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02-01-2011, 18:14
I was re-reading my Tau codex in the past days, trying to find interesting ways to screw my GM plan in our RPG game with Xenos, and I came across the Tau symbols for the different casts.

I told myself: "Hey, this is neat. The Fire Cast logo is the main logo representing the whole Tau empire as a whole, the circle-within-a-circle." (the other casts have Circle-within-a-square, Circle-within-a-triangle, within-a-rectangle and within-a-pentagon)

But then, I kept looking forward, and I noticed that all Sept logos were -within-a-circle bases, and T'au's logo was the exact reproduction of the Fire Cast main logo.

I am wondering if it was deliberate, or more an accident. Is this an acknowledgment that the Fire Cast is the most important cast of the Tau Confederacy?

Anyway.. just a thing I had on my mind... :shifty:

02-01-2011, 18:24
I imagine it's either an afterthought, or because the fire caste is at the forefront of expanding teh greater good

02-01-2011, 19:04
Real-World explanation - I suspect having a symbol for the other castes was a late-in-development addition and the Standard symbol ended up having to pull double duty because they were kinda already committed to its use.

In universe explanation - The Fire Caste were the last ones the Ethereals convinced to join the greater good, perhaps adopting their symbol was part of that, or maybe the Imperium just identifies that symbol as for the whole Empire because that is the one they see all the time.

What I want to know is, the various sept symbols that we see are essentially modifications of the basic T'au symbol, do Non-Fire castes from those Septs similarly modify their own symbols? So you end up with Dal'yth Earth Caste having the symbol of a circle and 3 horizontal lines in a rectangle instead of a circle and a verticle line in a rectangle.

Col. Tartleton
02-01-2011, 19:06
It's because the game focuses on the military aspects of the Empire. Fire caste stuff has fire caste symbols on it. Therefore everything you see will have the Imperial seal of the fire caste. Air caste should have their symbol on their vehicles. If not its an oversight. The most important caste are the Ethereals. The fire caste are simply the most prominent in the game.

The sept symbols are fire caste sept symbols because they mark the sept's military.