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29-12-2010, 23:36
After an extremely long hiatus I am back!
Went to the local Gdub and got in a 2,250 game vs Wood Elves. First game in about 5months lol.
Also signed up for a tourney on Jan22nd so wanted to see how this list would do.
Horde of Baggarri the Bloodbull
Baggarri-Doombull w/Sword of Blood, Gnarled Hide, Ramhorn Helm, Sh
Moggor-Gorebull BSB w/Armour of Destiny, Sh
Skarri-Wargor w/Crown of Command, Uncanny Senses, HA, Sh
Prakkt-Lvl2 Bray-shaman w/Feedback Scroll, 2HW (Shadow)
Skatarr-Lvl1 Bray-shaman w/2HW (Beasts)
2x25 Ungors w/FC, Sh
24 Gors w/FC, Sh
Tuskgor Chariot
Razorgor Chariot
19 Bestigors w/FC, Gleaming Pennant
5 Minotaurs w/Sh, Musi

Wood Elves
Lvl4 w/4+ Ward thingy(Life)
Lvl2 w/6+ Ward(Treesinger)
BSB w/stuff(4+Armour and a 5+ Ward)
Altered Kindred-uber speed guy with a GW
2x10 Glade Guard
2x5 Wardancers
2x10 Waywatchers
2x10 Dryads
3 Treekin

Redshirt rolled Blood and Glory for a Scenario.
Table and Setup
Table was set up by a redshirt. Terrain was a house far left center, woods bottom center, Altar of Blood right of mid, woods top mid right, tower far right center and a ton of fences.
I setup, left to right, Ungors, Gors, Minotaurs, Ungors and the chariots and Bestigors on far right.
He pretty much plunked right in the middle, hiding in his trees. Both Waywatchers deployed on my far left flank. I won the roll to go first.

Pregame Thoughts
Wow...Blood and Glory and he has one standard....
Buahahahaha. Gameplan was simple. Drive the left flank up hard and try to corner the BSB and use my Chariots and Bestigors to counter his Tree stuff.

Turn 1
Left Ungors swift reform and move towards the Waywatchers.
Everything else surges forwards at top speed.
All magic was snuffed.

Wood Elves
Ok...just want to put a word here about 8th ed rules....Yes, you can now premeasure and yes, it does have its uses but do not, i repeat, DO NOT, measure every single bleepin little inch that you move!!! Movement phase lasted forever as he methodically thought about every direction and measured every possible angle of charge and possible redirects and etc, etc. OMFG! :evilgrin:
Finally he moved the Treeman...yes, just the Treeman.
Magic phase saw the Lvl4 get an irresistable Dwellers Below on the Bestigors. Skarri, the Champ and 9 others kick the bucket, amazingly they pass their panic test.....gah Lore of Life is a major PITA. Treesinger kills 4 Ungors from the right unit with her woodcall thingy.
Shooting saw the Waywatcher ping off 5 Ungors and 2 wounds on a Mino.

Turn 2
Ungors charge a Waywatcher unit and only lose 2 to Stand and Shoot.
Both Chariots slam into the Treeman. Boxcars FTW!
Everything else surges forwards, again at top speed.
Magic is again kinda dismal as I am facing off against a lvl4 but I do manage to get Wildform on the Minos.
In combat the Waywatchers kill 3 Ungors who then go total ninja (passing Primal Fury of course) and slaughter 7. The remainder flee and I pursue off the board to save myself from bowfire.
Chariots combine for a whopping total of 3 Impact hits.....After the noise of axe thuds and splintering wood dies down the Tuskgor Chariot is kindling and the Treeman has 1...yes 1 wound left. DOH!

Wood Elves
At least movement was a little faster this time lol.
Treekin charge the Bestigors.
Dryads and one Wardancer unit move towards the Ungors guarding the flank of the Minos and the other Waywatcher sidle over to protect the Treesinger. He is qiuckly running out of tablespace.
Altered Kindred goes skipping along and sits atop the Altar of Blood.
The BSB, torn between trying to be effective with rerolls and rather pitiful survivability, decides that 17 inches away from my Gors is safe because the chances of rolling boxcars to charge are remote.
Magic sees the Treeman become T9. Oh joys
In the Shooting phase everything is flung at the Minos but, I break out the Clydesdale Horshoe and make a bazillion 6+ saves. Only 1 Mino dies.
In combat the Razorgor chariot manages squat and the Treeman kills it.
Treekin kill 3 Bestigors leaving only 6 left. They wind up and go lumberjack style chopping down 1 and causing a wound to another. The Treekin break and flee and I miss by 1'.

29-12-2010, 23:39
Turn 3
Bestigors charge the Treekin and run them off the board.
Gors go for the Hail Mary charge and roll Boxcars....Pointyearred BSB is goin down!
Minos charge the Wardancers in front of the Treesinger.
The triumphant Ungors wander onto the table.
Magic phase is almost a scrub until I manage to get the -BS and other stuff off on one of the Glade Guard units (Enfeeblement?). For the turn they are now BS1.
Predictably the Minos eat yummy Wardancers for nothing in return. They then swift reform to face the GladeGuard units cowering in the forest.
Gors fare soso against the BSB, causing a wound and taking a wound in return. Surprisingly the BSB holds.

Wood Elves
Treeman charges the Bestigors who fail their terror test and run off the board.
Dryads attempt to charge the Ungors who flee and get away.
Other unit of Dryads runs towards the BSB.
Magic is a wash as we only get a total of 4 dice and he flubs his rolls.
Shooting is brutal as the Minos are shot to pieces. Only the 2 characters are left.
In combat the BSB kills 2 Gors. The 4 return attacks take him down.

Win to the Beastmen!! :D

Postgame Wrapup
There was really no doubt that I would win that....An entire army with just one standard is begging for that scenario. Really, even if we hadnt have rolled that I was pretty confident of the win. I will be facing this guys again at the tourney so it will be interesting to see what he takes. He has all 3 falvours of Elf...go figure.
And yes, the tourney turns will be timed.

So as for my list and tweaks you would recommend? I am thinking of dropping the 2 Shamans for one lvl4. Everything else seems pretty solid to me.
Thank you for reading and I will have more coming.

30-12-2010, 01:51
You won the game before it began.

2001-2999 means a breaking point of 3, and with only the general (2) and the BSB (1) he was at that from the very start (you have to be equal or less to lose).

Good to have you back though :)

And please PM me about what tournament you are talking about :D

30-12-2010, 04:03
I'm glad to see the war herd back on the march sir!

Good game on your part, but I have to ask - don't you ever get scared of those "tiny" 25 strong gor units? They seem so small for 8th!

30-12-2010, 04:23
yes and no....25 Gors in a 5x5 is still going to be a tough nut to crack. And at 2,250 there are not going to be many horde units out there. If there are thats what the Minos and chariots are for :)

31-12-2010, 03:17
Bad news Seabo...

Some orcs just joined the tournament :D

31-12-2010, 15:41
Oh just loverly lol. Well we will see who gets to be king of da dungpile ;).
Hopin to get another game in on sunday or tuesday

31-12-2010, 15:47
Cheers for the report, Well done on the insta-win!

I would def' trade the 2 shaman for a level 4 with beast or shadow. Maybe downgrade the doombull to a gorebull and use the other points on scout harpies for WM hunting. Also consider changing the razor-cart to either 3 razor gors or 2 tusk-carts

31-12-2010, 20:07
Harpies are one of those things that I have never picked up. May have to do so eventually lol.
The Doombull I love, just for his sheer killing power and survivability,WS6 S6 T5 W5 1+AS and 9attacks with wep+additional attacks if he saves (Ramhorn). The thing is a combat monster.
As for the Razorgor Chariot I made a nice conversion that I'm hoping will look awesome once I paint it and it does usually pull its weight (bad pun lol).
Charging it into the Treeman was not a good idea in the grand scheme if things but it did hold him up for 2combat turns so I'm happy ;)

01-01-2011, 11:19
neat stuff as usual, if a somewhat frustrating player, time limits ftw

01-01-2011, 21:21
Nice report cant wait for more!

02-01-2011, 19:10
Ty guys :D
Hoping to get another game in this week or possibly one within the next couple days vs the wife's Dark Elves that have been sitting in storage for the past 6 months....
She'd probably still whup my **** though :p. Will try to get some pics...maybe...probably not but maybe

04-01-2011, 20:07
Sweet! Been longing for some of your batreps Seabo! :D

05-01-2011, 06:11
Ty Toshiro :)
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a game in tonight. Instead watched the Wood Elf player that I played earlier absolutely trash a WoC Khorne army (he now has a couple standards lol), and an extremely bloody battle between Ogres and Dark Elves. Trying to persuade the wifey to throw down for a battle and the Wood Elves are apparently itching for a rematch so more will be coming ;).

07-01-2011, 05:56
So the wife finally accepted my challenge, probably just to shut me up :p, and we had a 2,500pt battle. I would have liked to use my revised 2,250pt tourney list but oh well. Instead I decided to put my Heroes and Lord in and just pointed up the rest. Onto the lists!
Doombull w/Sword of Striking, Ramhorn Helm, Talisman of Endurance, Uncanny Senses, Slug-Skin, Sh, HA
Wargor BSB w/Armour of Fortune, Gnarled Hide, Shield
Slugtongue-Fate of Bjuna, Kiss of Lanyph(?)
Bray-Shaman-Wyssan's Wildform
50 Ungors w/FC
2x30 Gors w/FC, Sh
Tuskgor Chariot
5 Minotaurs w/Musi, Sh
6 Minotaurs w/GW, Musi
Razorgor Chariot

Dark Elves
Crone Hellebron
Lvl4 Supreme Sorceress on Cold One
Death Hag w/Rune of Khaine, Witchbrew, Cauldron of Blood
Death Hag w/Rune of Khaine, Manbane
Noble BSB w/Repeater Crossbow, Sea Dragon Cloak, HA, Sh, Pendant of Khaleth
29 Witch Elves w/FC, Banner of Murder
20 Corsairs w/FC, AHW
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
20 Executioners w/FC
War Hydra-She called it Sophie......
2xReaper Bolt-throwers

Table Setup and Deployment
Terrain was rather tame with a Sphinx in the bottom left corner and a magic portal on the far center right. Other then that there was a mysterious forest on top left center, a hill on top right center and some fences/walls.
We rolled Meeting Engagement.
I won the roll to go first and everything showed up except the 6 Minos. They deployed, left to right, Ungors, Gor Herd1(w/Shaman), Doombull's Retinue, Gor Herd2(w/Slugtongue), Tuskgor Chariot, Razorgor Chariot.
Her rolls were rather dismal and the Executioners(w/BSB), Corsairs, and Crossbowmen all stayed in Reserve. Her forces deployed, right to left, BoltThrower, Sorceress behind trees, Witch Elves, Cauldron, BoltThrower and Sophie.

Pre-Game Thoughts
Well that was rather painful on her part. I would have liked to have been cut-throat gangup and lay the smackdown but....I love my wife...I love sleeping in bed and not on the couch even more :p. So I would play nice lol.

The Slugtongue Thing-Slugtongue's little Famine Plague thingy puts 2 wounds on the Sorceress, kills 3 Witches and takes out a BoltThrower....Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Game coming tomorrow.......

07-01-2011, 12:24
Slugtongue did all that? Nice :)

All the things she got in reserve don't really matter. They come in on turn 1 anyway, and really the things you don't want in reserve are warmachines.

From memory I don't think you've ever beaten your wife (in game or out) and Hellbron is a frick'n monster, so I'm voting on the DE :(

07-01-2011, 12:41
Hey dude, nice report and thread. In my oppinion, the doombull and mino unit cost feck loads. I dont use them in my current list which I'm kinda playing around with. Only been playing for the past few weeks, but when my doombull came up against a DE army he got scared and ran away from the dudes cold one riders. They themselves decimated my mino unit and only the doombull stayed standing and after he put the slapdown on the dudes lord, he failed his Ld test and ran like a chicken. Lol. Which is why I'm toying with the army in my beatmen blog.
Slugtongue is awesome! I've taken down war machines and halfed the strength of a cavelry unit more than once, not to mention he is a level two wiz with regen and poisoned attacks! lol.

08-01-2011, 17:13
A little bit late but heres goes.

Turn 1
Everything that can runs forward.
Magic Portal pops Wildform on the Tuskgor Chariot.
Winds of Magic are pretty weak and nothing is cast.

Dark Elves
Moves forward more cautiously, mostly just normal advance except for Witches that run.
Shooting is rather mediocre as a couple Gors are killed by the Bolt Thrower and thats pretty much it.
Cauldron gives the Witches a 5+ Ward.
Sorceress moves into the woods that turn out to be a Venom Thicket.
Wildform again is popped by the Portal.
Winds of Magic roll pretty well and the Sorceress tries to cast Bladewind on the Ungor but whiffs the wounds and only kills a couple. She also cast Soul Stealer but made a mistake and only targeted 1 model instead of the unit....Oops, guess we shoulda read the Dark Elf spell list.

Turn 2
Ungors charge the Sorceress losing 3 on the charge to the Venom Thicket.
Middle Gors charge the Witches.
Right Flank Gors charge Sophie.
Magic Portal pops Speed of Light on the Chariot. Oh happy joy! Something really useful and its not anywhere close to combat...
In the Magic Phase the Shaman gets Wildform off on the Middle Gors.
Combat is just brutal on the poor Beastmen as the Ungors completely whiff despite having both Primal Fury and Poison attacks....Why do I take these guys?
Sorceress whacks one and her Cold One kills another and then passes her Break Test.
Witches predictably slice'n'dice the Gors wiping a ton (14ish?) and the Gors manage to kill 2...yes 2:(. Ward saves bleepin galore. Despite having the BSB in the unit they break and manage to get away. Bye BSB....I rolled a 12 to flee and she rolled 10...nice lol. Both are almost to my own table edge.
Right Gors only lose anout 4 and manage to get a wound on the Hydra. Hydra passes Break Test.

Dark Elves
Witch Elves charge the broken Gors and roll boxcars to pursue right off the table.
Corsairs maneuver to help the Sorceress.
Executioners move towards the middle of the table, eyeing up the Doombulls retinue.
Magic Portal again pops Wildform, this time on the Razorgor Chariot.
Cauldron gives a Ward Save to the Executioners.
Winds of Magic are extremely strong, boxcars, and the Sorceress casts Black Horror on the Ungors. *Now we looked this up online and most of the arguments said that it could be done as it said Template can go anywhere within 18' and I had this nice juicy Horde with only 3 guys really engaged. Of course we couldn't find an 'official' ruling...GW actaually post useful stuff? Never* 9 Ungors go down.
Shooting sees the Bolthrower cause 2 Wounds to the GW Minos and the Xbows cause a wound to the Doombulls retinue.
Combat goes so-so as the Ungors again manage squat *sigh* as the Sorceress clubs 1 and once again passes her break test.
The Gors weather a breath weapon attack and some evil rolling that wipes out close to half the unit for nothing in return. Thankfully they are still Steadfast and miraculously pass their Break Test.

Turn 3
Both Chariots declare charges into Sophie.
Doombull declares a charge on the Executioners, only 9" away, and predictably roll snake eyes:cries:.
GW Minos angle to intercept the Witches when they come back on the board.
Magic Portal dishes out Soulblight on the Xbows....wow, there's a game turner....:p
No point in magic as Slugtongue's spells are not castable in combat.
Ungors finally take out the Sorceress.
Sophie gets ground into the dirt from Impact Hits and dies. Both Chariots overrun.

Dark Elves
Corsairs charge the Ungors.
Executioners charge the Doombulls.
Witches come back on the board.
The Boltthrowerless crew moves out to try and redirect the Razorgor Chariot.
Magic Portal drops Wildform on the Gors.
Cauldron gives Executioners a 5+ Ward.
Xbows shoot at the Razorgor Chariot but cant wound.
Boltthrower misses the GWMinos.
In the Doombull combat no challenges are declared because she just would have moved her BSB to the back. Instead, her BSB drops a Mino on its own (caused 2 wounds+1 from the shooting earlier). The Doombull breaks out in a serious case of 1's and 2sies only managing to kill 1. Rest of the unit adds 5 more. They actually rolled pretty well but she made an amazing amount of Ward saves.
Executioners then wind up and bat the Minos out of the ballpark killing 3 (9 Wounds out of 14 Attacks!!!). The Minos break and manage to get away.
The Corsairs then also do the stabby dance and kill a boatload of Ungors for the loss of only 3 of their own (Primal Fury failed:(), The ungors break and are run down.

Jeebus that was a brutal third turn....Conclusion coming soon:D

08-01-2011, 20:56
And now for the conclusion....had to go and dig my car out of over 2' of snow:eek:.

Turn 4
Razorgor Chariot charges the Boltthrowerless crew who flee and it manages to redirect into the Executioners.
Tuskgor Chariot attempts a charge on the Witch Elves but fails.
GWMinos charge the Witch Elves. I know they are in for severe pain but i'm hoping to whittle them down while that pesky ward save is on the Executioners.
Gors charge the Cauldron.
Doombull rallies.
Magic Portal pops Speed of Light on the Tuskgor Chariot....go figure.
Magic is pointless as once again Slugtongue is in combat.
Gors vs Cauldron goes first and the Death Hag with Witchbrew slaughters a rank by herself and the Champ kills 2 :(. Then the Gors manage to cause 4 wounds:D all of which are saved...BleepinBleepityBleep!!!! Gors are steadfast and stick around.
Razorgor chariot gets 6 Impacts, 5 wounding, and she saves all but 1. Piggy gets 2 more but the Gor whiffs and then the Executioners strike back making every hit and 4 wounding...buhbye Chariot. Chariot books off the table and Executioners restrain pursuit.
GWMinos kill 3 Witches with Impacts and then the Crone does Happy Gilmore style, hitting 9 times and...wounds 9 times....3 Minos down. Death Hag, probably trying to suck up, then causes 4 wounds of her own leaving the last poor Mino to let out a plaintive Moo before the tide of Witch Elves turn him into sirloin.

Dark Elves
Executioners charge the Doombull.
Witch Elves charge the Tuskgor Chariot that really has nowhere to go and if it tries to flee they have an extremely good change of redirecting into the rear of the Gors so it Stands hoping for a miracle.
Corsairs swift reform to face the Gors flank.
Magic Portal pops Soulblight on the Xbows, big whoop.
Cauldron gives the Executioners 5+Ward again.
The Gor/Cauldron combat is first and the Death Hag and Champ predictably knife 4
before the Gors actually manage to kill the Champ, hooray for Slugtongues Poison attack :p. Cauldron loses combat but sticks around.
The Crone singlehandedly tears the Chariot apart herself and the Witches overrun into the rear of the Gors.

At this point I call it in order to preserve some dignity for my poor suffering forces.

Final Survivor Tally
Doombull, Mino Musician, 12 Gors, Slugtongue.

Witch Elves
All heroes minus the Sorceress, 16ish Corsairs, 17 or so Witch Elves, 11 Executioners, Boltthrower, Xbows.

Major Massacre to the Witch Elves!! :cries:

Post Game Thoughts
I love my wife. I love my wife. I love my wife.
I dont think I have ever seen so many Ward saves in my life. First two turns were looking ok until the huge Fubar that was Turn3. After that I still had a chance to salvage but the dice just failed horribly. If the Tuskgor Chariot had managed to connect along with the Minos against the Witch Elves I could have done a lot more damage....If the Doombull had actually managed his charge against the Executioners.....If the Gors could have broken through the Cauldron's 4+Ward...If the Ungors could have actually managed to wound the Sorceress with both Primal Fury AND Poison attacks.....Meh, kakapoo happens.
Will be posting a couple suggestions for Tourney builds shortly. Would like some advice on them.
Cheers for now and thanks for reading! ;)

08-01-2011, 23:41
So here are 3 lists that I'm thinking of for the tourney:

Great Bray-Shaman-Lvl4, Steel-Claws, Jagged Dagger, Talisman of Endurance, Gouge-Tusks-325
Wargor-BSB-Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, Sword of Might, HA, Sh-166
40 Gors-FC, Sh-345
40 Ungors-FC w/Ungrol Four-Horn-279
2xTuskgor Chariot-160
30 Bestigors-FC w/Banner of Eternal Flame-400
2x3 Minotaurs w/GW-189(378)

Doombull-Sword of Strife, Ramhorn Helm, Dawnstone, Gnarled Hide-348
Gorebull-BSB-Armour of Destiny, Shield-239
Bray-Shaman-Lvl2, AHW, Staff of Sorcery-152
50 Ungors w/FC incl Ungrol Four-Horn-329
40 Gors w/FC, Sh-345
10 Ungor Raiders-60
Tuskgor Chariot-85
30 Bestigors-FC w/Standard of Discipline-405
5 Minotaurs-Musi, Sh-305

Beastlord-Steel-Claws, Armour of Silvered Steel, Seed of Rebirth, Uncanny Senses-245
Wargor-BSB, Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, Sh-146
Bray-Shaman-AHW, Shadow-Hide-82
2x 25 Ungors-FC-140(280)
30 Gors-FC, Sh-265
30 Gors-FC, AHW-265
10 Ungor Raiders-60
20 Bestigors-FC w/Standard of Discipline-285
Razorgor Chariot-145
3 Minotaurs-Sh-177
2 Spawn-110

The Great Bray-Shaman build is a salute to Kholburn. I actually kinda like the combat build. After looking at it I am leaning towards 1 or 3 as the Doombull just has not been working for me.
Please critique away :D. Only thing is no saying add Harpies cus I dont have any...on the wishlist lol.

09-01-2011, 11:38
I think the first list looks best.

a really rough ride against the missus there, if this is her usual luck on dice, you should go to vegas.
to get rid of your horrid luck, buy a cauldron of blood and turn it into the base for a herdstone, this sacrifice should set things straight (and tie som witchelves to the stone as well)

09-01-2011, 21:27
Yes that is how my wife rolls :p, but she doesnt like gambling.
Had an epihany this afternoon and here's a 4th list:
Beastlord-Armour of Silvered-Steel,Sword of Strife, Gouge Tusks-245
Wargor-BSB, Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, Sh-146
Bray-Shaman-AHW, Dispel Scroll, Shadow-Hide-107
50 Ungors-Sp, FC w/Ungrol Four-Horn-384
30 Gors-FC, Sh-265
30 Gors-FC, AHW-265
2x5 Ungor Raiders-Musi-66
Razorgor Chariot-145
28 Bestigors-FC w/Banner of Swiftness-381

Goin to post em all with a poll in the Army Lists section. Hopefully will be having another battle this tuesday.

09-01-2011, 23:50
Seabo I'm confused as to why you don't take a beastlord and banner of discipline. Do you find Ld 9 with rerolls is enough to get the most out of primal fury?

Also what lores are you using?

10-01-2011, 03:32
Slugtongue will most probably be taking Death as Wild is rather pitiful :(. Lvl1 is there for Wildform.