well.

On that note, if anybody got pre heresy armour bits spare, I'm more than willing to buy!

Brother Akazen

"A strong enemy fears nothing more than his own shadow"





And some better shots of the Operative to better show the diamond pattern cloak, source lighting and scarf, but it's still a pain to photograph and didn't turn out very well this time either, still a little bit better pics though:



C&C welcome as always! Next up is two more marines, one acting as Sergeant with a power fish and then the bionic leg marine shown earlier... And then there's a Dreadnought inbound during the week, I hope!


Red Scorpion
18-04-2011, 13:13
Love this army - the operatives are a great idea. Makes me feel the urge to purchase some of the FW Tallarn!

Also, power fish? Heh :)

18-04-2011, 15:06
Thanks mate! You should, they are a really underrated set compared to the more usually seen DKoK and Elysians. Haha and yeah, power fish... Hmmm, can't really edit that away now, can I? :D

Here's the eight marine of Squad Four fresh from the production line:

Brother Cetoh

"United in purpose, free in mind"




He'll be, as said in the last post, the acting Sergeant with... eeeeh... "power fish".


Russian Roulette
19-04-2011, 15:34
This is actually my first time stumbling on this...I love the tallaharn scout conversions...those snipers are the sheeeeet

19-04-2011, 15:53
really nice work fella, i like the lighting effects and the opperative is particularly cool, what model is it?

19-04-2011, 17:21
Those operatives are superb! And the marines aren't bad either...they're awesome.

What's next for this?


19-04-2011, 17:28
As always great work! I feel that seeing this army "in the flesh" will be a most pleasant sight!

I must also concur with the rest about your operatives, they are indeed very well made and painted. Excellent! :)

19-04-2011, 19:23
Thanks guys! The Operative (yes, there is only one, the others are Scouts!) is actually the only out of the box model in the entire force, it's a FW Tallarn sniper.

Next up for this army is the dreadnought which hopefully should be arriving in the mail soon, as well as the last two marines for Squad Four. The bits I needed to make the last marine (heavy bolter, mk 4 helmet) were posted from the UK today, so I should hopefully have them before the weekend.

Then, with around 650 pts of mainly marines complete, I think it's time for some Imperial Army, and here I need some help from you guys. I want this feel to the models:


...and I will get that model to convert to standard bearer or lieutenant or something, but I still need models for the rest of the squad. These will be Stormtrooper proxies, so that I can use the WH codex to ally them with my marines, so I need at least 4 (preferably 9) more.

I'm thinking flagellants with "repaired" robes and IG bits for arms and heads (specifically the IG heads bits pack), but it feels like this can turn awfully expensive pretty quick. Anybody has any better ideas for robed bodies which are somewhat in scale?


19-04-2011, 21:04
Your Alpha Legion is looking nice! Hopefully we can get another group shot of them down the road.

Is Brother Akazen's bakcpack a refitted berzerker one? Also, I think that Brother Cetoh's Hydra could use a re-do. Other than that its ace!

03-05-2011, 07:36
Thanks mate! Group shot will be done as soon as the tactical squad and dread are finished! And yes, or at least a Chaos one, don't know which one though! I'll probably redo the hydra, but IRL it looks OK actually, it's just the hugely zoomed in photos that kind of show my errors too well :D

Anyway, anybody else realised just how addicted they are to Warseer when it was down? Scary, it is!

Made some slight progress though, and here's proof of that, and the stuff that's next:



04-05-2011, 01:51
Anyway, anybody else realised just how addicted they are to Warseer when it was down? Scary, it is!


Yes, I actually hugged my monitor, I then hugged and kissed the GF.... but I was thinking of Warseer...:shifty:

I can't wait to see the group shot of the marines together. This is a great plog and I can't wait to see more of it. Thank you BTB


04-05-2011, 07:28
Haha I know the feeling... Thanks for the great compliments, makes me happy to hear!

Here's the ninth marine from the first squad, only one to go now...:

Brother Kalere

"Be silent, be wary, but above all - be somewhere else"







I really feel like I'm getting better at freehanding the heraldry and stuff, and getting the source lighting the way I want it. As you might have noticed I've also decreased the weathering a notch, especially if you go back and compare with the first models. Actually I'm thinking of going back and updating the first ones a bit, repainting and/or touching up some freehands and lighting effects.

C&C welcome as always!


04-05-2011, 18:34
The new AL looks great!

The bionic leg...how did you make that? It kind of looks necron.

07-05-2011, 01:11
Which Mark armour is that?

09-05-2011, 08:44
Hushrong - Thanks! It's a necron leg with the support foot from the IG mortar, nothing fancy but it does the trick. Was primarily just desperate for more variety in poses!

AvatarForm - A mix of Mk4 (helmet, pads), Mk3 (chest), and Mk6 (legs), kind of, but if you go by the Heresy Artbook the standards are a bit looser than the strict FW sets.

Anyway, some kind of milestone has been reached, 500 pts army is now playable!

Brother Thako

"Stealth is nothing but the skill of applying brutality wherever and whenever you want."




And this guy means that Squad Four is done:


Army Trooper Salvigos yawned, and hoped Sergeant Getholo who sat a few metres to his right didn't notice. Their watch was a dull one, as was to be expected on this brown hell of a world. It was like being back in training again, but without the yelling. At times, he figured, he would rather have the yelling than the silence. Casualty rates had been mounting these last months, not from combat - there had been none - but from the utter monotony of the siege. Out of boredom, he checked the thermal imager unit. Nothing. Of course.

Well, he thought, "siege" was perhaps the wrong word, since the enemy's fortresses couldn't be found. They were there, Expedition command was certain, but they were damn hard to find. He had heard lots about these aliens, and had never expected them to put up a fair fight, but at least he had expected a fight. Trooper Salvigos yamned again.

Cold steel knife point against his throat. The feeling was as cold as it was utterly unexpected. His life didn't even have time to pass before his eyes.

"You find your watch dull, Salvigos?" a deep metallic voice whispered, or rather rasped, a few centimetres from his ear. He couldn't bring forth a single word.

As suddenly as it had appeared, the pressure of the knife was gone. "It's all right Trooper, we are on your side. You can turn around."

As he turned around, his body slowly starting to shake from the aftermath of shock and fear the loosening hold of his body, his mind began to shake just as much. Astartes. The armoured giant in front of him was armoured in purple armour the thickness of that found on their unit's infantry fighting vehicles, and had a sidearm as big as their own support weapons. To his side, he saw that the Sergeant had suffered a similar fate and was down on his knees, puking.

Gathering the courage to face the giant, which meant looking up quite a bit, he asked with a stutter what the Sergeant surely wanted to ask as well; "W-Why didn't you show up on our thermal imaging? We c-checked it just now!"

The Astartes removed his helmet and revealed a huge smile, which if anything made the whole situation even less comfortable. "Does it look like we emit heat," he said and made a quick gesture to his backpack, "Trooper Salvigos?

Of course, they emitted heat. They carried bloody fusion power plants on their backs. "Well, y-yes.." he managed.

The giant laughed and threw a look at the second Astartes who had just helped Sergeant Getholo get to his feet again. "Then there's obviously something wrong with your equipment!"

Still laughing, the Astartes turned and began to walk away. "Be sure to repair it, next time it could be the enemy..." he said moments before a dust cloud overtook them and they vanished.

Sergeant Getholo turned towards him. "What the fud...

The rest of the sentence was lost. With a sound like the laughter of gods, the desert exploded.

Aaaand army shot:


Finally, what's up next:



09-05-2011, 09:47
Great looking army so far. I really love the short stories you have included. It give the army that 'real' feeling to it. I can't wait to see more. =o]

09-05-2011, 10:32
progress looks good fella, i really like the general aesthetic. looking forward to seeing the Dreadnought painted up.

09-05-2011, 17:39
Holy moose and fish in the lake! That looks pretty badass that army pic mate! :D They came together very nicely to make up an impressive force, albeit still a bit small, but growing at a steady pace! :)

Can't wait what you have in store for that dread. Looks very promising... ;)

I also love the little stories you write. They are a nice read that lends depth and life to the models and the army as a whole. :)

12-05-2011, 19:55
Thanks guys, really appreciate it!

Nothing much to show today unfortunately, just base colours laid down on the dread, looks ugly as **** right now actually :D


Right now I'm doing the leviathan purple washes, and due to the size and amount of armour on this beast it's taking it's sweet time. Hopefully pics of a better looking dread tomorrow!


12-05-2011, 20:15
Looks pretty good already mate :D Really like the Autocannon conversion!

12-05-2011, 21:53
I agree with Noserenda, that dreadnought looks solid. Are you planning any freehand on it?


12-05-2011, 22:50
Freehand? ;)


Everything still very WIP. Anybody got ideas for the standard?


13-05-2011, 16:32
Ooh! ;) very nice! it is coming along nicely! Keep it up mate! :D

14-05-2011, 10:29
Thanks mate! I daresay that this turned into my favourite Alpha Legion model this far, really captures the heraldry/colour feel I'm after.

Venerable Jastur
Thrice-dead, Doom of the Sandropeian Void-King, The Immovable

"Thou shalt never know rest nor peace."

The last Xeno scum was dead. The battlefield belonged, as expected, to the Imperium of Man. With reluctance he acknowledged that there was no longer need of his brutal skills, and turned his massive metal frame back towards the approaching Storm Raven. These were the moments he most enjoyed. He was made for combat, it was the whole purpose of his existence, but ever since his entombment in this death machine of a life support system, he took more pleasure in the short time after an engagement.

Maybe it was because combat was all he ever knew these days. Due to the life support systems' demands, he would shut down immediately after reaching the Chi, and when he next restarted his higher function systems, it was invariably because war was calling once more. He never contributed to tactical planning anymore, or to the council debates. Of all the things Dreadnought entombment had deprived him of, that was perhaps what he missed the most. He was Alpha Legion. Even though it filled him with sorrow, he accepted his current role contently. The Legion needed brute force as well. He was satisfied that he, at least, could still contribute in that violent manner. Others had not been so lucky.

His attention returned to the world around him again. He was already within the Chi, in the Chamber of Ancients. It was curious how reality seemed to happen much faster since his entombment. After the traditional acknowledgement of his sleeping brothers, he began system shutdown, doing a quick scan of his communications cogitator at the same time, to see if there were any hints as to where he would open his visual systems to the world next.








C&C welcome as always!


14-05-2011, 14:34
Remove that Imperial Eagle!!!! ;) Note that only the Emperor's Children and maybe only a few special heroes were allowed to wear the Imperial Eagle. I doubt the Alpha Legion would wear the thing proudly, even during the Heresy.

Beyond that, looking great!

Captain Johan
14-05-2011, 18:48
That banner is amazing, fits the model perfectly.

Also the fluff piece really brings him to life.

15-05-2011, 20:03
Thanks guys!

As for the presence of an Imperial Eagle...:

Note that only the Emperor's Children and maybe only a few special heroes were allowed to wear the Imperial Eagle.

What you said ;) Jastur The Immovable, Doom of the Sandropeian Void-King, is definitely such a special hero. I imagine him as a former Captain of the 27th, whose cause of near-death was probably suitably glorious and self-sacrificing.


16-05-2011, 08:40
Ooh that blueish colour is so lovely! :) I really like the banner on this one, great work there, also the source lighting have really been mastered by you! :) Also, the black and yellow... chevrons? on the power claw are a nice little touch that breaks up the blue!

And as always, love the little fluffy bits! ;)

26-05-2011, 16:30
Thanks mate!

Taking a break here for a while. I bought a Dark Elf lord to paint just as a one-off, but you know how that ends... I just realised how much I enjoy actually PAINTING, instead of the wash-process that are my Alpha Legion. I'll probably return to the Legion sometime though, as I'm really happy with how they have turned out.

Figured I would show the evidence of this horrible crime anyway and direct you to the new log:




And here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=304985) is the log!


28-05-2011, 01:42
Looking good dude, Love the Dark elf too but youll be back :D

23-10-2011, 20:35

Well, don't expect too much. Rather, the heresy continues (pun intended) as there are no Alpha Legion updates. Even worse (for the Alpha Legion) their Captain changed allegiance:


Sorry for crap crap crap crap picture.

Don't know if I'll make more or if this was just a one-off model. Really enjoyed painting it though!


24-10-2011, 14:19
Ok, better pic inbound:



24-10-2011, 18:16
Savage! Really like the Chainglaive though... :D Good work!