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17-01-2011, 13:33
Im moving from WoC to Brets. I wasn't so sure at first but i'm hearing if played right they can do a lot more damage than you'd expect for an old army. Heres my list so far. Please be as creitical as you can as I want to get it roughly right before I start buying models.


Prophetess of the lady
Life lore, Level 4, Barded Warhorse, Dispel scroll, Talisman of Endurance


BSB, Barded Warhorse, Shield, Lance
Knights Vow, Virtue of purity

Barded Warhorse, Shield, Lance
Knights Vow, Virtue of Stoicism


8 Knights of the Realm

8 Knights of the Realm

8 Knights of the Realm

20 Peasant Bowman
Full command, Braziers

20 Peasant Bowman
Full command, Braziers

10 Peasant Bowman
Skirmish, Braziers


Grail Reliquae
14 extra Battle Pilgrims


Field Trebuchet
Yeoman Craftsman

Field Trebuchet
Yeoman craftsman


17-01-2011, 21:31
Disclaimer: I don't play Brets but I do have the rules, and I do play against them frequently so I know what hurts and what doesn't.

Trebuchets are good.
You need to make the Knights of the Realm units 15 each. Whether you merge them, get rid of stuff elsewhere, whatever. Units of 8 just don't cut it.

17-01-2011, 22:26
so what are the plans for the remaining 31 points?

you could get a reasonable magic item for that prize

It's rare to be that far under the agreed number usually it's on the mark or up to 10 points below

bert n ernie
18-01-2011, 00:24
Hi There.
I've recently started playing Bretts and I've had some success.

I would definitely increase your unit sizes, but I tend towards 9. More is probably better, though I would definitely not do 15, as that would be far too difficult to manoeuvre, personally.
I would rather more units (knights or not) as you will need to be able to force your foe to give you flank charges.
I take two Trebs, as they're pretty much all the cheese you can get here, so good choice there.

The Virtue of purity is a bit useless. Why are you spending 20pts to make your BSB have a 5+ward when he will usually have it against any dangerous attacks?
There are better ways to protect him, like the dawn stone.
I think you should try out a few different types of Knight unit before sticking to just one. I have Knights Errant and Grail Knights, although I know that some people prefer Questing Knights to Grail, and honestly I only have Errant instead of a second KoTR because of fluff. And perhaps the pts cost.

You have a lot of flaming attack bowmen? What do you intend on doing with them? If they get hit they are most likely going to die anyway. I have 19 as a bunker for one wizard, which can go into the tower in that scenario. However apart from trying to cause a flaming wound on the occasional regen monster so that my Treb can take it out I haven't found much use for them. Oh, and so far I've not managed to get a flaming wound either.

If you intend on keeping battle pilgrims near your Knights then M@A might be better. Especially if they stay near your BSB.

And speaking of characters... A L1 with beasts can give you Wizigians Wildform, the default spell. This thing is great.
A Lord, in my opinion, is far better than a second paladin. The extra stats and the ability to give him 100pts of items makes him a powerhouse. If I stick this guy in a unit with a flaming banner all kinds of monsters tend to die at a strike.
He can also take characters, and with the usual Brett ward save and a 2+ re-rollable armour save he is very hard to kill.

I was wondering what does the Yeoman craftsman do for your Trebs? I can't see any reason to use him.

18-01-2011, 00:33
Things your list lacks which would dearly improve it:

1. Standard of Discipline - If you are going to be running a caster lord (which I recommend), ld9 would dearly contribute to the psychology performance of the list. A nice 11 or 14 man KotR unit bodyguard w. SoD for the Prophetess would work.

2. Virtue of Heroism - Either on a Lord (not my personal favorite) or a Paladin, mounted a pegasus, to deal with anything and everything. I prefer the paladin as it is a cheaper layout.

3. Larger Lance units - as ftayl5 said, 8 is no where near big enough. 11 is a bare minimum, including a character, 12 knights without. I would also recommend full command on all knight units you may use.

4. A very large Men at Arms unit - Some like the reliqaue for the model, It is alright, but you would be better off with 45 men at arms/halberdier with full command for the same price. Potential for more damage (ha-ha-ha!) in addition to the ability to take more damage.

5 Miscellaneous - Drop the Yeoman craftsman on the trebuchets, 10 points isn't worth the extra BS or Ld. Also, consider making Bowmen units 15 men each, as then 13 out of every 15 can shoot for volley in a 5x3 formation (easy to do 8x2 as well) rather than 15 out of 20 for a larger unit. Also, champions are not necssary for the bowmen. Musician is a must for swift reform, Standard bearers are debatable (sometimes i take them to have a larger fortitude number in blood and glory [no one pays too much attention to peasant bowmen])

Things to consider otherwise:

-Lore of heavens on Prophetess (Raf over at the round table of bretonnia has a good article about using it to a great advantage). Also consider making the the ward talisman the +4 one, as anything really nasty that would be able to hit the prophetess (atleast ideally) would be strong enough to trigger the +5 ward save (take a look at the miscast table, most of it is str 6 or above).

-Gromril greathelm on the BSB. re rolls always help!

-Dropping the extra paladin. Either run him bare bones for a little bit of cheap umph in a lance, or turn him into the virtue of heroism pegasus paladin. In addition, Virtue of stoicism may not be all that useful, especially with a mandatory BSB (it really depends on how you play, I guess).

Edit: Consider a very large unit of Knights Errant (15 man). With a little positioning during deployment (and a little luck), they can really hammer on a unit for a relatively nice cost, then regroup to either flank or take out behind-the-lines supporting units.