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20-03-2006, 13:41
*Incoming transmission*
*Recipitant: Departmento Munitorum Cmdr Gravit*
*Sender: Magos Catalogus Hurn*
*Subject: Diversity Concerns*

*Message starts*

To whom it may concern.
I am currently worried about the current trend of guard regiments in adopting the cadian uniform. In my estimation over 60% of regiments operating in any given warzone do so in cadian pattern battledress. While the cagian fatigues have been proven to be effective and cheap, problems are occurring with the organisation of the regiments. While on parade, many regiments become confused and it has been known for an entire company to remain with the wrong regiment for several weeks of campaining with no-one realising they should be somewhere else.

It is my humble opinion that effort should be made to diversify the uniforms worn by the regiments in order to stop this sort of thing happening, and also making march pasts and victory parades more interesting for promotional and inspirational picts and vid displays.

Yours sincerely

Magos Hurn

*message ends*


Well, this is my project, but its got a difference. I want this to be a community thing, so you guys can add your own stuff to this thread. The idea is, for this to be the ultimate resource for creating a new Imperial guard regiment. It will include background, sculpting, painting and lots more.

So what are the qualifications to be in on this project? I'm not setting any quality controls. You don't need to be a master sculptor or an eavy metal painter. All I ask is that the only models you post are converted. And not just head swaps etc. This is about making armies that are not off the shelf. An example would be Anvils 23rd Temuchin drop troops, or the Hoffs admech troopers. While these models do use stock parts, there is a big difference between the final models and any guard regiment currently released by GW.

In addition, tank conversions are welcomed and encouraged, again, as long as there is a significant divergence from "codex" patterns.

If you aren't sure whether your models qualify then please contact me via PM.

In addition to showcasing your models, this will also be a work in progress thread for my own regiment, who will appear in picture form before the day is out.

Finally (As if this intro post wasn't long enough already) there will be numerous tutorials, and interesting links in the thread that I will link to in the first post as they appear.

That is all,


20-03-2006, 13:53
This is a very interesting idea! We could expand it by also dealing with the organisation of a regiment and dealing with support and logistics also.

And oh yeah...check out your PM

20-03-2006, 14:14
Hmm, this is a very nice idea indeed, hopefully I will be taking part with a couple of models somewhere down the line.

It'd be nice if a focus was placed on simple conversions, so that a new player could read this thread, and have a simple, and hopefully cost effective way of getting a non-standard IG army.

I am not sure if its wise to rule out headswaps and the like, there's a lot to be said for simple conversions like that.

Anvils Hammer
20-03-2006, 15:52
I would like to add my thoughts on this.

1. Its an absolutly fantastic idea, and Ill definatly be doing my bit to contribute what I can.

I think there should be an emphesis on anything that isnt Cadian, basically this thread should be about any of the old metal regiments, as well as any converted regiments, Ill certainly be putting up the odd photo of my Temuchin as I get the units finnished.
It should be about all sorts of conversions, from very simple to more complex, infantry and tanks.

The fluff nuts amongst us should also contribute background ideas, info about reigmental organisation, squad numbering etc.

The thread could also incorporate the odd extra rules/ docterines to go with the modeling side of things.

Tom - Heretic
20-03-2006, 16:17
Something based on the old metals would be favourite, since they're readily available and there is already a variety of different poses.

I could, in theory, Paint some things. Let me know what you come up with we'll go from there. Assuming the thread doesn't die, horribly.

20-03-2006, 16:24
this is a great idea, infact i'd be willing to contribut with the 86th Leninvik Armoured. In their City Siege camoflauge.

Anvils Hammer
20-03-2006, 18:06
excellent to see many people wanting to contribute, the guard players are out there!

Ill be doing a few infantry squads of Sethra 1st up in time for carnage, with a bit more modeling work and a new paint job, so Ill get them up some time this week.
They will be agood way to show simplish plastic guard conversions.

Tom wanting to paint some stuff up can only be a good thing!

Heres a usefull Pic I found in my photobucket, its my Sethra 2nd squad.

mixture of cadian and catachan parts, a very easy method of differntiating.
short pattern lascarbines- like the catachan one, but with the barrle cut down to be a short as possible, again, a fairly easy conversion but looks different.
gas masks added- using greenstuff, the little nubs from the lasguns and hexagonal tubing, this ones slightly more complex, and now forgeworld does rebreater heads, its largly unessecary, but meh..
also, Ive used an elsyian grenade launcher from the elsyian weapons pack, I strongly reccomend this as a way of getting fairly cheap (for forge wordl) beautifle special weapons to make your regiment a little different.

more from me soon.

20-03-2006, 18:28
I'd also like to add my support to this project, and I've sent ZAChos a PM as I'm unsure whether my BEF themed Guard (they are based on Cadian models) would be viable. If they are, expect pictures shortly. :)

Brush your teeth
20-03-2006, 20:04
this is an excelent idea (especially give thet the plastic cadians and catachans are some of the few guard i own)
ill be sure to get up pics of my new mordian preatorian combination army as well as my valhallans. i also have a platoon of metal catachans that i will get up one i get round to paining them.

also on the conversion side of things i will get a pic of something by brother did which looks quite cool.
i look forward to seeing people troops.

20-03-2006, 20:53
Glad to see so many people already interested in this thread. I'm thinking about the suggestions, and will possibly change the rules to accomodate.


Part one of building a regiment: The Concept stage

First of all, whenever you start on a project you need to find out what you want to do, and gather all your ideas together, so they won't crop up halfway through the project and make you want to redo all the models you've already finished. A good way of getting ideas is by looking through GW publications, and also looking on the good old internet. coolminiornot (www.coolminiornot.com) is a good place for inspiration, as is this humble forum. Historical sourcebooks can also give good inspiration, as well as giving little tit-bits for dinnertable conversation.

So now you are inspired and want to make your army right here, right now. Hold off running down to your local shop and instead dig out some paper and some form of writing/drawing equipment. This part is the concept art phase, where you start mapping out exactly what you want to do, model wise, before you actually start chopping up expensive models. In this stage you'll also be thinking about exactly how you are going to do each conversion, so you don't waste plastic on test mini's.

So now you've got your paper start drawing. Put your inspiration in front of you and draw until you get a look you're happy with. If you don't feel up to drawing yourself get a friend who does draw to help you. Detailed, annotated concept sketches will help you to get a consistant look and feel to the army, as well as allowing you to try all the ideas you have after hours of looking at internet forums. These sketches are just guides however. While they should be detailed, if you don't feel able to add all the detail you want, just write at the side what you plan to do for that part.

This (http://www.warseer.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=7167&d=1142888054) picture is a combination of just two of the 15 or so a4 sheets I drew, just to get an idea of what I wanted the final miniature to look like.

Once the basic design is sorted out, I did a few sketches of the finished designs, one of which is shown below, and the others I will show as the thread goes on, and we get to the various troop types they depict.

Next step, is the test model.

20-03-2006, 21:43
How about something like this?


Anvils Hammer
20-03-2006, 22:28
ZAChos, nice sketches, this is going to be a very nice regiment, one suggestion- scopes on all the las guns, it just fits.

Wildox, thats exactly what we are looking for, nice one, got any regimental background/traits, who are these guys?

20-03-2006, 23:18
Oh look at the artwork for some of the Imperial Guard regiments from the Anargo Sector:

Dorvastor IG:

Nagoma IG:

Invictonian IG:

Serratus Heavy Infantry:

Note this artwork has not been made by me but by the artists of the ASP.

21-03-2006, 11:28
My idea (& I'd never do it 'cause of the cost of getting the Sprues involved):

- Torsoes from the Tank accessory sprue
- Catachan legs, arms, heads
- GS sculpting of Berets, and rolled up shirt on sleeves

Hope you can picture it - like I say, I can't make any cause I don't have the Tank Sprue (and at 2 per sprue, it'd be a fair whack to get enough to do an entire army) - but I hope you get the idea!

21-03-2006, 11:56
I got an idea about a colonial militia. Mixing the look of miners with guardsmen.
Probably using most of the catachan sprue, adding accessoires like goggles, welding torches, improvised weapons. Armour combined with orange overalls.
And offcourse a dirty look.

Maybe I'll try and make a few of them in the weekend.

21-03-2006, 13:59
My idea (& I'd never do it 'cause of the cost of getting the Sprues involved):

- Torsoes from the Tank accessory sprue
- Catachan legs, arms, heads
- GS sculpting of Berets, and rolled up shirt on sleeves

Hope you can picture it - like I say, I can't make any cause I don't have the Tank Sprue (and at 2 per sprue, it'd be a fair whack to get enough to do an entire army) - but I hope you get the idea!

You could better try metal Mordians with green stuff on the arms and heads.

22-03-2006, 12:06
That might be better - slightly cheaper than buying 20-odd IG Tank accessory sprues! :rolleyes:

Dawn of the Dogs
22-03-2006, 12:34
would my nid hunters and hellhound make the cut ya reckon?



Anvils Hammer
22-03-2006, 16:19
thats eaxtly what the threads looking for dawn of dogs, very nice work!
get them painted, and name the regiment!

heres some more "art" work, a trooper of the Temuchin 23rd, done by me, still WIP

pleanty more can be found in THIS (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=29164) Thread,

Ill update the finnished pic after carnage, and hopefully update my finnished Sethra 1st after carnage as well!

22-03-2006, 22:34
Indeed, those tyranid hunters are exactly the kind of thing we want in this thread. Step by step tutorials are also a good thing to add, if you have the time for them.

22-03-2006, 23:14
The tyranid hunters have nice shoulder pads. What are they made of? Tyranid pieces?

22-03-2006, 23:15
well, might as well show my WIP trench guard, just to throw them out there


I 'could' do a step-by-step, or instructions, but they're pretty easy to figure out. more pics/step-by-step if you like though

22-03-2006, 23:15
Here are a couple of simple ideas, that might be of interest: (all badly lit, so i've had to rejig them in photoshop, so the colours a bit weird.)

First is a slightly eastern-themed guardsman, using high elf parts. Not much to explain here, just relevant weapon swaps, and high elf legs and arms.


The second is something like WW2 German meets Death Star Trooper, this uses cadian parts, with the cadian tank commander torso. The helmet is filed down quite a lot and the chin strap removed. I also removed the shoulder pads from the arms.


PS, MIGHTYPanhead, the sense of movement in those guard is brilliant, they look very very dynamic: lots of thumbs up!

23-03-2006, 12:57
i like the high elf guard, i'm amazed that the SW head doesn't look too big

23-03-2006, 15:00
Thats Jes Goodwin sculpts for you, they are remarkably well proportioned, especially the later ones, like the space wolves.

I've got a plastic mordian in the works too, but I need to sculpt the shoulder doodats first.

Dawn of the Dogs
24-03-2006, 11:24
ive just had another idea...

how about, guard units that fight alongside Xenos mercenaries?

heres a prototype im rigging up as an up and coming merc:


25-03-2006, 20:57
Quick update: My own guard are coming on ok. having had a problem with scale with completely original sculpts, I'm converting all the models from a guard force I've just been given. Progress is slowing down, but two weeks into the project I now have four guard assembled, without backpacks.

Pictures will follow asap.

26-03-2006, 00:36
I posted a step by step instruction on how to make some Guardsmen based off the panzer grenadiers from the movie Jin Roh in another thread. Scrubout suggested I post the information and pictures here.

1. put the torso on the legs. Please note I sliced off the jacket bottom and smoothed out the hips. This is so I could put the armour over it. I cut diagonal pairs of grooves on the chest so it looks like plates of forged armour. For the helmet I cut off the side bits and the aquila and the face (sorry but it made it hard to get a mask). I drilled out the sides abit and gouged out a hole. This was so that I could fill it with GS and using a safety clip place 5 holes in 2 rows for air vents. I also made a little curve at the back by smoothing GS and then using one of my tools to lift the back slightly. If you havn't realised yet the idea is to make a German ww2 helmet. Around the back of the neck I used GS to make padding that the tubes from his mask go into.

2. For the armour I used plasticard. I can't say how thick but in the pack I got it was the second thinnest, I think. Hopefully you can work it out. You just have to cut out rectangular pieces, 3 by 7 mm, 1 for each hip. and then put scalene triangles 7 by about 2-3mm on the sides of those. It might help to put a bit of GS just to fille the gap behind. For the arm guards its the same but of course slightly smaller, 5mm by 2mm rectangle etc.

3. Now, for the curved armour. shin guards, groin guard, and shoulder pads I had a bit of luck. I found a small tube of plastic lying in the street I cut out. Its just that rod thing from when you buy balloons. I havn't bought any but you can buy them from the sort of shop that sells balloons, so I am told. For the knee pads I just put small blobs of GS and sculpted them round. I cut the groin and shin guards slightly to round them off. For the shoulder guards I cut out a section of the tube and then cut it in half length wise. You just need to squash it a bit after that so it will clue on the shoulders and cut it to shape. I overlapped the right side, and used some bits of rod on the left to make studs (rounding the edges). I did put strapes on the shin guards, but don't know that I will bother from now on as they could just be attached to the trousers.

I am pleased with the conversion, just wish I could have painted it better.

26-03-2006, 01:06
Shame my camera is boned or I'd post the pics of the twenty or so vitrian dragoons I converted last year! It's a shame really, because I was really pleased with the, though at over anhour conversion time each i should be. Think cadians with no shoulder pads, the armour filed down and re-sculpted into a scale mail jacket. And the face of the helmet covered, with a vision slit.

26-03-2006, 14:58
Hey guys, Long time lurker here.

You need to see this thread over on Dakka


The guy has taken Cadian plastics & created Bloodpact, Tallarns & Valhallans.
The Bloodpact are ok, but with the Tals & Vals, He`s created a totally different look for them. As someone says, I can`t believe this hasn`t been done sooner.

I`m not the owner of these figs, just thought they would be of interest here.

26-03-2006, 19:53
Lurker or no, welcome to warseer catoblepas. That is an excellent link. Some other interesting links on that dakka thread are:

Cadian-Tallarn Conversions:

And the Sons of Sek:

Perhaps we could get permission to post these pictures directly on warseer? As a constantly updating article on the warseer main page? That would be kinda spiffy...

My guardsmen conversions are relatively simple thus far, I haven't made an entirely new regiment. I have however made a gs cast of a skull symbol of mine and put it on my stormtroopers' right shoulders...makes them a little more blingy, and my hardened vets are still noticeably based of cadian plastics but are suitably hardened thus far (they are maybe 15% completed), I can post pictures if anyone is interested.

-peace out

Anvils Hammer
05-09-2006, 19:35
righty, me and Lav have decided its time to resurect this awesome thread.
If you have any unique or custom IG minis lying around, post them!!

Heres my contribution's

An Ithican 14th "silvershield" knight


and a Temuchin drop trooper, one of the 2 or 3 I ever made-


enjoy, and keep those IG conversions coming!!

05-09-2006, 19:59
Yes, Anvils Hammer and me decided to resurrect this thread as we are both working on new Imperial Guard Regiments.

My story begins at the Carnage Social, where I came up with the idea of a very barbaric Drop Troop army. I must point out not that the army list that accompanied the idea was designed to be used at the GT Finals.

My idea is that the Feral World of Saudonis has been recently modernised by the Imperium, with the Administratum replacing the tribes that ruled the planet. As the modernisation was very recent, certain warrior traditions have been retained by the Imperial Guardsmen recruited from Saudonis. One such tradition is that when a juvenile becomes a warrior, they must shave their head and never cut it again in their lifetime. Therefore, the Conscripts in Saudonis Regiments will have shaven heads, whilst the Veterans and Officers will have long hair. The regular Saudonis Imperial Guardsmen will have hair length anywhere between the two. Another tradition is that of incorporating the robes that the tribesmen once wore into battle.

The Saudonis Regiments are deployed against heavily armoured enemies, against whom their two-pronged attack will shatter their foes utterly. The first wave consists of Infantry Squads backed up by Leman Russ variants, whose roles are to bombard the enemy positions. Whilst this occurs, the second wave is deployed from low altitude by Valykires. The second wave consists of longhaired Veterans and Command Squads, armed with weapons chosen to specifically destroy their targets. Special weapons such as Plasma Guns and Meltaguns are particularly favoured by the Saudonis Veterans, although they are well trained with most close ranged weapons.

Please bear in mind the above fluff is relatively undeveloped, so it may change drastically over the coming months.

Anyway, enough words, time for a concept model:

The above conversion was made with the available bitz I had. The actual models will use Elysian Grav Chutes in place of the Kasrkin Backpacks, and a Chaos Terminator Head in place of the Chaos Marauder head (saves on the rushed gasmask).

05-09-2006, 20:03
Very nice test model Lav, nice to see the pictures come to life.

05-09-2006, 20:33
Very nice test model Lav, nice to see the pictures come to life.Yes, your opinion is most appreciated, seeing as you were there as I was drawing the concept sketches you can see behind the model.

05-09-2006, 21:18
just read through this awesome thread, i had been thinking, i really like the FW tallarn stuff, but, do you use those in conjunction with the metal GW figs?
there would be a major jump in detail between them huh?

i'm not really one for conversions, i just can't commit! i love seeing other peoples and i try my best - it's nice to get inspiration, from threads like these.

i really like drop troops, i was wondering if elysian grav chutes would fit on kasrkin or cadian plastics - it's funny really, when you look at Owen Rees frop troops the fire somethings i can't remember the name; he had a squad of GS'ed tweaked respirators, but seems to have given up half way through, some have resps some don't... anyway nice as they were some of his conversions were a bit ropey...

my idea - a cadian based drop troop style thing (i know, original, how did i think it up!) but with Grav chutes on every figure, and some sort of GS bags and pouches around the waist, like the real time army, straps over shoulder and round waist- plenty of grenades, pouches and stuff - medics with stretchers (two lengths of brass rod or something wrapped in rolled out GS).
i got the idea when watching 'Battleplan' in which it was stated that drop troops must carry all their equipment, as Assault from the air is a last option, so can't be resupplied etc. also, i would use cut down mortar stands from heavy weapons to stand heavy bolters on.