View Full Version : 1200 Skaven (First List)

18-01-2011, 16:27

Poisoned Attacks


Warlock Engineer
Lvl 2 Wizard
Warplightning Condenser

Warlock Engineer
Lvl 1 Wizard
Dispell Scroll


x40 Stormvermin
Standard Bearer

x50 Clanrats
Standard Bearer

x25 Skaven Slaves

x25 Skaven Slaves


Warplightning Cannon

Warplightning Cannon

Total - 1193

Okay, this is my first ever attempt at an 8th ed. army list (well first warhammer army to be precise) so I have very little idea about what I'm doing!

So, the theme is Clan Skryre, so I've tried to build it around warp lighting.

Really, can you give me some advice, and some possible tactics please :)

18-01-2011, 17:07
Shield on the Warlord is a bit pointless, he can't get picked out by shooting attacks and can't use the shield in combat because he has the halberd.

If you want him fighting, he MUST have a 4+ ward at minimum- Skaven rely on high leadership, and if you lose this you're in a bucket of trouble. My usual advice for Warlords is to keep them cheap, and keep them safely out of combat. A clanrat unit of around 20 is good for this. Same principle applies to a Grey Seer, but due to the miscasts he'll suffer a 4+ ward is always a good bet on one of these.

I'd be inclined to drop the second level on the Engineer, and take the Doomrocket instead- a level 1 and a level 2 will not be enough to take over magic phases at 1200pts (when some armies can afford to bring a level 4), so you may as well build on the shooting phase, which you already have a good standing in.

I'd split the clanrats into 2 units, and Stormvermin can go down to 30- even at around 2000pts, 40 of these chaps (as lovely as the models are) is IMO too much of and investment for not enough reward.