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06-01-2011, 16:40
Could this work for friendly games with the restrictions written further down.

Lords: 455

Vampire Lord: Lvl3, MotBA, Forbidden Lore, Lord of the Dead, Crown of the Damned, Helm of Commandment, (Black Periapt, Sword of Might) or (Earthing Rod, Biting Blade)

Heroes: 295

Konrad von Carstein
Wight King: BSB, Sword of Kings


24 Skeletons: FC, Spears
24 Skeletons: FC
30 Ghouls: Ghast
Corpse Cart: Unholy Lodestone


20 Grave Guards: FC, Greatweapons, Banner of the Barrows


2 Cairn Wraiths + 1 Banshee

19 points to go

Lord with Skeletons, Konrad with Skeletons with spears, Wight King with Grave Guards.

We try to avoid hordes in my environment and do not encouragement Deathstars. But could the GraveGuards be too small? We do not like to play with a few big units over here.

I already have a unit with speararmed skeletons so they will stay.

The idea is to spread the characters. Actually I do not possess Konrad, the Varghulf or the second skeletonunit as of yet, any other suggestion. Konrad seems really fun, that is why I plan on using him.

Lord of Divine Slaughter
06-01-2011, 18:12
Why avoid hordes? Deathstars, I can understand, but hordes not only look good, they also bring variation on the tabletop.

Besides that, then I'd dump some characters, you've got waaay too many points there, 8th is about troops, troops and more troops. I'd go with the lord and the wight king.

Then I'd consider splitting the ghouls up into 2x15 (flanking units), and bulk the grave guard up to 30. I'd probably dump the corpse cart for some fell bats to eat up some stone throwers that would otherwise make a mess out of your army.

Beyond that, then I really like the skeletal look of the VC. Ghouls may be more competitive, but skellies just look more 'right' :)

BTW: You've got the Banner of Barrows twice?

06-01-2011, 20:33
Do not have the models for Hordes at the moment, but might rethink that.

Maybe Konrad is not necessary, might proxy him and try out,

Will units of 15 acomplish anything at all? Don't you think they will get smashed and crumble.

Been thinking of 30 graveguards, might try that out later, needs to build and paint 20 first!! :)

I would like to try the cart, don't like the models for the bats.

Thanks, yes I really like the skeletons, I have 30 ghouls now and that will do, if I expand I will buy skeletons.

Yes I did see that!

06-01-2011, 22:00
Seems a fun list once you have ironed out a a few bits (like deciding on equipment/lore for the Lord).

on the subject of Konrad: YES, he is AWESOME! I am hopeful at how he will work with Spear Skeletons...Well I hope :)