View Full Version : IoB Skaven

12-01-2011, 14:54
I know many people have posted threads like this before. But i really need your help. I am going to get the Island of Blood with my friend on thursday. I currently play WE but am going to take the skaven since my friend plays HE. I therefore propose two questions:

1) What should I get next for the cheapest possible amount to make 1000pts.
I dont even have the army book but i want to know what i should get on Friday.

2) (not necessarily tactics though) Can anyone think of a backround for WE fighting with ratlike creatures. So far I have: A type of strange ratmen have been discovered under athel loren by the Wood Elves. It seems that these creatures worship the trees for the insects and wandering humans that they catch. The ratman eat these things. They will always follow a treeman into battle no matter who else is fighting with him (even though they might not necessarily like the elves which could symbolize a fragile alliance).

I always take a treeman so this could work.

Once again I am not buying skaven to incorporate them into my wood elves but rather to start a new army. I just thought it would be helpful to play with them in My wood elve army to help introduce them to me.

Thank you