View Full Version : 2250pts Skaven (warmachine death)

Bun Bun
18-01-2011, 17:58
I have decided it was high time I bolstered my growing Moulder/Skyre Skaven army with some of the rather nice models that have just been released. Since I have been painting skaven infantry models for ages now but I feel it about time I painted a few big models. Plus I have a love of big units, warmachines and monsters, skaven allow me to express that love. :p

Grey Seer - Two warpstone tokens, Skalm, Screaming bell. 500

Warlock Engineer - Handweapon, Warp lightning condenser. 120

Chieftain BSB - Banner of the Under Empire. 95

40 Stormvermin - Halberds, Heavy armour, Full command, Doomflayer. 345

40 Clanrats - Handweapons, Shields, Full command, Warpfire Thrower. 270

25 Skavenslaves - Handweapon. 50

6 Rat Ogres - Master bred rat ogre, 2 packmasters, Master moulder with greatweapon. 305

Doomwheel -. 150

2 Warp Lightning Cannons-. 180

Hellpit Abomination-. 235


BB :cool: