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17-01-2011, 03:16
"We know they are here, my lady Veretta," reported a black cloaked figure, devoid of color beside a silver pauldron and dark blue wrap hanging from his face. "Our forest kin are not moving of their own volition."

"I had hoped that would be the case, Terath," replied the Sorceress, a blue cloak of the same color hanging loosely from her feminine form. In her hand was a long staff, at its end a graceful hand gripping a curved blade, crackling with eldritch energy. "An extermination - perhaps more entertaining than the slaughter of the human cattle on the coast. See to it your Shades and Riders scout ahead, and send word to Rykan and Alell - their beast will torch the glade this day."

"As you wish - the blood of the Asrai will soak the soil."

Point total 880 (this was what my opponent could muster)
Army lists:

1 - Dark Elves (me)
- Sorceress Veretta (Level 2 - Dark Magic: Chillwind and Doombolt)
- 18 Spears with Full Command
- 12 Repeater Crossbows with shields
- 5 Dark Riders with repeater crossbows and musician
- 5 Shades
- 1 Cold One Chariot
- 1 War Hydra

2 - Wood Elves
- Noble Yras with Hail of Doom arrow and Scout Kindred
- 14 Glade Guard x 2
- 5 Glade Guard Scouts
- 16 Dryads with Branch-wraith
- 8 Glade Riders with champion and musician

Battlefield (from my perspective)

Turn 1:
The Druchii surge forth through the forest, attacking in a pincer. Despite their stealth, the Dark Elves get the drop on the Wood Elves. The magic winds are disrupted by the ancient trees, and Veretta goes to unleash the Chillwind, but it does not reach the Asrai. Black bolts fall from all sides. Glade Guards drop on the left flank, while Riders move up to intercept Yras and his vanguard - two fall to the forest floor.

Reacting, the Glade Guard return fire, but the Shades deftly dissolve into the shadow, long bow arrows finding nothing. On the other flank, Yras is pressured into using the Hail of Doom, which handily strikes the Riders from their saddles. Meanwhile, the forest spirits advance implacably toward the Druchii lines.

Turn 2:
The Dark Elves move up, the terrible Hydra, Xarnir, moving toward the Glade Riders, which flee before its might. Veretta channels the Dark Powers, summoning Kharaidon upon the Glade Guard - but the creature is fickle, striking out against her, ripping four crossbowelves into the Abyss while only taking a single Asrai. She cursed it, once it released her from its grasp. Meanwhile, the left-flank Glade Guard continued to drop until none remained, such was the prowess of the combined death-rain of the crossbowelves and Shades. Xarnir unleashed a torrent of hell flame upon the right-flank Glade Guard, transforming 7 of the Elven warriors into charred carcasses - the rest remain in place.

The Dryads continue their advance while the Glade Riders continue to flee. Arrows fall upon the Nauglir Chariot, but only one did any damage.

Turn 3:
The Druchii Warriors charge upon the Dryads, drannachs in hand. The Hydra moves forward again, scattering Wood Elves out of its way. Veretta moved to summon the Chillwind, but it did not answer. She was convinced this wood had been hexed by some unknown force. Heavy spear cleaved into the living wood, but it was durable, more durable than elf flesh to their own branched claws. Their numbers alone kept the spears from fleeing.

The remaining Glade Guard notched their last arrows, then loosed them at the looming Chariot - one found its mark. Glade Riders finally recovered, but two fell in the reform. They loosed their arrows at the Hydra, but they failed to wound the titanic war-beast. The Dryads had better luck, slaying more spears - yet the resolute Elves remained, too proud to fall.

Turn 4:
The Chariot went forth, its crew whipping the stupid lizards through a hail of arrows, one striking the construct with effect. Still, the scythes alone managed to leave them as an abattoir. The Hydra fell upon the Glade Riders, which stood their ground foolishly. The creature easily slew elf and horse alike. Shrewdly, Veretta abandoned the crossbowelves, moving east. Shortly after, the Dryads broke the spears, only to find the other warriors slung their crossbows, shield and saber in hand, to meet them.

Yras, sensing defeat, retreated into a crag, firing as he went. One of his arrows founds its mark in one of the Hydra's heads, passing through the eye into one of its small brains. It roared, but had much life left in it. Dryads, despite the better defenses of the warriors with weapon in hand, feel to the onslaught of wrathful branches, breaking. The tree spirit let the broken elves flee from their lands, pointing their anger upon the more dangerous interlopers.

Turn 5:
Veretta, her warriors slain or scattered, made her way toward the Hydra, Dryads having not yet slaked their thirst for elf blood. The Hydra itself attacked Yras and his remaining scouts, taking another wound from Yras's longbow. Once in melee, Yras took his glaive and, in a graceful arc, left a bloody stump of one of the serpentine heads. It would not be enough - the Hydra tore him to pieces, with the rest of his kindred. The beast turned to see more enemies approach, though probably less tasty ones.

The Dryads fell upon the Hydra and Chariot, Veretta just out of reach. They rent the metal chariot and its crew, pulling it apart. Another seized a Beastmaster, Alell, dismembering him as easily as the chariot. They could not harm the Hydra, which proceeded to smash them into mulch. It was only a matter of time until they too would fall to the undergrowth.

"They chose extermination, and they received it," noted Veretta, her azure robe singed from the touch of Kharaidon, when Terath rode to her on his steed. "Lord Vorthain will be pleased."

Terath shook his head slowly. "I'm afraid I saw your work manipulating the Winds of Chaos, my lady. You slew as many of us as you did them." He raised his crossbow at the exposed breast of Veretta, his bolt a mere meter from enter her heart. "Lord Vorthain will hear of your performance, and I assure you, my lady, pleased is the last thing he will be." He motioned with a finger, and Shades appeared from the forest darkness. "Bind her."

Game Result: Massacre for the Dark Elves.

Though the Wood Elves manage to kill most of the Dark Elf host, their lack of hard-hitting units and poor scout/vanguard placement meant that they could ill afford to deal with a Chariot or Hydra, much less both. Perhaps that was unsportsmanlike of me, though I allowed him to rally his Glade Riders on the table's edge when they were ready to flee without doing anything. Dryads are to be feared - S4 T4 core in an Elf army is not too shabby.

Hope you enjoyed the report!

17-01-2011, 07:07
Yeh, I'd say the hydra would always dominate that size of game. I'm surprised your magic was not more effective with him not having any defense, but them's da dice, eh?

Nice, snappy pace to the writing. Enjoyed it! :)


17-01-2011, 15:14
Yes, I felt almost bad taking the Hydra...almost. My magic failed due to luck of the dice, even when I cast something, the d6 for Chillwind and Doombolt only came up as 1 every time. I was hoping a wizard vs. no wizard situation would be very advantageous, but it hurt more than helped. Fickle magic/luck, as you said. Glad you liked it.

17-01-2011, 22:51
Now that hydras can only flame once, and skirmishers can march and shoot, I don't think the hydra is that big of a deal any more.

Certainly he is a beast, but at least now you can actully just avoid him.

18-01-2011, 15:23
Well, the problem for him was that he vanguarded his Glade Riders right in front of the Hydra, so when the Hydra went for them, they failed their Terror check or fled, putting the Hydra forward into their lines. He did a fair job of avoiding it, but he was tired of fleeing by turn 4 or so. He just got the Woody Battalion, so I recommended at least 2 units of 5 Scouting Glade Guard.