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06-01-2011, 14:26
While writing up a battle report from a recent game I played I remembered a query I had about random movement.

Here is the picture.

The Night Goblins and Chariot had overrun into the positions you see during their previous turn.

My question is, could the Doomwheel have charged the Orc Chariot?

I've checked the BRB for random movement rules and they seem to suggest it's fine. However at the time a couple of things came to mind:

1) Pivoting the Doomwheel to face the Orc Chariot would bring a portion of it's base off the edge of the table (the brownish area in the top right of the pic is the floor).

2) The charge target was not in the Doomwheel's front arc*

* = Note: I realise the Random Movement rules in the BRB doesn't state this is a requirement for a unit with Random Movement to charge. But this is with hindsight and was part of my reasoning at the time.

06-01-2011, 14:51
The Orc Chariot is too close to the Night Goblins and the Doomwheel. Units are supposed to remain 1 in. away from other units (friend and foe alike) and from impassable terrain. The restriction is only lifted when the unit charges or is in close combat.

How much pivoting is restrained by the 1 inch away rule and the table edge is highly dependent on the ******* factor.

It is true that the target unit must be at lest partially within the charging unit's front arc when you make a charge declaration. Models with random movement do not make charge declarations: They simply charge into close combat if their move permits.

Also note that since both the Orc Chariot and the Doomwheel are single-model units it is sufficient to make contact corner-to-corner as even this ensures that the maximum number of models on both sides get to fight. Thus the degree to which the Doomwheel needs to pivot isn't all too great.


08-01-2011, 09:34
Everything t10 said is absolutely correct,

those models are improperly spaced in the picture so its a little bit of a fouled up situation you propose any way. Also Random movers do not charge, they simply pivot and move and if they strike something count as charging. The only issue with arc is that if they pivot and move and strike a unit they must strike the unit in the arc they started out the move in.

08-01-2011, 16:22
Thanks for the replies.

Within our group we tend to ignore the 1" apart rule as we've never had an issue remembering who is combat with who :)