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18-01-2011, 08:56
Hi, I'm a new player to WH, having played 3 games using an O&G army. I have now bought a VC army (mostly Mantic figures) and my first game was against WoC at 2000 pts.

I bought 2 units of 24 ghouls including ghast as core, with a 7 unit frontage to face against the expected 5-frontage chaos warriors/marauders. Also a bunker of 10 skeletons FC. Special was 40 GG with GW and FC and Banner of Barrows. Rare was 5 Cairn Wraiths and 1 Tomb Banshee (TB = omgwtfbbqpwnage!). Hero was a vamp with forbidden law metal, hellsteed and power stone. Lord in skel bunker was extra magic level, dark acolyte, summon ghouls, skull staff, helm of commandment, charmed shield.

My opponent brought a lvl 4 nurgle sorceror in a 20-25 unit of marauders, 5 chaos knights, 3 units of 15 chaos warriors, war shrine, 2 chaos spawn, 12 or so chosen (halberds, khorne). They were all marked, some with khorne, most with the one that stops Fear (nurgle?).

There were 9 pieces of scenery spread out evenly across the terrain none of which played a terribly important part. I put my bunker in a corner protected by the GG horde, with the 2 ghoul and cairn wraith units in front of that. Chaos got first turn and advanced, I dispelled his magic attacks on my units.

My aim was to avoid all his units stomping all over my units at the same time, so I aimed to delay him and tar pit him with the ghouls whilst whittling him down with magic. I flew the hellsteed vamp behind his lines and my general lord used IoN to raise up 11 additional ghouls for the unit that looked like it was going to receive a chaos knight charge, then the hellsteed vamp (after using the power stone) tried to cast the d6 hit metal magic missile on the chaos knights (wounds on 2+!!) but this was dispelled. My expensive hellsteed-vamp ploy had failed (i wasn't going to use the lame power scroll tactic). My units repositioned but did not advance, except for the wraiths which I moved right in front of the advancing semi-circle of Chaos Warriors - against elite units with few ranks (less static CR) and few characters (no magic attacks) I was interested in seeing how these ethereal units would work out. Banshee howled at the unit of chosen and I had an excellent roll, killing 5 of them.

WoC's turn, he advanced forward again, declaring charges but only succeeding against my wraiths. The banshee did a stand and shoot and killed another 5 chosen (yeh baby yeh!). He threw all his dice at a major nurgle damage spell that would wound all of my units within 18 inches, and got off an IF. He rolled for a dimensional cascade and his puppet item failed to change this so, poor lad, his sorcerer lord, half of his marauders and 2 of my wraiths evaporated (along with a few ghouls in range of the spell).

My turn and I did not move. Banshee and wraiths held off the remaining marauders and chosen, losing a few wounds (and a model) to CR. Hellsteed vamp failed to cast Searing Doom. My vamp lord cast curse of years on a chaos warrior unit which lost 4 models. Wind of undeath was also cast which unexpectedly gave me a 4-wound spirit host which I gratefully placed between one of my ghoul units and the chaos knights. I must have missed out a turn in this description, because I was able to charge the spirit host into the chaos knights - of course they did not win but they stopped the knights for another turn (knights had magical weapons).

His turn and he charged his chaos knights into the ghoul unit I had boosted up with IoN at the start of the game, and charged one of his chaos spawn into my other ghoul units and the other spawn into my GG. His other units were still held up the banshee and remaining 2 wraiths, whilst he held back his chaos warriors to avoid a charge from my GG. The Chaos Knights won, killing 7 ghouls after CR crumble, but with 21 returning attacks he lost a knight taking him down to 4. The GG nightmare of WS7 S6 horde attacks became apparent to the WoC as the spawn was cut down as if it were made from paper. The ghouls being attacked by the spawn caused a wound to the spawn and lost a few models in return.

At this point the WoC player conceded the game. My ghoul tarpits would have held off the chaos knights and spawn/warriors for another few turns, maybe more with IoN support. In the meantime I had 2 dangerous spellcasters wandering around and a fully intact GG horde lined up to hoover up the WoC semi-circle formed round my units. A very convincing VC win.

I was lucky with the sorceror's miscast, but to be honest I don't think it changed the outcome of the game due to my uber +5 dispel ability. I succeeded in hampering the WoC advance whilst splatting him with magic. The wraiths blew me away with their effectiveness, although I realise the banshee wails were very lucky. Against elite low rank units with no magical attacks they can really dampen an advance, requiring other hostile units to charge in just to add their CR to beat the wraiths. The hellsteed vamp was ineffective, but just a single searing doom (or gehenna on the 4+ armour save nurgle sorceror) of d6 wounds (2+ to wound without armour save on the chaos knights) would have made it worthwhile: I was really pleased with his maneuverability, but a level 1 forbidden law vamp just doesn't do the job as the BRB spells need a higher caster level really (I think). My Lord was absolutely ace against WoC, the +5 was such a comfort blanket.

Well, apologies for poor write up but the game was late at night and we didn't have time to take notes and I was too knackered to remember exactly what happened. A good first VC game for me though against a tough opponent! A big thank you to all the Vampire Count Tactics thread contributors, who helped me immeasurably in getting my head around what VC are all about.

18-01-2011, 21:00
Other than the hellsteed vamp I like your list :)

18-01-2011, 21:49
Thank you Malorian, it was largely....Malorian inspired - so I hope so!

Is there anything in particular wrong with hellsteed vampires? Or just my particular build? I don't think I would have chosen it for anything other than WoC....perhaps Dwarves too. I don't see Hellsteed vamps on army lists but I don't know why.

18-01-2011, 23:16
Characters are just so vital that it's never good to see one flying around waiting to be shot.

Granted you are right that there is less to worry about against WoC, but in general that's the reason it's avoided.

18-01-2011, 23:38
Congrats on the win! It seems magic was very important to you, so I would suggest his sorcerer dying early on did indeed prove a key turning point.

I played against VC with wraiths and they are very effective against the right kind of enemy (write up coming soon).


19-01-2011, 08:12
Thank you for your replies, I'm learning all the time. I look forward to providing more (and better) battle reports.

19-01-2011, 09:09
Nice battle but a whee bit blocked up...or maybe that was just cus I was reading it on the phone ;).
Phenomenal rolling there lol. I can only wish I could get rolls like that :p

01-02-2011, 09:57
Battle Report #2 - VC vs WE 2000 pts

24 skeletons, musician, std bearer
24 skeletons, musician, std bearer
19 ghouls
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
corpse cart
9 black knights, FC, banner of barrows
1 varghulf
hero vamp, helm of commandment, black periapt, charmed shield, flying horror (in ghouls)
wight king, skeletal steed, BSB, lance, flag of blood keep (in black knights)
lord, nightmare, red fury, infinite hatred, beguile, flayed hauberk, crown of the damned, ogre blade (in black knights)

8 dryads + branchwraith (lamentation of despair, 1 extra dispel dice)
8 dryads
18 eternal guard + lord + hero BSB, razor standard
5 wild riders
10 wardancers
treeman (some sort of offensive bound spell)
1 eagle
1 eagle
lvl 4 spellweaver lord, wand of witch elm (reroll dispels), elven steed, life

Terrain: Sigmarite Shrine in corner, blazing barricade at edge, acropolis of heros in the center, wall, 2 forests + 1 from WE (ordinary, blood forest, wild wood).

WE deployed in a long line, with eternal guard behind wall and wardancers in the wild wood, treeman on the VC's left flank, mounted lord in center and eagles to left & right. Eagles and Wild Riders and Lord made vanguard moves. WE Lord rolls Throne of Vines, Shield of Thorns, Earth Blood and Dwellers Below.

VC lined up with 2 skel and ghoul groups + corpse cart right of center to bypass central building, varghulf on right flank, knights on left flank, wolves on either flank. Hero rolls Summon Undead Horde. Lord rolls Winds of Death and Vanhels.

The Plan

My aim was to use all the models I hadn't used in my first game, to gain familiarity and experience with the VC possibilities. Haphazard methodology but fun! I knew I was up against WE, Empire or Dwarves so I threw in the blood keep banner. As I had gone magic heavy last game, I decided to go as purely killy as possible. Thinking of going up against dwarven armour or trees I went for the +2 S sword rather than the +2 A sword for my lord. To protect my helm of command hero I decided that Flying Horror would be awesome, as I think getting out of LOS may be a better defence than any ward or armour save. I decided not to change my army list when I found out which army I was up against. I knew my army was rubbish apart from the varg and black knights, but I'd play the other units as distractions and enemy spell sinks.

VC Turn 1

Everything advanced, BK on the left marching into easy charge range of WR and eagles. Forgetting that the Varg was a vampire, I thought one skel unit was out of range of the hero vamp and only moved forward 4". Vanhels on BK was dispelled.

WE Turn 1

Eagles and Lord maneuvered behind the ghoul and skeleton blocks, WR galloped behind BK. WE Lord failed to cast Throne of Vines, treeman bound spell to cause d6 S5 hits on my dire wolves in a central forest was dispelled.

VC Turn 2

Flying horror hero vamp decides to do a Rambo and levitates out of the ghoul unit and positions behind the ghoul/skel blocks out of eagle LOS and facing the elven lord. Dire wolves on left flank move to block WR charge into rear of BK & misdirect. Varg moves to center with rear protected by acropolis. Skels and ghouls advance to right of acropolis but skel block on right flank can't march and just creeps forward. BK vanhel'd into treeman. The awesome might of my VC killy-lord reveals itself. Treeman takes 5 wounds. Treeman flees, BK decide to restrain pursuit as treeman is only 5" from table edge: treeman rolls a flee of 5" - meh! BK reforms to prepare to roll up the elven battleline. In subsequent turns treeman rallies but plays no more part in the game.

WE Turn 2

Wardancers charge BK, an eagle charges the dire wolves, WR fail to charge the BK. Dryads in center advance towards the BK, out of LOS of varg. Dryads on right advance cautiously. Throne of Vines cast. Shield of Thorns on wardancers. Lamentation cast on VC Lord without effect. Wardancers go for killing blow but fail to wound VC Lord, Wardancers annihilated but kill a few BK, and BK overrun towards the central dryads. Eagle fails to kill all of the DW. Treeman regains 2 wounds from successful Life casts.

VC Turn 3

BK charge dryads. Hero Rambo vamp charges spellweaver. Skels/ghouls blocks shamble forwards. Eagle kills a DW so a 2nd DW crumbles but the unit is still intact. A superb Summon Undead Horde roll heals up the BK and DW. BK wipes out dryads and reforms to face the Eternal Guard. Spellweaver flees from Rambo and feign-flights round to BK rear.

WE Turn 3

EG reform to face BK. Right flank dryads move to protect EG flank against skel/ghoul blocks, but cannot block the Varg. Spellweaver casts Dwellers Below killing 5 BK. The Eagle/DW combat kills 1 DW with an extra DW crumbling (DW were hit in flank and were unable to reform to face eagle).

VC Turn 4

Varghulf and BK charge the EG, with Varg having to hit over a -1 to Hit wall. Ghouls/skels and corpse cart charge dryads. Ghouls fail charge. Rambo rejoins ghoul unit. WE hero BSB challenges me, I respond with my Wight King BSB. Poor winds of magic sees vanhels on BK and Miasma from corpse cart dispelled. BSB challenge sees no damage on either side. Skeletons get whittled down to 16 models (incl. crumble) and killed one dryad, corpse cart rolls for 11 attacks but the writhing mass of corpses decide to just throw bits of intestine at the dryads so each attack did nothing. Corpse cart takes one wound, then crumbles into dust (well that was a good demonstration of the utility of the cart in CC - lol!). BK unit kills 14 EG, leaving it with 5 models (& BSB in challenge).

WE Turn 4

It was getting very late, so this was going to be the last turn. Skel unit annhilated by the dryads. VC Lord kills the WE combat Lord within the EG unit. Wight King shrugs off the elven challenger and responds with a killing blow - WE hero BSB fails ward and dies. Remaining BK units attack and kill 0 or 1 EG, then Varg attacks and thunderstomps the EG unit into oblivion.


WE gets 389 points, VC gets 926 points. Strong VC victory on points, but WE still has his Dwellers-capable spellweaver on the field and a 3W treeman.

A very enjoyable game as there was no overriding sense at any time that one side or the other was going to win. As expected when I collected the unused models together, this was going to be a one-trick-pony, with my game depending solely on my killy-lord and all the other units (except the varg if only used as combat support rather than solo) being mere distraction. I was pleased that, despite the WE units running rings around me, my hero and dire wolves managed to be very sexy in impeding WE multiple charges. The flying horror was meant to be defensive but I used it (and the excellent vampire hero stat line) offensively to very pleasing effect.

01-02-2011, 15:00
Hmmm, thinking about this battle afterwards I made several errors. I only remembered to use my helm of commandment in the final turn for instance.

More importantly, I used Summon Undead Horde to replenish all of my dire wolves and black knights: the spell can rather only heal one wound per casting on non-infantry units. On reflection this may not have made that much difference. The BK only got off a few kills the entire game against the excellent WE statline, and with only 3 BKs available at the EG charge before SUH, I would have charged the wight king and lord into the EG separately. The result I think is that I may not have cut down the EG by the end of the turn. I do remember my Lord killing 8 EG in the first round of combat - I think the BK only killed 0 or 1. However, the Varg overkilled on his thunderstomp, so maybe I would have achieved the unit kill after all. Hrm, live and learn.

06-02-2011, 15:56
nice reps and some very different lists being tried out I see :)

maybe stuff a necro on a corpse cart that way it can join units, right? and so be less crumble sensitive (don't expect it to out-melee anyone though)

07-02-2011, 21:29
Dont forget though, the cart can thunderstomp!

09-02-2011, 03:48
Thanks for advice and reminder guys.

I think Rambo won me the fight funnily enough. If I had not chased off the spellweaver he would have been in range to Dwellers my infantry blocks, so his Dryads on my right flank would have been able to block my Varghulf from combo-charging his Eternal Guard.

01-03-2011, 20:23
Battle Report # 3: 2000 points, Vampire Counts vs Dwarves


15 Quarrellers
15 Quarrellers
25 Warriors
20 Longbeards
20 Hammerers (pretty sure every dwarf unit had full command)
2 Engineers (one with each Cannon)
2 Cannons (one burning, one reroll artillery dice, both magic, maybe another rune)
Hero BSB (in warrior unit)
Runelord General (solo), +2 to dispel, 1+ armour, ward save.

Vampire Counts

15 Ghouls
15 Ghouls + ghast
16 Ghouls
16 Ghouls - (all ghoul units deployed with a front rank of 10 to maximise attacks against the quarrellers - perhaps a mistake on my part as ranks may have been better)
22 Graveguard with GW
5 Black Knights
5 Black Knights
Vampire Hero with Ghoulkin, Avatar of Death (shield/HW), Book of Arkhan, Biting Blade (in ghoul unit with ghast).
Vampire Lord with Master of the Black Arts, Summon Ghouls, Dark Acolyte, +1 magic level, Talisman of the Lycni, Black Periapt, Accursed Armour, Crown of
the Damned (in GG).

Vampire spells rolled: Hero had Raise Dead, Lord had Summon Undead Horde, Curse of Years, Raise Dead, Wind of Undeath.

Yes, that's right, I had no banners and barely any command. Not a normal thing I would go for as I would insta-lose Blood and Glory, but I like being experimental.


We rolled Battle for the Pass, and had quite a lot of terrain. Deployment for the Vampires was a Black Knight and Varghulf partnership on each flank, and Graveguard
unit behind a long Ghoul line. The Dwarves deployed the Quarrellers in a line in the middle with Warriors behind them, Cannons on a hill behind the Warriors,
Longbeards on the vampire right flank and Hammerers on the vampire left flank, both the latter units protecting Cannon flanks. Quarrellers were near a Dwarf Brewhouse giving them Immune to Psychology and

Ghouls advanced 8" using Ghoulkin. VC won first turn.


Black Knights and Varghulf on the left advanced down the left flank. Black Knights and Varghulf on the right advanced down the right flank. Ghouls stormed forward,
discovering a centrally placed Mysterious Forest was ordinary. I had advanced 16" before the Dwarven first turn - phew! Graveguard shambled forward to try to catch
up with the rest of the army (that's all they did the whole game!). Rolled a 1&1 for Winds of Magic (WoM): Dwarves had +4 to dispel and +2 to dispel dice: I got off
2 IoNs to boost a ghoul unit by 4 units: Book of Arkhan cast at a ghoul unit but this was dispelled.


Longbeards, Warriors and Hammerers moved slightly forwards. Cannons fired at the Varghulfs but the bounces missed. Quarrellers killed 4 Ghouls in shooting phase.


3 Ghoul units charged into the Quarreller units, the middle unit charging both (losing only a few to stand and shoot). Varghulf on right flank moves into Mysterious Wood - it's a
Wildwood causing 6 hits, but no damage. Black Knights advance on right and left flanks, left Black Knights positioning for a flank charge on Hammerers. Left Varghulf moves to
invite a charge from the Hammerers. Rolled a 1&4 for WoM: Book of Arkhan fails to cast and I roll a one, the item is depleted and cannot be used again: Hero's Raise Dead
(aiming Zombies in front of a Cannon) is dispelled: succession of IoNs from Lord heals 6 Ghouls. In CC, the ghoul champion kills a dwarven Quarreller champion in a challenge,
there are casualties on both sides but due to ranks and standards the Dwarves win causing 3 crumbles on each of the 3 Ghoul units in the combined combat.


The gap between the Quarreller units has widened due to casualties, allowing the Dwarf Warriors to charge the central ghoul unit containing the VC Hero. The Hammerers charge into
the Varghulf on the (vampire) left flank. The Longbeards reform to face the incoming Black Knights and Varghulf on the right flank. The Cannons miss again. The BSB Dwarf Hero directs
attacks onto the Vampire Hero and causes a single wound, but the Vampire Hero is then cut down by the attacks directed against it by the Warriors. The right hand Ghouls finish off their
opposing Quarrellers. Dwarves nevertheless win the combat by a large margin (5 or 6) and the three Ghoul units crumble horribly. On the left flank, a number of Hammerers get eaten and
stomped on by the Varghulf and cause 2 wounds back.


The rightmost Ghouls charge the flank of the Warriors, having previously wiped out the Quarrellers. The left flank Black Knights charge the Hammerer flank. The right flank Black Knights
march round the Longbeards right up to their nearest Cannon. The right flank Varghulf fails its leadership test due to Longbeard proximity and moves to the Longbeard flank. Rolled
a 1&6 for WoM: healed one wound on Varghulf using IoN, other IoNs dispelled, Summon Undead Horde was dispelled using a rune. On the left flank, the Black Knights (losing 2 models)
and Varghulf broke the Hammerers (despite being Stubborn) and cut them all down as they fled, reforming to face the nearest Cannon. The Ghouls, Warriors, remaining Quarreller unit
and the rightmost Ghoul unit that had charged the Warrior flank fought and there were a few casualties in every unit. In the meantime, the 4th VC Ghoul unit had moved up into position
to get a potential flank charge on the Warriors.


The Longbeards reformed to face the Varghulf (facing towards the VC end of the table), and were joined by the General. The Cannons fired at the left flank Varghulf and one of them hit,
but only took off 2 wounds (leaving a single wound). In CC the Ghouls and Quarrellers hacked away at each other leaving 5 Quarrellers, 3 Ghouls in the leftmost unit and 1 Ghoul champion
only in the central unit.


Black Knights and Varghulf on left flank charge the leftmost Cannon. Black Knights on right flank charge the rightmost Cannon. Both Engineers fail to wound with Stand & Shoot.
4th Ghoul unit charges Warrior flank. Graveguard moves behind the tattered remains of the central Ghoul units ready to charge in. Right flank Varghulf passes leadership test and moves
to the center with Warriors, Longbeard flank and one of the Cannons in its forward arc after pivotting. Good WoM roll gives me one wound heal IoN on Varghulf twice (bringing it up to
3 wounds), then the Dwarf player decides to try and stop my Summon Undead Horde with a dice roll rather than his remaining dispel rune: he fails to dispel and the SuH goes off
spectacularly as I roll a 16 on 3d6: the wounded Varg is now up to full strength and I have a full 15 wounds to heal on the not-quite-dead Ghoul units. It's getting late and the Dwarf
player concedes defeat (close combat had not been resolved).

01-03-2011, 20:48
This was a really fun match, with bad WoM rolls balanced out with crappy Cannon shooting and bad and good luck on the dice rolls on both sides - it didn't feel like an uneven game. The Ghoulkin and march movements at the start were impressive but the ghouls ended up being severely tarpitted by the Quarrellers. Ghoul S3 is rubbish as wounding on 5+ sucks even with poison, but Ghoul T4 is ace! I loved the Black Knight/Varghulf combo, but that low leadership for marching close to enemy units is annoying, despite being nimble enough to avoid engaging the Longbeards. I was very pleased with the performance of my Lord: he countered the strong Dwarven dispel power by multiple 2-dice and 1-dice IoN castings (this was a deliberate ploy, to avoid all-my-eggs/dice-in-1-basket spells being dispelled easily).

Comments/Feedback welcome!