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09-01-2011, 21:44
So there is a 6man round-robin 2,250pt tourney coming up on Jan22nd and I am going Beastmen. Go figure as that is the only army I actually have put together right now :p.
Anyways there are four lists that I am looking at and want to see what ppl think of them. Here we go:
Beastlord-Steel-Claws, Armour of Silvered Steel, Seed of Rebirth, Uncanny Senses-245
Wargor-BSB, Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, HA, Sh-146
Bray-Shaman-AHW, Shadow-Hide-82
2x 25 Ungors-FC-140(280)
30 Gors-FC, Sh-265
30 Gors-FC, AHW-265
10 Ungor Raiders-60
20 Bestigors-FC w/Standard of Discipline-285
Razorgor Chariot-145
3 Minotaurs-Sh-177

Only part I'm a bit leary about in this build is the 2x25 Ungors....thinking they may die easily and horribly. However, there are other things that the opponent will have to deal with.

Doombull-Sword of Strife, Ramhorn Helm, Dawnstone, Gnarled Hide, HA, Sh-348
Gorebull-BSB-Armour of Destiny, Shield-239
Bray-Shaman-Lvl2, AHW, Staff of Sorcery-152
50 Ungors w/FC incl Ungrol Four-Horn-329
40 Gors w/FC, Sh-345
10 Ungor Raiders-60
Tuskgor Chariot-85
30 Bestigors-FC w/Standard of Discipline-405
5 Minotaurs-Musi, Sh-305

Not having much Doombull love lately :(. It does have the potential to be a combat monster build, at least IMO, but he never seems to get much out of it. Probably just my dice rolls...they suck lol.

Great Bray-Shaman-Lvl4, Steel-Claws, Jagged Dagger, Talisman of Endurance, Gouge-Tusks-325
Wargor-BSB-Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, Sword of Might, HA, Sh-166
40 Gors-FC, Sh-345
41 Ungors-FC w/Ungrol Four-Horn-284
2xTuskgor Chariot-160
30 Bestigors-FC w/Banner of Eternal Flame-400
2x3 Minotaurs w/GW-189(378)

Kinda funky. The GBS build is inspired by Kholburn. Does have the potential for insane survivability though, or just getting outflanked and crushed horribly :p.

Beastlord-Armour of Silvered-Steel,Sword of Strife, Gouge Tusks-245
Wargor-BSB, Ramhorn Helm, Gnarled Hide, HA, Sh-146
Bray-Shaman-AHW, Dispel Scroll, Shadow-Hide-107
50 Ungors-Sp, FC w/Ungrol Four-Horn-384
30 Gors-FC, Sh-265
30 Gors-FC, AHW-265
2x5 Ungor Raiders-Musi-66
Razorgor Chariot-145
28 Bestigors-FC w/Banner of Swiftness-381

Liking this list a lot. Tons of bodies and more of a grinding army then a heavy hitter. Bestigors are definitely the key in this one.

10-01-2011, 00:12
i like the fourth one as it is the closest to my own tourney list (under development of course), except 2 tuskgor chariots instead of the razorgors. gotta love the big herd! i also like the mino build, however i've found that reversing the characters' gear has worked better for me. the 1+ save/ramhorn combo on the gorebull with the armor of destiny and axes of khorgor on the doombull. with your setup, no one will attack the DB once they figure out that he'll be hitting back=wasted ramhorn. however, the bsb is such a critical target that he'll be facing attacks regardless. plus the axes of khorgor will help with your dice rolls ;) anyway thats my 2 cents, good luck!

10-01-2011, 01:47
I like list 4 aswell save for ungorl. Why doesnt your BSB have Heavy armour?

10-01-2011, 03:31
@RMac-Never really used the Axes of Khorgor. Might be worth a shot.

Nice Catch! My bad, he does have it just never put it on the list. Edited now.

10-01-2011, 12:23
@RMac-Never really used the Axes of Khorgor. Might be worth a shot.

my big guy never leaves home without them (unless he takes the brass cleaver). statistically, a doombull with the axes(40pts) will do just as much damage vs WS5 T4 foes as a doombull with the sword of bloodshed (60pts). and if you run into anything with higher WS or -1 to hit for some reason, the axes become even better, so definitely give it a try sometime. still like list 4 the best though

10-01-2011, 20:53
My doombull is always equipped with gnarled hide, heavy armour, ramhorn helm and a shield. However I also use the dawnstone so that I can reroll the failed saves. There is also the axes of khorgor so the passed saved can be used in conjunction with the ramhorn helm.

Still feel like you cant beat two units of bestigor, two units of gors, one with shields and one with additional hand weapons, the additional hand weapons ambushing. Four or six units of ungor raiders so that I can ambush some of them. Just developing my style to something that is more suitable for myself.

11-01-2011, 02:07
Fielding 2 units of Bestigors does seem potentially wicked but, unfortuneately, I am maxed out right now.
The Bestigors that I have are actually conversions on the old Gor but with cloaks, shoulder pads and odds'n'ends from a variety of other races. Each one is an individual and they will hopefully look awesome when finally painted :). Don't know what I would do for a second unit...the new Bestigors are nice but they are hideously expensive and are all kinda uniform in their poses and weapons :(.
I will figure something out eventually lol

11-01-2011, 11:22
Myself, I currently have 10 of the old khorgor models for the bestigor. They are the ones I'm going to be using and I'm going to be getting 20 of the new ones and painting in the khorn style. I liked the old rules for the marks. Indeed the story behind the beastmen is more natural now that they are the true children of chaos though XD is it a friendly club? I dont guess that the people there would let you reprisent? The club I go to, everyone is friendly and are all fine with it, even in our tourniments.

11-01-2011, 21:36
The fourth list is the best list IMO but i think you need to shuffle the character's equipment a little bit. If you dont really mind of losing and going to the tournament just for the sake of gaming, then feel free to bring anything you like.

12-01-2011, 10:26
I cant help but get distracted by the 50 strong unit of ungor in the fourth list. Which is why I'm not keen myself. Yeah you get 40 attacks, but at WS3 and they are T3. Gors are much better for their points value. +3 points a model for +1 toughness and +1 weapon skill.