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04-01-2011, 22:53
Hello All,

I am dusting off my dwarfs... that I really didn't play much of in last edition, but have had my arm twisted to play in an up coming tournament...

Here goes:

Thane (144 pts)
- great weapon
- MRoSwiftness
- RoCleaving
- RoFury
- RoFire

Thane (160 pts)
- MRoGromil
- MRoSmite

Runesmith (145 pts)
- MRoBalance
- RoSpellbreaking

Warriors - 38 (367 pts)
- Shields
- Full Command

Longbeards - 20 (290 pts)
- Shields
- Full Command
- RoBattle

Quarrellers - 20 (285 pts)
- Great Weapons
- Full Command

Thunderers - 10 (150 pts)
- Shields

Cannon (150 pts)
- RoForging
- RoFortune

Grudge Thrower (170 pts)
- Engineer
- RoAccuracy
- 2X RoPenetration

Grudge Thrower (150 pts)
- Engineer
- RoAccuracy
- RoPentration
- RoBurning

From my calculations it is about 11pts over... so maybe 19 Quarellers...

I have not played this edition, and I have tried to read as much as I can before going with this list. I also based this on a different list I saw at a higher point level, so not an original build by me in any way.

So, any and all feedback is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance.

04-01-2011, 23:16
The Thane loses the benefits of the great weapon if he puts runes on it without the Master Rune of Kragg the Grim. I'd be inclined to try and upgrade him to a Lord for the ld10 in bigger games, at the moment the thane is still ok.

I'd drop the shields on the warriors and take great weapons.

I'm not convinced Longbeards are worth the points now, don't forget you're paying pts for the panic re-roll which you now get from your BSB for free. I'd be inclined to take warrior blocks instead, 3x30 of these would be a very solid core.

Quarrellers could be split into 2 units, but that's just my preference. The champion is also a waste in my opinion, an extra attack over an extra point of BS is bizarre on a unit that you want to have shooting more often than in combat...

The cannon could do with a rune of burning, to take regen off of those pesky hydras and abombs so that your remaining guns and war machines can take them off easily. Not sure the rune of fortune is necessaryl

06-01-2011, 19:00
I'd try and sneak some protection onto that first thane, even if its only a Ro Stone. I also wouldn't bother with the master rune of smiting on your bsb, 3A at S4 means he likely wont even manage to put a wound onto anything big enough to have multiple wounds. If you want a bit of killy power give him a Ro Cleaving and call it a day.

07-01-2011, 13:21
Sorry, but the strength of the dwarves are in their lord and hero warriors. Indeed take a hero runesmith, But look at how nasty you can make a lord. you can then put him in a unit of hammerers and make them stubbern. Follow up with a hero in a unit of ironbreakers, i think theyre called. and of course no army would be right without a bsb would it. We all have bad luck at times with Ld tests.