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06-01-2011, 10:54
Hi all,

Some of you may remember my Vuvaxian Imperial Guard:


Which I was working on back in 2009.

Well, the half finished army has been sitting in my display cabinet gathering dust since then with half finished plans and bits of tanks laying in various boxes around the house.

This year, as a new years resolution, I aim to make a list and use a project log to boost me to having a finshed, playable army comprising of 2 parts.

Firstly to finish the Vuvaxian 4th Division, 2nd Battalion Mechanised Infantry.

This comprises of the infantry I have previously completed, possibly with a few additions. They will all be mounted in vehicles (more on that in a moment) with armour support and rough rider cavalry.

Secondly, I will actually convert, build and paint my Vuvaxian Emergency Conscripted PDF mostly female imperial guard army, supported by civilian support vehicles such as sentinal power lifters etc. More history on this army to follow.

Going back to my mechanized Guard, I want to achieve something with a different look. I was contemplating using Razorbacks as transports, with the Forgeworld Rhino Dozerblade and the razorback turret mounting the chimera turret weapon, possibly with a pintlemounted hull weapon.

Now, this would give me a simple yet unique army, and the dozerblade and some simple alterations to the rhino side armour would explainthe varied armour values in game - if I ever play. At this point I have not played for nearly 2 years! I have also used the dozerblade on my Leman Russ varients to good effect so it would tie the army togeth as well.


I would probably do all vehicles in a simple plain white/bone scheme similar to the 2nd Selenia Log on here, as it looks great!

Please let me know your opinions!

Fluff and list of things to be completed to follow soon.


06-01-2011, 13:36
So.. After a bit of contemplation, here is my initial plan for painting etc.

Imperial Guard:

• Death Corps Rough Riders plus Officer
• Purchase Chimera’s or Rhino's to mechanize army, convert accordingly.
• Complete 1 more leman Russ or variant of – possibly a Bombard?
• Female Guard – Convert enough models and base. Paint up accordingly.
• Convert female officers, basic support items and some more sentinel power lifters.
• Adeptus Arbites in repressor. Need to purchase more Arbites.
• Convert and paint model of ‘Necron’ James West.

So now a bit of history for the regiment:

4th Vuvaxian City Guard, 2nd Division.
- now renamed 4th Vuvaxian Regiment, 2nd Battalion Mechanized Infantry

This is a guard army I have been collecting/playing for over 10 years in various guises. They started as an infantry division, being raised as part of the standard tithe from the Vuvax system, and were temporarily stationed on Vuvax IX, the systems capital planet, as a PDF force. Once shipped off world they joined several other Imperial Guard regiments to fight alongside the Son's of Guilliman Space marines in eliminating a small Tyranid splinter fleet in a nearby system. Having taken a reasonable toll of casualties, the division underwent some minor reorganisation as companies were merged and reassigned to fill the deficit.

Shortly after this, the division accompanied a small band of the Sons of Guilliman to another nearby system, in pursuit of the remaining Tyranids. This created the start of an ongoing relationship with the Son's of Guilliman chapter and the Vuvaxian regiments.

The division was then hurridly transferred to fight in the third Armageddon campaign, being deployed and suffering heavy casualties to the orks. At this stage only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd divisions remained (out of 8) after another reorganisation.

Having fought well in conjunction with the steel legion on Armageddon, the 2nd division was issued with chimera transports due to its low numbers, and became a mechanised division with armoured support. Due to their experience they now favoured fast hit and run tactics to wear down their opponants.

Later, after several sucessful but minor campaigns, all 3 divisions were swiftly deployed to the Eye of Terror, to help defend the Cadian system against chaos attack. (3 battles fought in the final day of the campaign at GW head office) They deployed in 3 major battles of note. The first, against orks, was very successful. They drove off the attack with minor casualties and held firm in their positions, sensibly not consolidating their victory. Whilst recovering in their defenses, they came under attack from the nurgle corrupted zombie followers of a newly fledged chaos warlord. After heavy fighting both sides withdrew, ending this battle in a stalemate.
The 3rd battle of note, the 2nd division after being ordered to move their position to support another Guard regiment that was being slowly destroyed nearby, their column was ambushed by Khorne beserkers who had been laying in wait along the roadside. A valiant rearguard action was being fought, until the chaos commander summoned a demon prince, who burst forth from him and rampaged down the column destroying the armoured transports and fire support. As panic spread through the remains of the division, one lone squadron continued the advance, their communications destroyed by a lucky bolter shot. Veteran sergeant James West, who had bionics from previous wounds, led his armoured fist squad directly at some advancing beserkers. Renowned for his courage, James West was the same sergeant who had faced down a tryranid hive tyrant armed only with a laspistol and combat knife and had won, had taken down an ork warlord with a lucky laspistol shot on Armageddon, and was now taking on 8 Khorne beserkers. As the squad bundled from their transport, the opened fire on the charging chaos marines, who shrugged off all the lasgunfire. West calmly took aim with his trusty laspistol, felling 2 of the marines. The rest roared and ripped through the squad, chainswords cutting left and right until only West remained standing, his trusty combat knife in hand. Downing 2 more in combat, a glancing chainsword blow struck his bionic leg, sendign him to the floor. The remaining 4 beserkers charged on past, desperate to reach the main guard line. Struggling back to his feet, West took aim and felled 2 more with his laspistol, standing his ground as the last 2 survivors turned and charges screaming back at him. dodging most of the flurry of attacks, West cut his 2 opponants down before sinking to the ground.

He was picked up by the chimera crew, who drove at full speed back to their main lines to join the retreat.

*More to follow*

06-01-2011, 14:29
Taking stock after the Eye of Terror campaign, the casualty figures were extreme.

After months of fighting and the near destruction of the column at the hands of the chaos space marines, all that remained were enough to form one remaining regiment with 2 battalions.

James West survived, now a national hero back in the Vuvax system, and to date has recieved the following medals:

Honorifica Imperialis,
Medallion Crimson,
Macharian Cross,
Medusa Star,
Star of Terra,
Order of the Triple Storm
and the Winged Skull.

West is now the most decorated soldier ever to have come from the Vuvax system, just his presence alone can inspire victory.

Most of the surviving units of the regiment also hold the Triple Skull medal, as well as the Ribbon Intrinsic and Medusa Star.

After Medusa V, West initially elected to remain as a veteran Sergeant, although he now effectivly has the freedom of the regiment and often can be found where-ever he is needed, regardless of rank.

The remains of the regiment joined a selection of the Sons of Guilliman marines again for the Medusa V campaign, though this was generally a low key affair for them, largely involving garrison and mechanised patrol duties.

West then came under the suspicious eyes of a rogue inquisitor warband, who believed him to be in cohort with the chaos gods and believed this is how he had survived thus far.

An ambush was formed during one of their regular patrols, the heavy hand of the inquistion falling on the mechanised column as it passed through woodland. (This game was fought several years ago against GW's Nick Bayton!)

Taken by suprise, many of the guardsman were cut down, but West took the attack to the enemy. Heading directly at the Inquisitor lord, their retinues clashed and bodies fell left and right until only West and the Lord remained. The Inquisitor got in a lucky blow, sending West to the ground. Stalking off, badly wounded, the inquisitor turned his back on West. Rising unsteadily to his feet, West shot the inquisitor with his laspistol, killing him outright. A Culexus assassin leapt from the branches of a tree, catching West in a flurry of blows and sending him back to the ground, dead.

With a whirr of bionics, West again rose to his feet, lopping the head off the suprised assassin and turning his attention to the 2nd nearby inquisitor. Striding into combat, he made short work of him, before a Leman russ opened up with its heavy bolter, felling him once more. Again, he rose to his feet, determined, sparking from his malfunctioning bionics and bleeding freely from numerous wounds, he used his laspistol to take out the remaining junior inquisitor, before charging into combat with the Grey Knight Justicar who accompanied the rogue band. After a brief struggle, west went down for the 4th time, and the Justicar strode off. One final effort bought West unsteadily back to his feet once more, charging at the astonished justicar who went down under his attacks.

Rallying the remanants of the column, the Guard advanced as the demoralised remanants of the inquisitors retinue fled the field.

(This battle earned West the nickname of 'Necron', as he could not be kept down. 4 deaths and 4 rising from bionics to kill his enemies!)

The regiment now serves as an attachment to the Sons of Guilliman chapter, who have have bought the veteran imperial guard to one of their sacred battle barges and are currently stationed back in the Vuvax system, fighting a tyranid outbreak on Vuvax II, an ice-bound planet on the outskirts of the system.


As most of the men of Vuvax had been mustered to support the various wars nearby, there are not many of fighting age left on the capital of Vuvax IX to provide soldiers to fend off the tyranid splinter fleet in their system.

A worldwide decree has been issued, conscripting all those of age into the PDF, leading to an almost exclusively female army. Due to the lack of people to man the factories, their support weapons largly consist of civilian vehicles and local PDF artillery pieces.

06-01-2011, 14:51
I rember these fellas, nice that you rerun them again, your vehicles are fantastic.
Looking forward to see some new stuff :)

06-01-2011, 19:08
You have the white and blue Death korps rough rider, right? I love that thing.

icecream boy
06-01-2011, 22:17
Looking forward to more images Munchy, the colour scheme is great. A quick Q about the Leman Russ' dozer blade, can the bolter actually shoot over the top of it?

07-01-2011, 07:06
Interesting idea with this rhino Dozer blade, but I think it will need some changes to be a bit more realistic. Viewport for Driver and fireline of this Heavy Bolter.

07-01-2011, 08:44
Hi all,

@Keeperofthepies - Yes!


@ icecream boy & TomG - Both the heavy bolter and the driver can clearly see over the dozer blade. From the driver's view, even on the standard russ chassis he can only see straight ahead really due to the tracks. Most other details would be given from the turret.

Old WIP picture:


I will probably strip and repaint these tanks to match the rest of the army.

Any feedback on using Rhino's?

07-01-2011, 15:41
Ok, so here is what I have at the moment - from memory. I'll dig out my codex at some point and try to get a list together.

Command HQ
Officer with laspistol & 2 Bodyguards
Regimental Standard
Master Vox
Missile Launcher


Platoon Command
Officer with ??? - I used the old officer in a diorama so he needs replacing.
Platoon Standard/vox
3 Flamers



Veteran Squad
10 shotguns
Demo Charge


Infantry Squad
Sergeant with laspistol & CCW
Grenade Launcher
Missile Launcher


Infantry Squad
Sergeant with laspistol & CCW
Missile Launcher


2 Leman Russ Tanks
Heavy Bolter
Extra Armour

6 Rough Riders

The items in red are ones that need purchasing. Everything else I have, and all is painted excepting the rough riders. (one completed)

Any suggestions?

icecream boy
10-01-2011, 01:13
looking great, how did you get that texture on the Leman Russ?

10-01-2011, 08:21
A bad can of spray I believe. To be honest, although I like this blue & white colour scheme I am planning on stripping these tanks and starting from scratch to use a plain cream/white scheme.

On a side note can anyone tell me if a lone techpriest enginseer can join another unit? eg could I attatch him to a command squad to ride in their chimera with them? As his sole purpose is to repair tanks, it would make sense for him to be able to be in a mechanised army as he does not have his own transport option.

12-01-2011, 08:52
Right chaps, Sorry for the lack of updates and photos.

Just to let you know what is happening:

I have purchased an airbrush and have been experimenting with this on the first tank. I think that I may have got the hang of it now!

However, I am not posting the picture of the first tank because I ruined it with a coat of gryphone sepia wash. So it is in a bowl of brake fluid.

I have however perfected the standard chimera design, and will get some pictures of this up tonight for you. I am quite pleased with it.

After some contemplation in the army list section I have also reworked the above list to:


Command HQ
Chimera - multilaser/heavy bolter


Stormtroopers x5 - 2 meltaguns
Chimera - Multilaser/Heavy Flamer

Stormtroopers x5 - 2 meltaguns
Chimera - Multilaser/Heavy Flamer


Platoon Command
Commissar with Bolt Pistol & CCW, rest with Laspistols &CCW's.
Chimera - multilaser/heavy flamer

Infantry Squad, Lascannon
Chimera - multilaser/heavy bolter

Infantry Squad, Lascannon
Chimera - multilaser/heavy bolter

Veterans, Shotguns.
Chimera - Multilaser/Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack

5 Rough Riders

1 Scout Sentinal - Lascannon

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Battle Tank

Leman Russ Battle Tank

2 x Hydra Flak Tanks

Total - 1500pts.

Please let me know what you think.

13-01-2011, 07:45
Right - I have kept you waiting long enough. Time for an update with photos!

First up - My Chimera stand ins. These are awaiting dozorblades and are PIP.


Multilaser/Heavy Flamer:

Multilaser/Heavy Bolter:

With dozerblade:

13-01-2011, 07:46
Leman Russes: (Will be changed to lascannons)


Rough Riders

Some Veterans

13-01-2011, 07:49

I must admit I felt quite bad taking a knife to such lovely forgeworld models. However, removing the heads was suprisingly easy. A small amount of greenstuff to fix the back of the neck on the coat and they should fit in perfectly.

C&C welcome!

13-01-2011, 09:04
Multilaser/Heavy Flamer:

Dude... that is awesome!! Looks so badassed! I may have to borrow that idea :shifty:

13-01-2011, 09:17
Thanks PariahZero! Initially I was going to have the flamer set right back like the Heavy Bolter, but then I realised it would incinerate the multilaser when fired!

When I fire the flamer/HB it will still be done from the standard Chimera Hull position - EG from the front of the vehicle.

Here is the final 1500pt Army List I will be using:


Command HQ
Commander: Laspistol, Lascannon
Chimera - multilaser/heavy bolter


Platoon Command
Junior Officer laspistol & CCW, Commissar Laspistols &CCW's.
Chimera - multilaser/heavy flamer

Infantry Squad, Lascannon
Chimera - multilaser/heavy bolter

Infantry Squad, Lascannon
Chimera - multilaser/heavy bolter

Veterans, Shotguns. 3 Meltaguns.
Chimera - Multilaser/Heavy Flamer

Veterans, Shotguns. 3 Meltaguns.
Chimera - Multilaser/Heavy Flamer

Veterans, Shotguns. 3 Meltaguns.
Chimera - Multilaser/Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack

5 Rough Riders

Heavy Support

Leman Russ Battle Tank, lascannon

Leman Russ Battle Tank, lascannon

2 x Hydra Flak Tanks

Total - 1500pts.

14-01-2011, 13:31
Here is what I need to build:

Infantry Squad 1 - Needs lascannon team
Infantry Squad 2 - Needs lascannon team & 2 lasguns

Veteran Squad 1 - Needs 3 meltaguns
Veteran Squad 2 - Needs 3 Meltaguns, 3 shotguns, Sergeant.
Veteran Squad 3 - Needs 3 Meltaguns, 6 shotguns, Sergeant.

Leman Russ x2 - Need to replace HB with LC.

Hydra Flak Tank x2 - Need to build

Chimera with ML & HF - Need to build 3
Chimera with ML & HB - Need to build 2

This is mainly for myself atm so I have a list to work against!

17-01-2011, 08:30
Morning All. Hope you enjoyed your weekends.

I worked on the Razorbacks trying to perfect a plain white scheme, but out of 4 different ways I tried I was not happy with the outcome on any of them. So I decided to stick with my blue & white camo scheme:


Still PIP, but C&C welcome.

I have also made a few more veterans and am awaiting some more meltaguns to finish the rest of them off before I start painting some infantry.

17-01-2011, 09:41
I really like that camo scheme dude, it looks class :)

17-01-2011, 09:43
Thanks :) It will be coming up to white the same as the above Leman Russ, then weathered and battle damaged.

I have just ordered some West Wind heads to complement my veterans.

icecream boy
17-01-2011, 21:53
A bad can of spray I believe.

Well I quite liked it the way it was to be honest. Whatever floats your boat I guess =)

I too would feel a little bad cutting up FW stuff like that, though if the result it worth it, I don't think there's a problem with it.

Oh and I really like the Veterans, seems I'm not the only one who thought Necromunda Delaque models would make nice trench coated Guardsmen.

18-01-2011, 01:54
Looks great. Just a word of caution though, if you keep the heavy flamer on the turret, thats where you're going to have to measure the flamer template from; it would be better placed at the front somehow.

18-01-2011, 08:53
Thanks for the feedback so far!

icecream boy - Yes I rather like them too. I used one as a medic in the previous version of the army, but I think they fit well as veterans. I just need to decide on a coulour for the coats. Blue like the armour, or grey like a greatcoat?

mr.silly - Yes, I may run into problems ref the flamers. However, as I play so little I am going to have an ID marking or somesuch on the front of the tank and will (with opponents permission) measure the flamer template from there at all times. Bear in mind it's only supposed to have a 45 degree angle and so forth too. I can't see that most people will have a problem with it. Remember there will be large dozorblades on the front too to represent AV12.

Here are some updated pics of the tanks:
http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a314/munnchy/Imperial%20Guard%202011/165693_10150125790806474_516081473_7698929_7376018 _n.jpg
http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a314/munnchy/Imperial%20Guard%202011/167116_10150125790941474_516081473_7698932_4872798 _n.jpg
http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a314/munnchy/Imperial%20Guard%202011/164696_10150125790876474_516081473_7698930_4085942 _n.jpg
http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a314/munnchy/Imperial%20Guard%202011/163653_10150125790916474_516081473_7698931_6572674 _n.jpg


19-01-2011, 00:03
I like those colors.

icecream boy
19-01-2011, 06:56
They actually look much better now, especially with the weathering.

I just need to decide on a coulour for the coats. Blue like the armour, or grey like a greatcoat?

I'd say gray, though consider a brown tan colour too. I did some that colour, check out my log (see sig)

19-01-2011, 14:44
Tank reference markings -

HQ = C0

Platoon HQ = 40
Squad 1 = 41
Squad 2 = 42

Veterans 1 = 11
Veterans 2 = 12
Veterans 3 = 13

Leman Russ = 252, 268

Hydras = 156, 159

I think this will work well.

On the basis that:
Platoon 1 = veterans, 10-19
Platoon 2 = 20-29
Platoon 3 = 30-39

and so forth.

Heavy support are the few remaining tanks left after the various battles, as they are unable to recieve any reinforcements at the moment, hence non coherant serial numbers.

21-01-2011, 12:48
So.. I have been pondering a few more ideas for the remaining tanks and transports whilst painting the two command tanks above.

I would value your opinions, Warseer!

The two command Chimera's only carry 5 models, so no stowage etc on the outside as there is spare room inside for their extra equipment.

Do I convert the normal squads (especially the veterans) transports to have lots of stowage, camo netting, battle damage and so forth to represent their extended time in the field and the fact that they live in their transports? And on the same note, as I am using Razorbacks with dozorblades to represent chimera's, should I have a single chimera very badly battle damaged and patched up with field repairs to show the fact that there are hardly any actual chimera's left now?

The same with the battle tanks and Hydra's. Lots of stowage, repairs etc.

Or, do I go for fairly clean, simple tanks? no stowage etc.

And on a final note, ref the tracks, heavy mud & snow or not?

C&C please!

23-01-2011, 20:30
Here's a couple more updates:

2 command squad veterans with standards. The standards are nothing in game terms but the regiment has saved the standards of the battalions which have fallen in battle and carry them with pride.


First veteran squad razorback:


23-01-2011, 20:32


C&C Welcome. More pics tomorrow with hopefully finished command razorbacks.

23-01-2011, 22:07
Love the Razorback, it well done! :)

25-01-2011, 10:28
Corporal White looked up at the sky above, watching the red trails of artillery as they streaked overhead towards his position. As the high whine of the incoming barrage reached his ears, he shook himself out of his daze and ducked back into the doorway of the shattered building his squad were sheltered in.

“Here they come again lads, heads down now.”

The squad pushed into the meager cover of the ruins, and White wedged himself down behind the remains of an internal wall to wait. His fingers unconsciously traced over the pattern of the Aquila on his Cadian pattern lasgun as he counted down in his head.


The impacts shook the whole building to its very foundations. Chunks of masonry and dust fell about everywhere as a rumble announced the collapse of the remains of the front of the structure. White shook his head, his ears ringing from the multiple explosions. As the dust started to settle, White could hear the rest of the squad coughing loudly all around him. His vox operator suddenly appeared out of the dust and smoke and dropped down next to him, grinning.

“Another near miss Corporal, and a message from HQ.”

White grinned back and nodded.

“They couldn’t hit a bloody Hive from this range, Bays. Nothing to worry about, eh? What’s the message?”

“’Necron’ West says we are to fall back to recon point alpha five bravo and meet up with the rest of the column.”

“About time.”

White pulled himself to his feet, and clapped a hand on Bay’s shoulder. He nodded, and then turned to the rest of the squad, who were brushing dust off themselves and chatting idly.

“Time to move out, lads, back to the chimera. We are rejoining the column.”

As the chimera made its way back along the road towards the column, White and the rest of his squad sat in the back, discussing where the column might be headed next. They laughed and chatted and smoked, making the most of their time out of combat.

White looked around at them, a feeling of pride swelling in his chest. His lads. They had been through thick and thin together, right from basic training back on Vuvax IX. Through the bloodiest of battles and campaigns they had fought together and won victories in the name of the Emperor. They had also suffered defeats, and casualties. White looked to his right, staring vacantly at the empty seat where Sergeant Crithe used to sit. It was normally left empty these days as a mark of respect. White could almost still see him now; he would be sitting with his loaded shotgun by his side, a cigar hanging from his mouth as he told another of his dirty tales from home. Now all that was left were the initials he had carved into the plating behind the seat. White came to with a start as a loud retort and juddering announced another engine failure. As the chimera slowed to a stop, White stood and pushed forward to the internal door, leaning through to speak to the driver.

“What’s wrong this time Kryz?”

The driver turned and shook his head.

“Engines, White, bloody engines. This heap of rust is so old and worn I am surprised I can even get it to move at all. I wish we could get some new supplies.”

White nodded in understanding.

“I know, mate. Can you get her back up and running?”

“Let me take a look.”

White ducked back into the crew compartment and informed his squad.

“Looks like we get to spend a little more time out here, lads. The engines are shot again.”

With a collective groan, the squad disembarked to help with the repairs. White sent half the squad to scout the perimeter, just to be on the safe side. He looked around at their location, and satisfied that he could see no signs of enemy activity he walked over to the chimera crew.

“What do you think, Kryz? Can you fix it?”

The driver shook his head and pointed inside the access panel at the twisted and torn metal, then down at the oil pooling around the bottom of the tracks.

“Anyone who could get this going again out here could have my drink rations for a month. The pistons have torn through the whole engine block on this side. The only place we can go is round in circles.”

White leant against the side of the tank and pulled an iho stick from his pocket.

“Seems the old girl’s finally given up the ghost, huh? Ok. How far are we from alpha five bravo?”

“Only about two miles, corporal. We could make it on foot and come back with the techpriest to see what he can do. I would hate to leave her behind; after all we have been through.”

White sighed and straightened up. Walking away from the tank, he lit his smoke and called to the rest of the squad.

“Ok lads, we are on foot from here. Alpha five bravo is about two miles up the road. Donnolly and McDade, I want you to stay here until we return with the techy to get the old girl up and running. Bays, vox ahead and let the column know they should expect us on foot.”

The squad pulled their gear from the back of the immobile transport, Donnolly and McDade making themselves comfortable and preparing their defenses. White checked the clip on his lasgun, his fingers playing across the Aquila idly. Looking up at his squad, he nodded at the road ahead.

“Move out!”

25-01-2011, 13:40
Nice story there lad, seems really good :)

:) can't wait to read/see more

26-01-2011, 15:06
Thanks PariahZero :)

Well I have been contemplating the army banners. Now, there are a fair amount of banners spread about, though in game terms they don't do anything. Fluff wise, they are the rescued banners of the regiments which have been destroyed or whittled down but the banners have been rescued and are carried with the remains of the division.


I will largely do the bottom 3 with transfers, blended nicely with some weathering etc on torn and ripped banners. I may consider repainting the Divisional banner to match. Opinions welcome!

26-01-2011, 15:08
That guard color scheme is really, really impressive. Very different and well executed.
Nicely done.

26-01-2011, 15:41
Thanks very much! I think they would fit quite well fighting alongside the 75th Logres Prime Ice Drakes! If you ever need elite mechanized support you know who to call ;)

26-01-2011, 19:18
Nice work, very proud looking regiment.
Nice converted tanks, good scheme, works well before seeing the banner list I thought to myself, "City Guard."
The converted officers are simple conversions, but imo they work really well and look like actual games workshop figures.
They capture the feel of imperial guard well and I will be coming back to this log!

icecream boy
27-01-2011, 07:39
I like the latest tanks, I never thought Marine vehicles could work so well as Guard stand-ins.

31-01-2011, 08:19
Happy Monday chaps!

Well the weekend is over, and I managed to get some painting done. Here are the first two finished tanks - minus dozerblades.


31-01-2011, 08:21

31-01-2011, 08:22

C&C Welcome as always!

31-01-2011, 15:13
Stuff looks great man!

icecream boy
01-02-2011, 07:12
Real smooth painting mate, but those tracks are astonishingly good :eek:
Mind giving us a recipe? I may have to try that on my Leman Russ I'm still yet to paint.

01-02-2011, 08:57
Sure thing!

Track Mud:

Take some sand and fine gravel, and add to PVA. (consistency up to you depending on thickness of mud wanted)
Add brown ink, black ink, and scorched brown to get colour you desire.
Starting at the back of the tank, add to tracks. Keep mud very thick and heavy at the back as the mud would be picked up here. The front should have very little on the tracks and the mud should get thicker as you get towards the back of the tank. Don't forget to add some underneath the sides where it would cling, but keep the inside of the tracks themselves fairly clear as the wheels would clear the mud quite quickly.
Whilst mud is still wet, sprinkle on static grass. Again, more focus on the rear of the tracks. If you are after a snow effect you can also sprinkle on some baking soda at this point.

Hope that helps! I will try to get some clearer photos up tonight.

01-02-2011, 15:38
Theres something in the name of the regiment, the colors and the theme... that, I just cant stop to review your work.

Keep it on.

01-02-2011, 15:50
...I just cant stop to review your work.

I don't understand! :cries: Do you not like them?

01-02-2011, 17:14
The opposite Tovarisch; quite the opposite.

01-02-2011, 21:27

02-02-2011, 06:03
the officer conversions look really cool, and the paint scheme is brilliant, nice work :)

icecream boy
02-02-2011, 07:16
Cheers for the tut. mate, sounds easy enough.

10-02-2011, 10:30
A place of Peace and tranquility.

That’s how Vuvax had been described, that was how it should have been.

But war…

War changes everything.

Sergeant West looked up into the eyes of the soldier in above him, and then lowered his gaze to the outstretched hand. He grinned, and reached up to grasp the man’s hand and let himself be hauled to his feet.

“Couldn’t resist a little nap, Blythe!”

The trooper grinned at him as he pushed a fresh magazine into his lasgun, turning towards the front line. West dusted himself down and un-holstered his own weapon, a laspistol, and bent down to retrieve his chainsword.

Thumbing the mechanism, he was satisfied to see the blade spin into life before settling into idle mode.

Looking around him he saw that the Vuvaxian soldiers were nervous. Hell, he was nervous. They had been rushed to this deployment zone in a maelstrom of panic and confusion. The local PDF were unable to cope with the influx of enemies and they were not prepared to face this kind of enemy.

West turned to look at the dust cloud heading towards them. Frankly, he had no idea what was headed their way. It seemed nobody did. Ever since the PDF had lost communication with the closest outpost, panic had set in based on a garbled vox message which had cut off halfway through.

Tyranids. One of the greatest threats to hit the Imperium since the Horus Heresy. At least, that’s what they had been told. Then again, everything was ‘the greatest threat to the Imperium’ according to the recruitment posters.

A roar of engines to his left shook West from his thoughts as a couple of Leman Russ battle tanks rumbled to a stop, bringing cheers from the nearby men. The nearest tanks turret hatch clanged open and a friendly head popped up.

“Morning, Sergeant! Have we missed the show?”

West smiled and pointed to the growing dust cloud.

“Not yet, friend! But we are glad to have some armour here!”

“Never fear! The Emperor protects!” The tank commander rapped his knuckles on the turret and grinned. “But some big guns don’t hurt!”

West gave him a thumbs up as he vanished back into the tank. Moments later both tanks gave a mechanical whine as their turrets tracked round.
West called his men to order as they prepared themselves to meet the oncoming assault. Razor wire, makeshift barricades of rubble and anything that could be scraped together to make some cover had been dragged into a ragged defense line. Looking back at the line of tanks and men moving into position West spotted Captain McGuire chatting idly by his chimera.

West shook his head as he watched the overweight fool looking around nervously. As far as he understood it, Captain McGuire had only received his position due to his family influence. West got the impression that he didn’t want to be here at all, and the fact that he was generally nowhere to be found once the fighting started seemed to back his theory up.

West shook his head and strode over to the nearest barricade. Peering over the top, he just started to make out the shapes of individual tyranids when the Leman Russ battle tanks opened fire with a crash, and a ragged cheer sounded up and down the line as orders were bellowed. West grinned and turned to his own squad.

“Here they come! Let’s show them what we are made of! Remember, shoot the big ones!”

The squad replied with a chorus of affirmative and prepared themselves for the onslaught. West checked his own laspistol before nodding to the two men handling the missile launcher.

“Aim for the head, it’s generally a weak point. Good luck, lads.”

The soldiers nodded back as they pushed a missile home into the launch tube.

Looking back over the barricade West saw the chittering swarm burst into plain view as the whole line opened fire. As bright beams of lasgun fire seared the air, bursting heads and burning limbs from the bodies of the alien creatures, the battle cannons of the Leman Russ tanks tracked a huge carnifex that was lurching through the swarm. With a roar, the beast lumbered into a run, staggering as both shells hit it simultaneously.

West’s smile of victory froze on his face as he watched the monster shake itself and turn back towards the line, wounded and with one talon missing. How in the Emperors name could that thing shake off two ordnance hits? West pointed at the beast and shouted at the missile team;

“Bring that bugger down NOW!”

The two soldiers stood and rested the barrel of the launcher on the barricade, sending a krak missile streaming away towards the lumbering carnifex. West watched as the missile veered to the left, it was going to miss!

The nearest battle tank fired again, the heavy ordnance shell hitting the ground next to the beast and sending it stumbling once more. The mighty carnifex staggered sideways, into the path of the missile, which hit it square in the neck and exploded with a flash. The anti-tank missile was more than enough to remove most of the beasts head and one of its shoulders, and it finally slumped to the ground.

West barely had time to turn around as the rest of the tyranid swarm hit the barricades and began to climb over. Leaping hormagaunts vaulted the meager cover and landed amongst the troops, their long talons scything left and right as men fell under the onslaught. Thumbing his chainsword West leapt forward with a roar bursting into combat and hacking at his foes. Alien blood sprayed as he ducked and weaved, the beasts falling beneath his blade as the chitin of their armour cracked and broke beneath the teeth of his weapon. His men followed his example, bayonets stabbing as they fought for their lives amongst the strange, chittering foe.

Suddenly West stood alone in a circle of hormagaunt corpses. As he turned to the barricade he saw another alien scramble up to it, wielding some kind of fleshy gun in its atrophied front limbs. With a spasm and a hiss, it fired a series of black beetles down into the combat below. A soldier to West’s right went down screaming as several of the beetles bored their way at high velocity into his stomach, eating through his fatigues and sending blood pumping into the air.

West raised his laspistol and sent the creature tumbling from the barricade.

Rallying his men West brought them forward to the barricade once more as the last remaining hormagaunts in his section were put to death. Lasguns spitting death into the swarm, their high rate of fire prevented most of the smaller creatures from getting over the barricade as the Leman Russ tanks opened fire with their hull heavy bolters. His missile team lay dismembered in a pool of blood, and West quickly calculated that over half of his men had been lost.

As he took potshots with his laspistol, West noticed that the smaller creatures below were less ferocious and more disorganized without the larger creatures around to guide them. Almost as he thought this a bestial roar came from the smoke ahead and a larger shape came charging forward. As one, the tyranid swarm turned and renewed their efforts at the barricade.

West brought up his chainsword as he cut down the aliens trying to swarm over, screaming the regimental battle cry;

“For Vuvax! For Victory!”

The cry was echoed up and down the line as the hard pressed imperial guardsmen slowly started to cave under the weight of numbers. The large creature ahead cleared the smoke and stood at the centre of the swarm.

A tyranid Hive Tyrant. Clearly this monster was the leader of the current attack. As he watched, the beast leveled its strange weapon at the nearest battle tank, and with a roar a stream of crystallized venom spewed forth. West watched in horror as the front armour of the tank quite literally dissolved under the deluge, the stench of burning flesh accompanying the screams of the crew inside. The turret hatch clanged open and the commander, who West had chatted to not fifteen minutes earlier, pulled himself out and tumbled off the side of the vehicle. With a flash and a dull roar the munitions inside the tank detonated, and West, alongside most of his men, was thrown to the ground as lethal shards of metal and debris scythed through the air.

Hauling himself to his feet, West helped pull the nearest soldier up as he shot another creature that was clawing its way over their barricade. A dull throbbing in his leg made him look down and he saw a large piece of tank hull embedded in his thigh. The soldier was looking at him in horror.

“Sarge… Your leg…”

West grimaced in pain as he tugged the shard of metal free, blood cascading from the wound as he staggered towards the barricade. Raising his laspistol again, he took another two of the tryanid termagants out as the stood on the top shooting borer beetles down into the soldiers below.

With a deafening roar and a crash, the hive tyrant burst through the barricade, smashing tyranid and guardsman aside like rag dolls. West watched in horror as the monster swept left and right with its bone-like sword, wreaking devastation amongst the remaining guardsmen. With a crack, a battle cannon shell impacted on the creature’s torso, and it turned to roar defiance at the remaining Leman Russ tank. As panic spread, every single weapon that could be spared was brought to bear on the leader of the swarm, but it seemed to shrug off almost every single attack as it cut down more and more soldiers. Smaller tyranids were pouring through the barricade behind it, and West could see that the line was crumbling and would be overrun in moments.

As men fell around him, either to the strange beetles which were now zipping through the air or to the sword of the monster ahead, West dropped his chainsword and pulled a krak grenade from his belt. Pulling the pin, he lobbed the grenade through the air, and it hit the side of the tyrant, exploding between its two venom cannon arms and removing them in a spray of alien ichors.

Wounded, and screaming now in fury, the hive tyrant turned its gaze on West. As it strode towards him, West yelped in pain as he leant down and retrieved his chainsword. Raising his laspistol he fired a couple of shots at the monsters head as several of his surviving men moved in front of him.
West planted his feet solidly into the ground, favouring his good leg, and revved his chainsword. The brave soldiers in front of him were cut down like wheat before a scythe as the Hive Tyrant towered above him.

West felt the cold, icy grip of fear knotting his stomach as he looked up into the creature’s alien gaze. Something clicked in his mind, and a chittering filled his head and made his limbs feel like lead. It was all he could do to raise his chainsword as the bone blade came sweeping down.

Suddenly, it was as if the chainsword he was holding in his left hand weighed nothing at all. There was no bone-jarring impact that he had been expecting as he parried, blade to blade with the monster above him.

He looked sideways as dizziness flooded through him. The shattered chainsword lay several feet away on the ground, along with most of his left arm. Arterial blood spraying from his shoulder, West slumped to his knees before he gathered the last of his strength and looked up, raising his laspistol one last time. The Hive Tyrant took a step back and leant forward, opening its maw to roar a victory scream at the wounded human.

West’s body was going numb, and there was darkness at the edge of his vision and a throbbing in his ears that he could swear was his own

Gazing up into the open mouth of the Hive Tyrant West mustered the last of his strength and called the regimental battle cry;

“For Vuvax! For Victory!”

With that, he pulled the trigger.


Sometime later, West’s eyes flickered open.

A place of peace and tranquility, they had said. The light clouds scudding across the blue sky above certainly gave that impression. West couldn’t hear clearly, but he could hear laughter and cheering in the background. Was this what it was like to be dead? West smiled and went to sit up.

A hand pushed him back down firmly as the friendly face of a medic loomed above him.

“Whoa there sergeant! Easy now. You’ve been badly wounded.”

With a rush, the pain came flooding back and West groaned in agony before blacking out again.


As his eyes fluttered open again, the first thing West saw was the Hive Tyrant. With a jolt, he was wide awake.

“Relax, sergeant West. It’s dead.”

West turned his head to look at the medic, who was checking the bandage over his left shoulder.

“I thought I was dead…”

The medic grinned.

“I have never seen such a sight, May I be the first to congratulate you?”

West frowned. “Congratulate me? For surviving?”

The medic laughed.

“Sergeant West… Don’t you remember? You killed the Hive Tyrant! You killed it and the swarm scattered. You are a hero!”

West smiled to himself as two soldiers lifted his stretcher from the ground and carried him away. As he stared at the hive tyrant laying dead on the ground, something sharp stuck in his leg as the medic gave him more morphine, and West once again faded into darkness.

10-02-2011, 10:34
I hope you all like this fluff :D

It is based of an in-game event early on where a hive tyrant with one wound remaining was about to impact into my lines having cut down a squad in combat, and eveything in my army shot at it to no effect. My lone wounded veteran sergeant with just a handful of men left in his squad took a single laspistol shot at the beast and took it down!

10-02-2011, 13:42
West is a lucky guy, both for being painted in such a nice scheme, and also for that obviously blessed las pistol!

11-02-2011, 14:55
Thanks :D

Just a quick note to say that I hope to have an update with pics later tonight.

11-02-2011, 22:37
Right - Heres some pics.

Veteran Sergeant and 2 veterans. They fit in suprisingly well with the normal cadian models.

C&C welcome as always.


11-02-2011, 22:38

icecream boy
12-02-2011, 00:14
I'm not sure how to feel about the black-lining on the coats, since they are white. You are right about the Necromunda figs though, they fit in surprisingly well with the Cadians, especially with that head swap.

30-03-2011, 23:35
Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been busy with a few commissions and work and life. I have finally finished my commanding officer:


C&C welcome as always.

icecream boy
31-03-2011, 08:39
That's certainly an interesting twist on the usual Commissar, well done. I know your not running it as one, but it still has a great over all feel towards it.

31-03-2011, 10:03
Thanks Icecream boy!

I do have a commissar in my army, I am trying to decide how he should be painted. Do I go with the standard black for him, or change him to have a white coat but stick with the normal black uniform of the commissar underneath?

31-03-2011, 13:33
I went with a black uni and then added the trim of his coat in my army color.
Although I do like your solution and he is very well painted, I am just not sure that look fits the established grim dark fluff for commissars.

31-03-2011, 14:39
The last chap is not a commissar! He is the army commander, a normal guard officer.

31-03-2011, 14:57
The last chap is not a commissar! He is the army commander, a normal guard officer.

Oh my mistake then. My apologies... He is a great model either way.

31-03-2011, 14:59
Thanks :) I was thinking of the standard commissar black uniform for normal commissars but with white overcoats due to the snow.

04-04-2011, 10:05
Another small update;

My girlfriend was looking at my models after she bought herself a new camera, and she decided to make me a lightbox to get better photographs. Here is the result!


icecream boy
07-04-2011, 06:15
I've gone for standard black in my army, but looking at your avatar I think white may work. They would need something to help them stand out though, maybe change the cap to a bright red? Really like the lightbox too, certainly brings out the colours of the models more.

09-04-2011, 06:47
Light boxes are incredibly helpful for things like this. Good on your girlfriend, Munchy.

15-04-2011, 08:21
Quick update on some progress with the Leman Russ tanks:


their previous dozer blades will go onto the command tanks:


27-09-2011, 08:40
Hi everyone,

Now that the craziness of summer is slowing down and I am getting more time to get on with my painting and modelling, I have started work on my Guard again.

It's about time I get them finished, at least for display in my cabinets if nothing else.

I got to work on some of the veterans last night:


C&C welcome as always.

20-10-2011, 08:25
Hi all,

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I have finished the above veterans and will be uploading more photo's tonight. I have also ordered some new models, and have started working on another short story for you all to read.

Thanks for all the comments so far

20-10-2011, 13:32
l really like the look of those veterans - for some reason they just look like "City Guard" should, to my mind. Where are the heads from?

20-10-2011, 14:28
Thanks! The two outside heads are West Wind ones, and the centre one is a mordheim head.

20-10-2011, 15:38
Did you have any trouble getting the West Wind heads to fit? I've been contemplating using them - admittedly, not those ones particularly - and wasn't sure how they'd look. The one in the middle is a Mordheim/Empire GW one, right? It fits right in with the other two!

20-10-2011, 16:17
I had no problems getting them to fit, these ones came with reasonably long necks so I just trimmed them down to where I needed them and filed into a curve. I have a smattering of them throughout the army to represent the fact that the regiment doesn't have access to any standard supplies at the moment, so Cadian pattern armour, weapons and equipment is hard to come by.

They are serving alongside the Son's of Guilliman at the present time, so there are a few bits of Astartes equipment dotted throughout, things like pouches mainly that have been donated.

20-10-2011, 22:57
Well, here are some photos as promised. I'm still trying to get the hang of the new DSLR camera, I may go back to the old one for miniature photo's.


20-10-2011, 22:58

And finally, a related project:

21-10-2011, 21:07
Ah I love those Escher Sculpts... awesome models. Some of GW's finest from back in the day. I like the new photos of the your models as well. The Sublte conversions are sweet and the painting top notch as always.

25-10-2011, 13:19
I too love the Escher models. They work very well.

Thanks for your comments!

More photo's coming tonight, including a few more conversions.

25-10-2011, 22:30
Well, an update!

I've been working on quite a few different things at once. My main guard force are slowly progressing, in addition I have made a start on my female imperial guard army, from the same planet (Vuvax) as the 4th city Guard. More details on their history will follow.

They will be a militia type army, lots of infantry and basic weapons, with a smattering of civillian type vehicles. Sentinal power lifters, etc.

Here are some WIP photo's to give you an idea of where this is heading:


C&C welcome as always.

28-10-2011, 13:57
Love them!

Shadow Nugz
28-10-2011, 22:01
Ik those Razorback/Chimerae are for your IG but I must say that those chassis look great in a camo pattern. Looks like a great lineup there. Keep it coming!

01-11-2011, 09:33
Thanks, more photo's and background to follow soon.

04-11-2011, 12:15

The Vuvaxian system lies in the Segmentum Pacificus, approximately midway between Cadia (in the Segmentum Obsucurus) and the Sabbat Worlds.

There are 9 planets in the system, orbiting a single sun. Only 2 of these planets are naturally inhabitable, Vuvax VIII and IX. The 4 planets closest to the sun are too inhospitable, (Vuvax I to IV) with planets V and VI being used for mining of minerals, which are largely exported straight to the Cadian system for production. Vuvax VII is an unusual planet, the gravity is similar to that of VIII & IX but it is far too small and has no natural resources. It is used as a training ground for the systems military.

Vuvax VIII is an agricultural world, close enough to the sun for crop growing, but slightly too close for a large population to live in comfort. Due to natural underground water sources running close to the surface almost all over the planet, the majority of the surface grows crops which are supplied to Vuvax IX.

Vuvax IX is the primary inhabited planet of the system, and consists of large sprawling city sectors surrounding one large main hive. The hive is the oldest man made feature of the planet, being built thousands of years in the past by the first settlers. The main hive spire does not reach up far by most hive world standards, and is known commonly on the planet as ‘The Iceberg’. (Named for the ice formations of Vuvax IX’s furthest moon, which consists of largely water with enormous icebergs)

As you might guess form the nickname, most of the hive is hidden beneath the surface of the planet, reaching as far down as the molten core would allow.

The citizens of Vuvax are an unusual breed, with a huge number living in the lower levels of the hive and never emerging above ground. This has bred somewhat of a gang culture, similar to that found on Necromunda and other similar planets, but without the structured hierarchy of the ruling houses. There is a long established monarchy on Vuvax, little more than a dusty old tradition in these modern times.

The main ruling power of the hive lies with the elected board of governors, with each governor taking on the responsibility of a different section of government.

The population of Vuvax VIII is approximately 647,000.

The population of Vuvax IX is approximately 2,750,000,000 AG (Above Ground) and estimated 2,000,000,000 BG (Below Ground). It is extremely hard to estimate the figures for BG population as there is no effective way of performing any kind of accurate census.

A tithe for the Imperial Guard is performed every 100 years, and this usually consists of eager volunteers from the AG population and existing PDF. Due to the sprawling urban environments, the Vuvaxian PDF for the areas outside of the main hive is nicknamed the ‘City Guard’, a name usually taken by the tithe regiments.

With the population of Vuvax have only relatively recently reached a high enough level to be eligible for the Imperial tithe, the Vuvaxian City Guard regiments have only been raised 4 times so far. The first three regiments have faded into history, with little to mark their passing, whilst the 4th City Guard have been elevated to legend status amongst the citizens of their home planet.

11 years have passed since the last tithe, when the 4th City Guard was raised, its 50,000 soldiers marching off to war along streets lined with cheering citizens.

4th City Guard

The 4th consisted originally of 50,000 soldiers, fitted with standard Cadian pattern equipment and organised as an infantry force, supported by armoured support such as Leman Russ pattern battle tanks. Their first deployment was intended to be at the Cadian gate as a supportive garrison force. However, en route to their destination they (alongside several other newly recruited regiments) were diverted to aid a small force of space marines of the Son’s of Guilliman chapter destroy a Tyranid splinter fleet terrorising a nearby system.

The Messina Uprising

Once the Tyranid force had been destroyed, the regiment again boarded their transport ships and headed on to the Cadian Gate.

Several months providing garrison support on Messina (in the Helican subsector of the Scarus sector) passed without noticeable incident before the 4th were called upon to support an action quelling an uprising in one of the local cities, (a possible early indicator of the uprising later occurring here during the 13th Black Crusade) in a pincer movement with heavy armour and artillery provided by the Cadian 8th Armoured.

The 4th were supported by the Cadian 179th, and a small contingent of Eldar, who had appeared at the onset of the battle and were advancing towards the city walls between the two attacking forces. It was in this conflict that Sergeant James West, of the 2nd Division (13th Armoured Fist section) became known to the commanding officers of the 4th.

Approximately halfway to the city walls, the chimera APC took an unlucky hit from a long range missile and was immobilised. Upon disembarking, West’s squad soon found themselves advancing slightly in front of the leading squad of the mysterious Eldar, who suddenly attacked West’s squad from the rear. It is unclear whether the Eldar believed the guardsmen to be the enemy, or if their intention was to attack all along. The way of the Xenos can never be predicted.

West’s section was slaughtered by the sudden and unexpected attack. Within moments, only West and his vox operator were left unengaged, having been slightly in advance of the squad. West made an instant decision, grabbing the vox and calling in an artillery strike from the Cadian 8th Armoured right on his position. Seconds later, West was fighting for his life with the Eldar warriors as the vox operator was cut down in front of him. As he fended off dozens of attacks by pure luck, (and the Emperors blessing) several Earthshaker shells landed on his position, obliterating the area and leaving a crater several metres deep. Other Vuvaxian units who had been moving in to support the engagement watched in horror as the dust began to settle. Several minutes later, a single figure came staggering out of the smoke, bleeding from a dozen wounds. Sergeant West was the only survivor and had destroyed the Eldar threat.

The attack on Messina was a resounding success, with the uprising being quelled and the ringleaders, including the governor of the town and most of the senior figures there, shot as traitors to the Imperium.

+++More to follow later+++

31-12-2011, 17:44
Hello everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas and looking forward to 2012!

I have had some spare time over the holidays and have started work on my guard again, slowly but surely. Here are some work in progress Leman Russ battle tanks, with more photos to follow soon. These will be heavily weathered and I am going to try to make them some of my best painted vehicles yet!


02-01-2012, 10:08
Very nice thread and a perfect color scheme for you army.

03-01-2012, 23:48
Hi all,

More WIP photo's of the tanks. I have been using techniques from the Forgeworld Model Masterclass book, and experimenting with oil paints. Great to use!


03-01-2012, 23:50

03-01-2012, 23:50

04-01-2012, 02:30
That Russ looks really good, great job with the oil paints!

25-01-2012, 08:01
Here's a sneak preview of my latest project, better photo's to come shortly.


25-01-2012, 09:19
Oh very nice - I've always wanted to do that but lacked the cash! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out for you!

25-01-2012, 14:43
Is that the Ork AA gun from Forgeworld? :o

25-01-2012, 17:43
Great work on the russ. Never dared use oils myself. Rust stains look very good.

AA gun looks promising. Is the decking on that chimera chassie homemade ?


25-01-2012, 22:23
Thanks SDKFZ, yes the decking is scratch built from plasticard. Not quite up to the level that you can do though! Just a simple flat deck.

More photos of what I have been working on lately:


25-01-2012, 22:24

25-01-2012, 22:26

25-01-2012, 22:26

25-01-2012, 22:30
C&C welcome. You should be able to see from post #95 why most of my regiment are using modified Razorbacks instead of Chimeras! They are very battered!
I also decided to go for a brightly coloured banner rather than an ice blue version as I had planned. I think this is better though.

26-01-2012, 07:20
I don't know if someone has mentioned this to you yet, but just in case, toss some orange into your blues that you are using for your shadows on white. Using a complimentary color will neutralize it and make it a more convincing shadow, as colors move into shadow, they get cooler, darker, and duller (neutralized).

26-01-2012, 11:17
Amazing paint job!!!!!!!!

26-01-2012, 11:32
Thanks Icecream boy!

I do have a commissar in my army, I am trying to decide how he should be painted. Do I go with the standard black for him, or change him to have a white coat but stick with the normal black uniform of the commissar underneath?

According to the Cain novels it's not the black uniform that marks out a commissar it's the red sash, suppose there are alot of black uniforms in the guard


26-01-2012, 17:28
Dont be so modest, youve made some great builds here, Mate ! :)

That hydra looks really good. Like those extra mags of ammo on the cab.

That Chimera has seen better days, nice work. Is it still mobile or used as a bunker ?

Troopers looking great. Like those bright red banners.

Keep up the great work, Mate !


26-01-2012, 20:08
Not a fan of the color scheme but thankfully we are all different :)

But i looove the use of bits. Those vindicator dozer blades fit perfectly and i really digg the beat up chimera.

Keep em comming.

26-01-2012, 21:50
Thanks everyone!

Yes, the chimera is still mobile. The army is currently beyond standard Imperial supply lines so cannot get replacement tanks/weapons etc, so they keep repairing vehicles until they are too battered. The razorbacks have been lent by the Sons of Guilliman chapter from their pool of vehicles deemed too battered for Astartes use, plus I think it looks pretty good and Imperial Guard used to have access to Rhino's and so forth anyway.

I'm especially pleased with the Hydra, The extra ammo crates stumped me for a while as I couldn't work out where to put them, but they fit quite nicely on the cab there and it's easy access for the poor chap who has to crank the platform handle around, and reload!