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19-01-2011, 02:00
Hey there,

I just brought back a Daemons of Chaos force that I had in storage for ages, 3rd/4th ED all metal goodness. I don't have the current army book.....yet, sorry:cries: So apologies in advance if this is a noob request.
What I am hoping for is some advice on a way to put together a decent army list from the models I have available. I'll be doing this army as hobby plog, so I'm looking to do it blockwise, 1000pts main plus two 500pts additions for larger games. The army is a Tzeentch/Slannesh force.

Models available:
2 Lords of Change
1 Changling
4 Heralds (2 discs)
30 Horrors
10 Flamers

1 Keeper of Secrets
15 Demonettes
5 SeekersAny ideas on what would work best in either 1000pt, 1500pt or 2000pt lists?

19-01-2011, 06:57
The keeper is what one of your 500pt blocks will be with siren song (475)
31 horrors w. Changeling, magic banner, command- 490
Herald, master of sorcery, spellbreaker -160
10 daemonettes w. Banner= 130
2x3 flamers = 210
rest of your flamers in the two units 140
masque = 90
270pts on Seekers and maybe sone furies.


Archon Lex
21-01-2011, 18:42
thesheriff.... I've seen this list before... almost :P

maybe the herald a bsb with the banner of -2 to leadership? And the siren standard on the seekers... :P

More daemonettes... 10 doesnt do much without a herald in, too weak in my opinion...

27-01-2011, 05:40
@thesheriff - Cheers for the advice I'm going to use it to setup my painting blocks 1000pts, 1500pts and 2000pts. Tactics-wise how would you run this force? Flamers are march and shoot, seekers are flankers and warmachine hunters, not sure about horrors (magic) and demonettes ? Thanks for your help, it's much appreciated:D

@Archon Lex - Looking at your sig you're running a mono-tzeentch force, Tzeentch has been my favourite chaos force since I began warhammer. I wouldn't mind running a mono-tzeentch force, could you give me any pointers on how to do that. I have seen some people combine the new horrors with old ones and it doesn't look half bad. What force list do you run?:shifty: