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11-01-2011, 10:22
Hey all does anyone know what the warden of the keys of gondor should look like/ if there gunna be released one day. i was just wondering if they where in the movies and i haved missed them. also does anyone know what weapons they should wield as the rule book just says hand weapons.

Whitwort Stormbringer
11-01-2011, 18:29
Well, the Warden of the Keys is actually just one guy, not a group. His name was Hurin the Tall (not to be confused with Hurin father of Turin from the Silmarillion, although possibly named after that character). To my knowledge he didn't appear in the movies at all.

I would guess that his armament would have included armor (heavy armor by game standards), a sword, and a shield. In terms of aesthetic, it would be distinctly Gondorian, although he held a pretty high office so I imagine it would have been more ornate and distinctive than your typical captain in Minas Tirith.

Does he have a profile in WotR? If so, then I wouldn't be too surprised to see GW release a model somewhere down the line, although I haven't heard anything to support it. They have been digging up some more obscure background characters for recent releases, though (or just making them up), so it doesn't seem too far-fetched.

11-01-2011, 19:08
Does he have a profile in WotR?

Yes, it is fairly annoying that GW took one guy with a ceremonial job and made an entire ultra elite combat unit out if him. In WotR the wardens of the keys are a legendary infantry fromation led by Hurin with up to 6 companies (48 guys) and wearing mithril-forged heavy armor, whatever that means.

You could probably do a fair approximation of miniatures for them with regular WoMT painted to be super shiney, high gloss armor to represent the mithril armor GW gave them. For hand weapons either swords or spears would probably be fine, since they don't have shields I would lean more towards short spears or some sort of halberd like pole army myself.

11-01-2011, 21:13
Wouldn't guards of the fountain court make more sense? That's what I kind of assumed--that they were an elite branch of them, king of like the two versions of iron guard the swarves have (one gains orc bane I think), but they use them same models (at least according to the picture in the book).

Whitwort Stormbringer
11-01-2011, 23:35
Yes, it is fairly annoying that GW took one guy with a ceremonial job and made an entire ultra elite combat unit out if him.
Ah - that is a bit silly, and kind of annoying.

Well, given that they have a WotR profile and GW's LotR releases are mostly filling out missing characters and units I'd say there's a fair chance of the getting made at some point in the future.

If you really wanted to make some now, it sounds like they don't carry shields so Guardians of the Fountain Court would make a lot of sense as a starting point. You might also consider a conversion based on Axemen of


If you're not tied to Citadel figures, you could always dig through some other manufacturers for something suitable.