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13-01-2011, 23:01
Just really getting started with these guys. I have spent some time looking over the other Beastmen list and reading the various comments and I believe I have stayed true to most of the advice (the Ghorgon being the exception).

Designed as my 2K Ambush list:

270 L Khazrak the One Eye
320 S 20 Bestigors with Command, Manbane Standard, Gouge Tusks

220 L Great Bray Shaman lvl 3 Hagtree Fetish - Lore of the Wild
210 H BSB Wargor Hvy Arm, Shield, Extra HW, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner
225 C 25 Gors with Command, Extra HW

069 C 10 Ungor Raiders with Musician and Champ

117 H Bray Shaman lvl 2 Extra HW, Shadowhide - Lore of the Wild

275 R Ghorgon

In Ambush
225 C 25 Gors with Command, Extra HW
069 C 10 Ungor Raiders with Musician and Champ

With 2 casters in Lore of the Wild I get a good chance to get the Savage Dominion Spell for a second Ghorgon (hopefully on the lvl 2).

Not alot of other options for me left off table:

01 DoomBull
12 Minotaurs
01 Tuskgor Chariot
02 Gors
08 Ungors
30 Chaos Hounds
10 Harpies
20 of the single pose beastman models with halberds(look terrible by comparison)
05 Really old beastman models (so old they don't list them in the archive anymore - the ones with the shields with the hole in the middle - they look better than the single posers though)

From the comments on other lists Razorgors seem to be the next addition but any pros cons to the list are welcome have not tried it out yet.

13-01-2011, 23:26
i wouldnt take beastman lore id take shadows or beasts

14-01-2011, 14:32
I will give those lores a try in some practice games any particular reasons for those lores? They seem to be more for buffing - odds are I will be facing dark elves as that is the army my practice buddy fields but I will face all kinds in the league save Brets (thus far).

14-01-2011, 18:14
Well the reason i'd take lore of beasts is that you get a reductor for casting those buff spells on your own units, and the offensive spells in beast lore are pretty good against squishy T3 anything.

14-01-2011, 19:47
The Lore of the Wild is the worst lore available to the beastmen by a long shot. I've been very happy with Shadow.

I wouldn't take Gouge Tusks on your bestigor champ, I'd rather take another bestigor. Armour Piercing on S6 doesn't really matter IMO.

I think you lack bodies, and would rather take some chariots and more bestigors instead of the ghorgon (yes, I know you want the ghorgon, just saying what I prefer). I don't trust Raiders to do a lot either, you can think about replacing some with harpies instead.

Personally I really like the old metal gors, and the plastic halberd gors can be converted to look better if you give them a hair cut and new weapons. Check my army diary (link in sig) for examples.

14-01-2011, 20:23
Since as you know for the moment I want to try to keep at least the chance of one Ghorgon which of the two items would you prioritize?

A) Drop the Ghorgon for say 225 pts of Gors (best bodies impersonation I can muster at present) plus some spare pts elsewhere (chariot, extra rank and file or itemization)
B) Switch lores to Shadow(<&>)Beasts
C) Drop Khaz and forgo the idea of ambush entirely for more frontal Assault supported by the Lores of Shadow(<&>)Beasts - probably moving away from ungors entirely switching to more gors and a chariot and a generic Beastlord.

I still need to get some practice games in to see what performs for me but having a bit of a time moving from WoC to BoC stat wise... not used to average stats and no armor (plus there is going to be alot more to paint) =)

14-01-2011, 23:27
Tough question. I think that both ghorgon and Khazrak is a bit hard to fit in 2000. 2500 would probably work, but...

I'd try my way, see what works for you and what doesn't. If you switch out Khazrak I think another magic level on the GBS would be good.

16-01-2011, 11:11
I like the sounds of this list, but I think it would hit harder if it had two units of bestigor and no gorghon. Big dude is alot of points and you aint really gonna be getting much use out of him because he will get shot down with no armour save.

I find slugtongue works really well for me, I would find some points to fit him in, in place of the level two. I would also myself run lore of death as it works great against any army. Kill off their heros and lords as you please and then purple sun for the win XD I got it off total power turn one and ripped DE and HE a new one.