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Nice Kans
16-01-2011, 21:39
I have had about 7 or 8 games of WHF so far. I know I'm still learning so its ok if I take some lumps as long as I end the game with some lessons learned. Having these battle reports I hope to see things that can be improved upon and get advice from folks with experience.

We decided on a 2500 point game and rolled up the battleline scenario. For magic he rolled up 1 slaanesh spell that makes all models in a unit take a toughness or die and another spell that can force a unit to move their full movement to a spot the caster gets to specify during that units movement phase. My plague Priest rolled up plague. RAWR! My grey seer took the dreaded 13th and rolled up skitterleap, scortch and cracks call.

The maps I made are for reference only and objects in the map may be closer then they appear.

Skaven List
I forgot until the next day that having the 2nd Poison Wind Mortar in the 2nd Globadier unit was illegal. It was the skaven in me becoming manafest perhaps.

Grey Seer - went with Clan Rats
Chieftan - BSB, halberd, Storm Banner - went with Clan Rats
Plague Priest - Plague Furnace, Flail
28 Clan Rats - Shields, Std B, Warpfire Thrower
50 Slaves
50 Slaves
50 Slaves
25 Storm Vermin - Std B, Banner of Eternal Flame, Warpfire Thrower
8 Plague Censer Bearers
35 Plague Monks - Std B, Banner of Verminous Scurrying, Bringer of the Word
5 Poison Wind Globadiers - Poison Wind Mortar
5 Poison Wind Globadiers - Poison Wind Mortar
Hell Pit Abomination - Warstone Spikes
Plague Claw Catapult
Warp Lightening Cannon

I do not know much about WOC. We did not discuss before the game if we would be using named Characters and he went ahead and took the liberty of using one very bad MF. I had a chance of killing Sigvald but I would have known before hand how insanely bad ass he was then I would have planned for it. Oh well, live and learn.

WOC List
-Heroes and Lords-
BMF - BMF stands for very beardy fellow, I think it was Prince Sigvald, his points were damn near 500 points UGH
lvl 2 caster - went with Marauders
mounted lord or hero that went with knights
16 or so Chaos Warriors
10 or so knights
-Special and Rares-
2 slanesh giants
3 trolls



He was done deploying way before me. It gave me an edge so I could deploy my units a bit more tactically. The slaves I put down first to aim at the biggest and scariest units I saw he could throw at me. I left the rights side of the board open for my plague monk and plague furnace unit hoping I could wipe out any tough units on that end and mop up the rest of the board. THe stormvermin were close enough to the trolls that I could potentially make good use of the flame banner they had.

WOC Turn 1


He had a short turn moving up his trolls and 2 giants straight up at full march. The marauders moved up some. The knights made a full march and the warriors moved up some. In the magic phase he tried to cast the toughness spell on a unit of slaves which I easily dispelled. He then threw the rest of his magic dice at the movement spell and I couldnt dispell it. He cast it on my plague monk/Plague furnace unit and selected it to move straight up. I just said thanks and moved on. He was probably going to flank the unit but the plague monks could handle it for a turn while I flanked them with my plague censer bearers.

Skaven Turn 1


I charged with my Plague Monks into his knights and made my roll. Slave unit 1 and 2 marched up so they can be charged by the trolls and giant next turn. My hellpit abomination rolled good enough to charge the other giant. My clan rat unit stayed put next to the warpfire thrower. There was a chance if I rolled high the WFT could hit the trolls. The stormvermin marched forward. Slave unit 3 marched forward. The plague censer bearers moved forward to get into position to charget next turn. The Poison Wind Globadiers moved forward.

The magic phase was uneventful. Plague was dispelled and I failed to wound one troll with scortch.

In shooting the clan rat WFT didnt make it even close. I rolled really low on the warp lightening cannon when shooting at the marauder unit. The Plague Claw Catapult scattered no where. The poison wind mortars thinned the
marauder unit some.

In combat the hellpit abomination took a few wounds from the giant and I rolled flailing fists and then rolled about 13 hits. Between the impact hits and flailing fists the giant was smashed to pieces and fell away from
my HPA. The plague monks ended up losing about 5 or 6 models and between the fumes, impact hits, censer and Plague Priest I killed more than half the unit and put a wound on the mounted character.

WOC Turn 2


The warriors charge the flank of the plague monks. The trolls charge slave unit 1 and the giant charges slave unit 2. The marauder unit moves up and Mr. Increadibly Beardy BMF pops out of the Marauder unit.

All of his spells are easily dispelled.

The trolls kill a lot of slaves and the stomp kills some more. With the BSB close by they stay put easily. The giant thumps the HPA on the head and does about 10 wounds which I save all but 2. The thunder stomp kills some more slaves. With the BSB close by they stay put. His character that is in the knight unit challenges the plague monk unit and I happily feed him my bringer of the word. The knights kill a lot and the warriors kill a lot more. I may have gotten a few more knight kills between the fumes and monk attacks. They are unbreakable so stay put.

Skaven Turn 2


The plague censer bearers charge the warriors but they were angled very, very badly. I ended up having to charge their front which was dumb. In face this is something I need a lot of practice with. Getting a good flank charge can be really difficult. I think all I'm really missing here is patience but planning and possitioning could solve a lot of issues here. My hellpit abomination rolls high enough to flank charge the giant. Slave unit 3 moves up a little further so it is the only thing available for the beardy BMF to charge. I move up with my globadier units and the mortars. Now what I should have done was converge both globadier units closer to the cheese bastard Sigvald. I could have had a chance to kill him since he was out in the open. I did not figure out what a bad ass he was until next turn when he charge the slaves. By then it was too late.

In the magic phase my plague is dispelled and the scortch on the trolls only manages a wound or two.

What I should have done in the shooting phase was try and kill Sigvald with the Warp lightening cannon. Again, I didn't know what I was in store fore yet so I ended up shooting at the marauder unit. One warp fire thrower shoots at the trolls and the other at the marauders but they both end up short. This kills a few models in the units near by. My grey seer passes his Look Out Sir test but the chieftan fails loosing one wound. The mortars end up scattering and killing nothing. The plague claw catapult scatters away from the marauders.

The trolls continue to munch on the slaves. I get some wounds back but they regenerate them all and then they got to roll on some chart that gave them all an extra attack. Stomp kills some more slaves. The impact hits from the HPA fail to kill the giant. He rolls and gets the head thump again and kills my HPA. I roll at the end of the turn and it was dead, dead, dead. I got some terrible rolling this game. The thunder stomp kills some slaves. The slaves fail to dent the giant. The challenge with the plague priest continues and I think the plague priest dies during this turn if I remember correctly. The knights and warriors kill some more monks. The fumes, censer and monks kill a knight or two. The warriors also kill 7 plague censer bearers and the remaining one flees almost of the table.

WOC Turn 3


Mr Sigvald charges my slave unit 3 and the marauders move up a little further.

In magic I dispell the toughness test kill spell that is cast on my slave unit 3. Then he gets the spell off that lets him pick where to move a unit. He casts it on my plague claw catapult and it is going to move toward the upper right corner of the table during my turn.

The trolls kill more slaves and stomp kills some more. The giant kills some more slaves and thunder stomp kills some more. Sigvald slaughters about 6 slaves. I take my test and fail even though SiN said I had a 10 leadership. My BSB was too far away from this unit to retry so they explode. At this point I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to kill this guy. More monks die and I think the remaining knights die. The warriors kill a lot more monks.

Skaven Turn 3


The plague claw catapult moves where it is forced to. The stormvermin try to position to get ready for a charge or flank. I'm not too sure what to do with them because sigvald would rip them up and there is no way they could dent sigvald with his 1+ rerollable armor saves. At this point I'm getting really irritated that sigvald was brought to the game.

In the magic phase I get cracks call off on the giant but he passes his initiave test. Scortch kills one of the trolls and wounds another.

I fire the warplightening cannon at the giant and get a head shot. Down goes the giant and he falls backwards away from my slaves. Both of my warp fire throwers misfire and explode with the large template. My chieftan takes one wound and the grey seer passes his Look Out Sir. Some of the poison wind globadiers I was going to use to kill sigvald dies in the explosion and the rest panic. Now I'm REALLY screwed. The Plague Wind Mortars kill some more marauders.

In combat the trolls kill a lot of slaves and the slaves kill one of the trolls but they also get an ability that gives them a 6+ save. A lot more monks die to the knight character and the warriors kill some more. The censer attack kills the mounted character.

WOC Turn 4


The marauders charge my storm vermin but come up short.

The choas caster gets the toughness test spell off with IF and ends up taking a wound. A lot of slaves die in unit 3.

The troll kills more slaves and the slaves get no wounds. Sigvald goes whips through the poison wind mortar and my plague claw catapult leaving him about 5 inches from my warp lightening cannon. I'm sure I whined some
more now about sigvald. The warriors kill the rest of my plague monks are just have the plague furnace left to kill.

Skaven Turn 4


I move the poison wind mortar closer to the marauders. The globadiers get in firing range of the warriors. Slave unit 2 charges the trolls.

The magic phase has yet another uneventful scortch casting.

I cant shoot at sigvald since he is too close to the warp lightening cannon so some marauders die. The mortar kills a few more. The globadiers whiff on the warriors. Slave unit 2 explodes from the troll combat. But slave unit 1 manages enough wounds to kill the troll and he fails all 3 regenerates and all 3 of his 6+ saves.

WOC Turn 5


The warriors charge the plague wind globadiers who stand and shoot and again get no kills. The marauders
charge the storm vermin.

Globadiers are wipped out and so are the storm vermin but not before kill 4 or so marauders. Sigvald kills
my warp lightening cannon and because my opponent feels kind of bad he runs sigvald off the table.

Skaven Turn 5


I reform my clan rats unit and remaining slaves unit.

I throw all 6 of my magic dice at the dreaded 13th and fail.

The mortar does nothing.

WOC Turn 6


The slaves are charged.

I dispell everything in the magic phase.

The slaves go boom.

Skaven Turn 6


The clan rats charges the marauders.

With the help of a few warp tokens I get enough dice to get the dreaded 13th off. In a gesture from the great horned rat that I couldn't do much against sigvald cheese I killed 13 marauders.

The combat was pretty uneventful and the game ends there.

This is the biggest points game I have tried in fantasy. I did learn a few things.

-sigvald is a bastard
-I could have stopped him if I had known about him. Throw every thing I had at that unit/character until it is dead. This should probably be applied to most armies characters. They just do too much damage to skavens flimsy troops.
-warp fire throwers need to be a lot closer to make a difference. Making a gamble that you are going
to roll a 8 or 10 on distance is a waste and your time should be spent better possitioning them. Ill give them another shot
-I need to be more careful with small flanking units like plague censer bearers. Im not too happy with them. They need to be protected to carefully

18-01-2011, 20:25
wow that was a very surprising result, I saw the lineup and thought it would be a cakewalk for the rats, guess not ;)

Sigwald is good but doesn't really bring much to the table (he also suffers from stupidity)

most slaanesh spells have limits vs units immune to psychology (and I thought the toughness test thingy had only 2d6 hits or something)

anyhoo a nice rep, and better luck next time (your slaves should statisticaly have been able to hold Sigwald and let you shoot him to death later)

Nice Kans
18-01-2011, 21:05
wow that was a very surprising result, I saw the lineup and thought it would be a cakewalk for the rats, guess not ;)

Sigwald is good but doesn't really bring much to the table (he also suffers from stupidity)

most slaanesh spells have limits vs units immune to psychology (and I thought the toughness test thingy had only 2d6 hits or something)

anyhoo a nice rep, and better luck next time (your slaves should statisticaly have been able to hold Sigwald and let you shoot him to death later)

Yeah. The unit that ran on the first round of CC was LD 10 with SiN. I should have passed it even though the unit was not in range of the Std B. If I could have that game back I would have positioned my std B better and thrown a lot more fire power at sigvald.

18-01-2011, 21:07
I saw the list and also thought you would have an easy time.

Seems to me your deployment was the total oppposite of what it should have been. the slaves needed to tie up his super troops while the monks would have been great against giants.

With so many units you'll need to learn who to control deployment and place only unimportant units first so that you can see where your opponent is putting his main troops and then set up the matches you want.

19-01-2011, 09:20
What they said :p
Sigvald has been a major PITA for me in the past though.

Warrior of Chaos
19-01-2011, 11:09
What you are describing as a beardy guy with mauraders is not Sigvald. Sounds more like Wulfrik the Wanderer...

29-01-2011, 08:18
What you are describing as a beardy guy with mauraders is not Sigvald. Sounds more like Wulfrik the Wanderer...

I think he was referring to beardy as in cheap and nasty rather than an actual beard bro <.<