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18-01-2011, 01:49

Bretonnia lord
- Royal pegasus, lance, shield, virtue of heroism, curiass of fortune, tress of isoulde, the other trickster's shard [264]

Prophetess of the lady (lore of beasts)
- level 4 wizard [225]


- BSB, barded warhorse [74]


Knights of the realm (8)
- gallant, musician, standard bearer [216]

Men-at-arms (36)
- musician, standard bearer [195]

Men-at-arms (36)
- musician, standard bearer [195]

Peasant bowmen (11)
- skirmishers, light armor [88]


Pegasus knights (5)
- musician, standard bearer, gallant [305]


Grail Knights (6)
- musician, standard bearer [258]

Trebuchet [90]

Trebuchet [90]


The lord joins the pegasus knights, the prophetess joins the peasant bowmen skirmishers, and the paladin joins the knights of the realm

18-01-2011, 03:16
1. Add more protection to the Battle Standard Bearer. I recommend Gromril greathelm.

2. The Men at Arms units and the Kotr unit should be bigger. At least 40 for the M@A and 11 or 12 for Kotr. You might also want to think about exchanging one of the Peasant units for another knight unit.

3. I would drop the skirmish and light armor from the bowmen unit, and use the points for either a) more bowmen b) more peasants

4. I can see why you took such a larger pegasus knight unit. For one, I do not believe Bretonnian characters on pegasi can join the PK unit. FAQ addresses this. So I say you keep the lord as he is set up for monster killing (or consider a Vo heroism paladin on a pegasus), but chop the PK unit down to size. Drop the full command and cut the unit down to 3-4 knights. They will work better as a heavy support unit that way, handling fast cav, warmachines, etc.

5. Consider lore of heavens or lore of life on the prophetess. Your mileage may vary, but I find that LoH suits a single, high level caster the best, while LoL requires either a Level 2 and a Level 4 in order to get optimum spell choice, or the caster needs Loremaster. If you insist on keeping more than one peasant unit, take one or two low level damsels for the Prayer Icon buff and Wyssan's Wildform spam from LoB. If the idea was for the Prophetess to get Transformation of Kadon off, thats a bit overrated (for a casual game, maybe its fun. For a tournament, I would nix the idea in favor of something more power dice efficient [lore of heavens, hint hint nudge nudge].

Most of your extra points should be spent on more core (peasant bowmen and KotR, preferably).

Hope this helps.