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16-01-2011, 19:38

:D. This is a general tournament list i will be building up to play in a series of local and hopefully (once i get a feel for it), national tournaments.

So, without futher ado;

Sorcerer Lord, LV.4 w. Spell Familiar, Enchanted Shield, Talismain of Preservation, Shadow Lore
Hoping for a double for -D3 Toughness. Pretty good odds I figure. And teher are some other really good spells (miasma, Pit of shades, Okams)

Festus the Leechlord
Reduce there T to 1 on standard infanty and elves (on average) and hit 'em with the Curse of the Leper. A unit dead each Magic phase. And even if that doesnt work, he give my unit regen and extra VP for chasing.

2 x 40 Marauders w. GW, MOK, Command.
Good standard minimum core. And better than equivalant warriors for all out power.

2 x 5 Hounds
Annoy people and screen frenzied marauders

18 Chosen w. Shields, MOT, Command, Blasted Standard, Favour of the Gods
5x4 Ultimate Wizard Bunker. And, there still kick-ass warriors.

2 x Hellcannon
Good Artillery and Monster

I've got about 60pts left aswell. Any Ideas?


16-01-2011, 20:14
Two small units of dogs, for pissing off people. They are great

16-01-2011, 20:24
Ok, Forgot abotu token Hounds. Edited above

16-01-2011, 20:28
The list looks nice indeed, but my onlinecodex says, you are at 1957 points right now. With 500 points in counting core you are alright in 2k, but in 2,4k you're not. Maybe add a unit of Horsemen? A shrine could be handy as well to buff the chosen.
Lastly, maybe a BSB? Should add up to roughly 2400!

16-01-2011, 20:57
Sorry, I meant 2k

immortal git
16-01-2011, 21:14
dude, that D3 toughness then curse of the leper is great! im gonna use that, as for the list, it looks pretty ace. I like a bsb these days but that up to you

17-01-2011, 06:37
I was gonna use a BSB with MOT, doom totem, shield for -2 ld panic on hellcannons. But I couldnt fit him in with the 215pt price tag.

And yes, magic combo FTW :p

immortal git
17-01-2011, 15:29
yeahh all you can do for the points is either festus aned some marauders or a cannon and some marauders, and i wouldnt do either of those things

17-01-2011, 15:31
I can't get rid of any of the marauders. there minimum core. Plus liek you said, i woudl rather have te stuff i've got.

immortal git
17-01-2011, 17:32
also, 60 points, more marauders!!!

17-01-2011, 19:43
Nah, i put in some dogs (see first reply) and edited.

17-01-2011, 19:57
FYI, those shadow hex spells have a "minimum of 1" clause in them. You can't combine them with curse of the leper to get toughness to 0 and kill a unit.

17-01-2011, 20:19
I was under the impression it was a minimum for THAT spell, and then any other spell (especially one that kills you when you become T0) take effect.

17-01-2011, 20:24
I was under the impression it was a minimum for THAT spell, and then any other spell (especially one that kills you when you become T0) take effect.

The negative numbers applied by that spell will always carry the "minimum of 1" restriction. They are all RiP spell, it doesn't matter what order you cast them.

edit: Obviously curse of the leper doesn't have the restriction, so it can drop the stats to 0. It needs to stay active for 3 turns to kill a unit with a toughness of 3.

17-01-2011, 21:30
Damn. Oh well. Still live love festus and shadow mage individually.