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19-01-2011, 15:19
I'm trying to get myself back into Warhammer 40k

And i've pulled all my old models out the attic to see what could give me inspiration and i'm now stumped. I've had models from the following armies, SM, Necrons, Eldar, and there are some Taus which are the last models I brought.

Now i'm trying to get back into 40k and love all the armies.

How do i choose between the armies? I'm looking at the following

Tau, Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Imperial Guard, Chaos Space Marines.

Thats in order of my preference, I'm not a massive gamer so i'm looking forward to the modelling and painting mainly but also want to be using an army which when i make a mistake whilst playing against someone I don't get totally destroyed!!!

If you've got another army who's models are cool and the fluff is good and there are some interesting way to paint them let me know

Any advice on playing styles etc would be greatly read, I'm in a real dilema with this I've got all my family on standby for my birthday in a few weeks to get me all the paints brushes and models.

19-01-2011, 15:21
Out of all them I think DE have the best painting and modelling potential, the kits are outstanding.

19-01-2011, 15:23
If you like the Tau the most I'd say go for them. I don't know much about how they play so hopefully someone can give you tips on that. But if they are the army you will enjoy painting\modelling the most that has to be the most important aspect as you can adjust the army to a playstyle that you prefere but you need to enjoy putting them together and painting them or you'll never get a game as you won't have any models.

19-01-2011, 15:28
If you like the Tau the most I'd say go for them. I don't know much about how they play so hopefully someone can give you tips on that. But if they are the army you will enjoy painting\modelling the most that has to be the most important aspect as you can adjust the army to a playstyle that you prefere but you need to enjoy putting them together and painting them or you'll never get a game as you won't have any models.

Thanks man yeh my problem is i literally like them all more or less equally but the Tau are slightly ahead simply as I feel they could be cool to model and play with.

Also going to be going to my local GW and talk to them see what they reckon but i've not been in GW store for a while and the last time wasn't great they were pushing the necrons as they'd only been out for a while and for some reason i brought a few painted them and then realised i didn't like them!

19-01-2011, 15:52
Go with what you like.

However it is worth noting that Dark Eldar and Guard have up to date and good/very good codicies. Dark Eldar are glass Cannons- deadly but fragile. Guard are just cannons. Not nearly as fragile, and much of their strength comes from numbers, so they are quite forgiving, as you can lose lots of units and still win. "Acceptable Casualties" is a well known Guard doctrine, in the background and on the tabletop.

Tyranids have an up to date book, but it is widely disliked, and viewed as not that strong.

Chaos have a quite old book, with a limited number of stronger builds. However, as a marine army they are quite forgiving. Tau have an old and quite weak book, and are not at all forgiving to play. Mistakes will cost you dear. There is no chatter yet about updates to either of them.

EDIT: Model wise; Dark eldar, tau and nids are going to be based round the GW/FW stuff. Chaos is well, chaotic, and can easily incorporate lots of bits from anywhere, and Guard can use hundreds of outside manufacturers for bits. The sky is the limit with these two really.

19-01-2011, 16:47
Thanks Bunnahabhain, some cool things in there, I've got big ideas but whether or not i can actually pull them off is totally different so sticking to GW/FW might be the best idea I love the DE and Tau Models but as they are both unforgiving I don't know if i should just totally not worry about it and go with either DE or Tau,

The only thing puts me off about the IG is the sheer amount you need to buy!!! I put together an want list and it was very expensive and i'm accepting that 40k is an expensive hobby and this was only a 1750-2000 list!!

This is why i'm having such trouble deciding, I've made sure i don't look at the SM stuff cos it looks so good too!! All the armies have their cool models etc but i'm going to be totally new to the game again! So defiantly need an army that could be forgiving.

19-01-2011, 16:48
id say Guard, Tyranids or dark eldar

They are all good armies.

Guard is the strongest, then dark eldar then nids..

Guard is probly the easiest to play on getting back into the game with tons of options.

They all have good models and updated books.

Dark Eldar is probly the hardest to play of the 3, things can go wrong very fast and hard to recover from it.

On price... IG isnt that bad if you run mech..

Chimera + vet squad is a very good setup, you dont need platoon swarms if you dont want them.

19-01-2011, 16:58
On price... IG isnt that bad if you run mech..

Chimera + vet squad is a very good setup, you dont need platoon swarms if you dont want them.


Unfortunately I'm not super taken by loads of tanks i'd take 3/4 but i prefer the basic / Elite troopers in most armies just as i find them more fun to paint!

19-01-2011, 17:13
But then again!

you should look at these questions for yourself

1: Which models do you like the most ? and 2nd most. etc
2: Do you want to be a heavy shooting army ? (IG)
3: Do you want to be an extremly fast shooty/CC army ? (DE)
4: Do you want to swarm your opponet ? (nids -> IG -> Dark eldar) in that order.
5: Do you want tanks ? Or Monsterous Creatures ?

Its all going to be expensive sadly. Just build small parts at a time.

Oh.. and dont forget.. Daemonhunters codex is coming out before to long.

19-01-2011, 17:16
Hmmm Maybe i'll spend some time going through the "entire armylist" section on the GW site and just see which models take my fancy the most etc.

19-01-2011, 18:10
The "what kind of army do you like to play?" Question isn't all that relevant IMHO. there are many different thematic builds available in the Codexes these days, so, to a degree you can decide what style of warfare you want to wage AFTER you've decided on what you look like while you're doing it.

The reason you pick an army should be because you like the look of it, something about it's overall look appeals to you. And bear in mind you're going to be painting them too.

I've found the entire army list esction is less than helpful as it's just there as a selling tool, simply skimming through the individual sections will give you a rough idea of what an army can look like, you'll obviously have one or two HQ's and should have a large number of Troops with a smattering of Elite, Fast Attack and Heavy Support for taste.

19-01-2011, 19:54
The "what kind of army do you like to play?" Question isn't all that relevant IMHO. .

Its always relevant...

If he wants a hard hitting close combat beatstick army.. and he chooses IG for the models.. hes going to be dissapointed..

If he wants a long range shooty army and he goes tyranids.. hes going to be disappointed.

If he wants Pysker's.. and plays dark eldar... yea.. same thing..

Just because an army can do multiple things..... doesnt mean they can do it good.. or good enough for somone to enjoy or not regret choosing the other..

19-01-2011, 20:21
You both make some good points! I'm going to myself ~100 to start and then something like 30-40 a month (I don't drink or smoke so is less than others spend on drink etc!!)

Its a hard thing to decide as i like many looks I think i'm going to skim and look at them all as much as possible and then decide what I like to look of and just learn to play them somewhere near like their supposed to be??

I Love chaos with terminator army!! But I'm also loving the Dark Eldar and Tau Models.

Would love to make something like this.

20-01-2011, 00:40
Hope these help. Most of this has already been touched on by others.

Advantage--Has not been updated yet for 5th, so you still that to look forward too.
Disadvantage--IF they get updated. And right now, they are a very weak army and not forgiving at all.

Dark Eldar:
Advantage--Beautiful models. Creepy, creepy, creepy codex. HARD hitting army with great rules.
Disadvantage--As they are a glass cannon, they don't respond well to people that can either shoot as well as they do or have tactics that take out a lot of their power (all reserve lists, for example).

Advantage--When you get this codex to work for you, I would argue that it is the strongest codex in 5th.
Disadvantage--Took me about 10 months of constant play to GET to that point where the codex works for me. Very difficult codex to master, with confusing (or flat out broken) rules, poor model support, and one of the worst FAQ's GW has ever vomited forth.

Advantage--The most balanced codex in 5th. There are very few poor lists. Very forgiving regardless of play style.
Disadvantage--Lots of vehicles means lots of money. When I go to tournaments, the number of people playing IG is second only to Marines.

Advantage--As it is a Marine equivalent (MEQ) codex, it is also fairly forgiving. Also, a well converted and well painted Marine army is a site to behold.
Disadvantage--Old codex. Few viable builds, at least at a tournament level.

20-01-2011, 19:27

Great post!! Yeah from that its looking more likely that i'll go with chaos as i'm going to spend more time painting and modelling than i will gaming most likely! Plus would love to make the chaos terminator lord as in the picture as chaos seem a little more forgiving than tau and they've not received and update so will hopefully have one eventually? Or when they bring out 6th?

Will go and have a look at the codex when i get chance, quick question can i run different chaos models in the army and run them under one banner? IE use khorne bezerkers etc but run a nurgle lord or do i need to run them all under the same sign etc?

21-01-2011, 00:32
I wouldn't bet anything more than a pint on chaos getting a 5th ed book at all. Their 4th Ed book, although showing its age, is not going to get any worse, so 'will do'.

You can indeed mix and match gods within an army, under any banner you like. Try one of "3.5, I 3> U" for added psychological warfare...

22-01-2011, 17:57
Cool that defiantly sounds like its going to be the most fun!

Got a conversion in mind so might have a good think about it and then post a new thread see if i can't get some help

23-01-2011, 01:36
I would say it really depends on your play style

Tau: though many make jokes about the "sissy" tau they are quite a good army if you use them correctly. They aren't there to just stand and shoot and you have to remember they are the 3rd most mobile army out there (after eldar and dark eldar.) If you love making circles around your opponent, using cover and gunning down your enemies than go with tau

Dark eldar: These critters are hard to catch! Sporting the most mobile army and weapons in the game dark eldar are masters of lightning fast assaults, however unlike the tau and their craftworld brethren these guys don't mind using their speed to get into combat! They sport an advantage of numbers should you not give them upgrades but allow for having very strong expensive models as well. If you like, an army based all around how you use it and an army that's sure to give you a different and interesting time every game look no further

Tyranids: nids are arguably one of the most versatile armies in 40k (probably after space marines and imperial guard.) They almost always have an advantage of numbers and sport a gigantic variety of specialist units that can each do abilities that you can't find in another army! If your looking for something different that lets you use as many suicide troops as you want and at the same time lets you try out unique weapons and abilities nids are your friends

Imperial guard: guard have one of the largest roster of soldiers stretching through almost any rulebook ever written that's not a codex (and their codex is pretty big too.) Guard excel at a large scale battle and give you control of some of the strongest vehicles in the game ranging from gigantic super heavy tanks to monster aircraft They'll always give you some new toy to play with. Guard also have a gigantic amount of adaptability, weapon choice and the different variants (kreig is my fav) actually give you a totally different experience! (unlike SM, not anything against marines but 3 new units in a variant?) If you like big vehicles, lots of different weapons and toys and an army that gets stronger as the points limit gets bigger then fight for the imperium with guard!

Chaos space marines: like space marines? like close combat? like aggressive tactics? The CSM are here to save the day! Though CSM have less adaptability than their pure brethren they are much more focused on close combat units and offensive strategies that make defense look like an obstacle to the person using it! CSM have the ability to use marks which make the blood fall the way you like it. Focusing on strong elite units backed up by suicide heretics the hilarious amount of blood that will be falling from your troops is the limit! Join CSM and scream BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

now that I'm done play GW salesman I hope you choose an army based on these explanations. In the end its only your opinion that matters, other can just help you find it;)