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Serg. Ezequal
18-01-2011, 21:27
Once again a lurker steps out of the grim darkness..

After almost 5 years, here is my new thread on Warseer! The downside is that it is still the same army and it ain't finished :p

On the other hand, last week I finished my 70th cadian and by that I finished my first Company! :D Took me almost 3 years to complete! :skull:
My girlfriend still doesn't understand why I was smiling that night :)

In the last year I finally got around to slowly step up my paintingproces.

First I finished all my amour (Baneblade still WIP, don't know what to do with it), bought on Ebay a second Basilisk and converted it (95%) equaly to my other one, bought a Valkery, rebuilded all 6 sentinels and scratchbuilded a Manticore. And this is all painted!

Even though I don't have any fellow gamers in my area, I also wanted a gaming board. Last summer I finally builded one, it is a pain to store but I'm really thrilled with it. It is very WIP, but I'll finish it this summer.

More pictures will follow, I can't add more due to the limit.

My painting skills let me down, but I like to know what you guys think of my army.

See ya next time, EDM

18-01-2011, 21:40
Nice, look forward to seeing an entire army in that colour scheme.

I did a few tests but never got the army off the ground.


Serg. Ezequal
19-01-2011, 17:33
Those look great! Are those the converted IG for that Tiberian Sun army of Nod?

I'll post some pics of the first company later this evening and show you what is still on my to do list.

Your highlights made me decide to go through with highlighting my infantry. I once did 3 squads and couldn't decide if it was an improvement, but your picture just proved that it does.

Thanx for watching, EDM

Serg. Ezequal
19-01-2011, 19:34
Well here they are!

There are a lot of conversion, but I'll show those later on.
I hope you guys like my army, personally I think the color scheme of the red and the grey tanks looks great.

I paint them with black primed, foundation Mechrite Red, Blood Red and finish them with Baal Red. The black parts are highlighted with codex grey.
All the armour (excl the Baneblade) is dry brushed Codex Grey, than Fortres Grey and Bleached Bone for the highlights. What do you guys think?

At the moment I'm working on Rough Riders driving converted SM bikes.
C&C is very welcome,

Cheers EDM

19-01-2011, 20:24
Nice bikes man, they look good :)

Serg. Ezequal
20-02-2011, 15:22
It's been a while but I got some progress!

Last week I finished another squad, the base of my Valkery and made a bunker from a candy box. I'm really pleased with the end result.

The generator is still a WIP, I thought of this supplier because they are a client at my work. Bought the model for 6,- at a model shop.

Yesterday I finally started to paint my gaming board, I've made i last summer and never got around to finish it.
I took some latex paint and some fine sand (the filling of a birdcage) for the structure and to connect the foamboards. It's all white now, hopefully I get the change to paint it up next weekend.

I'm trying to make a standard flat table, but I'm still not sure which type of landscape i'm should paint. The army paint scheme looks the best in a City Fight terrain....but all that grey... I really don't know, what do you think?

C&C always welcome

*excuse my English :-)

02-03-2011, 12:16
Really liking this thread - how about a city fight-style, but on a red planet (= nice contrast with the vehicles and concrete etc)?